Few have ever seen her undisguised countenance, but those who have speak of rich, golden tresses, eyes the colour of the purest silver, and an unearthly beauty.


Zandra is a mystery to all who have met her, assuming they survived the meeting. Her appearance varies with her identity, a secret which she protects fervently and with great prejudice. It is said that only one whom she trusts absolutely may survive the experience of seeing her undisguised beauty.

Her typical appearance is that of an attractive young woman of middling height, with black hair, green eyes, and tan, sun-kissed skin. She traditionally wears the garb of her people – tight grey pants with black thigh-high boots and a form-fitting light grey tunic embroidered in black with the sigils of her clan. An engraved steel torc that was a gift from her master encircles her neck, set with garnets and polished obsidian. Her cloak is red and grey with matching embroidery.

AcidIntricate red and black tattoos are drawn on her body illustrating the path she took to attain her rank on the Isle of Atreus. It is normally not visible, as the mark is distinctive and Zandra prefers to avoid remaining in the memories of those who see her. To her annoyance, she now bears the Mark of Acid on her wrist as a result of her place in destiny.

As the premier warrior-assassin amongst her people, Zandra is known only to them and the few chosen companions she associates herself with. Few others see the truth of her, especially the multitude of hidden weapons she keeps on her person. Most obvious to onlookers are two curved blades, kukri, strapped into a harness on her back, a hand crossbow, and her jeweled dagger. When travelling, she wears a bandolier of throwing spikes and daggers.

She would tell you her stats, but then she’d have to kill you.


Zandra is as deadly as she is beautiful. Trained from birth by the leader of the Oshun, Thane, to be the greatest assassin of her people, she is deadly to all who are considered enemies. She is loyal to her clan and to those fortunate enough to gain her friendship. Upon completion of her training, she was awarded the title of Oshura, literally translated as “Princess of Death”. As the adopted daughter of Thane, she was taught all the secrets of the ancient Oshun, including the Mastery of the Masks and special methods to slay spellcasters.

Once her training was complete, she left the island to walk the world and gain experience in her chosen profession. Unfortunately, her lack of worldliness was her undoing. She was captured by slavers and her natural beauty revealed. Arrangements were made to sell her, but the greed of the slavers postponed her sale and she languished in prison, plotting her escape. Nearly a year after she was captured, Zandra escaped from the slaver city and fled into the desert. There, she was saved by a small group of young adventurers.

Currently, Zandra has thrown in her lot with the two sisters of Silverymoon, Lusi and Muri, who were among those responsible for her rescue from slavery. It appears her fate is bound with theirs, as she has been given the elemental Mark of Acid, and a place in prophesy.


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