The Legend Reborn

Session 69 - Lusi

22 Uktar 2525 / 13 Dec 2014

The night passes uneventfully… (Lusi doesn’t sleep)
More delicious breakfast smells… Moms have been cooking this time.
Muri wakes and stretches; she looks at Lusi and asks if she slept last night. Lusi is nonchalant and says no. She’s not tired.
There’s a voice from under the bed; apparently Eric was sleeping under Muri’s bed and has been doing that for some undetermined amount of time. There is a big, scary dude sleeping in the guest room now, so he decided to sleep there. He seems more scared of the dude than of our Moms… We’re stumped by that.

We go downstairs…
We have lots and lots of food to feed the hungry hordes in the the house.
Aubrey seems to be back to normal. He thanks the girls before breakfast.
Valas Thann has no more purchase on Aubrey, according to Raistlin, but his tie to this plane is much more fragile since he’s been dead and on to his afterlife once already. Raistlin doesn’t know what will happen to Aubrey when he dies the next time.

Muri meditates upon the Star of Mystra to try to find the location of Qilue Veladorn, the Maiden of the Underdark. Alika helps with the dishes while Lusi keeps eye on Muri.

Muri sees the dark elven face of a Drow woman with long white hair. Her eyes are closed; as the field of vision expands she is suspended in midair, surrounded by a Wall of Force kind of effect that is in a clearing of a grove. The grove is near a sparkling river and the trees get darker and more sinister that farther from the grove we go; there is a trade road that goes over the river but just outside the forest and a large city to the SW with hills to the NW. It’s in The Reaching Woods between Baldur’s Gate and Cormyr.
Mom2 says The Reaching Woods wasn’t always a menacing place. Something happened there and the area was tainted. It used to be a place where Green Men lived and many druids lived. It was mostly peaceful till whatever it was happened and the trees started changing. It was not more than 200 years ago. The druids maintained a small area of the woods near the river that is still magical and peaceful. The rest is taken over by goblins and orcs, mostly goblins.

Avarun showed up just in time, since he’s the embodiment of Force for our quest.
We’re going to try a standard teleport into the clearing. As it’s a druid protected area, maybe standard teleportation won’t be blocked. Lusi’s thinking that a plant based movement spell would be blocked.
Dammit, we bounce off a blocking spell. Will save… (44)
We remain conscious and appear in the broken down ruins of what might have been a temple of stone at one time. It’s moldy and fungus covered everywhere. The stench assaults our poor nostrils. There is a possibly female figure that is very, very old. Like the classic Disney evil witch (from Brave), and she and her robes are filthy. The sky is darker here; like it’s overcast. She gestures like she’s taking something from the air. Fortitude save. (38 with an action die roll)

A globe of light rips out of our chests (except for Alika and Severin) and inside are our still beating hearts. They become smaller and smaller and she puts them in her pouch.
She has a creaky voice and says the gods have sent her gifts.
200 year ago something fell from the sky in to the Lake of Solitude. Everything became dark and icky.
If we fix it she will return our hears and grant us a boon. Every hour in the lake will risk us being cursed with death or worse. Great.
Lusi says she can strengthen Aubrey’s bond to the Prime Material Plane if necessary to give us more than the day or so that he should be okay. It’ll take a couple of hours to do the spell, so we’ll have to be careful of the time.
Alika uses his spellfire to localize the magic to a section of the lake, then Muri creates a barge for us to take into the lake so we can avoid as much exposure to the cursed water as possible.
Lusi casts water breathing on everyone but Alika and Avarun. It’s 2 hrs/lvl. Just before we get in the water. Lusi casts Endure Elements on herself, Alika, and Muri, Avarun casts it on himself, Severin, and Zandra. Avarun and Zandra are staying in the boat.
The water feels oily… Gross.
We follow Alika down into the water since he’s using Mage-o-vision at the moment.
It’s about 10 minutes down, but it’s not really that deep. We’re pretty much flailing downward instead of actually swimming much. We reach the murky bottom, and the magic is powerful and brighter. Lusi can feel the magic crawling along her spine (like Malice is whispering sweet nothings in her ear). YUCK!!!
We see that there is a large point of light that is a dark purple color. We can’t quite tell what the “container” is though.
There’s some sort of remains of a stone container broken open and in the center of the ruins is an intricately carved gemstone in the head of a staff that is pointy and creepy and made of some metal we don’t recognize with magic is pouring out of it. Severin thinks the metal may be adamantine. The staff is just remains, like it was broken off. (Legend lore at 56) There was a master that used to be very powerful and was called the Dreamlord and he used mind magic to do it. Some countries still have stories about the boogeyman that the Dreamlord would come get you if you weren’t good. Terror, discord and aother awful feelings in dreams. The staff really resembles his: glowing gem wrapped in a cage of metal brambles that enhanced his abilities. It was called the Mallum Sominus: The Staff of Sleeping Evil.
Muri sends out the nice paladin energy for Lusi to use to make a modified force cage that is mobile. The cage is a solid walled sphere that is white and happy instead of being invisible. The evil magic immediately stops pouring out of it and Lusi is mistrustful and we get out of there so she can levitate this thing out of the lake.
We row back to the island with the thing trailing along behind them.
Muri casts Blessed Sight to watch and see if the force cage is being corrupted.
Alika notices that the water where the artifact was is lighter and starting to glow. The lightness continues to grow in a circular pattern out from the spot.
We get back to the island without mishap.
Muri says that her positive energy is being drained slowly from her.
The lady hobbles out of another doorway from nowhere and comes to look at the force sphere; Lusi is very watchful so she doesn’t steal the thing out from under us.

The lady congratulates us and returns our hearts to us. Aubrey gets his heart back when one of the heart orbs is wandering around without him. The lady takes the force sphere. Lusi asks the lady who she is. When asked if she truly wishes to know, Lusi says yes with little hesitation. The lady transforms to a human woman with raven black hair, purple eyes and swirling dark clothes. The pupils are blacker than night. Kinda creepy. It’s Shar… Mistress of the Night.
Lusi gives a little curtsey and says nice to meet her. Muri and Alika also greet her.
Shar will grant us a boon now or not at all…

Lusi wishes to know the locations of the rest of her staff pieces. Muri wants the polyglot ability. Alika would like to know the locations of some of the Red Knight’s artifacts. Severin asks to have his mother protected from Void magic. (Shar hands him a vial for Ryselle to drink.) Shar hands Lusi a box after flipping a coin to either bring the pieces to her or simply tell Lusi the locations of them. Alika’s request cannot be accomodated, but Shar tells him to wait a moment and disappears. She reappears with a small white box and a red chess piece on it.
She leaves in a poof.

The overcast has disappeared and the lake is glowing and sparkly with magic running through it. The water is cleaning away the slime on the beach. We’re still filthy. Bath time! We all walk into the water to clean off. The waters are purifying; any diseases, attribute damage, hit points lost, etc are taken care of.
The happy sparkly water gives us a fuzzy sensation flow through us like a hug in the winter. (Happy sparkly rainbow water again)
We are nice and clean and fuzzy happy people.
The shore is cleaning itself slowly.
We teleport to right outside the clearing this time so we don’t bounce off the protections.

The pointy wooden spears wielded by forest creatures just kind of appear. They want to know who we are and why we’re violating the forest. Lusi says it’s time to release the sister. A druid steps out of a tree when she says that. He’s a middle aged man that has long brown hair edged with gray. He has a lion pacing next to him.
He asks for proof that we’re the ones to free the Sister; the elemental symbols on the wrist aren’t enough. Lusi tells Muri to show him the necklace (Star of Mystra).
Muri tells him that he can send someone to check on the progress of the lake.
The clearing is warm and wonderful to feel.

Aubrey sends a ray of frost at the wall of force and it collapses. He sends a force based spell to shatter the ice bonds; she falls and he catches her. We exit the clearing and the druid bow to the Sister/Aubrey, they wish us success and we teleport home.
We walk into the house and into the den area; they are all playing a game of Jenga.

We go downstairs (after watching Derrick screw up Raistlin’s move). We keep our laughter to ourselves at least till we hit the stairs…

Lusi casts a heal spell on Qilue; she wakes and we give her some information and she decides to go to her sister Storm. She does change her appearance to a regular elf instead of a Drow so she won’t be shot on sight.

[Lusi got the equivalent of fast healing 1 for spell points from the happy sparkly water= regenerate 1 spell point per round + 1 per 10 levels so three spell points per round at this point]


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