• Alika Vasini (Hadenthor)

    Alika Vasini (Hadenthor)

    Short dark brown hair, with smooth flowing movements, sapphire blue eyes, and a tattoo of the Red Knight's symbol on his right upper arm.
  • Alustriel Rose Wainwright (Lusi)

    Alustriel Rose Wainwright (Lusi)

    5'7", blonde, green, gorgeous; usually remains unruffled in situations
  • Muri Jessamina Denoran

    Muri Jessamina Denoran

    Muri is a girl who loves her 'sister' Lusi more than anyone else in the universe. She is friendly and gets along with most people, but is quick to anger, especially when she sees something she feels is not right.
  • Severin (Hadenthor) Varekai

    Severin (Hadenthor) Varekai

    Tall, dark, and handsome with a muscular build, mid-length wavy black hair and eyes of the sharpest steel.
  • Zandra


    Few have ever seen her undisguised countenance, but those who have speak of rich, golden tresses, eyes the colour of the purest silver, and an unearthly beauty.