The Legend Reborn

Session 65 - Lusi

Session 65

12 Uktar 2525 / 16 February 2014

We step through the door to our basement (thank the gods it’s protected). Mom is there but we don’t know it until Muri swears and gets threatened with the dishsoap again.
We go up to dinner, the dads are setting the table. We are having yummy stew!
No talking about the adventure until after dinner. Lusi is depressed by that, but we all abide by it, as usual.
Lusi describes our adventure to date after dinner. Mom recognizes the room as one that the Kalimal Luminus has been looking for for years.
Eric shows up toward the end of the story and gets some food after Mom reminds him that he’s not supposed to sneak in the house.
Eric has been investigating some of the nobles on the Tri Council for the High Lord and Lady of Silvermar.
A red haired lady is involved somehow… If it’s Terina…. Muri will be very happy to try to take her out. She’s keeping company with some of the nobles again.

Looks like Duke Silas Kalere is keeping company with a red haired chick… Muri mentions that maybe she can’t color her hair. Alika points out that dragons always have something that is unchangeable. Is there anything else that this happens with? Lusi’s too stuck on images of dragons to remember…
Muri recalls that some demons, some elementals (lords and ladies) and some other creatures that are associated with color but she doesn’t know if they can’t hide that with magic.
Eric has been exploring houses and getting some info on the plans to try to interfere with the marriage between Stefan and our Princess, Yelena.
Red Hair has convinced half the council that the wedding should not go on.
He says he overheard a snippet of conversation about a prophesied wedding not coming to pass – it would be bad?
Lady Ryselle walks in about that time.

Hiding the draconic signature is difficult at best and takes draconic magic to do. It would take a lot of power and learning to do. Maybe she has access to an item, if she’s a dragon at all. Perhaps she’s simply arrogant… Here’s hoping.

(there is an amulet we can buy at the Libris Ominus that will steer us away from a specific individual)

Ryselle says there’s a doorway to another plane for us on her plane. It will be visible from the one we enter through.
Lusi goes to study in her nifty library.
Most of us study, Muri has a very embarrassing conversation with her mom about Tathar and his actions. (poor girl)

We all go to sleep…
We’re all dreaming – a familiar throne room filled with colorful hordes of nobles and guests. At the front the symbol of the house of Obuskier and the symbol of house of Elenethil. Standing at the end of the row of thrones is a handsome young man in his white royal garb fidgeting nervously.
The music starts and we all come to our feet. Princess Yelena is a vision in white as she starts on the way down the aisle. The gown is a lot like the gowns mother makes. She reaches the end of the aisle and the minister starts the wedding ceremony. Stefan and Yelena repeat their vows and just as the minister raises his hand to pronounce them husband and wife, the bride stiffens and goes limp in Stefan’s arms. Severin, at his side as groomsman, jumps forward and is suddenly in his armor looking in the rafters for something. There is a dark red stain spreading on the dress that gets bigger and bigger until the room seems drowning in blood. There is a mocking of laughter from some evil and the world turns to darkness. Endless lines of slaves with overseers of angular and slightly elven looking beings. The Cormyrian palace is a mockery of itself and festooned with the skeletons of those who fought. The Silvermar palace is burned out husk. Stefan’s body is mangled and maimed; Yelena next to him. Lusi sees her sister and family and friends there too. Alika sees the husk of the monastery and the bodies of his brothers as well as his companions and Stefan and Yelena. In the background on a throne atop a pile of skulls is a dark figure. No features are visible, but the mocking laughter continues but we don’t recognize that laughter.

13 Uktar

We all wake up. It is still night time and just past midnight.
We can still smell the burning bodies…

Everyone gathers in the living room again.
Eric is there too. He stayed over tonight.

Raeyna teleports in too.
Perhaps Terina is a being from another world. Since Toril is so magical it might have attracted her.

(Duke Kalere became the advisor to the High Lord and Lady after Miles Leander’s assassination)

Lusi asks Severin to call his parents in – they are here in Silvermar for a very specific reason and we don’t know what that is. His parents were not present in their usual form at least in the wedding picture. The High Lord and Lady were present, but the High Mage and Lord General were present, but it wasn’t any appearance of Ryselle and Derrick that we recognize. Alika recalls that they did NOT have purple and steel grey eyes. Shit.

Lady Morganna pops in just after Ryselle and Derrick show up in response to Severin’s call.
There is another prophecy in the offing; related to the one we’re supposed to get at Lusi’s wedding (possibly the same one).

We all go back to sleep for the night. The people that usually awake at the crack of dawn wake a little late, Lusi gets to sleep until she wakes up on her own! Wow!

Eric is being supervised by Mom to make breakfast. He’s setting the table and is about to learn how to press fresh orange juice (Mom says Evie will appreciate this one day).
They have a good breakfast. Eric makes sure that everyone knows how much work the orange juice was.
Lusi gets woken up by Muri for breakfast on Mom’s orders.

The girls clean up the dishes, as usual when they are home.

We head out to the door on Ryselle’s plane to release the dragons… Hopefully.

We go through the archway to find gold wooded trees and silvery leaves that chime in the breeze. There is a tall elven man with black hair and dark eyes there. This is a part of Alor, according to him. Lusi had looked around and asked if this was on Alor since the herbs we saw with Ethan were gold and silver. It’s Carathas. This is his place and it’s like the forests that he grew up in.
It’s one of the few pieces of Elvendar left.
He’s extended the plane on one side and will gate the dragons out to Toril.

It appears to Carathas that the dragons may have de-aged – the one we popped out for him to look at is young adult. This would make it easier for them to be enchanted. Alika pops a few more out; all of them have the exact same aura. Carathas asks to see the gems.
Carathas asks if we want to meet another god. He calls Yvonnelestrylyn; she is a HUGE gold dragon with gems encrusted. She has a humanoid form – half elven with grey eyes, gold hair, and her dress looks like liquid gold. Lusi is standing there with her mouth half open.

Carathas asks about having contact with the dragon gods on Toril. Alika introduces himself to his great grandmother. She hugs him. He notices her dress is made of very fine scales.
She inspects the statues and is wondering if these are from Toril. Muri gives her the short story of how we got them and what happened to them.
She says the magic of the gems were not human and not Torillian. She is concerned… Some years ago the dragons of Toril became quiet. Usually they leave Toril to Ao’s children. They assumed that the Torillians exterminated them; this had been expected for some time. The animosity had spanned the entire history to Toril. The dragons are unusually aggressive. The silencing of the the dragons happened very quickly. The representatives from Alor could find very few dragons and they didn’t know what had happened.
The magic on the gems is draconic – either an ally or a member is a dragon.

Alika points out that this happened on Aetris (Zandra’s home island). All the inhabitants were turned to soul gems at once there too. No statues.

Yvonnelestrylyn mentions that a Dracos Diadem that was cut from the heart of the world on which the dragons were born. It contained stones related to every kind of dragon there is and cannot be worn by a dragon. Only a humanoid can wear it and must overcome the will of the dragon and Diadem both. It appears to be iron but smoothly cut with a series of clawlike protuberances. Failure results in death. Success gives the person evolution to a dragon. The crown disappears after use. The crown existed bfore the draconic gods so they don’t know what all it is capable of. A person from our world had to have gotten hold of it and used it and is now a dragon.
There was a legend of a king that punished the thieves of his kingdom by taking their maturity and placed them in a receptacle until his temper cooled. They were placed in the hoard of the dragon they stole from.
There is a spell that would do the same but only to one dragon at a time.
The body and mind are de-aged, reduced in size, placed in a stasis field and the soul gem is removed and placed in the hoard of the offended dragon. The body would be placed in the Hall of Punishment as a deterrent.
The Diadem was the house for the spirits of the first dragons and it would be able to do this to all the dragons at once. It would also be able to reverse it. Lusi would be able to unravel the magic as well. Yvonnelestrylyn might be able to do this, but only one at a time.
The Diadem travels from one world to another after use.

Lusi has a “unique grasp of spellweaving” and Yvonnelestrylyn thinks she would be better called a spellshaper. Since she can do this on Toril where the magic is trained to the Weave so her magic is more akin to the original dragons than to the Spellweavers.

The overpower would be able to re-age the dragons since Lusi could only unravel the magic and bring them out of stasis. Mrs. Ao (Eladriel) might be easier to talk to about re-aging them.

Legend Lore check for Lusi – 51.
In the beginning, the humans and dragons had issues. They wanted the same land. The humans settled there and told the dragons to fuck off. A wise dragon felt that it was unnecessary to stomp the humans into submission and they would make peace. The area the humans settled was Cormyr. Uneasy peace for many years. Humans expanded outward and started encroaching on dragon territory. The humans tended to die in these fights until they started to figure out how to fight them. Obuskier the First tried to make peace again until Ryselle’s daughter Amarantha stopped the war by sacrificing her life. The dragons decided to take other territory after that and gave actual borders for their territory. The dragons mostly settled on the Western side of Faerun – there are few countries there… There was mutual non-agression for centuries after that. The Time of Troubles and the Dark War, as well as other conflicts, the dragons started becoming involved in human affairs; around 1373 for the Dark War. They played a big part in the defense of Faerun and were recognized for it. They became more willing to help. Humans started to understand that they weren’t all bad.
There was a leader and a ruling council for the dragons and they helped keep the peace.
King Taltos the Fifth of Cormyr, in the year 2000, sent emmissaries to the Dragonic Council and wanted to meet with them for discussions. The idea was to ally and forge a permanent peace with the dragons. The dragons had a good name with the Cormyrians at this time. They would be allowed to be a permanent part of Cormyrian society if they wanted to be. This never happened because the dragons disappeared. It took a long time to convince the councils to do this and get the meetings – it was supposed to happen in 2025 but no dragons came to the meeting. The dragons were not seen after that.
The dwarves were ejected from their mountains by an extremely aggressive dragon about two hundred years later. This was the first dragon seen in all that time.

Why most but not all of the dragons? Maybe they just weren’t in dragon form.

Guess we’re going to talk to Ao, Eladriel, Bahamut and Tiamat about the dragons…

Yvonnelestrylyn opens a gate for people to come through. A platinum dragon steps through first, then Tiamat hauls her 5 headed bulk through next and snarls at Yvonnelestrylyn. Yvonnelestrylyn tells her to go over there and we will talk. A shimmering in the air and Ao and Eladriel appear.

We reach a compromise with Yvonnelestrylyn and the rest after some talk.

A tall woman with gold hair and eyes and skin appears dressed in bracers, short skirt and blouse with a triangle, eye in flame, crown. Next to her is a tall handsome man with shoulder length dark hair with a Gothic studmuffin look.
After listening to them, it’s apparent that these are Alorra and Acheros.

Alorra gives Lusi an orb of energy that will allow her to get this done without killing herself. Aubrey is going to help.

We get the 170 to Toril with no issues. The rest are also done well; Aubrey got his done more quickly than Lusi. As soon as we are done the orb disappears and Aubrey and Lusi pass out on a quickly produced mattress from Muri. YAY!!

To Be Continued


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