Thane's Gift

Reward from the Osharun Thane.


A cube with magical runes on it – Serasair potentia adds to the caster level when held during casting as well as an additional store of spells – stored as if they were learned by the caster (these were created for sorcerers to expand the number of spells) adds 1 lvl/5 caster levels (2 at this point) – 14 spells in it, 60 spell capacity (research how to add spells is required) Lusi
Jewelry box – 4 ring boxes:
1- ring of mystic lightning (makes lightning spells more powerful – charges at dawn each day) 3 ch/day Lusi
2- ring of vanishing (allows user to vanish as if absolutely invisible for two rounds) 1 charge Muri
3- ring of mystic defiance (protects from damaging magical effects – saves you from 10pts of magical damage 3x/day, + to fort save if you have a bonus to charisma or intelligence from an item) 3 ch/day Muri
4- ring of adamantine touch (melee attacks are treated as adamantine for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction, +1 enhancement to attack, sunders weapons with hardness <20)>s name in Sanctuary on a card with a picture list of 5 different bits of clothing
Two Belts:
1- of silk – helps escape from grapple or pin; escape artist check as a move action, once/day +10 to esc art check (Silk Slick Belt) Muri
2- belt of ultimate athleticism – three colored braid of fabrics; take 10 on balance, climb, jump, swim, and tumble check regardless of situation; 1/day activate as a rolled 20 for one of those skills Alika
Small wooden box – multiple weapon enhancement crystals:
Adamant Weaponry
Arcane Steel
Energy Assault
Life Drinking
Return – Lusi?
Phoenix Ash Threat
True Death – Muri?
Witch Light Reservoir – Lusi?
Pair arcanis gloves: +2 to 1st level spell cast 2/day Lusi
Armband of elusive action: activated it avoids an attack of opportunity once/day Lusi
Brooch of avoidance: +4 dodge against attack of opportunity 3/day Muri
Headpiece for a staff: no idea (way too powerful for me to ID) Lusi is keeping till she can ID it
Pouch of holding with coins (lots)
Pouch of holding with gems (lots)


Thane's Gift

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