CormyrdragonCormyr has retained its great influence in the known world through the ages, and today remains one of the most powerful nations on Toril. The succession of the first King Obeskyr’s descendents has continued for more than 2000 years, and does not seem destined to end any time soon. The current king, Audrick, and his wife Queen Valeria have ruled for 27 years, producing five children to carry on the family line. The oldest, Crown Princess Livana, is a paladin of Tyr and promises to be a great ruler. Her younger brother Prince Rameus is a wizard, and will most likely be her advisor once she takes the throne. Prince Stefan is young, but is said to be a kindly and wise young man with the strength to support Livana as she rules, and the courage to challenge her if needed. The youngest children, twins, are Astara and Aaroen. They are both good, compassionate children and will one day be tremendous assets to their sister, the future Queen of Cormyr.

OrcAfter the Darkwar, time passed in the realms, peace reigning supreme. But all knew it could not last. It was only after the northern orcs replenished their ranks and selected a Great Leader to direct them was the peace shattered with the invasion of the Dalelands. It began with the seizure of Zhentil Keep by the Chief Mordath of the Bloodfist orc clan. Several years later, in the year 1879, the Year of Blood and Iron, he led a vast army into Daggerfall, where they razed the city and enslaved its people. Representatives were sent to Cormanthor requesting assistance, but were turned away as the elves had their own problems. Though the forest had been cleared of drow, the Queen felt there were not enough elves residing there to lend aid to the humans. Aerlyth did leave orders for her soldiers to assist refugees through the forest, but offered succor to none but other elves.

The swath of destruction continued southward, only to be stopped at Shadowdale, which was defended by a fifty-foot tall stone wall anchored into the earth itself. Knowing there was little hope in destroying the city, Mordath left a large contingent of troops behind to continue harrying the people and his army moved on, carefully remaining on the south side of the river away from the borders of Cormanthor. They razed all towns and villages in their way, laying siege to Ashabenford for three weeks before it was overcome and surrendered to the orc hoards. During this time, many fled their homes, running south to Sembia and Cormyr. While the Cormyrean government debated their course of action, the hot-headed King of Sembia sent his troops into battle, determined to stop the orcs before they reached his lands. Unfortunately, he had not counted on the cunning of the orc chieftain.

Before striking Daggerfall, Mordath split his army in two, sending the second part to the east around the borders of Cormenthor to Harrowdale. There, they enslaved or killed every man, woman, and child in the city, awaiting their lord’s word before moving on to Scardale. The two armies joined at Highmoon, mere days before the Sembian army arrived from the south. It was a terrible time for Sembia. King Thomas’ army was defeated, and the orcs moved forward to their final goal, Sembia itself. Knowing he was outmaneuvered and outgunned, the King begged Cormyr to help them, promising anything in return.

Battle scene 992x540 tnCormyr had already planned a response to the orc invasion, but upon discovering the true size of their army, sent missives to their allies for assistance. Netheril sent battlemages and a battalion of troops from their Arcanist Army. Cormenthor awakened to the danger, knowing they were no doubt next on the list of Mordath’s victims, and sent several hundred archers and elven mages to assist. The remains of Sembia’s army was merged with that of the great Cormyrian army, and Mulhorandi sent five divisions of troops to assist their ancient ally. The Battle of Archwood was fierce, but in the end the orcs were defeated. While the orce returned to the north, the surviving troops returned home, heroes to the peoples of the Dalelands and southern Faerun. Unfortunately, Ulash, Moonlar, and Hillsfar were lost to the orcs and remain under their control to this day. Sembia was in ruins, and placed itself under Cormyr’s rule by order of King Thomas’ son, Erlick in order to provide the best protection for his people. Today, the Sembian culture lives on in eastern Cormyr, even as the land itself is ruled from Suzail. The Dalelands exist as a protectorate, independent of Cormyrian rule, but under their protection.


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