Severin (Hadenthor) Varekai

Tall, dark, and handsome with a muscular build, mid-length wavy black hair and eyes of the sharpest steel.


Severin is a tall man, human in appearance, 6’2" with broad shoulders, a lean, well-muscled body, and handsome features guaranteed to make women swoon. He tends to carry a slight shadow on his face, often more interested in getting things done than “primping” unnecessarily. When dressed for court, he is well-groomed and elegant, possessing the dangerous grace of an accomplished warrior.

It is rare for him to be seen without his twin swords, Clarentheais and Itmen-elignear, both of which he created with the help of his father as a means of attaining his dragoncraft mastery. He is an expert in dual-sword fighting and tends to prefer throwing knives over other missile weapons. His horse is a Cormyrean Destrier named Duskblaze, whose colouring is that of the deepest sunset.

Severin prefers to wear his Susalian Chainweave armour beneath his clothing on a day to day basis, but for special occasions, he carries the armour of a former Lord Marshall of the Cormyrean Purple Dragons. If one looks closely, the ring of a Purple Dragon Knight can be seen on his left hand, and is never far from his person.

Fire tattooOn his wrist, he bears the Mark of Fire – a sigil indicating he has a place in the grand destiny that has been thrust upon our intrepid adventurers.

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Severin Hadenthor is the youngest son of the Archmage Lady Ryselle Spellsinger and her husband, the former Lord Marshall of Cormyr, Derrick Hadenthor. He and his twin sister were born on their mother’s homeworld, Alor-Arda, and grew up in the Celestial Isles at Derrick and Ryselle’s Academy of Knowledge. Like his father, he trained in the arts of war, learning only a little of the elder’s less apparent, secondary profession. He discovered a small talent for magic as a child, and learned to control it by instinct, having little interest in going further in his magical education.

He has a twin sister by the name of Raeyna, who is an accomplished mage following in the path of their mother. Both are part-dragons as a result of their bloodline, but are too young to begin developing the draconic abilities of an Alorran dragon.

Severin came to Toril as part of his walk-about through the Hall of Worlds. He wanted to see the original home of his father, and found himself falling into the same role as the former High Duke of Cormyr. He became attached to the young Prince Stefan while training him in the arts of combat, and was therefore able to rescue the boy from the assassins sent to kill him and his family.

To this day, Severin holds himself responsible for not protecting the royal family better, but has come to understand that the task was far more complicated than anyone could handle with the apparent involvement of the mysterious Olinar Mentis. Upon them he has sworn vengeance.

Severin (Hadenthor) Varekai

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