Aurien Que'dena

Handsome with dark hair, grey eyes, and angular, elvish features. Traditionally wears grey and black suited to his taciturn appearance.


As an elven high mage hailing from the exceedingly magical world of Alor-Arda, Aurien Que’dena wears power well, carrying with him as if born to it. He radiates an immense magical aura, perceivable even to the magic-blind. His clothing is always neat and impeccably tailored, but his taste shies away from the flashy robes filled with arcane sigils and runic symbology often worn by his contemporaries. He is arrogant, possessing the knowledge that he is one of the most powerful users of magic in existence, yet tends to need validation through difficult challenges. His contest against the Archmage Ryselle, for example, was not a success, but it resulted in an impetus which has brought him to unparalleled heights of power and knowledge.

He is ambitious and driven, focusing nearly all his attention on magical practice and theory. As a result, he has a limited perspective of disciplines outside his own. While he travels a great deal, it is mostly to libraries and arcane teachers throughout reality in his search for the magical enlightenment that will win him the place of the Archmage.


Aurien Que'dena

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