The Legend Reborn

Session 71 - Lusi

Session 70

22 Uktar 2525 / 29 March 2015

We go upstairs and join in the fun with the others; and spend the next day at home just enjoying ourselves.

24 Uktar 2525
We are sleeping gently and quietly.
Then the dreams fade to black. We find ourselves looking at the night sky’s stars. As we watch we rise upward to the dome of heaven and the brightest stars resolve into silvery dancing figures that turn into the Seven Sisters around a glowing ball of white light. The magic builds brilliantly and flashes into golden sparks. A feminine hand forms in the middle of the sparks and gestures them toward us. We are struck by a spark each; the voice says let the saviors of her daughters be blessed with the essence of the maker’s spirit. It fades back to black and we wake in the morning.

Eric is knocking on the window this morning; it seems that he’s been blessed by the good dream too. He’s accusing us of throwing him under the carriage with the gods…
We all head downstairs to get some breakfast.
Severin comes down with his hair damp and dressed casually, looking kind of annoyed. Zandra is already downstairs and helping out in the kitchen.
Severin’s annoyed because he was asleep with the vision/dream and it messed up his schedule.
Evie’s still mad at Eric… He’s still upset.
Aubrey comes down the stairs and says Avarun is still in his mansion doing something, maybe bathing or dancing. :)
Lusi goes to see if the Moms need help with breakfast.
Eric, Aubrey, and Muri go on talking about relationships; Eric tries to trap Avarun into agreeing with him. Avarun does not, and Muri restates his intelligence. Avarun says that Raistlin did not choose him as apprentice for no reason.
There’s banter back and forth about the dark dreams and whether they’re portents or current events between Alika, Muri, and Aubrey.
Breakfast is served buffet style since we have hoards of people here, as usual lately.
It’s a traditional English breakfast with tomatoes, potatoes, and kidneys.
Mom says it was something she had while she was in Sembia.
Eric asks if the hash is supposed to edible by humans. This leads to a discussion of food and trail rations for different peoples and races.
We’re going to wash up and then see what we see for the Star and the medallion Lusi got from Shar.
Ryselle waves and makes the plates march off to the kitchen after a stray comment about the army of plates to be washed.

Lusi is examining the amulet/medallion both mundanely and arcanely to see what might be here. The symbols are on the amulet as runes for the different stones. There are 7 symbols and one seems to be less emphasized than the others. The symbols glow when touched, but the symbol of unity glows less than the others. There is a line of magic leading somewhere from each symbol, the line from the symbol of unity leads directly to her staff.

Muri is looking for The Symbul with the Star of Mystra while Lusi is engaged with the medallion. (Chris rolled a 1, the Star is not working.)

Alika’s book is the holy biography of the Red Knight (bibliography, LOL). She is still not named in this. (No one knows her name.) It talks about her life on the farm and takes him through her journey from home to joining a mercenary troop and working her way to the top and the becoming of a great tactitian and impressing Tempus with her abilities and his elevation of her to deific status. There are some things that are mentioned as important to her: her armor, her weapons, a ring, her helm’s band of rank, tabard, vestments and other items as well.
At the end of the book she is shown formal court vestments (pants and long gown, gloves, circlet off the helm) and talks about the ascension to godhood and she left her mortal weapons in her first temple but the items were scattered in the Time of Troubles. Under the name of each artifact is a phrase that is some sort of enchantment. It looks like nonsense to normal people but Alika recognizes it. The words are a spell or the parts of a spell, he thinks.
Her longsword has an intricate set of quillions and the pommel stone is a carving of the knight piece in chess. The name of it is Checkmate.
(Alika has a tabard and a ring from her already.)

Muri tries again to activate the Star and try to find Allesarra. She sees the ocean and zooms in to the Pirate Isles (crap) and specifically to the Dragon Isle at the center and focuses on a massive ass mountain. Near the top is a cave that contains a black dragon curled up. The dragon has some nice jewelry on him as well his massive treasure. The place of pride has a cylinder with Allesara in it. Oh yay. More dragons. Dammit. She is imprisoned in fire. She looks pissed off. Eeek.

After a lot of discussion about this dragon and what it might require to get the Sister from it, we decide to go shopping since we’re obviously going to be out adventuring for a while. Muri looks up the dragon and the torc in the book. The torc could be doing anything for it, but it is ancient and does the live and let live thing with the pirates running a farm that raises cattle to feed the dragon.

Lusi: greater acid resistance 30 pts needed for this encounter with the dragon if it goes badly.

We need more info if possible on this dragon; Lusi does a Legend Lore spell from her staff to try to find the name so we can do more research.
The fallen one stands at the top of the world as the guardian of the shining star of Aglarond.

(Will saves) Lusi, Zandra, Eric and Alika drop to the ground unconscious; Aubrey and Avarun are ok (nat 20).
Avarun tries a cantrip for fire on the assumption that if something changed, to start small and got a fire pillar out of it instead of a candle flame. Mom runs down and is concerned for us: there are more people unconscious upstairs. She runs back upstairs to make sure Ryselle doesn’t cast any spells in the house.

Was there a change in the Weave? If so, how did it happen and how can it be changed back?
Muri attempts to summon a holy symbol, it appears but takes a little longer than usual.
Avarun uses smelling salts on us to wake us. It works.
Alika is hurting a bit from the Spellfire he holds; Aubrey helps him drain some off so they don’t turn the release into a firestorm. Aubrey’s eyes turn black with that drain. Aubrey drops into a meditative state to get himself back to normal.

Lusi opens herself to the Weave very slowly and carefully. The warped chaotic insanity turns her stomach at the tiniest opening of the metaphysical eyes; she doesn’t yack. The connection to Mystra is gone, it’s like she’s not there anymore.

Lusi heads to the Temple of Mystra with Muri, Eric, and Zandra on her heels.
Eric knows a back way to the Temple.

The outside of the house is absolute madness; Eric leads us immediately into an alley while Muri fends off the masses to keep them away. The path he takes us is through a lot of places that we didn’t even know existed. The Temple is surrounded by people holding thier unconscious compatriots and the warrior priests aren’t letting anyone in.
Eric take the Star of Mystra to see if he can get us in.

Back at home, they are discussing magic and tell Alika that it’s a good thing that Aubrey drained him otherwise it would have become explosive. The protections are all holding on the house. Magic items seem to be anchored and functioning alright.
Derrik leads Alika to join us at the Temple.

Alika joins us about ten minutes after Eric leaves us. Eric shows up a couple minutes later and says to come on. We head in and tell the masses on the way about smelling salts.
The priest that let us in stays behind to try to calm the crowd.

The High Priestess is in the main Temple, praying for Mystra’s return and aid. She’s also asking for Ao’s guidance. Lusi wants Muri to use the Star to try to communicate with one of the Sisters. Muri wants to hold that in reserve.
There’s a disturbance next to the alter and reality shifts for a moment. (fort saves) Eric and Lusi are totally nauseated for a moment. A scholarly, elderly looking man appears in the center of the room with a woman in his arms. he stumbles forward and the priests come to help him. The priestess calls him Azuth; the god of magicians and says “poison.” One of the priests takes the woman from him and he falls to his knees.
Muri looks for Dark Shards or the darts of the Obsidian Brotherhood. What would the Black Lotus poison do to a god?
Azuth is in bad shape too.
One of the acolytes summons us to the infirmary to talk to the High Priestess. Aubrey and Alika come with us though not invited. Eric wants nothing to do with this.
They don’t have much time: Muri summons the Sisters with the Star; a massive surge of energy later and the windows blow out – their bodies appear on the floor.
Derrick is just outside so we have him get Ryselle; she appears with no fanfare whatsoever with Raistlin beside her. They are lead over to the gods to try to work on them.
The novices set up a room with pallets for the Sisters.

Lusi sets up in the corner of the Sisters’ room and starts meditating: she is trying to stabilize the Weave in the Temple area – she remembers in time that Ryselle and Raistlin are more powerful with this kind of magical environment so she sets up the anchor points to finish when they’re done (spent my bonus point for this and rolled really damn well).

The Temple starts vibrating; Lusi heads for the infirmary while Alika and Eric head for the outside. Eric and Alika see a magical storm that looks like Alika’s Spellfire overhead.
Ryselle and Raistlin are tracing runes on the floor and Derrick is requesting a sample of the Gods’ blood. The High Priestess is falling apart here; Muri is trying to talk her down.
Azuth’s blood is glowing gold and Mystra’s is glowing white.

Outside the sky ignites – the clouds are burning spellfire and the lightning starts hitting the ground. The crowd’s running.

Muri asks what can redirect lightning;Lusi tells her a lightning rod and explains what it is then tells Alika to charge it with his Spellfire. Maybe we can get this directed there instead.
She plants the rod in the ground at 20’ high and it works here to protect the Temple at least.

Ryselle and Raistlin are going to suspend the Gods in time; they’ll have 1-3 months before whatever happens at the end of this process happens.
Lusi has a view of two of the most powerful mages in the universe cast a crazy powerful spell. They are putting them in two domes and stopped time completely and then layer shields upon shields upon shield with more time suspension spells encased every few layers of shields and the last thing they do is a dome to encase both the domes with more layers upon layers of shields; then more and more stuff she doesn’t even recognize. There is a wierd sensation to this last bits of the spell like the feeling she gets around the gods.
Holy crap: this is about 8 hours of casting.

Aubrey yells “yes! I can do this!” He has modified a spell to protect the populace from the lightning storm. He casts it and is pretty close to unconscious just like the other two. Lusi makes sure the novices take care of the exhausted mages after all that ritual magic.
Lusi goes to the Sisters’ room to trigger her spell. Lady Morganna shows up right before that and she does something to the dome the Gods are in. The dome rings from the blow, then seems more solid after that. She rejoices and says fuck you to Valas Thann… Guess it was him behind this?
Lusi goes to set off her spell; Lady Morganna says it’s a good idea. Lusi sets off the spell and feels the magic fall back into the normal patterns she’s used to.
The Sisters are breathing and have color in their faces now though they’re still unconscious.

Lusi chats with Derrick for a while about the lab and poisons then other things. The lab gives Derrick the components; he’s stunned and furious. The maker of the poison has access to the Origin. This gives it the effectiveness to affect the Gods. The rest of the poison is a modification of the Black Lotus poison. Derrick has people that can procure the other components that are nearly impossible to find.
Lusi contacts Cyrus; they’re mostly ok but busy. Eladriel sends a basic busy signal; at least she’s still in contact and able to respond. Lusi gathers up the group and takes them to the palace to check on the High Lord and Lady.

The streets are clear at this point since it’s entirely unhealthy to be struck by lightning. There are some bodies still on the ground but the guard are trying to clean it up. We make our way unmolested to the palace. The guards at the closed gate stop us and demand our names and why we’re here. After the introductions Lusi suggests that perhaps Princess Yelena would like to see us.
A page sent to her returns and says she will see us; we are escorted into her waiting room.
We explain part of the situation to her and suggest that her parents would want to hear the rest as well.
The Lord and Lady are shocked and appalled at the explanation and tell us that an outworld visitor (Valas Thann) offered to help with this. He walks into the room while we’re badmouthing him.
We talk to him for a bit, then the Lord asks him to leave while we talk. He does. The concensus seems to be to ask for the consequences of the help from him since he’ll help just to tweak the tail of his enemy; whomever that may be. We’re thinking it’s Eonarin, the dragon-born demigod son of Raistlin, but we could be wrong since we know nothing of his whereabouts or aims.
If Avarun came here to help us by Raistlin’s command, then perhaps he’s been here and needed to leave and return. Causing this kind of chaos so that Ao would be too busy to enforce the restricitions on the entry to Toril to any Void mages may have been what he was after…
The Lord decides to talk to Valas Thann and find out what the costs will be of his help then make his decision.


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