The Legend Reborn

Session 66 - Lusi

Session 66

19 Uktar 2525 / 28 June 2014

Lusi and Aubrey (and Carathus) are still out cold…
An elven woman in white robes with white hair shows up. It’s Illyana, Alor’s goddess of healing. We are all taken to Paradise to recuperate under her supervision.
It’s like Elysium on earth, for lack of a better description. They feel energized but relaxed.
There are two temples joined by a bridge; one has a lot of people fighting (training); the other has many people in blue or white robes and is where we are taken.
Illyana has told her priests that we are also to be treated with the Waters of Life while we recuperate. They bring in three bowls of sparkly, clear water.
The rest of the party is free to explore while they are here. There is a small town nearby, and please don’t swim in the lake that is also close by. It is the source of the Waters.
The temple of Tavor is next door and will allow anyone to join them in combat practice.
The three trying to recover are having happy, flippy, rainbow dreams.

We are out for about 3 days, recuperating.

Lusi wakes up feeling refreshed and has had the best sleep of her life. She hasn’t felt this well rested for a very long time!
Muri comes running in and bounces into a hug.
We’re going shopping!!
Waters of Life, Tears of Alorra, Fireflowers… The Tears will enhance any potion or salve made with it. The Waters enhance holy water and make potent healing items and can heal wounds short of a death wound. Using the two together can make a Heal potion or a Restoration potion.
Lusi buys one of the Fireflowers at 1000gp. She gets a set of 6 volumes of alchemical recipes; from very basic to very advanced. There is a tome called Illyana’s Grimoire of Healing… 10K gp, but this is a complete copy of the scrolls of healing written by Illyana. We all pitch in to buy it. Zandra gives 1000, Muri 2000, Alika 1000. She spends a ton of money (5000gp) there getting a lot of rare components for the new alchemy skills.

We get back to Ryselle’s plane, then off to the demiplane that Lady Yderia and the babies live on. There are hundreds of dragons there, including a huge gold dragon, a steel dragon, an amethyst dragon, and a silver dragon. Ethan and several of the other children are in human forms there.
The dragons appear to have no memory and no past to speak of; they remember nothing because there is nothing to remember. The problem is deciding which dragons will be adults, which youths, and which will remain children. The demiplane is crowded and as large as it can get. Apparently Ryselle is going to contact Aurien to see if he’ll host some on his plane.

A rift appears in the sky and a gold and black pegasus flies in with a woman in armor. She lands and pulls off her helm. She says that Alorra says that the dragons have no mem- oh, we’ve already figured it out. It’s our quest to finish.

The artiste dragon had dragons in her art pieces…. All different ages and types.
She told us she just wanted to stop having to guard the gems…

Alika, Aubrey, and Zandra are going to see the artiste and find out if the aura of magic is the same on her art pieces.
Severin is staying here to help with the dragons.
Lusi and Muri go to the Libris Ominus to research.

Lusi starts with dragon memory; for Torillian dragons. We end up at the biology section.
In the generic section – dragon memory is at least psuedomagical if not truly magical. The memory encoding uses magic and they don’t degenerate like a human’s would. The magic supporting them will supprt the memory.
Torillian dragons are very dependent on their lair and the treasure; the magic permeates the treasure and is trackable by them since it’s a part of their magical selves. If the dragon loses the lair it will severely affect them; illness, possible death. This makes them one of the most aggressive species of dragon in the known universe since it their very lives at risk. The may avoid some of these issues by locking up their treasures where noone can get to it and wander around in a non-draconic form. It speculates that the recent disappearance may simply have been a mass exodus since they had too much notoriety. They simply dissappeared into the native population. A footnote by a small group of specialists on dragon physiology says that the dragon removed from it’s treasure may lose all memory of even being a dragon; that they may not even realize they’re dragons.
Some changes in the Weave from the Dark War and succeeding events may have affected the dragons’ memory… What events??

The Weave as originally mostly ley lines; a pretty large number but more more free and flexible. The Netherilese mage went nuts and almost destroyed all magic on Toril and would have except Mystara sacrificed herself to re-establish the Weave. It was made from her will and was inflexible and unchanging. Over time the Weave loosened some. The TIme of Troubles began to fracture after Cyric tried to kill Mystra; the rumors of Mystra’s death disrupted the Weave (her near death). The Weave became more complex after her reascension but still inflexible. The Dark One came from the Shadow Plane, and came with Shade when it returned from the Shadow Plane. His mere presence chaged the Weave. Shade influenced the Weave through the knowledge and use of Netherilese magic. The Weave loosened up a little more with this. There was more usefulness to magic after this and the mages also figured out they could really mess shit up with the new changes to the Weave. The disappearance of the Seven Sisters changed the Weave since they were anchors. This made the Weave more free flowing. There were changes to the Weave after the dragons disappeared – the intensity of the magic was reduced.
Most likely for the memory loss would be a magical surge directed specifically at the dragons. That kind of thing would affect those of draconic descent and in any of the forms they may have taken.
Dragon Diadem could be used when taking control of a dragon by blowing away their memory and make them easier to control. A Dracosian dragon would be able to do that to many dragons. The knock off crowns would operate on a much smaller scale. A regular dragon would be able to control a dozen or so dragons, but a humanoid would be able to control one or maybe two dragons. There are specific way to take out the memories of the large amounts of dragons requires that the memory be totally lost. One dragon’s memories might be able to be restored, but the mass removal would be permanent.
The Diadem could be used to put the souls of dragons into gems. The theoretical process is listed out here. At the very end it says that all of this could be done much more easily by a draconic god… All of this stuff is done on a large scale and much more easily by one.


We meet up with the rest of the party after they get done talking to Anskarard about her art and letting Aubrey check out the magic. It’s not the same magic.
She has been doing worse things than we though with the art pieces; some of them were deliberately injured for a “grittier” look. Some of the earliest pieces are actually dead people instead of alive; Lusi’s not sure that’s better than being alive and in stasis.
The guy that dropped the gems off to Anskarard was tall, wearing a red cloak trimmed in black and had soft hands. There is some speculation that it was a Red Wizard.
The dragons disappeared in 2025, the Sisters a little bit later… That’s a good way to set up for messing up the Weave badly. Crap.

So it’s either not a god, or a god that came in under the radar, so to speak. Perhaps it’s a demigod? A demigod would not need followers and would be able to sneak in under Ao’s nose. Did Yvonnelestrylyn have more children after she became a dragon?
Bahamut or Tiamat? Probably not, they’re kind of uptight.
We end up heading out to Carathus’ plane to see if we can ask about demigods… Carathus’ plane is hip deep in dragons too. He kind of got volunteered to host some of them, but at least there are some adults to help.
He communicates with Yvonnelestrylyn and asks her to come see us.
She steps through a door in the air.
She doesn’t think it’s anyone from Alor, but there are other worlds with dragons on them. We’ll have to check it out.
Muri is wondering why Toril and not Alor, since Alor’s a nexus world? Lusi and Yvonnelestrylyn tell her that Toril is a nexus world too.
The Origin is in the center of our known universe; the six universal ley lines lance out from it and on each ley line is one of the six nexus worlds. The ley lines split at each of the nexus worlds for some unknown reason. When the universe was created, there were eight beings that came into existence at the same time as the universe, Primordials.

Thanatos, Abeir, Archadia, and Kyrilos are the four original nexus worlds.

Ao and Eladrial were set over the Abeir sphere. Xotha and Asgarath were the Primordials assigned to help Ao and Eladriel. Xotha became obsessed with a particular life form (dragons) and every Crystal Sphere she went to had to have dragons. She tried to make Ao and Eladriel make dragons the dominant life form. They said no. They bound Xotha and Asgarath to the center of Abeir and then split the sphere in two and separated the Primordials forever. Toril and Abeir are the two planets.

One of the Primordials became the Dark One and his mate retreated to the edge of the universe in shame at his actions.

The other four haven’t had anything really significant happen with them.

Thr Primordials at the center of the two worlds would be a significant amount of power for anyone to control, especially if they have the dragons to control Xotha with… Shit.
Release them via the magic of the universal ley line once they’ve taken control with the statues. Crap.

So a demigod Void mage. Well, Valas Thann is one. What about the one from Dracos?
How the hell are we going to get more information without spending all of our time in the Libris?
Severin calls his mother; she brings the Book of Infinite Knowledge and Muri ends up taking it. She can use it for one month or has to take the mantle of the Adept of Knowledge from Ryselle.
She tests the book with the information about Rylos Ladrue, the Void mage from Dracos. He’s a Shadow Dragon. He is half-elven in his humanoid form. He’s not a demigod.

On to Valas Thann, since we don’t know for sure that his mother was not a dragon. His mother was a priestess of Isis and Osiris. She was not a dragon.

Vacare Ordiri membership:
Valas Thann – demigod from Archadia not it
Ryarithllodru – Dracos (world populated only by dragons) not it
Devan Rehaltis – Toril not it
Vesyk Rienir – Cernn (avian) not it
Kinaldo Ghathertin – Pandemonium humanoid looking man of brownish gray, no facial hair, high cheekbones, unusual looking mage robes and a gem embedded in his forehead. Star mage, the child of a human and somewhere else entirely but not a dragon. not it
Aurien Que’dena – Alor not it
*Rh’osryn Uinae – Aedai (seraphim dismissed from their gods’ service) female, gorgeous, human, not it
Eonarin Aerithdeu – Krynn black mage, son of Raistlin Majere and Takhisis (IT) there are three types of mages: black – evil, red- neutral, white – good; magic is influenced by the same color moon. Takhisis is a guardian of Krynn and is evil; responsible for the destruction of the chromatic dragons on Krynn and her form is similar to Tiamat’s. Raistlin was most powerful mage to ever live on Krynn and is one of the most powerful mages in the universe.
Chanim – Mazerris Arabian clothing and coloring, similarities to djinn, not it
Quelaran Maesrarr – Thanatos look like Shades; dark elven without white hair; not it
M’ric – Hades very handsome, diabolical, talons, goatee, pointy eyebrows and ears; not it
Chakykin Tyinnanu – Yzoere female humanoid feline, not it
Azriel – leader of the Order and formerly the high avatar of Ra, from Alor; Solar Azmion, not it


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