Assorted Treasure

Assorted treasure found throughout the adventure.


Session 18 – Skeleton
Small bag of gold coins (109) and 3 gems (aquamarine 200gp, colorless sapphire 1000gp, pearl 500 gp), a wand (magical), pouch with 4 vials (turns out to be alchemist’s fire), jar of healing salve (magical), and a really nice wooden box that has arcane symbols on it.

Box – Candle of Truth “May the flame of truth reveal all.”

Session 19 – Zombies
pouch w/46 gp, 3 gems (50 gp, 150 gp, 435 gp)
pouch w/98 gp, 24 sp, potion (Barkskin +2)


Assorted Treasure

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