Muri Jessamina Denoran

Muri is a girl who loves her 'sister' Lusi more than anyone else in the universe. She is friendly and gets along with most people, but is quick to anger, especially when she sees something she feels is not right.


Muri is a sweet-looking girl. She has brown hair with golden streaks and green eyes with golden rings around her irises. She is fond of wearing dresses and enjoys the outdoors. She is very cute and is usually seen happy and very close to her sister Lusi. While they are not literally sisters, they might as well be. Muri is very protective of those who are preyed upon by people who feel they are superior. She completely despises slavers.


Early Childhood

Muri is the daughter of Elaina Jenine Rayford and Rolan James Denoran.

When Muri was born, her mother gave her her first name. It was Muri’s father that wanted her to be quite the charmer and gave her a more ‘princessy’ middle name: Jessamina. Rolan had no idea….

Elaina and Silarea (her twin sister) had their daughters on the same day at the exact same time on 19 Ches 2508 (The Legend Reborn). They children were born in the respective houses, so no one knew that the births were exactly at the same time.

Muri and Lusi grew up as if they were almost sisters. Muri and Lusi sometimes went on trips with either of their parents to Quaevaar. Due to its close proximity; their parents felt it would be pretty safe. Sometimes Muri and Lusi would play in the forest there, usually hide and seek. This is where Muri discovered her knack for knowing exactly where Lusi went. Of course, as time went on Lusi mysteriously found ways to trick Muri.

Muri was not exactly the clean and cute princess that Rolan had hoped for. Muri did learn how to dance many different dances, at first just to make her father happy. However, she does genuinely enjoy being the ‘princess’ that her father wants her to be, not that she would let him or anyone else know that. She enjoys the outdoors’ beauty and its wonders more. She does not mind getting dirty, which had dirtied up a dress or two.

When Muri turned thirteen, her parents started teaching her the skills they knew. Her father showed her how to find traps in locks and other areas. He also taught her how to hide better, read people better, and tried to teach her how to bend the truth better, but she did not catch on to that very well. He was about to teach her how to pick pockets as well, but Elaina would not let him. However, he did manage to teach her a little about lifting items (without Elaina knowing). He figured it may save her some day if she is captured if she can lift the key it is much easier than picking the lock.

Elaina taught her daughter her skills in leather working and fighting with two swords. The sword fighting came around the age of fifteen. Rolan assisted by teaching her a bit about the best places to strike on a person to do the most damage.

Muri Jessamina Denoran

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