The Legend Reborn

Session 68 - Lusi

Session 68

20 Uktar 2525 / 11 October 2014

Ooh, breakfast scents!! Yum!
Avarun is fixing breakfast for us all. Wow. Mom2 is up and chatting with him. Severin and Alika are up practicing already. Lusi is sleeping.
Avarun is in his red robes and Mom’s frilly apron cooking something that smells spicy.
He’s good with a kitchen knife. There’s a cauldron on the counter that isn’t Mom’s.
Muri wakes up Lusi because Lusi’s missing all the “magicky stuff.”
It’s only a couple of hours after sunrise and Lusi’s not tired. Hunh. (Lusi no longer requires rest, but doesn’t know it.)
Avarun looks good in the white lace against his red robes. He’s cooking and using the one seasoning shaker liberally.
He looks quite comfy in the kitchen.
Eric, with some advice from Alika, manages to get the box of dishes open and set the table. It’s a full formal set, so he’s trying to remember the order of the dishes in the place settings.
Avarun’s got a nifty set of cooking pans, they don’t require the heat of the stove to cook and are controlled by small touches on the handle for heating and cooling. He grabs more stuff from his pouch, including a white waxy ball of something and some jam. He pulls out flat breads from the oven. He pulls multiple trays out of our normal sized oven…
The white waxy ball turns out to be cheese when he starts cutting it open, placing it and the jam on the breads. Eric gets to take the small plates to the table with the breads on it.
The cauldron turns into a deep skillet and heats it up with a sauce to pour over the rice.
The skillet gets tapped again and it turns into a serving dish. There is a barely visible magic shield over the dish. Mom2 takes it to the table. The table is COVERED in the full formal place settings… LOL Poor Eric. Avarun snaps his fingers and half the dishes disappear. He also gets out a samovar from the bag for us to get tea from.
He offers some coffee too. The girls are surprised by the fact that there are different flavors of coffee. The only stuff they’ve tried is bitter. The coffee is from a place called Kerr. The tea is from his home, Ergoth.
We all try all the dishes. Lusi likes the bread and cheese dish the best.
Mom1 comes in just after we all sit down at the table and hands a nicely embroidered scarf to Avarun. He thanks her for letting him look at it. He’s going to leave a set of his formal robes to look.

Evie shows up on the doorstep and after accepting the offer to have a package of food from Avarun proceeds to che Eric up one side and down the other. Eric is stuttering through the whole explanation and Evie is righteously pissed. After the argument, Lusi and Muri walk Evie home. She has appointments to keep today. We have to keep him out of danger while he’s with us, and we’re going to take him out of town for a bit, assuming that he’ll come along.

While the girls are gone with Evie, Ryselle and Derrick show up at our house. She gives Alika a hug and kiss. They were apparently back on Alor for a bit.

Avarun sees them and is absolutely floored by their appearance. He drops a spoon he was holding when Ryselle mentions a dragonlance.

Aubrey still hasn’t woken up, and Alika goes up to wake him. There’s food to share if he’s upset by not being woken.
Aubrey doesn’t answer to the knock. Aubrey is still asleep and writhing in his sleep. He’s got a red gow on his chest and black energy stirking sround his hands occasionally. Alika yells for Lusi and she teleports up there. The rest of the horde of people comes running.
The glow is coming from inside his chest. Shit.
His eyes pop open when Lusi is within a couple of feet and they are completely black.
He manages to tell her to back off, so she does.
Lusi looks into the weave of the spells; the magic is not merely divine but actually deific magic here. She can’t do this alone.
Muri eventually begins to pray to Lara for help on how to help Aubrey while Alika tries to get Ao to let Raistlin in to help now that we know this is deific magic.

We’re all thinking and some are praying so time stops for a “moment.” Alika has prayed to the Red Knight and she got him an audience with Ao; he’ll let Raistlin in on the condition that Raistlin will have no direct contact with the deific magic.
Muri has to take Aubrey’s place; it must be someone with a pure heart with a reason to stay and people to help fight.
Raistlin walks into the room; he feels avatar-ish without being deific.
Ryselle borrows the Orb of Alternate Realities from Alorra again to help with this task. Ryselle will be combatting the deific magic; Alika gets an ability to channel Creation magic with his Spellfire; Lusi will be keeping back the Void magic from Ryselle while she works; Muri is taking Aubrey’s place in the fight.
Muri puts on all of her gear except weapons.
We take the bed with Aubrey on it down into the basement the the circle that was sanctified by the avatar of Alorra.
Raistlin casts some more protections on the room. Lusi casts several spells on Muri, as well as Raistlin and Alika setting up some spells on her too.
At the end of it all, Valas Thann runs and we manage to get rid of the Void magic and the deific magic from Aubrey and Muri. The militia ended up being called up since there was a large contigent of personnel with Valas Thann.

Ethan, Raeyna, Ansalon, Christiana, Raynard, Damon and Dalia, Vedric, and Zandra all ended up back here to help defend the place while we took care of the business inside.
The number of bodies in the area looks like the small army was not an exaggeration – there are hundreds of bodies. There are no local people back there now – Ryselle froze time in the local area to keep the locals safe.
Lusi wraps the container in Creation magic that the amulet is in.

There are lots of people helping with lunch while the family stays together for a bit.

Ryselle takes Lusi to the bank in Union City to get a high security vault with Lusi as the contact point for it.
At home the horde settles in and talks for a while. Lunch is being prepared while that happens.

Muri and Alika give short talks to Aubrey while he’s unconscious and let him know that while no one would blame him for leaving, he’s needed and wanted here too.

Finger foods for lunch!!!

Aumbrey stumbles up the stairs a little before dinner; Lusi and Muri rush over to give hugs and a shoulder; Alika gets him some food.


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