Prophesy of Elendin (the Silent Star)

In the time of the Watchful Guardian there will come two sisters of spirit, each born at the height of the moon, united by love, purpose and the light within their hearts.

The Daughter of Chance shall be the chosen of the Smiling Lady and Beloved of the High Lord of Magic. She shall inspire the greatness of an Empire with her radiance, remaining at the right hand of magic for the balance of her life.

Her sister, beloved of the Forest Queen and Shadowed Protector of Lands of Silver, shall stand with her sister before the hidden darkness where the Fight of Eternity will begin and end. By her side will be the Son of All, upon whose choice reality will be shaped forever. Only the purity of his beloved’s heart can save him and everything that is or shall be from destruction.

In the end shall they be joined by the Unnamed Warrior, whose heritage stretches beyond time and will reignite the Fires of Light and Magic with the vitality of his purpose and steadfast resolve. Only he shall possess the strength of will to save All from Nothing and restore the balance of Light and Dark.

They shall be divided by no man, no woman, or beast, nor shall they be apart until the last when light and dark shall meet to determine the fate of All. Unified by their purpose, they will find and restore the Shining Stars of Magic and return balance to the worlds above and below. They shall be protected by the Shining Silver and the Silent Blade, guided by the heir to the Lady of Magic.

But beware the shadowed heart of the Empty Man, who has stepped upon a path that threatens the universe with its dark import, for if Void stands at the Origin, then all will fall to darkness and the Elements of Magic will fail. Light will find a way to return life to his heart, but only if the Shadowed Ones fail in their task. Protect the Stars, for their light is the only thing that can stop the darkness.

Given at the High Moon temple of Mystra

The youngest daughter lies beyond the mists in the realm of void and shadow. Follow the way of gold to the daughter of Midnight. Only in the dark of the moon should the stars be revealed to the light.

To Lusi

Betrayal is the way of darkness and has cast the soul of the shadowed one in jeopardy. Know that the light of truth may bring him from the edge of the abyss, and only then shall he be worthy of the task set upon him.


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