Valas Thann

Strong, masculine elven man dressed in heavy mage-robes of an unfamiliar style. He is bald, with a stern countenance, yet dark humour in his gaze.


Upon meeting him, it is obvious that the unusually well-built spellcaster is no stranger to power, both physical and arcane. He radiates a potent aura of magic and masculinity intended to attract and intimidate those who find themselves in his presence. His long, dark robes are made of a material unknown to most worlds, appearing to be like woven adamantine accented with lines of flowing, obsidian power. Glyphs and sigils of malevolent purpose adorn the trim, along with the arcane symbols of his homeworld. Burning with scarlet energy at the centre of his chest is an unusual amulet, made of a mithril/adamantine alloy accented with a hellfire ruby. It is whispered that the amulet was a gift from the King of Hell himself as tribute to Valas Thann’s immense power and influence throughout the planes.

He appears elvish, although his build tends to make observers think he is probably a half-blood, which perhaps explains his violent hatred toward the entire race. His voice is smooth and deep, with an ominous edge implying severe consequences to anyone crossing him. According to his associates, he has no enemies, as they are all dead within moments of their opposition. It is also widely known that he seeks membership with the Vacare Ordiri, but has yet to issue his challenge for a position.


Valas Thann

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