The Legend Reborn

Session 53 - Lusi

Session 53

30 Marpenoth 2525 / 17 February 2013

31250 experience points takes us to 19th level

1 Uktar
We have slept… Thank gods.
Oh yay, now we have to go rescue Laurel from Maliss’ own personal demi-plane.

After some conversation, Dove leaves the room. She says her steed will come to her at any time. She goes to the courtyard, raises her sword to the sky and calls a name. Out of the sky comes a golden pegasus with a pearly horn; Dove pets him and she climbs on his back and they fly off into the sky.
Wow. That was awesome. Dove is headed for Myth Drannor to speak with the Harpers and the Knights of Myth Drannor.

We call Vera and order breakfast. We eventually end up deciding to get cold food for Aubrey when he wakes up and that lunchtime is the latest he should sleep.
Lusi wakes up Aubrey at arm’s length; he bolts up into wakefulness with his dagger drawn. He’s still really fragged. The world doesn’t recharge his magic very quickly.
He still has enough energy to help teleport us home though.
Vera shows up with lunch and we eat and chat. Lusi sends a message to her mom that we’ll be home tonight.
While talking about the purpose of the group’s destiny, Aubrey mentions that perhaps the soul gem is the control on the magic – a good person sacrifices themselves for a good effect… the negative if an evil person does it.
We go through Maliss’ stuff:
a book called The Binding of Souls: A How-To Guide
set of silk robes- iridescent black with iron grey thread (evil robe of the archmagi) destroyed
heavy amulet of armor (chain or scale equiv.)
headband of intelligence
one glove * glove of healing 2 ch that regen at dawn each day, it casts a heal spell when you reach 10% of your hit points
carved stick (wand of lightning)
evil sword on a blackened and burnt sword belt -destroyed
pair of bracers – very nice protection plus something else (black filigree and pearl cuffs)* bracers of magery: elven item.
1. +2 int
2. +10 sp pts/lvl you can cast
3. +2AC
4. sp resist +2
scroll case – horrid wilting, bigby’s clenched fist
pouch – gems couple are magic * elemental fire gem, demonstone – freaks Lusi out (demonic symbol appears and Lusi wants to say an evil sounding word to free it and it will grant a favor – demon lord is in there) will save to not pick it up (barely made the save with a 26)
staff -destroyed

Aubrey is wondering who locally might have the money to outfit the bad guy’s lackeys like this. Muri and Lusi immediately think of the Olenar Mentis…

Lusi IDs the few items of Maliss’ that we don’t already know about and head home.
Aubrey suggests that we take the staff and sword (and demonstone) to the temple of Lathandar.
The teimple is bright and shiny; very warm and sunny no matter the weather outside.
The acolyte brings us to a room and gets another person after Lusi tells him that he shouldn’t touch the stone in the box- it’s a demonstone with a demon lord in it : tall brawny woman with a glowing symbol of Lathandar on her right arm. She is Liatris. The staff she carries has a small glowing ball of flame on the head. She asks us to step back, prays, picks up the box and places it on the altar. When she does that the symbol of Lathandar burst into flame, her staff reverberates when she taps it on the ground. The demon shrieks as she does so; Lusi wants to rescue the demon.. She makes a much better save this time (40). The light of Lathandar completely obliterates it.
We give them the robe, the staff and the sword to destroy. The robe goes fine. The sword requires the summoning of Sir Edwin whose great sword lights with Lathandar’s light. He smites the sword with his own. The staff is a much bigger problem… The priestess cages the staff, takes the paladin out of the room and they return with Lathandar’s avatar. The avatar is using the words of Creation – the swords glow with holy fire and they all smite the staff into pieces (three); the pieces swirl into smoke that tries to get away from the light. The symbol fries it into oblivion. We are thanked by all.

As we leave, Eric sees us and greets us. Evie is having problems with a new girl in the brothel. She’s a bitchy redhead… Lusi immediately thinks of Terina and so does Muri. We head over to the brothel to see if it is Terina and bitch slap the woman even if it’s not since she’s giving Evie a hard time.
Maya is the new girl…
We debate on what to do if it’s not Terina… If it is, she’s dead meat. Aubrey wants to know why we want her dead so we explain.
Evie’s at the Eventree (Terina was at the Fish and Barrel the first time around). The house is a nice one, just looking like a regular house. There’s a bouncer there at the front and back. Nash is the guy at the back door. He lets all of us in but the guys have to be gay… Lusi has no problem saying they all are. They don’t protest.
Evie is not letting us in, but Aubrey Knocks the door for us. Evie’s in tears in there. Dammit. Lusi and Muri flank Evie and give her a big hug.
Sounds like Maya started coming occasionally a few weeks ago. She lives off the grounds but the madam wouldn’t turn her down since she brought a bunch of nobles with her. She comes more often now. She usually comes in the day but she’s coming more at night now. She brings the same four nobles in for the night visits…
One guy is slender, kind of messy dirty blond hair, really nice blue eyes and a pouty mouth. The girls think it might be Marcus’ father, Lord Francis Wyman.
The next one is fairly young, short black hair, brown eyes that are somewhat creepy looking, angular features, she speculates some elven blood back in there, dresses very richly, black and silver clothes with diamonds, seems a bit pauncy and she understands he’s really agressive. The girls think it matches the description of a guy that wanted to marry Princess Yelena – Lord Duncan, very sleazy. Another is shorter, med length brown hair, green eyes, very flashy but cheesy smile. Lusi doesn’t recognize this one… Muri knows who it is right away – Lord Kardos – Lady Rowena’s father. Lady Rowena would have sold her own mother into slavery to get ahead.
The last guys isn’t like the others.. He’s really enamored of Maya… Follows her around like a livesick puppy. Maya is supposed to put a stop to stuff like that. No mixing of business and persona.. It caused a fight. He is handsome, blond hair turqoise green eyes, guileless, charismatic. Nice, sweet, a prostitute’s dream. He dresses well. One of the few guys that can wear a doublet and hose and make it look good. Lord Tellan Maedyr.
Lord Kardos is here…
Evie says that usually the guys who wants to conduct undercover business. The rule is pretty much no, not in the House. Do it elsewhere. The Nobles usually them coming here is under the table. The three guys are the usual type of undercover business with but Maedyr is probably just a patsy and cover for Maya.
The suggestion is made that it could be Ardayth or Issora. May be a new player. The guardians have been indisposed for a long time now.
(Argent Legion is army, Knights in Silver the elite guard, Spellguard for magical enforcement)

Severin mentions that the key to Maliss’ demi-plane may be in his belongings. Perhaps intangible. But it will take us time to do that.

Maya has a tattoo of a flower on her butt, a tattoo of a chain of roses on her ankle.

We leave Evie and Eric alone talking about making up.

We get home just fine. It’s already evening. The house smells great. The moms and dads come to hug us and Ryselle is up and about on her own two feet.

Aubrey gets introduced to the parents and we all go change for dinner and sit down.

To be Continued…


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