The Legend Reborn

Muri's Perspective - Session 57

An a-maze-ing rescue, battle with a demon, then pie

05 Uktar 2525

We travel about half a day out of Silverymoon. Then I meditate on the Star of Mystra to see if we can find Laurel on Maliss’ plane. I get an image of a dark room made out of stone with torches of evil light at different points. At the center of the room I see Laurel dressed in a plain white shift chained to the floor. There are arcane symbols on the chains. She is very tired and hunched over (exhausted). I get the sensation as Maliss’ plane (same type of stone I saw before). It is a circular room. She is in some sort of ritual circle. Creepy arcane symbols. As I continue to ‘zoom out’, she seems to be in the center of a maze. The place she is in, is a bit smaller than it was previously (it is shrinking).

Lusi tries to do that ‘weaving thing she does’ to link our minds together. It seems to be working.

Vanya does not want to abandon me. We decide that we may want to have her with us so she suggests that the ‘young dragon’ (Alika) contact one of his family to help get the horses back.

[He contact Anselon].

We get into a minor discussion about linking of minds. Anselon comes through a glowing doorway.

Anselon suggests that we get an item that is a magical stable of some sort. He then gets on Severin’s horse and guides the others away.

Vanya then transforms into a Tressym.

Lusi prepares for our planeshift to this maze….

We find ourselves in the middle of a broad plain. There is a sliver of a moon out (looking like a baleful eye). It is dark and shadowy. There is some brush around us. The leaves appear black in the darkness, very unfriendly. We are standing before a tall stone wall with an archway in it. The wall is about 20’ high. Stretches as far as the eye can see to either side.

Aubrey points out that if we had Maliss’ staff it would be really easy to disable some of the protections. I suggest that Lusi use her spellweaving to try and trick into thinking it is Maliss’ staff.

Apparently Aubrey has even heard of Valiss Thann.

Aubrey suggests that Lusi may be able to use her staff as a neutralizer instead of trying to trick it.

Lusi decides to try to use the staff to disjunct the area as we step out of the way.

Most of the stones – the runes wink out. Four of the stones actually crack.

Aubrey rechecks the door “Wow, you really did a number on this.”

Alika goes first while Aubrey keeps an eye out for traps.

As we go down the hallway, Aubrey tells us to stop. Then he looks around. He mentions that a copy of the staff somehow, this would be easier (as there is another hole in which to put said staff to disarm this trap).

Aubrey is able to disarm the trap (while Lusi tries to figure out a way to ‘duplicate’ the staff’s magical signature).

Lusi is able to create a staff out of nothing, Aubrey then tries to duplicate the magic of the staff.

We decide to go left at our next choice. I try to track Maliss to see if I can determine the direction he went – Alika’s suggestion.

We continue to look for a track, it leads us to the center hallway.

Aubrey tries the ‘fake staff’ to disarm the trap in the hallway. Aubrey seems to think it was successful.

I track him toward the center archway in the room. Aubrey tries to use the staff to get through again with success.

I track him a northerly direction. There is a small alcove with a trap door off to the right. He did not go there, so we continue north.

Then he seems to go west. Then toward the end of the hallway, south. Then to an area where there is some glowy stuff. Aubrey says that area is a trap extravaganza. Aubrey plugs in the staff, that has a creepy language that Alika says ‘reveal the truth of your soul.’

Sticking out of the wall near the staff is a needle of some sort. We decide to try to go around, not follow his path due to this test. It leads back to the room.

Lusi suggests that Zandra uses a blood-based poison on the needle to see if that works. The needle turns black and draws itself back into the wall, then it goes dark.

There is a 9’ tall womanish figure dressed in what appears to be tight leather with six arms each holding a longsword that looks very nasty. We have apparently pissed her off.

She snarls [‘I’m going to kill you in a long and extremely enjoyable fashion’] in abyssal.

[combat ensues]

I get injured significantly, but am healed by Aubrey and Lusi.

We do succeed overall against the demon.

A 20’ diameter walled stone circle. It arches into a dome with a glowing blue light at the top. The wall is the same stone as the rest of the maze. There are no obvious openings.

[Lusi spots a series of runic patterns in the stones]

Lusi says there are some runes around the outside of the room that it is something designed to imprison someone (no teleport, planeshift, etc.), it is also designed to drain a person’s magic.

Lusi tries to remove some of the runes. Or rather she has three of us do it with no apparent ill effects. The orb is no longer pulsing as it was earlier.

I try to track where Maliss went. I fail miserably.

I look for a hidden hole for the staff and point it out to Aubrey and an archway shimmers into existence.

Alika goes in first. In the center of the circle is the wilted form of Laurel Silverhand.
We try and discuss ways to get rid of the circle imprisoning her.
We try a kind of weaved together approach.

It works! Laurel is freed as she falls over.

There is a rumbling through the entire area.

Severin boosts Alika up to retrieve the stone (Laurel told us it was needed).
The plane is now collapsing. We go to the grove we used to play in.

We head back to the house with Laurel. (Lusi takes us to our backyard).

The house is now apparently protected (according to Cyrus).

We take Laurel and the orb down to the basement. The basement is bigger. It has been turned into a fully finished basement.

Laurel asks for the orb, as she holds it we can see the magic return back into her.

She then gives the shruken orb to Lusi (staff stone maybe?).

We then head upstairs needing pie….TBC


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