Suzail Capital of Cormyr

The royal capital and richest city in Cormyr, Suzail is home to the important nobles and merchant houses of the country. The center of the city is the royal palace which is surrounded by gardens and the buildings of the Royal Court. The city maintains a large barracks for the Purple Dragon, plus stockyards, shipyards, and dozens of inns, taverns, and festhalls. Tymora’s is the most prominent temple, though shrines to LLiira, Oghma, Malar, Milil, Tempus, and Waukeen are also found here. The famous ivory carvers of Suzail buy exotic ivory from many lands, shape it into new and decorated forms, and export it at a greatly increased value.

Suzail began as a farmstead in 6 DR when Ondeth Obarskyr, the father of the first king, and his immediate family settled there. Others soon joined the new settlement and by 16 DR the population had grown to 350, having become a port a year earlier with the construction of the first dock. It is named after Suzara Obarskyr, the mother of the first king. Suzail is a large port city on the shores of Lake Dragonmere. A person or item originating from Suzail is known as Suzailan.

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Between 376 DR and 432 DR, Suzail was affected by a plague brought from the merchants of Marsember, and many people died, despite the efforts of the priests. Once the priests had almost exhausted their healing spells, they reserved them for their own use, and were consequently slaughtered by the people of Suzail. Only priests of Talona survived, but they merely further spread the plague. The plague was finally defeated by the efforts of six heroes, who searched throughout the world for a cure and delivered it to Obarskyr Castle before their deaths. Only the priest of Eldath, who carried the cure, survived, and spent the remainder of his life fighting the plague. It was finally ended in 420, in the year the Last Breath.

Around 429 DR, Suzail was sold to Magrath the Minotaur, a pirate lord, for 500 sacks of gold, by Melineth Turcassan, father-in-law to King Duar Obarskyr, who was away fighting orcs at the time. The city’s treasury was plundered and Magrath assumed its rule. Magrath was later defeated by King Duar and the city returned to normal.

In 1018 DR, much of Suzail was set ablaze by three red dragons. The docks and the lower wards were worst affected because of their wooden construction. The garrison of the city were able to defeat all three dragons, but Thauglor soon arrived, demolishing part of Castle Obarskyr and setting it on fire. In all, half of Suzail was destroyed in the attack and a third of its population was wiped out, in addition to extensive damage to the castle.

Today, Suzail is the center for trade in eastern Faerun, and the location of the largest port in the east. Its navy patrols from the Dragonmere to the Sea of Fallen Stars, including maintaining the uneasy peace in the waters around the Pirate Isles. Merchant vessels from all over the world come to deliver their wares and trade for Suzailan goods, known to be of extraordinary quality. While Waterdeep is known for its manufacturing capabilitys, Suzail is known for the production of specialized items, especially those magical.

SuzailSuzail is the location of one of the largest Mage Academies in the world. The Faerunean Mages’ Guild makes its home in the High Tower located on the east side of the city inside the inner wall. The Academy sprawls nearby, encompassing a significant section of what used to be the nobles’ quarter. Currently, most nobles make their homes inside the Second Gate, just outside the inner wall which houses the royal castle, Mages’ district, commanders’ headquarters and the barracks of the Purple Dragons. The merchants’ and craftsmen quarter is located within the First Gate, where the primary marketplace can be found along with those wealthy enough to afford homes within the walls. The rest of the city stretches a fair distance from the outer wall, becoming more sparse the farther the distance from the wall. All in all, the city is the home for more than a million people, covering an area of more than 250 square miles.

Suzail Capital of Cormyr

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