Alustriel Rose Wainwright (Lusi)

5'7", blonde, green, gorgeous; usually remains unruffled in situations


Alustriel Rose (Lusi) Wainwright

Mother: Silarea Estelle Rayford – seamstress
Father: James Donovan Wainwright – wagonwright
Mother has one sister (Elaina Jenine) and one brother, Jared Michael.
Father has two brothers, Randall Donovan and Tate Donovan.

Silarea learned her art and business of being a seamstress at her mother’s knee. She was apprenticed a little earlier than normal and showed much aptitude. Silarea took her mother’s place as Guild Mistress about a year before her sister left home; Silarea was 22 at the time. Within that year she was invited to Silverymoon to show her skills. Silarea moved to Silverymoon very shortly thereafter because the new guild had more experienced people to teach her new skills.
Just after she moved into her new, though tiny, home she met James Wainwright. He’d come to the Guild to commission a piece of embroidery for his mother’s 40th birthday. His deep, mellow voice (think James Earl Jones) caught her ear and his courtesy to the young girl at the desk caught her interest. The two began stepping out very soon after this first meeting.
Silverymoon being the huge place (compared to the small town in the Dalelands they were from), Silarea didn’t find out that her sister was there too for a few years. Elaina and Silarea had given birth to their daughters the same day – the same moment even, though they didn’t know that part!
The girls they bore, Muri Jessamina and Alustriel Rose, hit it off as soon as they met and have been constant companions since. Games of tag and hide and seek soon turned into “betcha can’t find me;” training both girls in learning to search inobvious places and ways to find each other, though Muri caught on very quickly and Lusi soon turned to trying to find the best ways to confound the trails for Muri to practice on.
Lusi soon noticed that she could make some things look like other things; not in a usual way of changing an outline with strategically placed items but truly changing the appearance of an outcropping or a branch that would defy explanation outside of actual magic.
Lusi’s magic seemed to defy typical explanation; she didn’t need a book to study or to pray for endless hours to cast the simple magics she has. After a meeting with friends of the family and some associates of those friends, it was decided that Lusi has a connection to Tymora, the Lady of Luck. There’s no true explanation so far of why the connection is there.

Alustriel Rose Wainwright (Lusi)

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