The Legend Reborn

Session 64 - Lusi

Session 64

11 Uktar 2525 / 2 February 2014

this happens after we raid Valas Thann’s treasure room but sometime before now
Lusi puts the ring on and touches the lock/seal. She gets jolted with electricity in that finger, then the lid opens and there are stairs leading downward. Eventually Lusi just heads down while everyone else argues about the order of march. The single flight of stairs ends in a room about 20×20. There is an archway in three of the walls. There are shelves lining the walls filled with books. Lusi is doing a happy dance. Two of the three rooms have more books and the third is filled with scrolls. YES!!!
Most of the books are in Common.
Alika is looking at the books – he finds one called Armours of the World.
Muri goes looking for heraldry and the gryphon seal. She finds that the gryphon is used in a lot of heraldic symbols.
Lusi heads for the room with the scrolls.
Aubrey found a secret door; magic books and scrolls. There are lots of rooms connected by archways leading to more rooms and archways. The first room is about 10×10 and the shelves line the room again. It’s packed with books as well; one shelving unit is The Encyclopaedia of Spells vol. 1-60. There is a small section that is protected by an energy field that encloses a section of large tomes. The ring opens the field and Lusi can see the text on some of the books. The ones that catch her eye are: *The Manual of Bodily Health Zandra , *Manual of Gainful Exercise Alika, *Manual of Quickness of Action, *Tome of Clear Thought Aubrey, *Tome of Leadership and Influence Muri, *Tome of Understanding Alika , *Compendium of Arcane Resistance Lusi, *The Damage Resistance Primer Severin, Book of Infinite Spells PARTY, Book of the Planes PARTY, *Librum of Identification Eric , *Grimoire of Archaic Alchemy Lusi, *Survival Guidebook, *Incoridian of Escape, Bargainer’s Trade Book, *Healer’s Handbook, *Linguistic Lexicon, *Diplomacy Guidebook, *Manual of Mounted Combat, *Librum of Languages, *Principles of Unarmed Combat Alika, *Grand Master’s Tome of Weaponry, Artificer Compendium (Lusi later on), *Master’s Guide to Two Weapon Fighting, *Manual of Metamagic Lusi, Librum of Legends PARTY, Compendium of Recording PARTY, Canon of Changes Muri, Journal of Glowing Pages. Holy crap that’s a lot of magical books!! The Journal of Glowing Pages is literally a journal with glowing pages. The Canon of Changes; according to Ryselle, is an explanation of how matter and energy are interlinked. It would allow one to create nonmagical items from “nothing.”
The Incoridian is a small book of metal pages loosely joined with gold rings.
Ryselle mentions a story about a group of books called the Master’s Guides. On a planet was a complex linkage of towers and educational institutions. This group supposedly created a series of books that allowed mastery of a particular skill.
There is also a Concordance of Deeds written by sages about particular things.
It’s possible some of these books may be read by more than one person – those are extremely rare. She’s only seen one.

Manual of Bodily Health (CON 4) (82500 gp) (inscription provides clue to function) – Zandra
Manual of Gainful Exercise (STR +4) – Alika
Manual of Quickness of Action (DEX +4)
Tome of Clear Thought (INT +4) (82500 gp) (inscription provides clue to function) – Aubrey
Tome of Leadership and Influence (CHA
4) – Muri
Tome of Understanding (WIS+4) – Alika
Compendium of Arcane Resistance (SR20) – Muri
Damage Resistance Primer (DR 5/+3) – Severin
Book of Infinite Spells – party
Book of the Planes – party
Libram of Identification (95% identify on touch) – Eric
Libram of Legends – Party
Compendium of Recording – Party
Canon of Changes (create any nonmagical object em1439) – Muri
Journal of Glowing Pages – library

Master’s Guides
Grimoire of Archaic Alchemy (max ranks in Craft, Alchemy) – Lusi
Survival Guidebook (max ranks in Survival) -Zandra
Enchiridion of Escape (max ranks in Escape Artist)
Healer’s Handbook (max ranks in Healing)
Linguistic Lexicon (max ranks in Decipher Script)
Diplomacy Guidebook (max ranks in Diplomacy)
Concordance of Deeds
Manual of Mounted Combat (mounted combat feats)
Libram of Languages (Epic lang feat) – Lusi
The Principles of Unarmed Combat (all UC feats) – Alika
Grandmaster’s Tome of Weaponry (focus and specialization feats)
Artificer Compendium (artificer metamagic feats) – Aubrey
Master’s Guide to Two-Weapon Fighting (2w feats)
Manual of Metamagic (metamagic feats) – Lusi

The third wall is covered in scrolls.

These books have given us the skills/abilities listed by the start of this session.

This gives Lusi max ranks in Craft Alchemy, all non magical languages written, read and spoken, and ALL metamagic feats.

We get ready to scry the door for where we hope the dragon bodies are at. crossed fingers
Lusi gazes in awe into the lovely water and it clears: forming inside is a cave. Inside that cave is a pair of intricately carved mithril doors. By the doors are statues of lammasu (two winged lions) that do not look happy. The appear to be made of blackened stone., possibly obsidian. In the very center of the door is a rather large double keyhole. Alika and Muri notice that there are two keys dangling (set into the stone) from the necks of the lammasu. The cave is inside a mountain covered in snow.
The mountain is north of here in the Spine of the World.
Zooming back in, Lusi tries to see what’s behind the door. There is a slight hesistation as it pushes past a barrier and we see: the dragons are not full sized – looks like they are waist high statues of dragons. Rows upon rows of them. Muri startes ranting right away about people that would do this. The cave was carved out in a hall and at the very end of the hall is a dais that has a couple of ego chairs and carved into the wall above the chairs is the symbol of the Olenar Mentis. Alika notices further that the chairs have differing crowns on them. The advisor chairs have circlets, the queen’s has a small crown, and the king’s a larger but not the formal size crown. He’s seen something like this in his studies…
He’s not sure what it is he recognizes but it’s a magical artifact and doesn’t belong there.

Muri finally pipes down after Lusi tells her to shut up and remembers that the crown is the Crown of Knowledge – an ancient Netherilese artifact from the first Netherilese Empire. The most powerful mage (the Archon) in Netheril was given the Crown. That was the most powerful of the high mages. The crown symbolized his lordship and dominion over Netheril. The Crown of Knowledge gives access to any known spell in Netheril and the Legend Lore ability (and understand any language). It disappeared when things went to hell in Netheril and was assumed destroyed. Not just anyone can wear it, a supplicant for the position spends a day meditating in the presence of the Crown. If it accepts them, they become the Archon, otherwise they go insane or die.

We decide to sleep for the night since it’s been a long day. Raeyna tells us we should go to the East tower as that’s where the empty rooms usually are.
The rooms are nice and have lots of soft down pillows and beds, and incredibly soft comforters. The beds are huge…
The attached bathroom is large and the tub is huge (like the size of a hot tub) inset into the floor. The wardrobe has clothes in our taste and size.
Muri is going to cook dinner tonight.
The night is uneventful.

12 Uktar

Lusi sleeps late, as usual when Muri leaves her alone to sleep past the butt crack of dawn.

Muri greets the day as always. Severin and Alika are up and doing katas in the Great Hall as she heads up to greet the dawn.
Lusi is awakened by the illusion of Ryselle an hour after Muri asks her to wake everyone and have breakfast ready. Muri comes up and wakes Lusi back up. Dammit.
Lusi gets up and heads down to eat.

We all eat. The food is good and filling. Nothing to write home about, but we didn’t have to make it or clean up after it.

Raeyna heads back to the Libris Ominus.
Muri casts her very first magic spells: endure elements on herself, Zandra and Alika. Lusi can do her own, Severin is immune to normal heat and cold, and Aubrey has a jacket that is very warm.

We teleport over to the cave entrance.
Lammasu are concerned with the safety and welfare of all good beings.

Muri walks up to one of the Lammasu statues and touches the side of the mane.
The Lammasu animates on the touch.
Muri 36
Lusi 18
Alika 17

The Lammasu is definitely going to do something hostile: Muri starts talking fast about not being there to hurt them and trying to free the dragons. It’s persuaded to give her the key, then wakes up his companion who is female. They talk and she gives the key to Aubrey.

The lammasu declare themselves freed of their service and fly away.
The locks are up about ten feet, so Lusi is going to fly up there and place the keys. Aubrey goes to check the locks for traps; it’s clear. She turns the keys outward. The locks open outward.
There is a large atrium with a marble floor. There isn’t anything in here, it’s mostly a baffle so the cold air won’t get in the next room.

The next set of doors is more normal sized and are of oak and steel.
The hallway beyond end about 50 feet away and ends in a set of double doors made of mithril. They are covered over in the middle with a seal of the Olenar Mentis.
The door is magical since it’s mithril; the seal is magical but not screamingly so. It’s kind of a hold portal like is on the throne room after the king dies.

We need to change the material of the seal from wax to something less breakable. Aubrey is going to try first and then Lusi will give it a shot.
Uh oh, he’s starting to turn it to glass. Lusi tries to save it and fucks up. Muri manages to make luck checks to keep it from shattering..

Muri remembers that there is a spell that makes glass act like steel. Aubrey knows the glassteel spell so Lusi watches him cast it.

Lusi disjuncts the door (DC is 40) and seal.
Severin pushes the doors open!
We see row upon row of dragon statuettes and the thrones and the eye of the Olenar Mentis.

The statues, crowns and circlets, and the two big thrones are magical but not the seal. Muri wants to change the seal to the seal of the Kalimal Luminus.

Alika gets all the dragons into the Rod of Security. Lusi reforms the symbol with a natural 20 for her control of spellweaving.
She shrinks the thrones as Aubrey gets the rest of the traps disarmed, leaving only the alarm spell. Aubrey will plane shift us to Ryselle’s plane so they can’t follow us.
There is a flare of light in the sky and an almost audible boink sound as a mage tries to get on the plane. Ryselle teleports in asking why someone just tried to break in to her plane. Lusi tells her that we just grabbed all the dragons to free them. She shrugs and says ok. We can stay as long as we like and she sets up a door to our house’s basement then teleports back out. Sweet!

Now that we’ve figuratively flipped the bird to the Olenar Mentis, it’s going to be on and Lusi and Muri are kind of looking forward to it. :)

Aubrey has a friend that might be willing to lend us his demiplane to release the dragons, since Ryselle suggests a more neutral place.

To Be Continued…


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