The Legend Reborn

The Tale of the Adventure as Told by Lusi - Part 4

26 Eleasis / 7 August
Session 31

The Ashoon tend to dress in mostly black with red accents. Zandra, by contrast, dresses mostly in red with black accents.

Servants bring up breakfast in the morning; Muri gets the door since Lusi is still in bed. There is a big breakfast buffet there when Lusi wakes up to the delicious smell.
Tariel is a celestial according to Zandra. He seems to have earned being turned into a celestial rather than born one. He was evidently wearing a wristband that also indicated this fact. No one else noticed the band besides Zandra.
We all enjoy the food, especially Alika… Teenage boy and monk equals lots and lots of food required.
We go to the Mages Guild and a different novice is asleep in the chair. Lusi kicks his foot and we get let in to Tariel’s office.
Tariel was unable to precisely locate the boys. There is simply too much magic in the area for him to locate them. The only places on the island that he cannot directly scry are the Guild itself and the Ashoon enclave.
Tariel notes that Muri’s aura is colored by the association with Aurien; the Void magic has made her obvious to other Void mages and she may be able to be located by the others.
He gives us a map with the location of the ring maker Ivan; he may be able to give us more info since Tariel should be able to locate them but cannot.
The boys are reading as not dead but not really alive.
Lusi suggests hibernation or some other sort of stasis and Tariel agrees that it could be so.

In the mercantile district there are no Ashoon around at all… Very odd. If there were an assembly called, Zandra would also have been called unless she were the target.
Zandra says that Thane is the final authority on the targets the Ashoon may take; it would be very difficult to corrupt him. Muri points out that it could be possible. The Cotura protects him (it may as well be a mithil).
Inside the shop we are greeted by a short fat man in an orange toga that is food spotted and he’s hacking and just short of spitting… Lusi is quite taken aback by him. He’s happy to see her though! (Ick)
The rings are generic so there is no real way to scry them. Tariel must have spent a long time on that spell.
Ivan offers us any piece of jewelry (exquisite) for a tumble in the back with him.
Lusi turns him down, so does Muri after making him repeat himself… She was quite insulted by the offer of a rubdown with baby seal oil.
Lusi suggests that maybe we can simply ask for them back… Zandra says that it may work, depending on the contract.
We are going to go up the cliff. So we get our stuff from the inn and head out!
The inn staff were pleased to have the Ashoora stay with them and our stay was free.
Off we go, into the wild blue yonder… We still don’t see any Ashoon around.
We need to be concerned if we don’t see anyone on the trail to challenge us.
We have lunch before we get to a crack in the side of the mesa that has a rough hewn spiral stairway.

We slog our way up the stairs… Zandra first and she’s having no problems with them.
No guards on the stairs….. Uh oh.

At the top: It’s a massive plateau and there is huge, well built, very heavily fortified city that we couldn’t see from the city or water.
The island is about 20 miles across. The mesa stretches across most of the center of the island. There is a lot of jungle here too.
The city is a couple of miles away.
There is an energy field in the way of us, Zandra has us join hands and drags us through. There are two arrow towers here, totally unmanned. This is not good.
We will investigate! (hehehe)
We scramble into the left tower (not splitting up). Ladder and secret door to get in. The ladder has a track that would let one slide down quickly.
There should be four people inside each tower guarding. The tower is empty… Crossbows on the floor, not fired, just dropped. Alika and Lusi notice shiny spots on the floor; they are gems. Alika looks closer; they are like the gems in Zandra’s headpiece. Lusi casts detect magic; the bows and quarrels are magical, the gems are highly magical.
The wardstones are what let them through the shields and identify them to the wards…
The Ashoon carry more magic items than these as standard; so whatever took them didn’t just leave all of the magic items behind.
Muri observes that the wardstones might be linked to the mithil. Zandra confirms this. They are kind of like mini-mithils themselves and are the source of some of the magic she can do.
If they were taken, then Zandra should have been affected… Unless she has been gone too long and something didn’t recognize her. There are two shields, and the mithil powers both.
The mithil is not in the city… The boys were in the city as of last night.
The boys can build and manipulate mithils.
We need more information.
Muri is concerned more with finding information on the mithil.
Lusi is more concerned about the guys.
The speculation about whether the stones might be soul gems strikes us. We gather the stones; Zandra collects them with tongs.
The next tower has the same thing: with six stones instead.
Zandra picks up the stones… 10 so far.

Zandra says that if the boys were taken to the city they would be in the prisons but if they were guests they would be in guest quarters.
We decide to go to the city and see what we can see before we go to the mithil.
Zandra takes out 4 stone horses so that we can get there faster. They are beautiful black stallions.
The city is only about six miles away.
The city gates are closed and no guards. We get the wardstones from those four.
She places her hands on the city seal on the very shiny metal doors (probably not mithril, but not soft enough to be platinum). The doors open on a previously unseen crack. The city is very impressive; it is also a death trap…
We decide to head to the inner city since there are no people here at all and they would retreat there… Also the prisons may be protected from whatever magic has caused this.
The inner keep is made of one piece, and the door is one piece as well.
Zandra opens the doors and keep us out for a moment while she disarms the traps. We enter.
Chandeliers light when the traps are disarmed. We are in a very long hallway.
It’s about a hundred feet to the next set of bronze colored doorways. Another killing zone.
Zandra opens the next set of doors… More traps disarm. Another set of doors slides open. There is finally a room! There is an atrium there that is well appointed. Looks like a palace, kind of.
We go in the right hand door under the staircase and down some stairs. She disarms traps all the way…
Another lovely set of doors, this one slides up.
Inside is the prison; and it’s a maze. The cells are beautiful and comfy. The doors are secret though.
She says all this is made of adamantine (the bronze colored metal).
There are occasionally gems in the rooms; some of the support personnel commit crimes and would have been held there.
The guys are not there. No other living souls at all…
We go up to check the guest quarters.
There are two gems in one of the sets of room, but all of the items are for females. We decide to pick up visitors gems for us since we are here. She has to pick them up from the Thane’s room; we have to stay here. We are to give her 15 minutes… Then leave if she doesn’t show.
She returns well within the time limit; the Thane was not in his rooms.

We head out of the city and to the mithil.
We are to keep our eyes peeled for animals in the jungle.
No monsters attack us.
We get to clearing about 100 feet in diameter. There are stones standing around the clearing close to the center (8). The mithil is in the center of the circle. The standing stones are about 12 – 15 feet high and silvery stone; the mithil is a floating crystal.

Lusi sees a gem that is set into an elaborate setting; this is Thane’s.
Muri tries tracking; two sets were there. Zandra points out another two sets of stationary tracks. There were scuffles too. The sets of tracks are two totally different types of shoes.
Lusi is investigating the mithil and comparing it to the Netherilese mithils. There are a lot of similarities and some connections to external items (probably the wardstones) but there is also a possible power pool – this is theoretical – there would be a mini mithil that was charged when within range of the parent mithil. It looks like someone managed to actually do it.
Zandra confirms that the Colturi are smaller stones from the Coltura. The mage-assassins use these stones regularly.
Zandra says that Aramis would be the only person that could stand against Thane and not die immediately. Aramis’ stone has not been found either.
She says the wedding is probably off… She was betrothed to Aramis.
There are darts made of a rare substance that will go through most armors and any magic that will, when properly envenomed, take down a mage instantly.
Lusi goes back to the mithil. There are two kinds of links, the wards and the mages. If we break the links to the wardstones we might trap them in the stones forever. We might be able to restore a person and will take several hours… The protections on this place are crazy…. Lusi’s learned a ton about magic lately. There is a hole in the protections for the people wearing the stones. It appears that even offensive magic can’t be used without the stones. The guys probably wouldn’t have been able to bypass the protections. The links are two way for the natives, the visitors are one way links.
If Lusi got access to the mini mithils it would empower her greatly.
There is an elven lore stone that would be able to store a ton of information… She suddenly remembers that speculation was that if someone stored all of their info in the stone it could be retrieved by someone else…
We attune the pedants Zandra gives us; a lance of light leaps from her wardstone to our pendants that goes around to all of us then back to her and to the mithil. Lusi is going to try to make her stone into a magestone… Here’s hoping she doesn’t kill anyone.
YES!!!!! It works!!! (Lusi gets a bonus point for it) Lusi now has a mage stone.
Tymora!! I hope this doesn’t get anyone’s attention that we don’t want to have it.
Lusi now has a secondary source of spell energy, once the stone is depleted she has to recharge it. Here will work for sure and possibly at other mithils. It has the energy to power the same number of spells per level.

The visitor stones are now permanent: they’re not visitor stones anymore. Zandra doesn’t apparently know this.

Back through the jungle; it is uneventful.
Into the keep…
We get there and go through the other door. Down about 400 feet and stopping to disarm traps every ten feet, all the way down. We stop on the last step and the floor is patterned… We have to follow exactly in her steps here. She puts her hand in a specific location and the door opens. She stands on the lintel then jumps off of it. We follow her steps: one at a time. We all make it through. We essentially go around a big square spiral.
Alika is looking around at the scenery and seeing lots of other traps that Lusi and Muri are too busy with the walk to see.
We finally get to an ornately carved adamantine door… She opens the door, but asks us close our eyes before she opens it. We have to clear five feet past the lintel to bypass the traps. There is no way to disarm them.
We make it in with no problems.
Lusi searches Aramis’ room with nothing obvious to her.
Muri tries to find out about the darts.
They are in a puzzle box so she has to disarm a trap after moving each piece.
Muri misses one that zorches her from a touch plate.
The last trap is a shocker lizard that jumps on her face and zorches her again. Muri has one hp left.
Two cure critical spells later she’s a lot better.

There are no darts in the box at all and turns out the shocker lizard (Thane’s familiar) was shoved into the box forcefully.
Lusi places the stone on her forehead and the shocker lizard curls up on her face and touches the stone; Lusi passes out.
Thane asks who Lusi is; she replies Lusi Wainwright. There is a kind of spotlight on her mind and some chittering in the back of her head that is the shocker lizard talking to Thane. He then begins to talk to her. Aramis is the cause of this situation. He has been consorting with two women and brought the men here for them. Aramis has been taking illegal contracts; that was one of them. Aramis has been in the Catacombs a lot lately and has probably been studying the old lore stones. The fact of the power pools has not been theoretical to them at all; they started out as Netherilese refugees and other nationalities. The magestones have been in use all that time. Only Thane has the knowledge to create the magestones. Aramis has much of the knowledge to run the Ashoon but not all of it. Thane did not know that Aramis had recently acquired a familiar but trusts that Vizi would know if he had. Aramis is now nameless and Zandra is to use the Deathbringer. Aramis was to meet the women at the cove where they could leave the island unseen. It is his death for giving them this information. He will overlook that Zandra has also given forbidden information to us. Ardayth and Isora are the faces that Lusi sees when he indicates the women that Aramis has been consorting with. Lyssandra is a possibility in there too. Thane knows that the women have been trying to gain power and that if they drain the souls from the gems they will have a huge amount of power and Cyrus and Roshan will be lost if they do.
There is a secret compartment that Lusi is supposed to open and take the items inside for themselves as a gift from Thane.
Lusi gets +5 to both knowledge arcane and spellcraft from the contact with Thane’s mind. She also has some knowledge of the traps in the city so she can help Muri out some.

Lusi gets to the compartment and Zandra has to palm it open. Lusi gets the key and disarms the traps. There is a chest in there with small wooden boxes, bundles of cloth and pouches in there. The box is a bit larger inside than outside. We’ll go through the contents a little later.

There is a knock at the door!!!??!!!
Zandra puts her hand on the seal and compresses the five foot trapped space. She opens the door and it’s Aurien.
Severin and Sarah have been awakened; Ethan finished the potion that will neutralize the poison keeping them asleep.
Aurien has a set of whirlwinds go get the soul gems.
Muri asks Aurien if he can remove the taint of Void magic that the celestial sensed. He may be able to but it would take time.
Aurien is powerful enough to release the people of the mesa from the gems.
He’s going to go down to the Catacombs with Vizi to get started.

We get on with going to the cove. Lusi disarms the traps via master switches.
This is the secret egress from the island for the Ashoon and is very dangerous. It is less dangerous to rappel down than to use the secret path that is more like a crevice.
Lusi jumps off the edge and casts feather fall – good thing there’s no anti magic field!!! She didn’t even think of that before she ran off the edge…
Alika nearly kills himself by falling off the rope. Muri catches him on the way down.
Alika notices movement out of the corner of his eye and lets us know.
There is a cave that was not there last time Zandra was here. Alika is going to go up there and check it out. It is about 3 ft by 5 ft; just big enough to hold a person.
He jumps up just fine and scares the hell out of a young girl. She is dirty and has straggly hair with gray breeches and tunic. No shoes and quite thin.
Poor thing.
Her name is Emma. (We can’t hear anything being said up there.)
She isn’t wearing her wardstone, oddly enough.
The women with the Nameless One were a bit taller than average, one with dark hair and one with red hair. The sail of the ship they went to had either a red sail or a violet one. Looked like a Cormyrian warship by the lines of the ship. They were quite condescending and dressed very richly. They gave the Nameless One a pouch with what sounded like gold and gems. He gave them a box with something in it. It was a full moon last night; they arrived shortly after mid tide and left around the high tide. She fell asleep after that. The meeting probably lasted about an hour.
She only heard a little bit since they were being quiet: Cormyr and __ Mentis, they were going to see how things were going since there were complications and they had to deliver the box to her (whoever that is).
Lusi looks for Emma’s wardstone so we may drop her off in the compound but we don’t find it. We’re going to take her with us to the ship. Zandra strips and jumps into the sea looking for the boat that is usually here.
Emma says it would be faster to climb back up the cliff and take the horses back.
Oh yeah… We have teleport scrolls.
Zandra comes back with the boat. She and Emma construct the boat; we get off the island.
Zandra steers, Alika and Muri row.
We decide to just go to the Star Raven and then figure out what to do from there.
We appear on the Star Raven.
We talk with Cpt Quinlan about leaving Emma here.
The decision is for Suzail after some discussion…
Cpt Quinlan reminds us that the Guilds are loyal to the crown and will be able to help us if we’re free with our money.
She says we need to look into the people that are taking advantage of the situation.
After that, she mentions that our friend has arrived. We haven’t had anyone that we knew of that was supposed to meet us. She says that he has a pair of big swords… Severin!!!
We run downstairs and give him big hugs!
Since he’s still quite ill, we let him go back to sleep and then go back up to the Cpt’s office.
We get permission to stay on board for a couple of days while he recovers the rest of the way since it’ll probably take about three weeks to get back to Suzail.
It takes Severin a couple of days of sleeping, eating and working out to get most of his color back.
He disguises himself by changing the tone of his skin, his eye color, and grows out his hair a bit. Gotta love draconic abilities… Lusi gives him two thin braids in the front.
Severin concentrates a bit after the hairdo, then Raeyna shows up in a minute or so with a small chest in her hands and gives it to him. She laughs when she takes a good look at him and says that Reynard will kill him. Evidently Reynard is more of a nature outdoorsy type and couldn’t have been more different from their father.
The chest she brought is full of clothes for Severin.
The other chest from Thane has:
A cube with magical runes on it – Serasair potentia adds to the caster level when held during casting as well as an additional store of spells – stored as if they were learned by the caster (these were created for sorcerers to expand the number of spells) adds 1 lvl/5 caster levels (2 at this point) – 14 spells in it, 60 spell capacity (research how to add spells is required) Lusi
Jewelry box – 4 ring boxes:
1- ring of mystic lightning (makes lightning spells more powerful – charges at dawn each day) 3 ch/day Lusi
2- ring of vanishing (allows user to vanish as if absolutely invisible for two rounds) 1 charge Muri
3- ring of mystic defiance (protects from damaging magical effects – saves you from 10pts of magical damage 3x/day, + to fort save if you have a bonus to charisma or intelligence from an item) 3 ch/day Muri
4- ring of adamantine touch (melee attacks are treated as adamantine for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction, +1 enhancement to attack, sunders weapons with hardness less than 20) Alika
Vest – rogues vest: gain +2 to hide and move silently, +2 to reflex saves, +1d6 sneak attack dam Muri
Six packets of cloth:
transmutation magic – tailor’s name in Sanctuary on a card with a picture list of 5 different bits of clothing
Two Belts:
1- of silk – helps escape from grapple or pin; escape artist check as a move action, once/day +10 to esc art check (Silk Slick Belt) Muri
2- belt of ultimate athleticism – three colored braid of fabrics; take 10 on balance, climb, jump, swim, and tumble check regardless of situation; 1/day activate as a rolled 20 for one of those skills Alika
Small wooden box – multiple weapon enhancement crystals:
Adamant Weaponry
Arcane Steel
Energy Assault
Life Drinking
Phoenix Ash Threat
True Death – Muri?
Witch Light Reservoir – +2d6 electric damage, +4d6 if target is a lycanthrope (moonlight reservoir)
Pair arcanis gloves: +2 to 1st level spell cast 2/day Lusi
Armband of elusive action: activated it avoids an attack of opportunity once/day Lusi
Brooch of avoidance: +4 dodge against attack of opportunity 3/day Muri
Headpiece for a staff: no idea (way too powerful for me to ID) Lusi is keeping till she can ID it
Pouch of holding with coins (lots)
Pouch of holding with gems (lots)

29 Eleasis / 4 September
Session 32

We begin by talking about the plan to find Ardayth and Isora to get the guys back. Essentially, we’ll be dressing up as mercantile princesses… Alika is not going to be dressed up.
Severin has a chest that contains a lot of items and such that will help us do the disguises as well as hair and makeup. He also does the hairstyles… It looks a little odd to see him finicking with Muri’s hair.
Muri’s corset provides an armor class bonus that equals a mithril shirt. Lusi’s armor is under her clothes.
Severin remarks that we should get lots of marriage offers…. shaking head
He will be the strong silent guard, Alika will be the speaker dude, and Zandra… Well, we’ll know when she returns how she’ll be dressed.
She returns to us with dark hair, sapphire eyes and ivory skin; she is wearing a sapphire, silver and black gown. As always, beautiful. She will be an investor that we have to wine and dine to convince her to invest in our fledgling business (seamstresses).
We read the scroll and get teleported to a place of nothingness on a disk and with a bunch of coruscating light orbs… Lady Morganna is there and she begins babbling about time… As usual.
She mentions that Devon will kill Aurien if we don’t take care of the looming darkness.
Also the farther we get from the Origin the less magic there is.
She tosses Muri a bunch (13) of scrolls, then has us step out of the space between everything into our backyard.
Severin goes upstairs to visit his mother, and we all sit down to talk about this idea. Zandra will be a silent partner here and Severin will bodyguard us. Alika is going to be the majordomo for the whole thing while we play at being mercantile princesses. Mom will make the items for us that might be ordered and give us a few samples of her work. We will be specializing in ladies gowns. We are kind of being the intermediaries for a consortium of tailors and seamstresses.
Muri and her father go to get the papers registered for the consortium with some of the people he knows. Lusi takes a crash course with her mom in fabric and sewing.
Severin returns to say that Raeyna is intrigued by the idea of working on gowns by commission so she’ll be dropping by as soon as she’s done with whatever she’s doing.
He grabs Alika and takes him out back to spar.
Raeyna shows up and is interested; she gives Lusi a miniature wardrobe with gowns inside. She needs to say “in the name of Raeyna I command you to grow.” Lusi can call a particular gown to the front by thinking about it.
We talk about pricing, costs, how to be gullible to a particular point then get into the types of fabrics. Mom brings out a huge book for us to go through… Yikes.
Muri and her dad go through a scriptorium, of all places. They end the trip in a library kind of chamber with an ancient man in grey robes.
Scrivus goes through a book of identities. He picks out Samuel Gideon, a merchant that acquires cloth for trade and has two daughters, a trophy wife and lots of money. Her daughters, Alis and Elizabeth (Lizzie), are just starting out the consortium business. Makes sense for him to branch out…
Registration is 1500 gp… Wow.
He’ll have it dropped off to the usual spot, or Eric can drop it off at the house.
The steward (majordomo, Alika) will be Ian Macmillan.
Regina Carlisle shall be Zandra’s name. She’s got money and is widowed, prime material for investing.
That’s another 500 gp.
Dad suggests that we make up alternate identities so we can move around town.
Other dad and Severin are making dinner when we all get home.

We have a delicious dinner of chicken and potatoes with bread and salad.

Larith shows up after dinner; he comes close enough to Lusi that she can see his skin is golden scales. He also has golden eyes and draconic styles of clothing.
He mentions that Yvonnelestrilin is the mother of Morganna, Ryselle and Larith.
We eat dinner then Larith goes upstairs to sit with Ryselle. After some conversation, including with Eric, we all split up and head for sleep.
Lusi, and then Muri following her, go down to visit Lady Dragon.
We are simply checking on her and the babies. Three are hatched but the rest have not; she lets us know that the rest will need to be given back to their own kind, preferably with their families.
Lusi stays down there and plays with the babies for awhile.
Muri heads up to talk to Larith.
They talk for a couple of minutes, then Muri leads him downstairs. Alika hears them talking a little bit, just the words of “opal dragon.”
He follows them down and Muri stops him on the stairs and tells him that here’s the last chance to leave.
Larith continues down and Lusi introduces them.
He is surprised by the appearance of an opal dragon and says that the only two left were suspected to be at the Origin.
If she wasn’t being bred to another opal dragon, perhaps she was being mated to a Void dragon.
A dragon usually only has a couple of eggs.
She has 13.
She remembers always being a mother. She doesn’t think she was forced.
When Lusi asks how long it should be until they hatch, she says that time is meaningless and they will hatch when they are needed.
There is a little conversation of the Seven Sisters; Larith questions us about this. He speculates that since there are seven sisters perhaps finding the unknown eighth… As in there are six points to find a seventh that indicates the actual point. Perhaps we have to find the seven simply to find the eighth… Great.
(The Star of Mystra has eight points… Her holy symbol has seven stars but each has eight points.)
Severin walks in about this time.
Larith mentions that he would like to see if the Void magic might have affected the eggs.
Muri calls Aurien to give us a hand checking the eggs for tampering or other problems. He shows up after she calls him with intent. How sweet. 
Once he gets there, we start moving the eggs around, holding them up for his inspection since he doesn’t think it would be a good idea for him to touch them… Void mage and Creation magic-made creatures… Bad idea.
While they are picking them up, the one Lusi is hold starts to glow and rock and her hands start to glow. She looks panicked and tries to give the egg back to her mother but she doesn’t take it back. Lusi looks even more panicked but doesn’t put the egg down or force Lady Dragon to take it. She hold on to it and it begins cracking and rocking more. The egg hatches in her lap. It’s a little female. How cute!!
She looks around, snuggles up to Lusi and falls asleep.
Lusi is entranced but terrified. What the hell does this mean?
If the baby doesn’t get enough magic, she will simply fade away, and the environment here on Toril is not conducive since the magic is locked in the Weave. Lusi is horrified by this but also upset that the baby might have to go away.
A lot of staring later, Aurien says he has an idea and tells us, after much prompting, that the little dragon is drawing a lot of power through Lusi and he might be able to make it so that she has the magic she needs to thrive if he can attach a universal ley line to Lusi… WTF

He says that he’ll need help if it’s at all possible so he disappears for a moment. He comes back with a gorgeous woman, about 6 and half feet tall, pale skin, silver eyes and white butt-length hair wearing opalescent silver robes. Her name is Sarithea and she is of Creation as well. She calls Lady Dragon a sister (part of a sister race). Sarithea looks over Lusi and the baby and says it would not be good for the baby to be away from Lusi.
She says that it is possible to anchor the line through Lusi but says that it will be easier for her to anchor it with the connections we have to each other. She asks who is supposed to be marked that isn’t here. Since Zandra and Raeyna aren’t here, we’ll probably have to summon them. There should also be two more, to make the eight that will make the anchor more stable, though it can be done with six.
The baby has already grown from kitten size to a full grown cat; Lusi’s hands are still glowing.
Lusi asks if Sarithea can speed up the flow and she says yes but there are side effects and she can’t really tell what they would be.
Lusi is of the opinion that she would like to take the chance herself rather than risk the others and wants to watch her grow.
Sarithea says that she would like Lusi to talk to Mystra and Ao first. Aurien opens a door for Lusi and says “here you go.”
He leaves after that.
Severin goes upstairs to get Zandra and Raeyna…
Lusi hands the baby over to Sarithea.
Sarithea says if she could take the baby to Alor she would but the world is still recovering from the Cataclysm and she isn’t sure what it would do to the balance. Our presences probably wouldn’t be upsetting to the balance there. We would carry the weight of our destinies with us; Muri carries the weight of two and Alika isn’t quite sure of where he wants to be.
She tells Alika that the risk of following the Red Knight is becoming too detached.
Our gods look at only their little piece of the puzzle.
Muri is too impulsive and it will get her into trouble.
Too much control vs too little control.
The others get there; Severin didn’t tell them what’s happening… Raeyna isn’t dressed. She is pissed at him then changes immediately.
We walk through the doorway to a beautiful tower surrounded by a forest and flowers. It’s the Ivory Tower.
The door opens at the base and we go up ungodly numbers of stairs… Alika and Severin make it a race and Raeyna floats up.
We eventually make it up the stairs.
Lusi taps on the closed door and it opens up, there are eight huge windows and a Star on the floor. There are bookcases and seating in there. One side of the tower is a gorgeous night with stars, and the other side is a wonderful day with awesome green grass and trees.
To the side is a beautiful human female with dark hair and radiant skin with dark robes that has clasp that looks like a web.
Her under dress is blue and the over gown is black.
She is reading at her desk. She looks up and greets us; Lusi and Muri curtsey deeply to her. Lusi stutters her way through the explanation of what she wants and why.
Mystra agrees with the caveat that she will be able to either change the magic back or relocate Lusi if the magic is too destabilized by this.
She gestures to a door and we go over to it and knock; we are invited to enter. Ao is short and impatient with us. Lusi is pretty intimidated by the looks he’s giving her. His wife (!!!) admonishes him to listen and be patient. Eventually Muri starts the conversation off with asking for permission to save a baby opal dragon’s life. He’s unamused by this opening, but it gives Lusi somewhere to start. With a lot of assistance from his wife, we do get permission to do this. He bitches a lot about the spellweavers being the people that start all the troubles on our world, and his wife argues him down gently to the truth that they caused one of the troubles.
After we are done talking (he asks us to get rid of the Void mages while we’re at this) Lusi drags Muri out of the study just as she asks if we can keep one of the Void mages.
We reappear in the basement at the doorway to the demiplane.
The baby is the size of a small dog by now.
Y’deria (the first one who walks in the light of the heavens) is the name of the Lady Dragon, according to Sarithea. The human form of the Opal Dragons looks much the same as the Sha’aeri, so much so that they could be the same race.
We go out to the middle of the field and Lusi is to put her hand on the little dragon’s forehead; she blinks up at Lusi sleepily and then goes back to sleep. There is a small chair in the field too.
Lusi is seated on the chair and she wants to have the baby as a young adult. Lusi closes her eyes and concentrates on what she wants for the baby to be. She is to focus on projecting her energy to the core of the baby. She manages to get the baby to Juvenile stage before she can’t keep the energy flowing smoothly. The initiation of the flow and the termination of the flow are very smooth (19 and 20 on the die for will saves).
She is about 80’ long total. She is very slim and so looks smaller right now than she is.
Lusi’s hair is now silver-white and her eyes are opalescent green. She should be able to concentrate and keep them green if she wants. Her skin is now fair rather than the light tan it was.
Lusi is absolutely exhausted now.
The baby will be stable now and one of the children of Ryselle and Derrick will come and teach her what she needs to know for flight and self-defense. They will be both a teacher and a guard.
Turns out there is not a pair of opal dragons, just as there isn’t a pair of void dragons… There is only one of each and she was born with the eggs that she has, but they weren’t really eggs… She may have been tricked into leaving the origin.
Sarithea’s forehead shimmers and reveals a crystal there. It is the part of Y’deria that was stolen from her; voice is only the closest approximation in our language (that which sings the soul’s song).
There were some star mages that did the same thing to themselves in order to increase their power.
We are searching for Y’deria’s soul crystal, essentially. It would have been covered by scales in her draconic form. It should be about 4 inches long and about one inch at the broad end and a point at the other. It would have been buried in the skull; it would have the knowledge of the ages.
It would have taken at least two mages of Ryselle’s power to release the knowledge inside the crystal and it would drain them completely. Blood magic wouldn’t even work.
It’s time to rest. Severin picks up Lusi and deposits her by her door.
She sleeps so hard and long that even Eric crawling in her window doesn’t wake her.

30 Eleasis
Eric delivers the papers and badges to Muri when he comes in. She eventually makes him leave by threatening him with their mother.
Severin is chopping wood when Alika wakes just after dawn.
Alika joins him in chopping…
Muri is enjoying the eye candy… She tells Lusi that she should wake up to enjoy the show. Sparky sticks his head out and shushes her; she glares at him and he glares back. She whips out a piece of meat for him and he chills out and enjoys the food.
The moms come out and eye the pairs of guys; she gives the older men a hard time and thanks the younger ones for the help, making sarcastic comments all the way.
Breakfast is served; there is an insane amount of innuendo from Severin explaining what we were all doing in the basement last night, including mystical life shattering changes… The dads are behind the moms during this interrogation digging imaginary holes with non-existent shovels…
Eventually Muri manages to get down there and stop the madness… The dads end up clutching each other and howling with laughter.
The moms eventually leave it to be explained when Lusi wakes.
There is uncomfortable silence at the point when Zandra enters; she immediately bristles and looks for enemies…
They eat breakfast and then get herded into the living room to wait for Lusi to wake up.
The dads leave hastily, the guys go to practice; the girls and moms are waiting.
Derrick steps out of the shadows while the guys are going out to practice and gets the whole story from Severin. Derrick gives him a point by point analysis of why the moms were so upset.
Derrick schools Severin in the ring…. Alika gets to have a glad sight when that happens.
Lusi wakes to hear the swords ringing and gets to watch for a couple of minutes before going downstairs.
She feels like she’s been run over by an eight horse carriage as she drags herself down.
The parents are waiting for us; we have a short sweet rendition of what happened.
The moms hug us.
There is a knock at the door… There’s Devan!!! Shit. Shit. Shit.
He says he comes in peace…
He wants to know where Alustriel is and she has to agree to speak with him in exchange for the whereabouts of the crystals that contain Cyrus and Roshan.
Lusi agrees and gets a small crystal cube from him to contact him when we have her whereabouts.
We’ll only do this if we can’t find the soul gems on our own.

We give Alika a rundown of our experiences with Devan.

Lusi is going to go to the temple of Mystra while Muri reads up on Devan Rehaltis from the book she copied in the temple in High Moon.
Lusi, blunt as always, simply asks if we can possibly get in touch with Alustriel.
Whoops… Lady Rivalla and Lord Jared were to help protect her.
She heads home and goes to ask Derrick if he can get a hold of her. He agrees to let her know and can’t imagine that she would be averse to helping.

The book that Muri is reading gives us this information:
Devan Rehaltis was born Devan Sylvanesti, twin to Ivanya. They lived in Sendaris, Aglarond. The twins were extremely gifted magically. The parents were minor nobles that sold magical goods and traveled a lot. It exposed the children to a lot of different magics, including the ancient lore of Netheril. They split into different paths: Ivanya was an artificer and Devan was more interested in the pure magical path. The parents were killed by Red Wizards when the kids were 16. The family was captured and taken to Thay and were the playthings of Szass Tam, master of necromancy, and Zolkir Ravinashi, master of evocation. They were tortured and such until the parents were killed and raised to be undead servants of Szass Tam. The kids escaped and made their way back home where they were kicked out of the home because they couldn’t pay the bills. All assets were seized to pay the debts. After this, Devan was accepted to the Suzail Academy of Magic; Ivanya studied with the Witches of Raashemen. They were separated for the first time… He met Alustriel here…  They were together studying for a good eight years. They fell in love and planned to be married. They were separated by their apprenticeships… Devan was so good at magic that he came to the attention of Khelbun (Arunsen) Blackstaff. He went to apprentice there and ended up with a narrow, black and white view. Devan started world hopping for a while. He came to visit Toril to see his sister and check on her. She was a very powerful witch, and was the apprentice to Princess Iloni and would inherit the throne on her death. They stayed together for several years.
Devan was asked to escort Blackstaff’s son on his journeys and did. Zhelfar Arunsen journeyed to other worlds until he found one he wanted to stay on. He fell in love and grew old there. Devan came back to Toril and was reunited with his sister and Alustriel. Alustriel basically gave him the friendship speech whereupon he left Toril.
He fell in love with Chanin, another mage. She was a Void mage. He was all about studying this new magic and he quickly surpassed her so she dumped him. He studied Void magic for many years and returned to Toril to find the world severely changed (post time of troubles and time of virtue). There was a difference in how time passed for him vs Toril. His sister was now a crazy and crazy powerful sorceress called the Symbul (she took her place but wasn’t actually the original one that would be the Sister). Alustriel was nowhere to be found.
His sister was pissed that he abandoned her and let the world go to hell in a handbasket and let the love of his life disappear. Ao was pissed that he had mastered Void magic (Devan was a member of the Vicari Ordiri). His sister was insane and blamed him for a lot of things. He was booted off Toril by the gods but before that he was able to use his magic to stabilize his sister’s mind so she could guard against Thay. Since she was mortal she eventually died. There is a bit of a family chart and the sister had a daughter by Elminster that became the queen of Aglarond.
Devan continued travelling around the universe. He is considered neither good nor evil but as he gets older his tolerance for certain things gets smaller and smaller.
The title of the biography is Devan Rehaltis, the Empty One.
Shit. Shit, shit, shit!!!
Great. Now we really have to try to get him reformed… Just wonderful. Fuck. Goddammit. FUCK!!!!

We are pretty irritated by this little revelation.
Now we have two void mages to possibly reform. Although both aren’t actively evil, neither are they good. No pressure. :S

Aurien is the youngest member of the Vicari Ordiri ever. He’s about 3000 years old.

There’s another knock on the door. It’s Alika’s turn to answer the darn door.
She has a light grey cloak on with a light blue and ivory gown, her eyes and hair are silver. She had a message to come and speak with Muri and Lusi… He invites her in. It’s Alustriel. She has a seat and we let her know that Devan would like to speak with her in person and has offered something in return. She agrees and says she might as well speak with him sooner rather than later so that she can get back to where she was.
There is a reply from behind us that it won’t be necessary: it’s Melinus/Malice and 6 other men, none of which are Devan.

16000 xp

To Be Continued…

30 Eleasis / 11 September
Session 33

Malice’s appearance has changed a bit. He didn’t carry weapons or armor before and looked like a weenie advisor… Not so much now.
He’s wearing black evil looking armor now. It looks draconic… Maybe draconic plate and he’s moving like it’s very light. He’s also wearing a sword and dagger.
Ted and the Boy Band are dressed like space Nazi’s… Gray and black armor that looks like dragon scale armor; Ted has the gold epaulets on his shoulders. Captain Ted, as it were.
Ted starts casting. He’s an elf.

  1. has a short sword; #3 a morning star and is casting as well, praying to some god we’ve never heard of; #4 and 6 have bastard swords; the last one is a female, #5, and moves like Alika.
    Alika jumps across the room to #5.
    Lusi sets an ice wall across the end of the room containing 3, 4, 5 and Alika. It’s 13 inches thick.
    Eric throws three daggers at #6 and puts him to sleep for 6 rounds with the one that hits. Malice looks at Eric irritatedly.
    Malice decides to take his action: he throws a dark globe at Alustriel who can’t dodge.
    Severin holds his hands up and both swords appear; he tosses one curved longsword to Muri.
    Severin moves to attack Malice. He does hit him and that draws Malice’s attention.
    Zandra jumps across the room, kind of like Alika did, pulls both swords and they fly out of her hands, losing all actions for the rest of the round.
    Ted gets to go and picks Lusi as his target. He throws a ball of Void magic at her; it dissipates (will save) but surprises the hell out of Ted and Malice is so distracted that Severin gets an attack of opportunity.
    Muri tumbles past Severin to flank Ted. (the sword is +3, adamantine, 17–20 x3 crit) She attacks him with one attack: 41 points of damage – he’s dead, sliced in half. Go Muri. Go Muri. Go Muri! 
    Black energy whirls around the corpse and floats to Malice, who absorbs it. SHIT!
  2. snores.
  3. attacks Zandra but misses. “I do not need weapons to kill you.” – Zandra
  4. was praying… But since he was going to attack Lusi and he’s behind the ice wall, he’ll change his attack. He hits Alika with a very nasty spell that makes Alika’s chest hurt; Alika completely resists the spell.
  5. hits Alika doing 13 pts of damage.
  6. uses Stunning Fist on Alika; Alika is not stunned but takes 11 pts of damage.
    Alustriel’s turn… Nothing noticeable.
    Malice says that he could use Lusi as well and throws the same thing at her as he did at Alustriel; Lusi dives right in… Fumble on the reflex check.
    Luck check… Derrick tackles Lusi from the shadows and the ball of energy misses!
    Alika tumbles out of the flanked position he’s in; the other monk hits him for 12 pts of damage with the attack of opportunity.
    Lusi casts Feeblemind on Malice… Doesn’t get past his spell resistance. He looks a bit respectfully at Lusi.
    Eric throws three daggers at Malice. Two miss and one bounces off the armor. Malice isn’t even remotely interested in Eric.
    Severin gets all of his attacks this round; 4. He hits three times and the fourth tinks off the armor.
    Zandra attacks #2; even weaponless she’s dangerous… Umm, hello, assassin?! Max damage. Huge punch into his chest; she does something like half his points in damage.
    Ted is dead so he can’t go…
    Muri moves to flank Malice. The voice of reason is screaming pointlessly in the darkness… This ought to be interesting… She uses an action point to try to hit. 9 points! Yes! That is a 45 to hit. 46 points of damage! Awesome!
    Alustriel’s turn… Nothing.
  7. tries to hit Zandra; nothing doing yutz.
  8. is trying to attack Alika; casting on the defensive (concentration check) #3 tries to clench Alika’s heart again and fails.
  9. moves up to him and #5 jumps over to the other side and hits for 11 pts of damage.
  10. hits once; 13 pts of damage.
  11. snores some more.
    Derrick asks Lusi if she’s okay and then puts a foot on a shadow and disappears. He reappears out of Malice’s shadow. Then his armor forms and he pulls his weapons. HOLY FUCK! Sneak attack on Malice. He definitely hit Malice.
    Malice reaches out to Alustriel’s ball of energy and contracts it around her and sucks energy from her; she begins to scream.
    Derrick gets an attack of opportunity, so do the others. Severin hits him, Derrick hits him, Muri spends an action die (7 total giving a 35 to hit) and hits him for 27 points of damage.
    Devan appears and tosses a ball of Void energy at Malice; Severin jumps out of the way, and Devan grabs the ball of energy surrounding Alustriel at begins to pull it and try to get rid of it. Malice disappears and Muri dives for the floor.
  12. surrenders but Zandra hits him anyway; killing him.
    Alika uses heal self to heal 10 points then uses a flurry of blows to really hurt the cleric.
    Lusi dispels the wall of ice.
  13. hits Alika hard… 22 points of damage with a crit, 4 points with the next two attacks each.
    Alika is still up but really hurt.
  14. attacks too; 11 points in the first attack, 12 points in the second attack. Alika is unconscious at 0 hit points and falls out.
    Lusi tries to help Devan while Muri, Severin and Zandra try to take care of the last 3 bad guys.
    Eric ties up #6 rather than engaging in the new (continuing) combat. Derrick steps into a shadow and appears next to #3.
    Severin stands over Alika’s body and tells the others to give up otherwise it’s going to be going badly.
  15. 3 yells “death first!” #5 is rethinking this but maybe not ready to surrender…
    The monk (#5)decides that Malice broke his word and steps out of combat.
    Zandra jumps on the fighter and slices at him with a new jagged dagger that removes the insides when it comes back out. Ouch. Damn…
  16. tries to pry off Zandra with his bastard sword and fails.
    The cleric decides that Muri is a bigger threat since her sword is quite bloody. He does 25 points of vile damage. Yuck! Shattering pain.
    Muri uses her sneak attack and does another 38 points to him and kills him.
    The fighter rethinks his position: he surrenders.
    He says he’s not getting paid enough for this… Which intimates that he’s a mercenary. Where was he from?
    Lusi has to push through the Void magic to touch Alustriel and is busy concentrating on healing her up.
    Starting at the top of her repertoire of healing, the heal spell does 150 points (the max).
    Lusi goes through all of her healing spells; she can also feel the Void magic fighting back against Devan.
    After a time, they are still struggling with the magic…
    A third time rolling gets Lusi a natural 20 and the Void magic is blown away by Creation magic (Devan made a good showing with the rolls this time around).
    Devan is a bit singed around the edges and backs off from Lusi. Alustriel is unconscious and at about half of her hit points. Lusi is absolutely exhausted.
    Severin offers Lusi an herbal restorative that gives her some energy.
    Devan hasn’t ever heard the prophecy: Muri recites it for him. He’s kind of amused by it.
    Lusi asks, just in case, if he knows where the Star of Mystra is or where the other sisters are. He doesn’t.
    He is taking Alustriel with him; it will be up to her if she stays.
    The boys are in the gems, with Ardayth and Isora in Suzail. They are staying with Duke Phelan MacEvoy.
    The women are part of the Olenar Mentis.
    Devan picks up Alustriel and disappears with her.
    Muri mentions that she needs to go to the Temple. Lusi tells her sooner rather than later.
    Lusi goes to get armored up before we go to the Temple; Alika is coming with us.
    We go to the temple of Tymora; we were damn lucky today.
    Muri gives one of the gem-encrusted oranges that we got from Lord Perrin’s estate.
    There’s a laugh from behind us; a blonde woman in robes is behind us. She greets Muri and Alika by name with no introductions. Tymora’s avatar tends to show up with us when we’re in her temple.
    After a bit of conversation about Devan and his possible motivations, alignment and what he’s up to. She cautions Muri to temper her impulsiveness and temper; specifically regarding what we’re about to do and who we’re about to see.
    When she leaves, she gives us all a Tymoran coin.
    We see Eric in the temple just before we leave; we talk him into going to Suzail with us. He decides that we have to name him for a professional name.
    Finally, after thirty minutes or more of conversation, he chooses to go with Chance.
    Lady Morganna shows up after Severin mentions causality as a possible different name…
    She goes off on a tangent about bars and games of chance…
    She goes to visit Ryselle and we get Eric/Chance out of the house to do his bit of thieving in some place that he couldn’t do it before since the fences here wouldn’t take the swag. Since we’ll be in Suzail in the morning he can fence the stuff there. I wonder whose house he’s going to steal from??
    We go to the basement then the demi-plane to talk about what we’re going to do in Suzail.
    If we stick to the original plan, we’d need to be introduced to the household. If we want to do that, then we would need it to come from a noble… Gee, we already know Sonya and Ellison. He’s a noble (and a thief) and she’s in the SpellGuard. Ellison is Viceroy Zaharas, adviser to the king… Hmmm. Well, that’s pretty damn noble.
    Between he and the Dukes, they would be running the kingdom right now, along with the Council.
    Mom has a crystal ball that we can contact other members of her group with.
    We’re going to try contacting Sonya as the person more likely of the two to be able to talk to us.
    We need to know if there’s a party at Duke MacEvoy’s house or at least where Ardayth and Isora will be so we can somehow get the crystals. Hopefully Lyssandra won’t also be there.
    We go upstairs to start the attempt at talking…
    Mom has some sandwiches and drinks out on the table for us.
    Lusi and Muri hold the ball and visualize Sonya then say her name. She is there instantly and asks if Moms is alright. After reassuring her, we let her know that we need to get to Duke MacEvoy’s house and get to the two women there. Sonya knows of them as snobby Netherilese women.
    There is a party at the Duke’s house tomorrow morning. We will be escorted by the twins, Severin will go with Zandra since he’s legitimately the son of the Lord General of SilveryMoon. Alika will accompany a friend’s daughter.
    The ladies go upstairs to twitter over Raeyna’s gown selection. We’re going to talk about the consortium idea for conversation.
    Several hours later we’re just getting done and on the stairs; we hear a thud in the living room. We bolt downstairs and see Derrick slashed up and horribly badly off. Then we see Aurien in one arm and is unconscious.
    Derrick couldn’t see the assailants at all; there was a lot of heavy fog. There was something being done to the Mithil.
    Someone was trying very hard to kill Aurien.
    They are both poisoned, and Lusi manages to clear the poison out of them.
    Healing magic doesn’t work; it appears like the poison may have caused vile damage.
    Derrick mentions that Ethan could be helpful. Lusi forgot that Ethan is a healer on top of being an herbalist.
    Oh yeah.
    Severin calls Ethan, who shows up a few moments later.
    Ethan decides to consecrate the basement.
    We take the two of them downstairs and begin healing them up.
    Severin tosses Muri a vial of MoonDraught to apply to the wounds.
    Lusi heals him up.
    He comes around and tells us that the crystal (mithil) was damaged in some way while he was gone and was trying to fix it when he was attacked. The people are still not freed from the soul gems.
    The feeling was that they weren’t human.
    The magic was turned off, possibly anti-magic.
    Derrick got a few items in the fight.
    The first thing looks like an obsidian spiral stake that has a handle and cross guard. The groove has a residue of some kind of oil.
    The next is a couple of quarrels/bolts with obsidian tips that are also grooved and oiled.
    The next is a coin sized piece of obsidian.
    He pulls a ring still on a finger from his pouch.
    The quality of work is exceedingly high….. Like +5 without any magic at all. Damn.
    Lusi spends that night looking over the items with Ethan because she’d like to do a Legend Lore spell on it. It takes 2d12 hours (8 in this case). She gets some information immediately; it will take 8 hours per day for the next 9 days if she wants all of the information that can be found.
    Eric skulks in about 2 am.
    At 4 am she finishes the initial casting: there is a sense that the weapon is more information than the poison. The poison is viscous and sticks better. The spiral leads to the name The Obsidian Brotherhood. They are spoken of in the way distant past; they were one of the kingdoms before the Netheril came into existence. The five kingdoms (Illithiri, humans, the sun and moon elves, Arvendar, Vishtinar) coexisted in an uneasy peace; the Crown Wars happened when the people decided to go to war. The odd part is that the only human empire of the group was Eimdal. The others were elves. The Crown Wars (lasted 3000 years) made it possible for Netheril to rise later. The five wars destroyed all of them. In the wreckage came the Netheril Empire. Humans became the dominant race on the planet. During the wars came the Obsidian Brotherhood. They were assassins that specialized in killing with only a single strange stab wound from this spiral weapon. There are a bunch of names for it (Horn of Death, Spiral of Pain). It can pierce through nearly any type of armor. It’s not made of obsidian. After the wars the Brotherhood was supposedly hunted down and killed down the last individual… Nobody ever saw the members of the Brotherhood; they came out of nowhere, killed and disappeared. They were also known as Wraiths.
    Muri wakes up at 5, then wakes Lusi up at 6am…
    Lusi is pretty pissy and kicks Eric out of the room.
    They eat breakfast and get on to the Mage’s Guild.

1 Eleint
We use one of Lady Morganna’s teleport scrolls.
Sonya is waiting there for us. We do quick introductions and trot on out.
We are shoved off to the side of the road for a ducal carriage. Alika and Muri see Terina in the carriage with the Duke!!!

To Be Continued…

1 Eleint / 8 Oct
Session 34

Severin is going by Samuel Gideon (a cloth merchant that is part of the consortium), Zandra (who disappeared immediately upon arrival into town) is Regina Carlisle, we are going by Alis and Elizabeth (Lizzie)Vinson, Alika is the steward Ian McMillan.
Comtesse Melinda Denara – current court slut (Mel) rumored that she even had relations with the former Lord Martial (Severin) since the Lord Martial is also the spymaster; she also had relations with the eldest son and so had information all the way up to the day before the assassination. She was out of town at the time. Rumors also say that she may have been willing to change her ways for the son…
Duke Phelan MacEvoy is one of the dukes of the realm.

Sonya has a manor house… Makes sense since Ellison is the advisor to the King… Or at least the Dukes at the moment. Geoff is the stable hand we leave the horses with.
We have to leave our shoes on the stand outside. They have a servant girl offering us juice or water.
We’ll eat at the King’s Dining Hall before the reception, but it is a part of the party.
Ethan and Erion will be home soon.
Sonya has some things to do so we’re shown to guest rooms. Lusi and Muri are in one suite together. The guys are in two rooms just outside. Eric is staying with Severin on Severin’s command.
Zandra just appears in the room when we’re talking about our act.
Ethan and Erion show up at the stairs! Both Lusi and Muri run out and give and get hugs from them.
Ethan has been studying swordsmanship and Erion has been studying Enchantment.
Muri tells the boys about the princess being alive after making sure that the house is magically protected from scrying.
(The king was poisoned, the queen killed as he died, Aarone was disintegrated as he tried to save Astara, no one knows what happened to Stefan or Ramius and the assumption is that Levanna died too.)
Lyssandra is the head of the Mages Guild (Cormyr!!!).
Fuck me running.
There’s the way that they were able to cast magic inside the palace. Crap.
Either the head of the Mages Guild or the High Mage gives a person a ring that enables them to cast inside the palace. Fuck.
Caladne is the Court (Royal) mage (she).
Erion is going to escort Lusi to the ball. Ethan will take Muri.
The cousin that Alika will be escorting (Igraine) will be here at lunchtime so they can get to know each other a bit.
Muri points out that we will kind of need to be in persona to meet Igraine, so we shoo the boys all out so Zandra can help us out.
Lizzie will go blond, Alis will be a redhead. Lizzie is trying some colored contact lenses in blue. Zandra rolls disguise for all of us; Lizzie has a 39, Alis a 43 and Regina even higher (she rolled a 19).
Alis will be more serious. She is the elder of the two. Lizzie has the eye for fabric, Alis for the money part.
Regina actually shifts her facial muscles to rearrange her features and she uses a new accent when she speaks as we head out the door.
Samuel is a sandy and graying blond, thin, and has hazel eyes.
Ian has longer hair in a bob.
Eric looks about 9 years old… He’s in a page’s uniform and pageboy haircut (he’s got the royal seal on the uniform too). Eric departs immediately.
Lady Igraine Rivaelin enters the house; she is strawberry blond, turquoise eyes, alabaster skin, rosy cheeks, ruby red lips wearing a formal gown. Her hair is curled on top of her head with red and pink gems on pins in the hair. Her gown is pink with gold accents/patterns swirled in the fabric. She has a really nice holy symbol in ruby (Sune). She has a wizard mark worked into her gown and on the necklace.
Holy crap, she’s fucking gorgeous!!!!
The royal chef’s name is Simon. There will be a 12 course meal served… Holy moly.
Sonya and Ellison arrive home bringing Comtesse Denara with them.
She has a breathy voice that’s great for pillow talk… 
Ellison and Sonya suggest that we go get ready for the ball.
It takes only a few minutes to change clothes.
Ellison follows us down; it’s about 20 minutes after that that Sonya comes down.
We ride in a large carriage with six horses.
Off to the palace we go.

We are in the line of carriages and the footman helps us out.
The palace is a combination of Buckingham Palace and Versailles.
It’s huge and imposing. Lizzie is gawking around and Alis reminds her to be a little more circumspect. Ethan says that it would be in character for us to gawk as country bumpkins.
We are talking to Igraine when Duke MacEvoy comes up. He fawns all over her… He keeps giving Ian a look that says go the fuck away, peon.
Duke Hammond is one of the others.
Comtesse Denara enters the fray when Lizzie is wondering how to know what you can and can’t say and do.
She’s in a revealing gown and the men she was with are drooling.
She gestures to a random male and goes inside to the dining hall; she also moves her name card to wherever she wants it.
There is a nice little speech about the Obuskiers and their wishes that we enjoy. The meal is to be a rendition of the favorites of each of the royal family by Chef Simon.
Bread and butter, water with a cucumber on it, a tot of white wine.
We notice that the groups of people are talking amongst themselves and seem to know each other. The Comtesse stole a guys’ seat and placed his card with a bunch of people he doesn’t like.
The Duke Phelan MacEvoy is, well, engaged to a lady with loose morals. She’s playing him for some purpose but she’s not sure what. He’s changed his mind on a number of policies since she came into his life including who will succeed to the throne. MacEvoy looks power hungry… And a wenis. He fawns on the Regent; he has a decided disdain for the other Dukes and the Regent when no one is watching him.
He seems to think that he would be awesome for the role of new king… He looks at all women with lust, but at Terina with a fanatical type lust. Ick.
Duke Nathan Yllius is a warrior. His tried very hard to become the Lord Martial. He was beat out by a nobody from the north that proved to the king that he was quite competent. Nathan has a hearty appetite, and a tendency to hide how shrewd he is. He is not married and half the kingdom is praying every night that they’ll wake a Duchess… There will be a lot of women trying to dance with him. He was one of the Purple Dragons; he stepped down when the king asked him to for the Duchy. He’s unattractive but about 250 lbs of pure muscle. He’s looking disdainfully at MacEvoy, he has a deal of respect for the Duchess (Lizzie sees that he is looking at her with unrequited love), and has cautious respect for the other Duke. (Lizzie notices that he is looking at Terina with unbridled hatred. Wow.)
Duchess Veronique Hariman is not drop dead gorgeous; she is middle aged and rather beautiful. She is in extremely well made clothing and in understated jewelry for someone of her station. She looks at MacEvoy like something stuck to the bottom of her shoe; at Terina like something stuck to the shit on the bottom of the shoe. She looks at Nathan with the same kind of longing he gives her. She isn’t prissy but has the unconscious arrogance of a high level noble. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders. Melinda says she’s probably one of the most reasonable nobles she’s ever met and is of one of the oldest families in Cormyr. She has a lot of land. She is married; they started out quite passionate but is more a friendship now.
Duke Hammond Eisleen is fairly friendly; a portly, balding man. He’s in just right on this side of garish clothing with his ducal chain on and has some bling but not too much. He seems very friendly, open; but under this he’s very ruthless. He supposedly has a huge net of spies. He’s got his fingers in many, many pies. He’s got a reputation for underworld dealings as well. He’s got many businesses since his father was a merchant and very successful. He is a throat-cutter. He doesn’t look at MacEvoy as a putz, but as prey. He looks at Terina with lust for a possession. He is married and she looks browbeaten; very demure.
There is a fifth Duke that is not actually landed but wields a great deal of power with the direct ear of the king. Currently Lord Wesley Riclerie is serving in this manner. (Nanny Duke, as it’s called for the other duties of keeping the children educated.) He’s sour in appearance, but brilliant. He may be the smartest person in Cormyr. He knows how to manipulate pretty much any noble. He was chosen by the King himself. The other four are chosen by the King and advisors. The fifth Duke is also the Regent.
Cotarie Tyrtha is the Seneschal, and brother to the chef. He was a minor noble that worked himself up the food chain. He was eventually given a title for services rendered. He decided to go the diplomatic route to power though he was in the army. The former ambassador was poisoned on duty so Cotarie found out who did the poisoning and brokered the alliance. The King was impressed and made him an advisor and Cotarie worked his way up that chain to Seneschal. He supposedly knows every servant by name and every noble by name. He’s fanatically loyal to the Obuskiers. He really wants to find out what truly happened the night of the assassinations since he’s pretty pissed.

To Be Continued…

1 Eleint /23 October
Session 35

The feast begins…
Sonya is 4, Ellison 5, Duke MacEvoy E at the high table (N)
Table H (ours)
Table V (bad guys)
Two tables closest to the high table are full of Purple Dragons.
The captain of the Dragons is at the high table.
The High Table:
1. Some dude (Roland Cathal, the puppet)
2. Isora!!! (we didn’t recognize her before)
3. Lord Nicholas (minor noble that managed to ingratiate himself by being friends to the royal children – crown princess’ best friend and a potential match for her)
4. Sonya (gets along well with Nicholas – he’s about 21)
5. Ellison
6. Lord Riclerie (regent)
7. Lady Elizabeth (middle aged, beautiful, looks like a queen mother – his mother, very perceptive.)
8. Caladne (female)
9. Yerich (magical goods merchant – her lover)
10. Seneschal Cotarie Tyrtha
11. Irene, his wife
12. Captain Emir (Purple Dragons)
13. Baroness Luisa (middle aged, silver hair, perfectly coiffed, velvet and silk clothing – elegance personified – she is the royal nanny essentially for the past three generations [wow] spry, willful, brilliant and a sixth sense for kids getting into trouble; one look would freeze the kids – rumor says she has some other interesting skills but that’s unconfirmed)
A. Duke Hammond
B. Lady Valeska
C. Duchess Hariman
D. Duke Marik (looks bored to death; he’s a rake)
E. Duke MacEvoy (chatting with Baroness Luisa)
F. Terina (jealous)
G. Duke Yllias (Elias) (gazing soulfully at Duchess Hariman)
H. Lady Celeste (elven envoy – cordial but distant)

Hero table:
1. Aedric (Comtesse’ Denara’s companion)
2. Comtesse Denara
3. Igraine
4. Ian/Alika
5. Regina/Zandra
6. Samuel/Severin
7. Tabitha
8. Vanco
9. Ethan
10. Lizzie/Muri
11. Erion
12. Alis/Lusi
13. Anton (gazing admiringly at Regina/Zandra)
14. Tamira (unamused by this, but Samuel/Severin is distracting enough)
15. Bernard
16. Iris

Villain table:
1. Ardayth!!! (spending a lot of time glancing at the high table)[the other two notice she’s not happy with this and is quite resentful of Isora getting the future King: Lyssandra is smirking at the whole tableaux]
2. Lord William Thurston (aspires to Dukedom – esp. the Duke of Suzail; made friends with Roland and introduced him to Isora… [they are identifying themselves as sisters apparently])
9. Lyssandra
The rest of the room is random squishies… Upper crusties.
The round tables have commoners at them!!! There is a lottery that allows some of the commons to be wined and dined for the night. One of the Obuskiers a few hundred years ago started this.
The lottery takes care of the whole thing: clothes, transportation and lodging!! Wow.
There are four servants’ entrances, several guards in the room and the corridors are essentially death traps if you don’t have clearance.
There are two doors on the opposite ends of the corridor as well as the double door entrance.
Tamira is snooty and Tabitha helpful (slows down).
We have the hand washing session then bread and butter come out.
Astara was evidently quite fond of gardening herbs and loved shallots.
Next is duck pate in dried plums. Evidently we cut these in half to eat them. We have white wine.
We have wines with every course along with water in tiny cordial glasses.
1. Next up is pasta: pillow pasta stuffed with mist cheese, parsley and sage with pumpkin pasta and tomato sauce. Served with deep red Cerlunian wine.
2. We have salad puffs of waldorf salad with dressing and hard cider.
We have dancers from the north (Dalelands) to entertain us for a while.
More bread…
3. Then hot food: little casseroles of pot pie. Cool! Oh, and Lurien white wine…
The king (Odric) was not overly fond of rank…
Roland is absolutely clueless on how to eat it. ROFL
He and most of the nobles are eating it like a little tart (taking it out of the dish whole and biting into it).
Lord Riclerie and Lady Elizabeth at it the “normal” way.
4. The next dish is one that Stefan would not eat because Ramius told him it was monster blood.
The soup is essentially borscht and served with a beer called Porter (fairly heavy beer).
5. Crown Princess Levana’s eighteenth birthday dish is up next: lamb. She adamantly refused as a child to eat “baby sheep.” The chef decided to try to educate her palate and made a new lamb dish for her. It’s rack of lamb with mint sauce on lentils served with Tathirian red.
6. We have whole fish with sauce and herbs with Cerlunian Topaz (hideously expensive wine).
The next entertainment is an orchestra playing favorite ballads (including The Death of the Dark One).
Lusi tries to sense the soul gems during the songs using her mage stone since the stone was made on the island and the boys were there when they were imprisoned in them. 21 for a Will save, 45 for the spellcraft roll.
She senses three soul gems; one is extremely familiar: she’s sensing Thane… How the hell is that here?? The stone is near Lyssandra but probably not on her. Is one of the nobodies the Nameless One?
The others are on Isora and Ardayth. Crap.
It’s possible that the Nameless One is here but he has the disguise skills that Zandra has.
She can see the outline of the gems; kind of like seeing the Weave’s lines and knots. Interesting… Wonder what’s happening there?
Ardayth’s gem is set into a finger ring. Isora has hers on a choker.
7. King Odric’s favorite from childhood: braised short ribs in sauce with vegetables with red wine.
8. Prince Ramius brought down a stirge as a youngster and brought it to be prepared for dinner. The recipe he used it in was wings with lemon zest and capers with cherry peppers stuffed with herb cheese with Balsheedan Silver wine.
There’s a problem of some sort: one of the servants talks to the Seneschal and they bring in the dancers from before… Hmm…
9. Ellison excuses the Seneschal to take care of a problem and there is a jester to entertain us with the next course of pork tenderloin in a nutty crust with beet slices with cheese on them and a Mulhorandi wine (Mirotis white).
Lusi is keeping an eye out and notices that Isora just feeling up Roland. Alika noticed that Lyssandra waved her hand while eating; nothing more obvious than that.
The Purple Dragons are keeping quite an eye on things.
Ellison, Regent, Seneschal, are in talks.
10. Tomato sorbet in tomatoes with red and yellow tomato garnish. It has rhubarb and strawberry wine from Thurston vineyards or pomegranate juice.
11. Lady Elizabeth steps out of the crowd and begins speaking while the others talk.
She introduces the next course of sweets. She seats herself on a damn fast servant supplied chair next to Lady Luisa. It’s served with champagne from Aglarond called Glowfire; the lights are dimmed and the wine is actually glowing.
12. Everyone’s still conferring at the table… The Regent does stand up and introduce the next course of varied desserts that the kids chose for Crown Princess Levana’s 21st birthday celebration. There is a toast made with the last wine; Lusi casts neutralize poison on it. The wine is elven wine… We have lemon cookies, white cheesecakes, ice cream cones, cherry cream and chocolate cups, candy floss, red grapes for garnish and in shell shaped plates. The plates are of pink pearl. The wine is actually one that humans can handle, not the “look at all the pretty colors” type they serve themselves.
The Regent begs pardon for the conversationalists to leave.
The Dukes, the advisors and the Regent leave. All the spouses/dates are left behind.
Roland is also still here. Terina’s pissed that she was left behind.
Lady Celeste is escorted out by her two elven guards.
Lady Elizabeth stays and is running the last of the evening with Baroness Luisa.
The tables are moved out of the center and set up a buffet on the sides of the room.
A dance floor is brought out along with an orchestra.
The Dukes may be voting on the succession. Shit.
The Council called for a midnight vote; there was an obscure law that said the Regent can only rule for so long. We go to get Samuel/Severin about possibly getting Stefan here now. It’s up to him now. He’s got the sources to know what’s happening at the moment.
Thane’s soul gem is on Lyssandra’s date’s wristband…
Sparky is with Lusi in a familiar pocket; he lets Lusi know there’s something up on the ceiling… It’s Thane’s familiar.
Alarms start sounding and the Purple Dragons enter the room from concealed doors in the walls and ceiling.
The captain takes Lady Elizabeth aside to talk about what has happened at her demand. I send Sparky after them to listen in. The Regent died from poisoning during the Council meeting. There is a suspect in custody; the name will not be released until there is proof that he committed the poisoning.
Spot check tells us that Sonya is being led out of the room. Crap, Ellison… They’ve arrested him! Shit.
She goes with them after telling the boys to stay; there’s nothing to hide.
Lusi tells Erion what’s happening; the Council will have to appoint someone to rule in the interim and it will probably be the senior Council member: Lady Romilda Zedor. Erion tells us that she’s an old time noble and very political and very much in favor of confirming Roland as the new king.
Tomas is the pretentious designer that made Isora and Ardayth’s gowns… We so need to rescue them from the mediocrity…
(Terina is going by Lady Evelyn Demarco from the Sword Coast)
Alis/Lusi messes with Isora’s head about fashion and the gowns.

2 Eleint

After midnight, the double doors fly open and the herald announces the Regency Council and a woman and the four dukes and one more man we don’t recognize come in. They head to the front of the room and up the dais and announce through the major domo that all members of the royal family abdicate and Roland Cathal is the new king. There will be a coronation in three days time.
Fucking lovely.
Lusi gathers Roland up and takes him to the dais and hands him over to the major domo. The man gives Lusi a grateful look.
The Captain rolls his eyes, as well as the major domo.
Word gets out that they’ve caught the assassin that poisoned the Regent but no details are given.
There are tons of wild rumors.
We all go home; on the way home both shocker lizards poke their heads out of Lusi’s familiar pocket.
(it’s been 139 days since we started the game and the royal family was assassinated; there’s a lot of angst about whether the council can declare the family abdicated)
Lusi has to get Muri focused; we can’t do anything about the royal family now but we must get the soul gems tonight.
Aldis is how the Nameless One is being addressed. Zandra appears out of the shadows dressed all in black, she looks like a frickin’ ninja. She has to go get the gem and take out Aldis tonight.
We go get ready to go among comments from Eric.

Eric starts a map of the house so we can plan… Ugh.
There are deliveries going on all night, so we can get in with them.
There are passages in the house we can use; we just have to be damn careful.
Eric paid off the Thieves Guild and got a list of things he can take.
The Guild thinks that Terina may be a Black Rose: courtesan assassins.
MacEvoy has no inside security since he’s an idiot and takes care of business in his own household that is illegal.
We are supposed to look for some sort of potion to manipulate MacEvoy; the Guild wants to know if she is one and if there is a potion.
We need to use as little magic as possible to accomplish this; the magic can be tracked. Perhaps sleep poison or Alika’s monk abilities?
We can maybe use silence orbs rather than Lusi casting silence.

Paid Eric 2500 gp in gems for the items and the payoff for the workers.
We get sleep poison, darts, shuriken, healing salve and silence orbs.
The boys come down about 15 minutes after Eric leaves.
If the potential rulers get here within the next 4 days the Council cannot force them to abdicate (144 days). If Stefan or whomever doesn’t get here by the coronation, they are assumed to have abdicated so there are three days… Geez. We have to do this quickly and get to Severin and Stefan. NO PRESSURE!!!

During the discussion of whether Ellison left a note that he was planning to assassinate the Regent, Alika mentions that he saw Lyssandra gesture toward the high table… Great. The one person that doesn’t need any kind of permissions to cast magic.
Magically activated poison? Sonya hasn’t been released either.

The boys go to bed so we can get on with our little fiasco…

To be Continued…

2 Eleint / 6 November
Session 36

We look over the official plans of the mansion and talk about what to take with us.
Lusi is going to place Spell Resistance on all of them: Cause Fear, Phantasmal Killer and Web so that they are immune to them for 130 minutes. She will cast it outside the property and use the Mage Stone so that it might blur the identification of her as the caster if it’s noticed.
Lusi is taking the boots and cloak of elvenkind, the amulet of health and belt of priestly might along with her armor.
Eric dyes Lusi’s hair brown so it’s not so noticeable.
We get to the delivery service area and begin taking orders to get the shit in the wagons and carriage. Our haversack disappears entirely very quickly.
There are 6 more guys there with us. One has been eyeing both of us and helping us a great deal… Geez. Men.
We get to the outside of the property and are frisked and the cargo inspected. Lusi casts her spells from the Stone and the guards don’t notice.
We go on into the property and get to work.
Once we’re done, the servant nods to Eric and he and five of the six guys leave. Eric concentrates and four of us appear and leave with them… WTF!!!??? He shudders and mutters about that feeling unnatural. Lusi is looking at him with a raised eyebrow but following his lead.
The guy follows us inside the passageway and grabs the bag for us.
Lusi asks who the hell that is; he gives the guy a platinum piece and tells us it’s Zandra. Wow. Lusi didn’t have any idea that she had any male disguises. Zandra just shrugs and smiles.
We put on our pieces of equipment and get a move on.
Spot checks; 20, 1, 19. Lusi was looking up for traps.
Eric finds a trap on a secret door; it’s stairs leading up.
We take them up and are near three doors. The stairs lead to the hallway near the rooms we want but decide to take the hallway to see if Isora’s there.
She is and is wearing a satin shift and the choker.
Lusi is very impatient: she really wants this one since it should be Cyrus’ soul in that gem.
Zandra is staying in here to wait for us.
Lusi rolls the silence ball in (nat 20) and Muri goes in with the sleep darts from Eric.
The choker is magically sealed… Of course.
Eric drains the magical trap when the dispel magic Lusi casts twice doesn’t work. He shakes his hand and unlocks the choker. Lusi takes it and shoves it into her shirt under her armor. No one is getting this off her… Eric replaces the choker with a fake.
We go on to try to get the bracelet off of Ardayth.
Eric disarms the trap on the eyeholes and we see that she’s in there with a guy and a girl… Wow. Damn.
Okay, so there’re three to take out. They’re all nude and wrapped in sheets.
Muri finds and disarms the trap.
The second trap she fucks up but Eric leaps on her before the Alarm goes off.
Lusi throws the Silence orb under the bed then Muri and Alika poke the necks; the guy wakes up! Shit.
Muri throws her hands over his eyes and mouth; Alika hits him with Stunning Fist.
Zandra walks in with a vial in “his” hand; she pours it down his throat. He goes limp.
Lusi grabs the ring; she sets off the trap and takes 10 damage. Lusi dispels the spell on the ring itself. Yes!
Eric replaces the ring with a fake.
We split up so Eric can see about getting a look at Terina and see if she is a Black Rose.
Muri breaks a rail on the ladder and wakes up one of the servants on the other side of the wall. Shit. A little girl heard us… Lusi makes a Ghost Sound on the other side of the wall. The father decides to go get the guards. We’re going to wait near the storage room secret door. The guards come into the storage room bitching about servants and give it a cursory check.
It takes them about 10 minutes in the storage room.
We’re just about to leave when Zandra and Eric come around the corner and we have a short WTF moment. We go into the storage room down to the cellar and he opens a secret door and we get the hell out of there.
We come to a T intersection and Eric does some sort of pattern on the bricks. We come out into the garden area.
We get the hell off the property successfully! Yay!!
We change clothes; just some other kind of common clothes so we can walk home. The boys are waiting for us; one is asleep but the other is watching the door and asks where we were… Lusi says “out.” He doesn’t want to know.
He grabs his brother and heads upstairs.
Eric says Terina is a Black Rose but no potion that could be controlling the Duke. Might just be that he’s a willing participant in all this… He’s doing a lot of interesting business. There was a substantial payment made to a bank on Moradin. It looks like an arrangement that was made long enough ago to be the assassination of the royal family… Shit.
The Ashoon do not do political assassination… But the Nameless One may certainly have been the one.
The transcript of the night’s session really implicates Ellison; there was plenty of evidence… It was a multi stage poison.
Maybe we can get Zandra in as the expert on the poisons.
MacEvoy at least doesn’t think that Ellison had anything to do with the royal family’s assassination and was surprised by Ellison murdering the Regent.
We’re going to try talking with Devan.
Lyssandra is a member of the Olenar Mentis.
Who and why in place of Ellison. Proof of the administration and activation of the poison; origin of the poison.
The death of the Regent resulted in the patsy getting the throne, Lyssandra getting unlimited access to the palace and the good advisor to the throne getting screwed over.
Devan is interested in the info that Lyssandra wanted to drain the soul stones; it was probably not for the Olenar Mentis but for her own power and knowledge.
Lyssandra is ruthless, arrogant and tends to underestimate those not more powerful than she.
He tells Muri to get Aurien away from the Vicari Ordiri for his own safety.

We need to stop the coronation…
Lady Morganna shows up when Lusi calls but won’t say anything because we have to figure this out ourselves.

Lady Elizabeth is the Regent’s mother… Alika’s got a point. If anyone might be pissed at Lyssandra she would. She would also be pissed at the rest of the conspirators.

Lusi suggests that we get some rest and get a new perspective to this whole thing.
She takes a few hours the next day to study in Sonya’s library.

Erion comes in and starts trying to give her some ideas… Thane. Shit, now she feels stupid.
Ethan is making breakfast downstairs. Zandra has gone to do something but will be back soon.

Eric says that Zandra should clean the bloody bracelet; it does so as she hands the soul gem to Lusi… Zandra looks speculatively at Eric. Hmmm… Definitely showing symptoms of magical talent… LOL

Lusi takes Thane up to the library and on the way grabs the two shocker lizards.
The conversation with Thane goes well. He shows her some ways to think of how to work this out.
Thane is a middle aged hottie right there, nude. Lusi gives him a blanket to clothe himself in.
He puts Zandra on her butt because she didn’t look carefully enough when she entered.

Lusi decides to see about getting Roshan out next. It works. (rolled a natural 20 on a third Will save; Michelle will tell us what it means later)
Roshan appears to be asleep and is nude as well. Lusi gently wakes him after draping him with a blanket.
He is surprised and a little disbelieving. He decides to go downstairs so that Lusi isn’t distracted by his magical aura.
Muri is insanely surprised by him coming down…
Thane and Zandra come down about that time. Ethan goes to make more food.

Cyrus’ gem looks different from the other two. They looked like they were magic woven together; this one looks like a hard faceted shell… Shit. There’s only one point that seems like a weak spot. It’s where the soul bond between us pierces the facet.
Lusi tries to communicate with him through the bond; he’s asleep. She tries “yelling” down the line and when it doesn’t help she tries to shove ball lightning down the line. The lightning hits and shatters the stone facets. It works, but Cyrus got a bit of pain from it.
He is disoriented momentarily but gets over it quickly.
We share a huge kiss and Lusi snuggles up under his arm and we go downstairs.
The guys eat like they haven’t seen food in a week… Oh wait, they haven’t.

The conversation begins with Lusi telling Cyrus and Roshan what was happening.
Muri conjectures that they may have been controlled the entire time from where they remember until they were imprisoned.
Thane says that he saw them and they were very quiet. They were Aramis’ guests and were with Ardayth and Isora. The women were supposedly cleared to be merchants in the city on Moradin and they boys were essentially just retarded boy toys. He thought nothing of them until he saw them in front of the Colturi and was pissed. Aramis fought with him and he doesn’t know what happened to the boys since he was forced into the soul gem then. It would take a very powerful mage to do that. There was no taint of Void magic on the gems.
We are all going to go to the temple of Mystra and give statements and the jewelry; Cyrus and Roshan will stay for the investigation. Roshan protests a bit, but Cyrus tells him to look at it as an adventure.

There is a male priest, Morgan, available for us to speak with. He asks us what we are here for; Lusi tells him that short and sweet we are accusing Guild Mistress Lyssandra of imprisoning Thane, Cyrus and Roshan in soul gems.
We go into a Room of Truth and give statements. One of the wizard priests comes to look at the physical evidence. She tells him that there are a couple of magical auras on it and Lady Lyssandra’s is one of them. Lusi and Cyrus’ auras can be explained, but they will need to find out why hers is there.

Lusi gives Cyrus a leech-like hug… Thane has a short conversation with Eric.

We get back to the house… Ethan and Erion tell us that the coronation has been moved up to tonight, in about three hours!!!! Shit.
Lusi drags Erion up to the library and gets direction to the book with location spell information in it. The law still stands that 144 days is required timing for official abdication in absentia, but still….

Erion suggests a scrying spell instead… If the person isn’t protected against it.

We have approximately 4500 gp left of the gems in our treasure.

Lusi begins looking via the spell for Severin; it actually succeeds. He is with someone but that person is fuzzed out. He is trying to open a set of manacles on the fuzzed out person. He appears to be muttering something but she can’t hear him. Zooming out she sees it’s a set of cells in caves. There are humans and orcs there. She gets the sense that they are in the Stormhorns just north of Suzail in the King’s Forest. It’s a huge forest that isn’t heavily patrolled. Hope that Astara isn’t also captured!
She now has a view of the place and can teleport there.
Malice walks in the room – Severin has thrown the bone in the corner and scurries to the side of the fuzzy person. Malice is smirking and gloating and threatening the censored person. Looks like Malice is monologuing… Idiot.

Lusi sends a message to Severin – we’re on the way, hang tight.
Eric is going to try to steal the Crown Jewels after convincing the Thieves’ Guild to help. We’re going to rescue them; Astara is safe.

11 teleport scrolls left

Vanya is with us in human form!! White hair, long white dress, silver star on her forehead, bright blue eyes.
Severin has managed to get all but one of Stefan’s manacles off.
Muri gives him a sword and her picks.
Vanya touches Stefan and heals him since he had the crap beat out of him.
Severin is quite impressed with her.

To Be Continued…

2 Eleint / 4 December
Session 37

There is minor debate over whether we should teleport back out… The decision is made when the orc outside the door mentions that someone is breaking into the air/heir chamber. There is a woman in there. One of the Sisters??

The orc opens the door and gets hit immediately by Muri who kills him gorily. #2 dies also, then the sword goes flying…
Zandra steps outside the cave and takes those two out.

The hallway is now empty. We hear noises off to the left… We head that way! 
Order of march: Muri, Alika, Lusi, Stefan, Severin, Zandra.
The hallways are very rough-hewn with veins of gold and gems in the walls.
There are some small short tunnels around; they were looking for something. On one of the tunnels is a mass of what is probably topaz. The large tunnel abruptly turns backwards on itself and that’s where the noises are.
Sounds like the air chamber may be behind the topaz mass.
Also sounds like eight orcs and at least one human.
Malice is there and in flamboyant Gith style! Ick. He clears the orcs out of the way and attempts to disintegrate the wall. It reflects back and kills one of the orcs.
Lusi goes back to the short aborted tunnel to try Dimension Door.
It doesn’t work. She takes a few points of damage in the attempt.
Malice is irritated; the orcs are talking about getting some explosives to try to get the topaz broken out of the way. The rest of the party decides to attack now rather than wait until they get back with explosives. Malice casts Force Wave while they are trying to sneak in; it bounces back and hits all of them… Oops.
Everyone takes six points of damage…
Muri takes advantage of this and starts the killing! She takes out the leader, the sorcerer and priest run like little bitches.
Muri grunts something at them; it’s just gibberish. One of the orcs, across the room, does the same thing back to her. She draws her dagger and prepares to throw it at him. LOL Severin takes out the sorcerer and priest when they run to the exit.
Zandra strikes Malice in the back and hits once. Alika takes out one of them with greater flurry of blows.
Lusi gives up on the spells and tries putting her bared wrist to the topaz. There is no door here to have a symbol on top, so she tries just touching the topaz.
Zandra lifts her hands, her knives disappear and she lunges at Malice. She grabs him his shoulder and her hands start to glow… Malice goes next and he grabs her hand and a wave of black energy rolls out of his hand onto hers. She falls over clutching her chest! Shit!!!
The lone orc dies.
Severin steps into a shadow and appears behind Malice with a surprise attack. He hits, but doesn’t do much damage, relatively.
Malice casts a spell requiring a strength check… A wave of shadow pulses out from Malice and Muri stays upright!! Yes! The others get pushed back a ways.
Lusi gets sucked into to the room and is buffeted on all sides by gale force winds; the room is a topaz geode. There is a woman suspended in the room by glowing topaz bonds. Lusi braces herself down to think.
Severin and Alika move back into range; all have flanking bonuses.
Severin hits Malice several times.
Alika hits a couple of times.
Malice takes off! He teleports away.
Vanya and Stefan step into the room. Vanya goes to heal up Zandra.
Lusi enchants her whetstone and touches it to the bonds; they disappear and the woman falls. Lusi catches her and lays her down. Lusi opens the archway which glows and opens (the green and violet runes light up) then dimension doors to the end of the larger tunnel where the party fought off Malice. She’s holding a woman: silvery blond hair, lightly tanned skin, dressed in remnants of a very nature-like set of armor. Her eyes are closed right now. Lusi is wondering if this is Dove Falconhand. She has a Harper symbol on her armor and a symbol of Mystra. This might also be Storm Silverhand… Anyway, we have to get Stefan back to Cormyr and she’s safer with us than not for now.
The teleport scroll has a huge complicated formulaic explanation of teleportation.
We get to the back yard and the guys tell us the house is being watched. Lusi and Muri start immediately trying to figure out where to go.
The palace is where we need to be…
Smelling salts don’t wake the woman; this leaves magic. She was in an air chamber and imprisoned by earth bonds… Lusi casts a stoneskin spell on her and she wakes as a puff of air departs from her. She says she needs to return to Shadowdale. So it’s Storm Silverhand.
We’ll try to get to Countess Denara’s quickly. Zandra gets out a Hat of Disguise and sets it on his head.
He now looks like a proper British butler. 
Lusi messes up and falls over a trash can on the way to the Countess’s home. We get there just in time to stop her from leaving. Lusi gets her to talk to them and Stefan reveals himself momentarily. He tells her the last time he saw her was when she was entertaining his older brother in his rooms.
Muri is the lady in waiting, Lusi is a cousin, Severin is the escort, Stefan the seneschal, Zandra a male noble bodyguard, Alika is Muri’s escort, Storm will go to the Universal Library with Raeyna.

And we’re off to stop the coronation!! WOO HOO!!
We arrive last and almost too late to get in.
There are guards everywhere… The Archbishop (the high priest of Azoon), Lyssandra, Lady Zador, Roland and the Majordomo are at the dais.
Ardayth and Isora are in the first row.
We go through the long, drawn out, boring, annoying spiel… Then Lusi yells that we object just before the bishop names Roland the king.
Ardayth is looking jilted, Lyssandra is surprised and there’s a member of the audience shifting around. The guards are looking to the leader for direction.
One guard goes into the aisle behind Stefan to escort him.
Lady Zador does not look amused… The archbishop has an odd look on his face.
There are crossbowmen in the galleries to enforce the no weapons rule.
The majordomo is very pleased by this turn of events.
Severin joins Stefan at the front in his full Lord Martial regalia.

The audience member throws something and gets turned into a quarrel pincushion.
Severin intercepts the weapon with a shield that just appears from his regalia.
They seal the room. Lots more Purple Dragons come into the room.
Lyssandra steps forward to say that she might be of assistance. Lusi yells that she can’t be trusted. There are Purple Dragons next to both she and Lusi.
Stefan presents his rings as proof and then his father’s sword glows white when Stefan swears that he had nothing to do with the death of his family.
The archbishop is manacled after Lusi mentions that he declared all the Obuskiers dead… The manacles are magical and it’s not the archbishop that appears there when they close.
A guard comes in and tells the captain that the crown jewels are gone. The captain declares the city sealed.
The questioning of Lyssandra continues and reveals that she was all for having Roland on the throne because he promised her certain concessions. She had nothing to do with the assassination of the Obuskiers. Nothing is asked of her involvement in the death of the Regent Lord Riclerie.
Some time passes and the High Priestess of Mystra enters. She crowns Prince Stefan with Roland bitching the whole time.
Eric whispers in Lusi’s ear that he’s got the jewels and where does she want them. She has him deliver them to the hall in person, no changing clothes. Stefan gets him to the front and accepts the jewels and lets him be seated.
The crowning continues; Muri shouts “long live the King” after that. The nobles take up the refrain.
Eric Killian is recognized by the crown with a lifelong pardon.
After a while, we are summoned to the office to talk to Stefan.
He formally thanks Eric again.
He tells us that Severin has to go with us on our quest. We forgot entirely that Severin is also marked! One of Severin’s siblings will be asked if he wishes to take this on for a relatively short time.
He suggests Damon and Dalia; a set of twins. They are pretty much inseparable; they act almost as one person. Damon is a martial person and Dalia a rogue.
Maurice is the majordomo; he’s so very thankful that we got rid of Roland’s chance of being king. He was stuck trying to advise Roland on fashion of all things. The clothes he was wearing were a compromise… That’s terrible.
The rooms are beautiful; done in the royal colors and well made but not garish.
Nirra is our page girl.
We ask her to get some food from the kitchen. It is wonderful!!

To Be Continued…

3 Eleint / 18 December
Session 38

The next morning, around 8 or so, the bells start ringing out a celebratory peal. Muri is already awake, Lusi casts a silence spell and goes back to sleep, Eric is startled out of sleep but goes back to sleep. Alika is awake, Severin walks through the living room in cotton pants with no shirt and rubbing his hair with a towel. Drool! 
Damon and Dalia evidently arrived during the night; Severin stayed up all night updating them. They are now the acting Lords Marshall for Cormyr and Stefan. Damon is the public face of the Lord Marshall, Dalia will be in the background.
Muri decides that she will shock Lusi and not jump on the bed to wake her up.
Damon and Dalia will be joining us for a meal in the near future…
Maurice comes by and extends His Majesty’s invitation to breakfast.
Lusi decides to wear pretty clothes; she goes for semi formal gear. Muri changes her clothing for something a little more fancy than the original choice.
Alika, Zandra and Severin are quite casual.
Eric is very sleepy but with us.
One of the hallways has a visible magic seal on the hallway with two Purple Dragons on this side of the shield. Severin states our names and one of the guards goes to verify us. Once he does, the remaining guard touches something on the wall behind him through the shield that drops the shield.
We are escorted to Stefan. The doors on the way have the crest on it with personalizations; most of them have a black band over them. One of the doors does not have the band and is made of gold. Astara’s room! Cool.
The big double doors at the end of the hallway have the big crest with the crown on it.
There is a big table with food on it; the rest of the suite is essentially a house all in one area.
Stefan is at the head of the table and he is flanked by two utterly gorgeous people.
Both have white hair, his is short but wavy and spiked with steel colored eyes, she has waist length hair and gold eyes. They are so beautiful as to eclipse the most beautiful humans we’ve ever seen.
He is wearing the Lord Marshall’s uniform and she is wearing the same type of thing in women’s style.
Damon Einelsis Hadenthor and Dalia Selune Hadenthor are the two people there; Severin’s siblings.
Damon’s more blocky than Severin. Both are tanned.
Alika’s dad is Theran; and he’s a hell of a lot older than Alika thought.
There will be a massive party at the end of the week and Stefan wants Mom to dress Stefan and Astara to wear.
Eric is still falling asleep in his chair until Stefan wakes him with a stern “listen to your King.” That startles him awake and we find out that the Thieves Guild threw him a massive party.
Lyssandra resigned her position as Guild Mistress this morning. The investigation wasn’t looking good for her.
We may be able to check out the Library in the Guild and the royal library.
Stefan suggests Vandergast’s Tower as a place to do research. Also Ryselle’s old tower. Vandergast lived here in Suzail as he was the King’s Advisor.
The state of Sembia’s ambassador resides in the place where Vandergast used to live while he was in the palace.
The ambassador will be moved so that we can check this out. While that’s going on we need to check with a sage that specializes in Vandergast so we have some idea of what we’re walking into.
Damon and Dalia are verbally sparring with Severin and it turns out that Damon and Dalia already have their draconic forms; they were around 500 when that happened.
Eye and hair color tend to be the most obvious signals of dragon heritage.
Since the city is celebrating this week the Sembians will be moved next week. That means we’ve got some down time to both research and chill out.
We need to contact Mom so that she can get started on making clothes for Stefan and Astara.

27500 xp

Stefan presents us with slim bracelets that allow us to enter any part of the Cormyrian palace.
He presents us with a box of small glowing orbs that are a gift from the Obuskier family. These will give us certain effects but require a night’s rest to manifest.

Haul from our house encounter with Malice and lackeys:
Silver daggers with runes
Potions of cure moderate wounds
Rings of teleportation (goes to a specific location) 1 charge each
Rings of protection (minor)
Longswords, one is more powerful than the others
Gemstones on a leather thong
Pouches with standard gear in them (hold a bit more than usual, nothing earth shattering)
1094 gp, 380 sp

Apprentice was hauling:
Money pouch of holding: 88 pp, 4097 gp, 904 sp, 3 cp
Really nice dagger of mithril and has a shardalin stone (the stone is a star shardalin and is extremely rare and hold more spell energy)
Ring of teleportation to another plane – maybe Malice’s demiplane?
Another pouch of holding that works like a handy haversack
5 potions of restoration
Nice goblet of ebony and silver
Deck of tarot cards – ivory inlaid with platinum; dark runes and pictographs
Potion of mage armor
Very nice bottle of wine – crazy rare bottle Balasheedan silver from 700 years ago
Bolt of cloth that is probably from another world or plane (never seen it before and neither did the tailor)
Box of perfumed candles – non magical
Pouch of components – the pouch is magical and will generate spell components up to 50 gp; will generate one spell component of 500 gp or less once per day
Stone horse – Eric’s keeping that
Crystalline cube – spell cube from before the fall of Netheril (have to attune self to the cube to access the spells) Lusi snagged this off the table
Lots and lots of gems

Eric goes to take a nap; Lusi and Muri change clothes and see about exploring the entire palace. Severin and Alika are talking about the job of being Lord Marshall while the girls change and chatter.
We spend the better part of the day exploring the palace. We get back to the suite around dinner time.
Our page says that there is a dinner in the main dining hall, formal dress, we are invited but not required to go.
Severin and Alika need a tailor; the gentleman has Severin measurements and gets his outfit ready then gets Alika’s measurements and makes another outfit for him.
Alika escorts Muri, Lusi goes with Severin and Zandra comes with us. We are seated at the head table and the people are actually chatting with us this time. They are trying to ingratiate themselves to us since we’re the friends of the king. We also have Ellison and Sonya with us at the table so we get to chat about the coronation and all the stuff Stefan has planned for everyone to enjoy. He plans to get rid of some of the taxes that the council set up. Ardayth and Isora not there; Roland is but not at the head table.
Stefan makes a speech about having a debt to a group of people that got him here. He does say that he could present this in a full Royal court; Lusi tells him thanks but no thanks. We are awarded the Order of Faerlthann (this was the first king of Cormyr and the first Obuskier), and we are ennobled with basic titles. We will be granted lands if we choose to approach the crown and ask for it.
Muri checks out who is not really happy; MacAvoy is not really happy about this (which is to be expected), Duke Eisleen (nat 20) is a consummate actor and is very good at it. He is putting on the act very well; but he is giving us calculating looks, not hostile but trying to appraise us plus wondering where Eric is.
The Duchess thinks this is cool as hell, Duke Ylleus is paying more attention at the Duchess…
The cake comes out and has our names on it; Lusi’s is her full first name (ugh). There are symbols on it with our names: The Red Knight, a Tymoran coin, a tree with a unicorn, crossed swords for Severin, and just Zandra’s name.
Eric slips in around then and steals a piece of cake… 
We have a bit of a reception afterwards. All the people congratulate us including the four dukes…

We read off the word encased in the orbs and get knocked out for the night… It’s any class ability or feat up to 15th level.

To Be Continued…

5 Eleint / 8 Jan 12
Session 39

Lusi chose to have all the item creation feats from her orb.
We have one extra feat also from the orb: Lusi is taking arcane manipulation – the ability to break down spells to equivalent lower level spells, first level spells break down into two one half level spells (Lost Empires of Faerun).
We wake up after about 12 hours; Muri missed the sunrise… She comes to Lusi’s room; Lusi is waiting for her and starts a pillow fight that Eric joins.
Alika wakes up and notices metallic gold claws, very finely scaled skin that imparts a golden sheen and no body hair. He’s also a little bulkier too.
Severin has metallic grey streaks in his hair… Zandra doesn’t appear to have changed physically.
Severin and Alika are monstrously hungry… Both will probably be eating a lot more than usual for awhile.
We have time to do research on Vandergast’s tower, Ryselle’s old tower and underground locations for the Seven Sisters. We need a lot more information on how to find Eleanora (Eighth Sister). We don’t even know all her correspondences yet.
Lusi and Muri go to the library; histories will be the first section we tackle.
We look in the magical histories first for Ryselle’s tower. After that we look in the regular histories and songs.
The library search function is magical: we write down what we’re after on a card and place it in a box.
Vandergast: court mage, kingly advisor to Azoon the fourth about 1200 years ago (Time of Troubles), one of the most powerful wizards on this world, was fairly old ( supposedly well over 200 years old when he disappeared – not died…), very eccentric, kind of crazy; after the time of troubles there was a Dark War – a really evil bad guy from another world came to stomp Toril into submission and apparently came with the city of Shade which was one of the last surviving cities in Netheril – used it to build an army and had an epic battle in a caldera in The Spine of the World that all of the peoples sent representatives to, Lady Lara destroyed the Dark One and ascended to godhood, Derrick was the Lord Martial of Cormyr at the time and like a brother to the king (who got assassinated…) and took a short leave but the Purple Dragons were infiltrated and were suspected of helping the assassins. The king, queen, and the crown prince died. The eldest daughter was out stomping an army of orcs, Derrick was gone and the younger children were saved by the Thieves Guild. Vandergast visited several sages to exchange information. He had a tower and the story goes that there was an entrance through the palace but it was lost. No ideas exactly where it was since the palace was rebuilt. He was court mage to three generations of the Obuskier family, Azoon IV, the two kings before him and the king after him. The older sister abdicated to be at the head of the Royal Army.
Muri finds a book on the architecture of the palace and its incarnations. There are about 9 different ones; Ryselle Seralis was the designer and builder of the first palace. It was the size of a manor house for a lord at the time (first Obuskier) and was rebuilt much larger later on. She was pictured standing in front of the palace with her husband and daughter, the Duke Arden Seralis and Amarantha. The current palace was built about 150 years ago. The last palace before this was destroyed. Suzail was invaded at that time.
Perhaps we can find where she kept her tower or living space since she supposedly lived in town at the time… Her tower is “somewhere to the North” according to other sources.
Vandergast’s time was in the fifth palace. Lusi looks up the layout of that palace. The advisor’s quarters were in the same place as the Sembian ambassador’s rooms in the east wing.
Vandergast’s books (the handwritten ones) are in the private Royal library.
We find out that Felix Aldermann’s staff is the same one that Amarantha and Ryselle were also pictured with. We go looking to find out why he would have that and what the name is, if we can find it.
The staff was golden in color and the headpiece was gold and levitating in the middle is a rainbow gem.

We have lunch with Damon and Dalia; Stefan is busy with his nobles unfortunately.
We get onto an elevator which freaks both Lusi and Muri out… Nirra is quite nonchalant about it. There is a beautiful domed room here and it is the top of the palace with a fantastic view of the city and the rest of the Palace. This is The Crystal Dome.
Ryselle’s tower was probably called The White Tower.

The Royal library is sealed with an ironwood door with adamantine bands. Dalia is our escort; she has the keys and the password.
Research: The White Tower, Ryselle, Vandergast’s tower, the staff just because; the Serasair Potentia if we have time, stuff about Mom’s adventuring group.
Vandergast’s journals: lots of dear diary type entries; she is after the feel of his personal signature to potentially help find the entrance to his tower. She does make out the signature of his energy (luck check of 22). He really doesn’t say what he’s going to do with himself after retirement; maybe he’ll go fishing with Elminster…

It takes several hours to do the research… Lots of notes in Muri and Alika’s notes.
Raeyna is sitting in one of the comfy chairs reading.
We go into the Rod of Security that Alustriel gave us to modify it. Lusi has to solidify the image in her head; Will save is 31. Raeyna makes the images permanent; there are a kitchen, a dining room, dishes and cookware, a cooling room, a cellar, a small cooling box for liquids, a small dry room, a freezing room and preservation shelves.
We will need to tap the rod on the item and visualize where we want it to go; if we don’t the item will go on the floor on the atrium.
Tomorrow it will be time to provision it! Alika gets to take care of that. Lusi will be studying up on the Serasair Potentia.
To Be Continued…

6 Eleint 2525 / 29 January 2012
Session 40

Muri wakes up at the butt crack of dawn, along with Zandra… The boys will be sleeping a lot as well as eating a ton… The purple dragons are out training already; Muri watches and drools… :)
Lusi wakes up a couple of hours later than Muri.
Breakfast!!! Yummy food!
Alika’s nose wakes him up… Severin wakes up then too.
Nirra summons the second humongous breakfast for the guys so they don’t starve to death…
Lusi reminds Alika that he has to fill the Rod of Security today.
On the way to the Library Zandra shows up out of nowhere; she was learning the Purple Dragons’ fighting style.
Lusi is trying to find information on the Serasair Potentia. The closest thing Lusi can find is information on the crystals that the elves use to store information and wear on their foreheads (telkyrra).
The book is on unusual magical artifacts and part of it is on gemstone magic. The elves use the crystalline structure to store information and magic and called them the Telkyrra and stick on their foreheads. Certain types can function as spellbooks and store a huge number of spells. They are only usable by the elves. There are stories about the Netherilese trying to make something similar. Noone knows if they succeeded. The Empire fell around that time. If they did, they were probably all destroyed in the fall.
Muri shows Lusi the symbols she found: “The Order of the Universe.” These symbols match up to our wrist symbols. We don’t know which one that Zandra has (I’m betting on cold). Severin has the fire symbol, Lusi earth, Muri air and Raeyna lightning. Alika still hasn’t gotten a symbol on his wrist and wouldn’t Eric just be pissed beyond thought if he got marked? So would Aurien… Which Lusi wonders whether that will happen. Maybe, maybe not.
Well, that’s it for the Royal Library; we’ll have to head to the Mage’s Academy library if we want more information. Which Lusi does, so that’s the next stop after lunch.
We go to the suite for lunch and meet up with the guys and Zandra; she has the acid symbol on her wrist.
The Academy Library has a bit more detail on the Telkyrra, but no more real information. The Netherilese spellcubes were presumed lost in the fall of the empire. There’s a more modern book on the new Netheril empire; it mentions that some of the spellcubes were supposed to be able to store spells and spell energy (some rumored to hold hundreds of spells in them) and a case of the cubes were stolen and never found… Some rumors indicate the cubes were outside of Netheril when the fall occurred. There are stories of some people claiming that they have them but have never been verified. They are considered priceless in value.
Raeyna comes during this downtime to hang out with Severin: she shows Lusi a Mass Identify spell that Ryselle created. She IDs all of the items we got from Malice’s lackeys.
1- protection from chaos/evil/good/law
2- zone of truth
The pouches of gems have tags that state the value of them.
Lusi wears the spellcube on the necklace loop; meditating with the stone smacks her upside the brain with the knowledge in it. It has a capacity of storing 175 spells within it. It will also function as a spell pool. it’s bonded to me and my magic so there is a slight leak of my magic into the cube and it will be putting a certain number of spell points into it each day for 10 days until it matches my usual spell points (it will essentially clone 1 spell per level per day until it’s full). This overrides the magestone I created on Aetris. Adding spells into the cube will require that I cast it into the cube, add them from charged item or have it taken slowly during the nights. This only affects my sorcerer spells.
Pouch of assorted gems:
Alexandrite (400 gp)
2 x Alexandrite (500 gp)
Amethyst (80 gp)
Azurite (11 gp)
Black Opal (1100 gp)
Black Star Sapphire (900 gp)
Chrysoprase (40 gp)
Fire Opal (800 gp)
Golden Yellow Topaz (300 gp)
Iolite (60 gp)
Jade (90 gp)
Lapis Lazuli (9 gp)
Onyx (50 gp)
Rhodochrosite (6 gp)
Rock Crystal (40 gp)
Silver Pearl (120 gp)
Star Rose Quartz (50 gp)
Zircon (60 gp)
Alexandrite (300 gp)
Citrine (70 gp)
Deep Blue Spinel (500 gp)
Obsidian (10 gp)
Silver Pearl (700 gp)
Star Ruby (1000 gp)
Star Ruby (1400 gp)
Violet Garnet (400 gp)

0th — all cantrips.
1st — animate rope; detect secret doors; expeditious retreat; mage armor; magic missile; silent image; sleep, Charm person, Color splay, Detect undead, Enlarge, Feather fall, Forcewave, Identify, Jump, Mount, Scattersplay, Shocking grasp, Silent image, Spirit worm, Summon monster I

2nd — alter self; bear’s endurance; eagle’s splendor; invisibility; knock; rope trick; see invisibility, Aganazzar’s scorcher, Blindness/deafness, Bull’s strength, Claws of darkness, Create magic tattoo, Eagle’s splendor, Locate object, Minor image, Mirror image, Shadow mask, Shadow spray, Snilloc’s snowball swarm, Spectral hand, Stinking cloud, Tasha’s hideous laughter

3rd — dispel magic; displacement; fireball; fly; protection from energy; summon Monster III; tongues, Clairaudience/clairvoyance, Fireball, Flashburst, Haste, Illusory script, Sepia snake sigil, Spider poison

4th — charm monster; invisibility, greater; phantasmal killer; polymorph; scrying; summon monster IV; wall of ice, Dimensional anchor, Lesser geas, Locate creature, Scrying

5th — cone of cold; feeblemind; hold monster; summon monster V; teleport; wall of force; wall of stone, Animal growth, Cone of cold, Lesser planar binding, Mirage arcana

6th — antimagic field; contingency; disintegrate; dispel magic, greater; planar binding; summon monster VI; true seeing, Cacophonic shield, Control weather, Mass haste, Mass suggestion

7th — banishment; control weather; limited wish; prismatic spray; statue; symbol of stunning; teleport, greater, Great thunderclap, Limited wish, Phase door, Simbul’s synostodweomer

8th — horrid wilting; irresistable dance; maze; mind blank; moment of prescience; polymorph any object; protection from spells, Clone, Iron body, Polymorph any object, Spell engine

9th — mage’s disjunction; meteor swarm; shapechange; time stop; wail of the banshee; Black blade of disaster, Dominate monster, Elminster’s evasion, Foresight, Time stop, Weird, Wish, Zajimarn’s avalanche

Lusi happens to find a slim volume on draconic myths and magic… (Nat 20 luck check on opal dragons)
The nothing was rent by a light in the darkness as the Origin of All came in to being. This began the growth of the Universe. There were two kind of magic: creation and void/nothing. One cannot exist without the other. Both are necessary to existence since before there was neither. There came into being two dragons. Draconic legends seem to infer that there is a type for each force. One was a Void dragon and the other a Creation dragon (obsidian and opal). As worlds began to grow and the ley lines made the web of energy; the crystal spheres grew like apples on a tree. Some all powerful beings made little bits of creation(overpowers and planets). Some rejected the dragons’ advice and the worlds died. The opal dragon laid a series of eggs and the metallic dragons were born. The Void dragon created the chromatic dragons. The two dragons worked together to make the dragons but the mettalic dragons were more “hers” than “his.” The next generation were the gem dragons and alternate mettalics. The two retreated back to the Origin and were never seen again. The opal dragon made it possible to create the Void dragon’s progeny. In the beginning the chromatic dragons were pretty dark and brooding and entropy and the mettalics as more of good helpful dragons but as time progressed they tended to become more like each other. At this point the metallics are mostly good and the chromatics more evil or neutral.
We go to dinner with Stefan and discuss his marriage prospects. Eric is his typical self and tells Stefan anything that comes to mind. Eric eventually tells Stefan that Lord Escot had an unfortunate accident because he was fornicating with small children. Lord Escot was a member of the Council.
Eric has to fork over 25% of his acquisitions to the aforementioned bride…
The child Lord Escot was banging was dropped off at the temple of Eldath (goddess of healing).
Eric is to find out where the rest of the missing treasure money went… Stefan doesn’t want to know how he finds out the information.

10 Eleint

The Sembians leave… Yay! Now we can go hunt for the same signature as the book by Vandergast.
We go off to the Sembian’s quarters! Woo hoo!
Nirra stays just outside the room to wait for us. The quarters are absolutely insanely luxurious. it’s just like a house in here. Eight bedrooms, a huge library/study.
Lusi tries to cast a detect magic (Vandergast’s magic specifically). It doesn’t work the first time. A spot check sees something glowing over in one of the smaller bedrooms a smaller brighter spot of magic. There’s no item there, it just appears to be a small spot in the stone. It’s just white; appears elemental in nature.
Alika sees what might be a water symbol in that spot. He touches the symbol that he sees; it appears to all of us. He pours some water on his hand and he touches his wet hand on the symbol. His wrist sears a bit and an archway appears with stairs leading down. Alika has been marked with the water symbol.
We walk down about 4 floors and the stairs end on a flat surface. The floor has a large seal on it with magical symbols on the edge. The inner part has the eight symbols with the yin yang in the middle. This is a crafted room instead of a roughhewn cave. Part of the ceiling fell in long ago and the walls have cracks. There is another archway but it is completely dark. Muri mutters something about going back in time. Lady Morganna shows up and gives Eric some information that he’s happy about.
We walk across the seal; the appropriate symbol lights up as we cross and stays lit up.
Alika tries touching the symbol on the apex stone: it flashes once but nothing else happens. He tries wetting his hand again but gets only the same reaction. He didn’t have to make an impossible choice; Raeyna’s not here; we don’t have all eight people… Any of these could have something to do with it.
Severin calls Raeyna and she eventually shows up. It was late in her date… She and Severin were both blushing.
Raeyna leaves and Alika steps through the glowing white arch. There is a woman with long white hair in a blue dress surrounded by fire floating in the middle of the perfectly round room.
He walks up to the fire ball and hits it (his gauntlets have a fire spell imbued in them). The cage shatters into flaming fragments and she starts to fall. Alika tries to catch her; he succeeds. The cage does a bit of damage to him but he shields her from the flames.
He walks out carrying the woman. He has to work not to trip on her hair.
We hear someone walking down the stairs; a voice is saying “personally, I’d just cut if off.” It’s Malice!

To Be Continued…


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