Libras Ominus

DoorIn the myths and mysteries of a thousand worlds there exists a place known only as the Libras Ominus, or Library of Worlds. It is said to be the greatest source of knowledge in existence, leading sages and spellcasters alike to search endlessly for it throughout their days. Those who find it seldom speak of it except to say that it must been seen to be believed. Accessible only through the Hall of Worlds and a few hidden doorways, the Library is located on a plane of its own on the farthest reaches of the Outer Planes. It stretches endlessly across the planes, expanding as knowledge is recorded throughout the multiverse.

The Libras Ominus is known only to a few – those who travel beyond the borders of their crystal sphere into the universe beyond – and is known to be the greatest resource of information in existence to both men and gods. It is not easy to find. The most common route is through the Hall of Worlds, led by rumour and eventual direction. However, many others encounter doors to the great library on their homeworld, seldom remaining in one place and there only when needed. These mystical doors are called by fate and chance, leading great heroes and villains to a place where they may find the knowledge they seek to fulfill their destiny.

The library is an extra-dimensional place existing outside time and reality, home only to the Librarians who guard and guide those who seek knowledge. They make no distinction between friend and foe, with the understanding that the Libras Ominus is a place of complete neutrality. Anyone bringing their disagreements inside the stacks will find themselves swiftly and abruptly ejected from the Library, never to return. Beings of all sorts are welcome, from men to gods, but there are access restrictions based on such differences. Sspecial sections of the Library are accessible only by certain beings of great power in order to protect those without the power to understand. Deities, for example, have a section of the Library walled off for their specific use. In it include books on world creation, complete maps of the heavens, and the Soulis Divinae, in which are written the followers and priests of every deity in existence.

It is said the Great Lady Alorra came to the Library when searching for a way to save her world, and gained so much knowledge, that she ascended herself to become the Overpower of the Alorran Sphere. Such tales are uncommon, but not unheard of.

Library2The Library appears endless, with section upon section of books, scrolls, and other forms of information storage. It is divided into wings, which are in turn segmented into spheres based on individual subjects and worlds. Unless one is familiar with the complete layout of the Library, the Catalogue is normally the first thing visitors learn about, unless they wish to spend decades wandering the Library in pursuit of the knowledge they seek. The Librarians are also there to help visitors, having an encyclopedic knowledge of the stacks and a mystical connection to the Library itself which enables them to find anything within moments. Only those of vast experience over the period of a long life are selected by the Library to such a position – usually former gods of knowledge and immortal sages or adepts.

When a book is published, the Library automatically receives an exact copy which is immediately catalogued and filed by one of the many Librarians. The copy is complete, including magical writings, pictures, and scripts, but is not functional as far as magical effects are concerned. Such effects may be activated by the Librarians, but only under special circumstances. The copies are kept for the life of the Library, never going out of existence even if the world no longer exists. When a published work is revised and republished, the revisions are integrated into a new publication and listed separately.

The First level of the Library contains a shop where items of use may be purchased. Most are journals of varying quality and capacity, from paper to electronic, writing utensils, book stands, time pieces, special books, and an endless array of other things. The items are labeled with special cards which translate themselves into the native language of the viewer as well as converting the price into their world’s currency. Many items are extraordinarily expensive, which is why the Library offers a trade option for those unable to afford such things.

The Library functions automatically with the updating of its public periodicals, but privately written books make it in to the stacks only if donated to the Library. There is a library of scrolls consisting of the information passed on through verbal traditions in cultures without the written word. Visitors are welcome and encouraged to bring books to trade for items in the shop. Each prospective publication is judged by the Librarians, who vote to accept of reject it. Accepted works are immediately taken away to be copied through a process that will preserve all magics on the book without leaving harmful spells.

Transportation pads are located on each level of the Library, usable by anyone. They work by transporting the individual dimensionally, so as not to bring harm to extraplanar beings, gods, or those protected from teleportation. No one may communicate into or out of the Library unless it is through one of the sanctioned communications devices available for a nominal fee. God-bonds are not severed, but priests are unable to be possessed by their deity while in the Library. Gods must come to the library themselves.

Libras Ominus

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