The Legend Reborn

Session 67 - Lusi

Session 67

19 Uktar 2525 / 9 August 2014

Conversation ensues about getting ready to fight with Anskarard about taking her masterpiece even though she agreed to it.
We go through the house portal rather than plane shifting… Eric is there with his feet up on the table eating a big sandwich. Muri scares him by shouting like Mom does about the feet on the table.
He’s upset about Evie; he asked a question that made her mad. We suggest that he take chocolate and flowers.

We teleport out to the circle that is the entrance way to her cave.
We activate the “doorbell” and appear in her little cave space…
She shows up fairly quickly and we are escorted into her gallery of art.The masterpiece is not there; it is in her hoard.
Alika is talking her around to it and get the masterpiece. (David rolled a 54 on diplomacy) She tells us to take it before she changes her mind.
We gtfo because Muri’s about to turn to turn colors. She says Lara’s temple, now. Lusi teleports all of us to the door and we escort Muri in.
The novice takes Muri to the high priestess who is busy kicking something with her spiked shoes in a practice room. They talk and they go to the priestess’s rooms and call on Lara.
Lara shows up before the priestess calls on her. The priestess is surprised that Lara and Muri greet each other. There is some talk about what to do with the dragon and her art pieces; the temple will take care of this while we continue on our quest(s).

Muri looks much better now, and is quite happy with the course of things. Evidently, Aubrey adventured with Lara and Felix.

Moms and Dads are home when we get back home. Lots of hugs and updating of the parents on our doings.
We head downstairs with Sylune and meet up with Zandra. Muri mentions that the crystal is a modified form of Temporal Stasis.
Aubrey dispels the crystal on the second try. Her cuffs are lighting chased metal; she collapses into Alika’s arms because he’s the only one fast enough to catch her.
Zandra asks Lusi to borrow Sparky to dispel the bonds.
Lusi casts a Heal spell; we’ll see if it does anything.
Sylune asks about Shadowdale; Muri opens the Tome of Knowledge and gives the rundown to Sylune.
Sylune heads out to Shadowdale; her sister is there (Storm) and it’s part of her demesne.

There’s a knock on the door as we head upstairs for dinner; Muri answers it. There’s a stranger at the door. Muri asks if she can help him and he introduces himself as Avarun Salinar (?) and says he needs to speak with her and her compatriots. She’s a little surprised and disconcerted, he says he knows of our quest and what we just accomplished. Lusi tells her mom there’s another for dinner. She says ok. Mom 2 comes in and introduces herself. We’re having chicken – he doesn’t recognize that; Lusi facetiously suggests yardbird, he recognizes that. Weird.
We all introduce ourselves. He recognizes Severin in a slightly different manner than the rest of us. He’s a master of the red robes of the tenth circle on Krynn. Lusi brings out her staff; he tenses a bit but relaxes when she doesn’t do anything with it but a Legend Lore. (46 roll)
Eonarin is his former master (half dragon Void mage).
The box the dragons were in was what locked them away from magic. The souls survived, nothing else did. Avarun was the one that dropped off the box to Anksarard. Eonarin imprisoned the dragons.
Eonarin and Avarun had a difference of opinion and Avarun had to find a new master.
He is here to help us at the behest of his new master, Raistlin Majere. Holy crap. So we’re needing to try to stop Eonarin. We need to get the statues together and make sure we’ve got the Sisters since together they are the key to the power on this planet.
Muri and Alika notice that Avarun has a mark on his wrist, it is Force.
Zandra decides to leave and take a message out to the Magi about the statues.

We are going to look for Qilue in the morning. Lusi heads downstairs to spend time with her baby dragon, then studying for a couple of hours…

Glorious sleep…
Dreams… It’s night, the stars are bright and new moon. We are on a plain in front of a large stone circle. Very old.
There are sigils etched in the stones and the center there is a set of columns. There are six with one in the middle of them. A man, Valas Thann, is bare chested with the glowing amulet on, barefoot and he steps on the stone and the sigils light in red glowing power. He is carrying his staff and begins walking in an odd pattern that leads him to one of the pillars that begins to glow red. He starts chanting then shatters the column with his staff. The area has grown colder and more quiet. The pattern begins again, with the chanting and breaking of the column. The area is glowing very bright red with a dome over it and a shield of red energy around the central column. He walks up to it and places his hand on the amulet and starts pushing the staff through the shield; once it gets to a point the shield and dome disappear. The column splits and a man is inside it. The man is dark and shadowy. The armor is dark and has a jeweled gauntlet. His eyes snap open and he gets a cruel smile on his face then says ‘you have freed me, my son’. “No father, I have not.” Stabs him with the staff and the red energy flows into the man, and starts coming out of his eyes and mouth, then a brilliant flash and he drops to the ground. Valas Thann pulls out the staff, shoots a green ray of energy that makes the body disappear, smirks and walks away. – Bane is his father.—
Alika and Aubrey mention a guy in black on black robes in the background of the vision. Muri and Lusi didn’t see him at all.

Toril and Abeir were once one world, so taking the magic of one world may end up taking over the magic of the other. No one knows what having the Primordial at the center of the planet would do to the magic. Toril is a very high magic world considering the Weave. What would have happened to the Primordial here when Karsis fucked up his spell?

Muri calls on Eladriel for help. She shows up in the living room. She did not know about Bane’s son, so she calls Ao in. He didn’t know either. Abier is running with business as usual. Asgarath is the Primordial at the center of Toril.
Cult of the Black Hand had a circle of columns to feed or feed upon a magical being.
There may not be much power left since he’d been fed upon for 2000 years, so maybe, just maybe, Valas Thann didn’t get as much power as we’d feared.

—Sisters, statues, Terina / mysterious redhead with Duke Kalere, wedding of Stefan and Yelena / destruction of Cormyr and Silver Marches, Olenar Mentis, Eonarin Aerithdeu and Valas Thann, Primordials and magic’s status on Toril and Abeir, Lusi’s staff parts.


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