The Legend Reborn

Muri's Perspective - Session 56

Home is attacked; With Evil, Failure is often Deadly; and Destiny shines on our heroes

03 Uktar 2525

Flichettes are flying around. I get hit. There is some sort of poison, but it does not seem to affect me.

[see Lusi’s notes for more details]

At the end of the combat, Isme gets the bag of grenades and throws it to the ground and says “Nihigh Valas Thann”. As the room explodes. I awaken to Alika, pouring a potion down my throat. Shortly afterwards, Anselan returns with priests of Eldath. They go to help the people who were unconscious as well as Aubrey and I.

It still seems like it is not enough for me to be able to protect those I care about. Aubrey is able to get my sister awake and we hug. She is concerned if I am okay.

Lusi tries to wake her mom up, to no success. Others seem to have difficulty with whatever this is keeping them unconscious. Aubrey is able to get Ethan awake. Lusi tries again to no avail.

We discuss that Valas Thann is involved. Zandra is still unconscious.

Ryselle accidentally reinforces the affect on Zandra with her magic. It will take Aubrey, Alika, Ryselle, and Lusi to attempt to remove it.

They succeed. Ryselle uses a time reversal spell to save the damaged pies.

They are extremely good pies. Mom and dad return and join us for dessert commenting on the damage (mom kicks Isme’s body).

Cyrus stops by as he walks through the door and talks about repairing the house. He sweeps up Lusi into a kiss <3.

I recognize my bloodlust and Ethan says it is a good thing.

We think of possible ways to secure the house more.

I head off too bed while Cyrus goes on a walk with Lusi.

I look through a book on the pantheon.

[Alika talks with his grandparents. They do not know why they are here necessarily. It seems destiny has brought them here to help in some fashion. ]

I chat with Lusi about how I feel about not being able to protect her. I fall asleep reading about the gods.

I fall asleep to visions of the gods that I were considering.

Mielikki walks over to Vanya after kissing my forehead. Lathander looks into my eyes and walks over apart from the other gods. Tymora does the same thing, I know I have her favor, but not necessarily her worship. Lara comes over gives me a big smile and hugs me. Lathander passes Tymora a coin. Lara, says “We are going to have so much fun.” She asks for Kovris and she blesses it as it glows. A glimmer of magic goes over Vestwin as well – as I also hear whispers of knowledge as I sleep, but I am not understanding the words necessarily.

04 Uktar 2525

I awaken at dawn and greet the morning

We notice changes in each other [see Lusi’s notes for more details – player was fixing dinner]

Lusi goes to practice flying with Anselon while I do the dishes. Eric digs himself a hole with Cyrus and departs. Cyrus leaves as he has to get back to work.

We then prepare for our departure. Zandra says that we should leave out the gate in a different direction from where we are headed.

Aubrey mentions Lusi being able to help him get access to Malliss’ demiplane. We need to go there next as it may be collapsing. We need to rescue Laurel from there.

I take a look at my swords. At the junction of the cross peace – 2 gems one on each side (a green one with the symbol of Meilikki and a blue one with the symbol of Lara on the other).

We prepare for departure the next day….

33,500 xp (total 206,050) Go to 20th level; 1 special ability (Aura of Resolve from Holy Liberator Prestige class: Complete Divine 46 ) and 1 feat (Dutiful Guardian: Drow of the Underdark 50) attach to dream somehow….


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