The Legend Reborn

The Tale of the Adventure as Told by Lusi - Part 3

28 Flamerule (evening) / 2 December
Session 21

Blindfolded and riding into the night…
And the day…
We stop in the evening and get put in a tent and fed.
The next day we continue onward… This goes on for three days.

We end up going into a cave and dismount the horses.
We’re to be interviewed by their captain and as long as we don’t lie we’ll be allowed to leave.
We get pushed down a slide and land on a soft surface. We all remove our blindfolds immediately.
The chamber is about 50’ in diameter with no apparent exits besides the tunnel about 40 feet up with a net to catch the people falling in.
Around an hour later a supply pack is dropped to us.
Trail rations, jerky, a roast bird, some meat, bread and vegetables in an extradimensional pack. Some flint and steel and tinder area also there.
Severin cooks us up a meal; Lusi is exploring the cave during the prep time.

1 Eleasis
After a span of time (at least a couple of meals) we hear singing and a part of the mountain opens up into a door. A man and woman appear; the woman is Amazonian with short cropped hair, blond, amber eyes, embroidered brown and gold tunic in Persian patterns. The man is a large dark skinned man, black hair and eyes, leather vest and pants, leather boots. He’s armed, she’s got a rod that looks old and very ceremonial.

A table and chairs are brought in for us. The men loom over us and have a stare-down… LOL
The kids leave and the door closes again.
The table looks kind of like a chess board without the checkerboard pattern. Muri tells her we can help them find out where to go to rescue their people. Lusi’s pack is brought and we get out the map; the woman fixes her map to match it. She leaves to talk to the elders…

2 Eleasis
We keep waiting…
At some point Muri asks Zandra to teach her some of her dances. Zandra mentions that the “dances of the mask” are dangerous to know… She teaches Muri some of the dances from her home people instead of the ones from her adopted peoples.

3 Eleasis
We fall asleep, and someone yells “rise and shine!” Looks like Ryselle but in gray robes, blue eyes… It’s “the sister” as Lusi calls her. Aunt Morganna as Severin calls her. She’s bubbly and happy sounding; kind of immature in a way but fun. Her formal name is Morganna Timespinner.

She has something to tell us about… Smaller than a dragon but bigger than a bread box… Shadow Lake comes up once Lusi starts naming off things. She gets distracted and gets out some melon and other fruits; lots of distraction in her… Karsis’ tomb is under the Shadow Lake – apparently someone is planning to wake him up. The Olenar Mentis is planning to wake him. Vicari Ordiri – Devan is part of the order (all of them are Void Master mages).
We’re to tell someone in authority since it’s a strong timeline.
Muri asks where the other two statues might be at… Morganna rambles on for a while. High Prince of Shade (dead, thousands of years ago) had the one that Devan has. Prince’s Hand had a statue too, kept under the bed with pink fluffy slippers… It’s at the bottom of the ocean (The Trackless Sea off the coast of Lanton). The third statue is in Thay – it’s buried somewhere.
Devan is probably not involved in this scheme to wake Karsis… He’s not dumb enough to do that and he’s more of a lone wolf. He’s also pretty much just using the Olenar Mentis, not the other way around. He’s thousands of years old!! Older than Ryselle and Morganna.

We’re south of Threkesh (there’s a great place to shop there though). Not too far off the Black Road.

Got an envelope from Morganna that will find her wherever in space and time she may be. The idea is that Lusi will send her an invitation to the wedding.

The Seven Sisters are the living embodiment of the elements and will be able to negate the action of the statues if they are still alive.
Force and Acid can be combined into the last (seventh) crystal …

Much conversation later we’ve heard about Alustriel and Devan’s love.
She leaves a bit later after we ask many questions.

We get a disk that will take us where we want to go. We go to Silvery Moon and appear on one of the teleportation pads outside the Mage’s Guild. The dust of the disk contains a small slip of paper that says “The lawless ones are overstepping their place.”

To Be Continued…

3 Eleasis / 11 December
Session 22

Head home from the teleportation pads…
The city is still decorated from Midsummer festival; we’re slightly upset by the fact that we missed it.
We get home and introduce Zandra to the moms; she is pleased to meet them.
We put up the horses and Eric shows up. Muri gives Eric his relic from the Vizier’s palace treasury.
Light banter aside, we go inside and start to eat some of the Midsummer leftover foods. Mom says that she would have sent it to us if we hadn’t made it home soon.
During the conversation Mom mentions the lawless ones and that rings a bell. They supposedly live in a city shadowed by a mountain and near an oasis. They are usually the ones that have committed crimes bad enough to be kicked out of the clans but not enough to have them killed, or some have managed to avoid the death penalty.
Mom says that Sonja speculates that it is actually a nomadic city that travels from oasis to oasis near the Scimitar Spires.
There’s some talk of a new trade route from Netheril to Silvery Moon and some talk about adding a section to the mercantile section of town to the north.
The merchants have been talking about adopting a gnomish mass production way of doing things… Mom is against this idea. Our other mom had been dealing with the new responsibilities and learning more about being a lady. She’s doing okay; most of the people she’s been dealing with are higher rank and value her experience as an adventurer.
Rumors of a large orc band in the High Forest… Eric spouts off that Sarah’s lustmuffin is from there.
More talk and eating…
Severin goes off to talk to his parents; they’ll be over for dinner.
Sarah shows up, and we’re invited to be part of her bridal party (bridesmaids).
The wedding is in six days… Her tailor is one that is known to be gaudy and elaborate. We have fittings in the morning.
She whooshes back out for lunch with the fiancé; we go to do the dishes with Eric. Zandra is stuck in the living room with Mom W.
Eric gives Muri some tips on how to spot items that are valuable and easy to transport.
More banter; Eric goes to get the book for us.
We head off to the market to get Sarah a wedding gift. We are seen by a young man who turns out to have stolen Lusi’s belt pouch. We don’t see him after we realize this, but luckily Eric shows up right then and gets us to the right area to apprehend him. We stop the kid on the street and ask him for the pouch back; he gets ready to run. Muri tries to trip him so he can’t get away so easily.
We get Lusi’s gold back and go back to the market.
We meet a merchant dressed all in green. We buy Sarah a set of paints that will not stick to her clothing and have it gift wrapped.
We get home in time to set the table…
Severin comes back to the house with Raeyna; she brings Lusi back Sparky.
Eric introduces himself to Raeyna and Severin basically threatens Eric if he does anything to/with Raeyna.
Ryselle and Derrick show up by teleporting inside the house. The dads show right before we sit down.
Everyone sits down to eat; we have some general conversation.
Before we get into the meat of the moment Ryselle casts a spell to stop anyone from hearing us. Lady Morganna appears before we really get into it.
Morganna spouts off the prophecy that we’re about to tell the group:
In the time of the Watchful Guardian there will come two sisters of spirit, each born at the height of the moon, united by love, purpose and the light within their hearts.

The Daughter of Chance shall be the chosen of the Smiling Lady and Beloved of the High Lord of Magic. She shall inspire the greatness of an Empire with her radiance, remaining at the right hand of magic for the balance of her life.

Her sister, beloved of the Forest Queen and Shadowed Protector of Lands of Silver, shall stand with her sister before the hidden darkness where the Fight of Eternity will begin and end. By her side will be the Son of All, upon whose choice reality will be shaped forever. Only the purity of his beloved’s heart can save him and everything that is or shall be from destruction.

They shall be divided by no man, no woman, or beast, nor shall they be apart until the last when light and dark shall meet to determine the fate of All. Unified by their purpose, they will find and restore the Shining Stars of Magic and return balance to the worlds above and below. They shall be protected by the Shining Silver and the Silent Blade, guided by the heir to the Lady of Magic.

But beware the shadowed heart of the Empty Man, who has stepped upon a path that threatens the universe with its dark import, for if Void stands at the Origin, then all will fall to darkness and the Elements of Magic will fail. Light will find a way to return life to his heart, but only if the Shadowed Ones fail in their task. Protect the Stars, for their light is the only thing that can stop the darkness.

Mom wants to know how she knows that; Morganna says it’s written over our heads…

We go over the last month of our adventures and expound upon what’s happened.

Muri and Severin practice that evening after dinner.

To Be Continued…

3 Eleasis / 22 January 2011
Session 23

The night goes uneventfully… Eric stays overnight on the floor.

4 Eleasis
Of course Sarah shows up bright and ungodly early pounding on the door. Eric rolls over and goes back to sleep.
While we’re eating Sarah says that the family colors are orange and green so the dresses will be green.
There is a huge ostentatious orange and green carriage waiting for us with a footman to help us into the carriage. The footman is all serious… (Of course, if he weren’t serious looking, he’d be dying of laughter because of the colors of his uniform.)
Perrin evidently knows that Prince Stefan is in the court!!!! How the hell did he know that?? And there are assassins after Stefan according to Perrin. WTF? How did he get this information and why the hell did he tell Sarah that?
The seamstress is the absolute best in the city, of course: Eloise. We’re biased and think our mom is better, but Eloise is the most expensive.
The dresses are way too damn big, but tastefully done in mint green. Eloise is pretty good, but cannot create her own designs.
Nerissa shows up for her last fitting as well, she has a very elegant long dark emerald green gown. She is a born lady and it shows. Tall, elegant, a lady to the bone. She obviously moderated Sarah’s impulses about the dresses. Sarah invites her along to lunch…
Off we go to Lord Perrin Telford’s house for lunch. We eat in a small dining hall rather than the huge dining room. It’s still too damn ostentatious though.
Thirty minutes later Telford strides in the room, resplendent in his orange and green tunic. The tunic has his coat of arms on it. He’s wearing emerald green boots this time, of course dragon. (Lusi is clueless, but it’s from an emerald dragon, probably an ancient from the hue of the boots.)
Perrin congratulates Lusi on her forthcoming celebration and Sarah squeals with joy and profusely apologizes for not noticing Lusi’s ring.
Telford is quite inquisitive about where we’ve been going around to; we give straight answers only. Nerissa manages quite handily to bring the conversations together so we’re all having one conversation rather than being grilled about our travels.
Five course lunch and apple tartlets for dessert.
Eric is waiting for us at home. He tells us about the underground board for the adventurer’s that will kill sentient creatures. There is a constant posting for dragon bodies. Ick. That’s disgusting.
Severin is back, and he’s on the practice ground doing handstand pushups… Shirtless, of course. Damn he’s hot.
Muri has her swords and starts doing forms to vent her anger…
Severin criticizes her forms and she tells him about the boards as well as the boots.
Severin is considering telling his parents about that…
We tell Severin that Telford knows that Stefan is alive and has assassins after him.
Perhaps this is an attempt to draw out the bigger fish… Find out who is after Stefan and why they want him dead.
We go out to see if we can find some gloves or jewelry that will hold a weapon.
The shop can get us a glove with one weapon but there is an enormous backlog of people wanting magical jewelry for the wedding. Lusi finds that a little suspicious considering what we wanted the gloves for… We leave so that Lusi can tell Muri that and while walking:
Marcus Wyman almost runs us down on the street. He’s back for the wedding. School is going well but he’s heard a lot of rumors about a certain person that no one’s supposed to know about.
Most of the groom’s party is from out of town…
Marcus is not being followed by big hulking brutes to keep him from being assassinated; the dean of the school gave him an amulet to protect him.
Raeyna shows up in the middle of the street. Poor Marcus is totally tongue tied by her presence. She needs to talk to us so we drag her to our house. Eric is napping with his feet up on the table…
Muri tries to sneak up on him but doesn’t manage. Eric gives Muri the book we asked for, and when Muri threatens to tell Mom that he had his feet on the table again she asks what’s in it for her. He eventually gives in and tosses her an orange – one of the solid gold with citrines on it from Lord Telford’s house. Turns out he stole an entire bowl of fruit since there was more than one in Telford’s place. Also, he’s now a page in the wedding party – he showed at our house a little earlier dressed in his costume. Severin escorted him back to the seamstresses place. And we went to buy the gloves. (Did not purchase anything.)

Raeyna was looking up info on the seven Sisters – she has found a list of last seen places and their residences. She put them on a map for us. There was a particular time that each disappeared from Toril for a time. All of them left for a trip through the Hall at some point in their lives; never at the same time, but all seven did this at some point. Marcus says they left for a Year of Solitude to commune with their mother to develop their powers. (portals of magic – this rings a bell to Raeyna and she leaves again)
Poor Marcus is so totally tongue-tied that he has trouble talking to Raeyna…
Lusi invites Marcus to stay for dinner.
We talk about the Seven Sisters and tell Marcus a little about Raeyna.
Alustriel – Lady of Silvery Moon
Laurel Silverhand – Lady Mage of Waterdeep
The Symbul (Allesarra) – Witch Queen of Aglarond
Storm Silverhand – Bard of Shadowdale
Dove Falconhand – Knight of Myth Drannor
Qilue Veladorn – Maiden of the Underdark (drow priestess of Eilistraee)
Sylune – Witch of Shadowdale

Void magic is the magic between the spaces – between everything. It usually kills those that try it. Those that survive gain an unutterable amount of power. Used to be forbidden here on Toril; the Weave has to have spaces so the magic is not forbidden because it can’t be.
As for prophecies – unknown prophecy of magic, guardians, the chosen… Nothing specific.

Worlds that have an extremely high level of magic (Toril is one of them) and the portals of magic…
Perhaps they would lead to a theoretical plane of magic?

Eric is going to stay with us at night for awhile, he’s supposed to stay clean and neat for the wedding…

5 Eleasis (midnight)

Dozens of flying cities above a huge land. There is one massive one in the center about 4 times the size of Thultanthaar. Has a huge mithil in the center. This city is beautiful. It is much more airy in construction, possibly elvish – the Ivory Tower from the Never Ending Story is what the Mithil looks like. The rest of the city is built in this fashion. Thultanthaar is built this way as opposed to the newer Middle Eastern flavor of the newer cities.
A man strides out of the tower to a bit of the mithil and Spell Guards are chasing him. He touches the mithil and sends energy to block the Guard. He pulls a large scroll and begins to chant. There are dark clouds rolling in. There is a background anguished feminine cry. Reality shreds. Energy arcs between the bits of shredded net and pulls it back together. It comes back together but more loosely. The power backlashed into him when the net pulls back together and flings him back from the mithil, blackened. The Spell Guard is vaporized by the power and I see cities falling from the sky. The scene fades out; the time of Karsis has passed but will come again but my children will protect the world from them and those who aspire to be like them. A color wheel appears, with Mystra in the center and 8 women on a pedestal of color. She calls them by name and tells them to watch over particular places – Eleanora (on the yellow) will guard Netheril and be known to none but the protector of all. Her skin is darkened – not drow but no a human color – darkish grey color with silvery white hair. “These are my daughters; protect them for all depends upon them.”
Eleanora leaves, Mystra walks away.
There is a dark passageway and we are walking in it. We step into a chamber filled with water. In the center of the chamber, it is filled with ancient symbols and runes surrounding a tomb in the center. A man steps out behind us, a man with cold and empty eyes. He’s holding an adamantine staff, he walks the perimeter of the room on a walkway tapping his staff and tracing symbols in the air in front of the protective shield surrounding the tomb. They almost look like rents in reality… Creepy to look at symbols. He stands in front of us and makes gestures with his staff; he makes a large gesture and whacks the shield nine times before it shatters. He walks into the area and looks at us directly, waves his hand and we wake up.
Lusi lights a candle and meets Muri in the hallway.
We go downstairs to talk more.
Zandra and Severin are talking in the kitchen.
Severin thinks the shield is more to keep something in than out.
Raeyna appears and is upset too. She thinks that she recognizes the man from the Library. It’s neutral territory. Violation of the neutrality results in expulsion from the Library.
Discussion of the dream reveals that it is the same for all of us.
Lusi makes some snacks and we go to talk more in the living room.
Muri wonders if Karsis was the person in the tomb…
Cyrus poofs in… He’s had the dream too.
Muri recites the prophecy for him. He’s amused and mildly annoyed by this…
We all adjourn to the secret room to discuss the eighth sister.
Sounds like Eleanora was born a Shade. Since she was possibly in Thultanthaar at the time, she may have been transformed like the rest of the Shadese.
Some academics speculate that she would have been born earlier than the others.

6 Eleasis

Cyrus and Severin go shopping for appropriate garb. Raeyna leaves, Zandra and Severin share a room after arguing about who gets the bed (Cyrus creates one to shut them up).
Sarah of course is at the house bright and early, chattering one hundred miles an hour. Lusi makes breakfast. We finish a final fitting, jewelry and all. She gives all eight bridesmaids a set of jewelry that is ugly and ostentatious.
Eric gives us a hard time about the jewelry being like the stuff he sold of his grandmother’s.

7 Eleasis A nice staid hen party for Sarah.

9 Eleasis
We are woken up at the butt crack of dawn to get ready for the wedding. The wedding will take place at the cathedral.

We have a day of luxury with skin, hair and nails done. We are introduced to the groomsmen, most are in their 30s and Nerissa is thrilled with the best man since he’s gorgeous. The youngest is about our age and is the youngest brother of the best man. We are paired up with the men by appearance and height.
We don’t know the other bridesmaids but they are Sarah’s relatives and one is friend from school.

Hundreds of people are attending the wedding.

We’ve managed to secret small weapons and spell components in our undergarments besides the rings that will fit one item. Lusi has a dagger and Muri a sword.

The long, drawn out, boring ceremony begins…

Muri is scanning the crowd for the “I’m about to start something” twitch… She recognizes one of the men on Lord Perrin’s side of the family… The man with the empty eyes and adamantine staff is there!

The wedding goes off without a hitch.

We get to the reception and start the dancing with our groom partners then with our dates.

Muri lets Severin know where the guy is and that he was at the wedding.

Severin dances with his sister and Muri tries to get to Marcus but is accosted for a dance by the empty eyed guy (Aurien). He is enamored of her beauty and requests the honor of her company with more dances tonight. She is slightly flustered by this…

Sense motive gets sincerity from him so she dances with him multiple times over the course of the evening.

Severin is convinced she’s insane…

The evening goes well, and it’s time for the bride and groom to leave. We’re throwing flower petals when Sarah is grabbed by two men from behind and they disappear.

Aurien makes a crass observation that it wasn’t nice and that we should get her back.

Telford is freaking out and he bows and tells Telford that we’ll get her back.

He casts a black circle of power and grabs the adamantine staff from nowhere and strikes the middle of the circle and we all disappear.

To Be Continued…

9 Eleasis / 12 February 2011
Session 24

We appear in a stone room. We’re in a ceremonial circle. There’s a flash in the air around us and there’s a haze like the light is being bent around us. There are four stone arches in the walls surrounding the circle. There is an elemental cross on the floor. Severin tests the haze and is zorched by what appears to be lightning.
There’s nothing on the floor to possibly override the haze. The ceiling has a representation of the elements but this one is labeled. Lightning and acid are opposites. Force and cold would then be the other opposites.
Muri speculates that possibly the mages can’t go through the field; she puts her finger through to test it. She manages to get through but she gets zorched.
We are speculating that Muri and Lusi may be weak enough in magic to get through…
Muri tries to force herself through… She goes through but is unconscious…
Aurien slams his staff into the wall and gets thrown back on us…
Lusi has Severin throw her through… Lusi passes out and also loses half her hit points. Cyrus throws himself at the wall too… Severin just shakes his head and mutters “why me?”
Severin tries three times to get through: doesn’t work. He passes out in the middle of the circle.
Muri wakes up… Aurien is flirting with her. She goes to check on Lusi; Lusi’s not looking good. Muri rearranges Lusi to make sure she can breathe a little easier.
Muri finds some runic markings on a ribbon on the wall that leads to the ceiling and the keystone of the elemental cross. There are four ribbons; one over each of the arches and they are slightly glowing.
Aurien and Cyrus think that these are from the first dynasty of Ancient Netheril…
Muri destroys the first rune. She stands on Lusi to get to it and Lusi wakes up right then.
Lusi finds that it is a different set of runes on each ribbon and they have to get a different rune on each one.
Muri finds and takes out the third.
We have to get all the way up to the top of the ribbon to get this one; Muri throws Lusi’s dagger and hits it both times, the dagger drops back down.
We get the last ribbon broken and the guys out. Cyrus does some magic to take Lusi’s damage on himself… Lusi’s pissed.
Muri finds a piece of Sarah’s veil near the West arch; we get ready to go after them.
Off through the arch…

Down a few hallways; we find that there is a door that sounds like a whimpering woman is behind it. Muri disarms it and opens the lock. We quietly open the door to a room with two other exits. The whimpering is quieter than expected; the two other doors look like prison doors with little barred windows on either side. The whimpers are coming through both doors. Muri checks for traps; none are obvious. They were locked.
There’s a young girl tied on the bed with arms and ankles tied together and gagged. Muri unties her and takes the gag off.
There are more doors to more prisoners through the doors.
The girl says that the guards needed 21 virgins for a ritual.
The last girl that came in is a focus and the blood of something or other.
Poor Sarah.

Cyrus puts his hand on the wall to find out the layout of the place. There are 10 cells on this level.
We cal Aurien back in and they decide to set up a portal instead of having someone leave with the girls.
Cyrus and Aurien set up a portal in one of the rooms. It’s opened to Cyrus’ courtyard.
The girls go through and the guys break the portal down.
They’ll open another one when we get to the rest of the girls.

A couple of guards come along to the locked room; Severin takes one room and us the other; Muri strikes ours down very quickly.
We keep going down the hallway; there is a set of double doors. The handle shakes and guards come out talking about “Krathar’s wrath” if the other guards are “distracted” by the girls.
There’s chanting in that room; the guards don’t notice us as they head off to the cells.
Muri checks for traps… Oh, yeah, it’s definitely trapped.
She tries to disarm the traps… Severin intercepts the guards around the corner and takes off their heads. Aurien sends an orb of annihilation out to dispose of the bodies. Muri misses it since she’s working on the traps.
The trap is magical. Aurien offers to take the trap off by blowing the doors open.
He puts his hands on the door and black tendrils go up the door and it implodes. There’s a shockwave. Severin is quite happy to draw his swords and move in.
On the floor is another elemental circle, this one has an extra set of eight arms that are shorter. There are women on ten of the arms, Sarah in the middle in her wedding dress. There’s a guy next to her inside a circle. There are priests or mages on each arm, some are awaiting the girls we rescued; they are simply waiting. The ones with girls in front of them are actively participating in the ritual. There are four people headed our way once the door disintegrates.
Aurien tells one of the four coming at us to die, and he does. Aurien’s eyes are completely black when Muri looks back at him.
Kathar casts a green ray at Cyrus after Cyrus stone shapes at the feet of the four mages he can see clearly.
Cyrus dodges, but a section of stone disintegrates.
Lusi casts a lightning bolt at Kathar, but the circle dissipates it.
Aurien walks up into the ritual space and uses his staff as a club on Kathar’s circle… The circle starts to crack.
Muri flanks her guy and hits him nice and hard. He dies.
Cyrus chain lightnings the mage schmucks. Nine die. He looks very upset after casting the spell.
The last of the guards stabs Cyrus in the chest.
Kathar casts a black sphere towards Aurien who looks, grins, and laughs. The sphere stops and hovers… Kathar looks very shocked.
One of the mage schmucks casts something at Aurien. He touches his chest and looks at the mage schmuck who raises his hands and starts backing up.
Aurien gestures and sends the sphere towards the schmuck; he disappears when it hits and the sphere hovers there.
Kathar teleports out.

Lusi patches up Cyrus; we free the rest of the girls. Aurien bashes the shield down.
Sarah’s unconscious. There are runes drawn on her and wearing almost nothing.
All the girls are really out of it, with a lot of runes on them and nearly no clothes.
Aurien says he needs the tome with the spell in it because he can’t quite tell what the runes are supposed to do. Severin stays to watch the girls so they don’t leave the circle. We go looking for the tome.

We find a storage room; it was trapped. Muri sets it off and gets zorched. Severin boots it in. There are spell components in here; Lusi starts taking them and piling them into Severin’s pack of holding. Severin isn’t immune to the lightning like we thought, he’s pale and hurt. Lusi starts to heal him up some while Muri does her thing with the other door. Muri doesn’t notice the trap… She takes a lot of damage from cold. Cyrus bends the stone to open the door. This is obviously the lair of a mage, books and scrolls everywhere… Muri starts looking for the book; she finds it and touches it. It knocks her unconscious. Cyrus takes the book out on a floating disk and Lusi heals Muri up some.
Severin finishes cleaning out the storage room; he will give it to Ryselle.
Muri is talking about the effects of the spell that knocked her out; Aurien hears her and looks at her and the book. He touches her chest and black tendrils crawl out of her chest and he takes them with him when he removes his hand.
After a couple of hours of studying the book, Aurien says the ritual was supposed to locate Alustriel and call her here.
Another ritual placed the runes on the girls’ souls.
Through conversation we try to decide if Aurien should use a spell made to reverse the rune placement; it would be severely painful and could kill them. The other way to do it would involve a spell done by Void magic; this could still kill them. The only other idea we can come up with involves having someone that can absorb magic do it. Carathas is the only person we can come up with to possibly help.
Severin calls in Carathas; after explanation of what we need Carathas and Aurien consult and begin to cast. Carathas has us rebind the girls to the tables and leave the room itself. Aurien casts a void shield around the area. Carathas pulls out the magic from the girls; it appears to be a form of corrupted shadow magic. It takes about an hour to complete the drain; Aurien pulls the shield up and over the girls who are coming back around. Carathas snaps his fingers and the bonds on the girls release; we call them out of the room to us. The shield snaps up around the ball of energy over Carathas’ head. The doors slam shut and a huge explosion rattles the entire area. Lusi takes the girls to the cells and gets them some blankets to cover them up; the skimpy clothing has them upset.
It takes just a couple of minutes to get the girls in blankets; Muri opens the locked doors and lets out a ton of smoke. She and Severin go inside to find out what happened. They can only see a little ways in at first. Muri finds Aurien about fifty feet inside the door; he’s unconscious at best. She yells for Lusi, who comes running in; Severin looks for Carathas but can’t find him. Lusi sees to Aurien and pronounces him unconscious then goes to try to find out what happened to Carathas; they feel a draining on them but can’t find him. Severin recognizes that the drain may be his uncle trying unconsciously to heal himself and tells them to get themselves and Aurien out. Severin stays and lets the drain continue. Lusi yells at him to get out; he refuses and eventually ends up too drained to stay on his feet. Cyrus throws some energy /magic out into the room as a donation but can’t do too much. Lusi and Cyrus go into the mage’s rooms and look for magical items to try to help; a half dozen or so are there and they just throw them into the room. Severin eventually passes out. Lusi and Muri are a little panicked by this; there is no way to get word to anyone that could help. Our usual sources are normally available via Severin. We have little to no resources in here since all of our things are at home.
It’s far-fetched, but Muri tries simply calling out to Morganna; it works, amazingly enough. She goes into the room with Carathas; she’s shielded by her own spells that can move her out of regular time. It’s a mind-boggling and eye-bending spell shield that she puts up. She pulls Severin out of the room; hopefully it’s in time for him to live. She can’t tell if he’s actually dead or if he’s in draconic sleep. It could be either; the children of Ryselle and Derrick may or may not have full draconic abilities. If his heart doesn’t restart in 12 hours, he’s really dead.
Lusi can’t figure out why Ryselle hasn’t sensed the trouble with her child and come swooping in.
We do see Carathas finally re-form himself. Morganna is relieved to see this and surprised that he was in such a condition. It is the combination of void magic and the corrupted shadow magic that caused such a huge problem.
Morganna transports the girls to Roshan; then us and Sarah to our home.
She gets us moved in time so that the parents haven’t had much time to worry; we are there waiting when they get home from the wedding itself. Zandra is surprised to see us as well.
We get the guys tucked up into beds to try to recover. The parents want to know what’s going on and how we got back here. After a short conversation we go to sleep.
Cyrus is fine the next day, pretty much.
Severin takes about 4 days to recover, and we’re quite relieved to see that he’s breathing by morning.
Eric takes advantage of the information that the girls are safe and sound by taking the info to the Thieves’ Guild. There’s no problem with Lusi and Muri that he takes monetary advantage here; Eric is good about making sure we get a cut of anything that we tell him that he can sell.
Ryselle appears at the house door on day 4 right after Severin wakes; Morganna was finally able to find her and tell her what had happened. Ryselle admonishes Severin about draining himself so severely right after Lusi had just finished the same kind of speech. He protested to Lusi that she wasn’t his keeper but Lusi said right back that even though that was true, he should have let them know that he was in poor shape as a courtesy to fellow party members.
Ryselle was going to help out with Aurien until Severin told her he was a void mage; she is vulnerable to that kind of magic. She tells us that she will send someone to help; Lara (a goddess) shows up just after that to help. She gives Lusi a scroll that will up the power on a Lesser Restoration spell so that it works as a Restoration spell.
Aurien wakes up; he’s obviously not totally well. When he finds out it has been four days, he freaks and says he has to go somewhere because he’s late for something he needs to do or a place he has to be. He kisses Muri’s hand and says he is glad to have met her and hopes to see her again soon.

There’s some conversation with the parents in those days, too. Mom is freaked by the fact that Aurien is a void mage since we’ve had some dealings with Devan and his void magic.

To Be Continued…

17 Eleasis / 19 March

Session 25

20,000 exp for the last 4 sessions, leveled to 9

Sarah regales the entire town about her rescue; Perrin shows up at our door and wants to thank us. Mom tells him we’re about to leave and we have to get dressed in two minutes… They’re having an extremely polite conversation. The carriage arrives; Telford doesn’t even glance at the kid driving (good thing he doesn’t, the kid is like 14).
He hands Mom into the carriage (she is cringing the whole time he’s touching her).
We end up heading to the Telford residence…
Eric is either really bad at driving a carriage or deliberately doing it badly; he’s hitting every single bump in the road from here to Telford’s manor.
Sarah throws herself at Perrin, squealing the whole time.
Lunch is excruciatingly painful… All the while Sarah is telling the tale of her rescue; doing a terrible job of it since she’s really over exaggerating terribly.
Telford says his family is in our debt and offers a small token of his esteem: he snaps his fingers and a servant brings out a statue of a gold dragon for Lusi and a silver dragon for Muri. Lusi thinks this is remarkably lifelike and must be made of dragon scales. Muri realizes that it’s not a statue; the dragon is in stasis.
Lusi says that this is disgusting and excuses herself from the table and walks out quickly. Muri explains that it is an offense to the servants of Mielikki and we can’t accept them. A short conversation later and Mother says that will put them back where they belong. He tells her that we are welcome to do with them as we please. We leave the manor and head home. Mother demands that Eric find out whatever way he has to as to how many he may have. Telford’s given out more of them.
The dragonets whelp in clutches of up to a dozen… He could have a lot more of them if he has more females.
Severin is out back working out, shirtless again.
Eventually we have to tell him what we were given. He mentions that Ryselle has been sensing a drop in the population of dragons here but not a lot of deaths and this is probably why.
Lusi calls Cyrus, but Roshan answers. Evidently Cyrus is deeply depressed and has locked himself in a building to enjoy his depression.. Roshan tells us that the magic on the statues is reinforced with void magic.
There aren’t many void mages around… Is Telford the void mage or does he just have high up connections?
Roshan suggests that it would be easier to break the spell on the statues if they had experience with void magic… He could do it, but it would take a lot of effort.
Aurien shows up and agrees that it would be easier to dispel this with void magic and he tries not to use void magic in populated places. He takes us through a doorway to his home away from home; it’s a demiplane of reality.
The hallway opens up into an atrium with a domed ceiling with the night sky visible through it. There are two sets of stairs leading up to a landing with doors to either side.
He opens a doorway with his hand that leads to his workshop; he says that it would be better taken care of in here.
There is a room about 20×20, it’s lined in adamantine… There is a viewing room there too with a clear panel to see the other room. There’s obviously a huge lock on the other side since a loud “chunk” sounds. When the room locks, Lusi feels a certain disconnect between her and Tymora.
Aurien casts dispel magic on the statue, but it’s quite different than the usual. He casts it for about an hour, and then pushes the magic away from the dragonet then backlashes to Aurien who is evidently expecting it and absorbs it into his staff.
The disconnect resolves itself when the lock opens. Severin explains that the lock shifts us slightly out of phase with reality.
The dragonet is upset at first, but Aurien talks to it and evidently explains what he did.
He comes back in the viewing room and hands the dragonet to Muri; the dragonet cuddles up to her since she has a holy symbol of Mielikki. Muri enjoys the cuddling and talks to it.
Aurien takes the other into the workshop and instead of absorbing all of the backlash some gets through and knocks him unconscious. The gold dragonet goes nuts.
There is a tall man in the workroom now, green skin, pointy nose. He talks to the dragonet, places Aurien on a Tenser’s Floating Disk and takes them out the door.
We’re freaking out, trying to get to Aurien. Muri tries picking the locks and fails. Severin also fails. Lusi tries a knock spell and doesn’t manage. The green guy shows back up in the room and unlocks the door for us. The guy is dressed as a butler and has taken Aurien to his rooms. He takes us to rooms and gets us some food. He also brings back the gold dragonet who is yearning for its littermate.
We wait for Aurien to wake up.
18 Eleasis

It’s about 12 hours later when the door gets knocked on. The butler is there and tells us the master is awake and lets us know that we can be led home now by him or wait a few days for Aurien to make an artifact for us to use on the remaining statues (if any) that will dispel the void magic and let a normal mage take care of the stasis.
The butler’s name is Galus and he is from Madasaril. Aurien saved the few of them that are left from the destruction of their home planet.
We are going to go back to Toril on the same day we left.
Before we leave we are going to check out the gardens. Outside are extensive gardens and a forest back there. The mansion seems to be surrounded by gardens and then by forest.
There aren’t any animals living there on a permanent basis but a black unicorn (that he saved too) that lives here off and on. Evidently Aurien tends to save people and creatures on his travels and also to dispatch some violently.
There is a library here in a separate building.
Aurien is a member of the Vicari Ordiri, they are selected from the greatest void mages in the universe and there are only ever 13 of them at a time. The organization doesn’t care about morality but about magic. He mentions the Arcanus Magira as well being an organization that isn’t interested in morals but about magic.
The members of the Vicari Ordiri are of equal rank; there is the founder but he stays out of the squabbles. That is an avatar of Ra that disagreed with his god and went looking for a power to stop the god.
The Vicari Ordiri is supposed to be a truly neutral organization.
They are also marked; some are actual marks, some are not.

We go to a room with a complicated clock/dial and Galus sets up the dials and knobs that opens a doorway back for us. We will return to our point of origin.

We nearly walk into Eric; he makes crude comments about sex. Lusi tells him he’s being crude, but Muri slaps him.
Eric says that there was a redhead around Telford’s place, tall and bitchy… Terina.

Terina seems to be one of Sarah’s friends; hanging around some and appears to have some wealth behind her now.
Eric sets a beggar to watch her for information.

We get ready to go invade Lord Telford’s house… Yee haw.
Mom is watching the babies for us; she speaks Draconic!

Briefing: 6 guards, two in front that are vigilant, two roaming the grounds, two on the first floor that don’t go upstairs or downstairs. The master bedroom is upstairs. The vault is downstairs. The servant’s entrance is the best spot to enter and we’ll have to be very careful.
We sneak off!!
Through the alleys to the back…
Muri looks for traps… Nothing she sees. Eric shows her where it is. She disarms it quite easily (nat 20).
We sneak through and go to the first tree, Lusi fucks up the hide roll…. A one. Yuck. Luckily the guards aren’t on that side of the building.
We get to tree two with no problem.
Tree three: a guard sees us all – Lusi casts silence on him and Severin throws a sap at him to knock him out. Severin removes the body.
Tree four: no problem
Tree five: Muri snaps a branch, but the guard can’t see her (great hide roll). She disturbs an owl in hopes that will distract the guard… The guard just misses seeing us (thank you Tymora!!)
Tree six: Severin walks out into the moonlight – the guard is on the other side of the house, thank Tymora…
We get to the door, Muri searches it and finds nothing; Eric points out the trap. Muri disarms it and unlocks the door. We get inside and close the door quickly but quietly behind us. The guard jiggles the door handle on his way past… Close call.
We’re right next to the kitchen; Severin drops Frank the Guard onto the potatoes. He gets out a wineskin and Eric stops him to say that the guard would not have that level of wine. Good point.
We luck out; a little girl with her teddy bear shuffles out and says, “Frank’s friends?” Muri says yes and asks where the basement is. She points out the door and asks for a glass of water. Muri gets it for her and she shuffles back to bed.
We head to the door of the basement and Muri checks it for traps; none. She can’t pick the lock; her pick gets jammed…
Severin pulls the pick out, Eric pulls the lock apart to fix it… 15 minutes later he’s done.
The other guard is coming in the door at the same time we squeak into the basement door.
The stairs are a little squeaky and the cellar is quite cold. Wine cellar, obviously. Wine racks, drying tables, cold box.
Lusi finds a stone on the floor that isn’t quite like the others; Eric remarks that this was why they didn’t find the room, they were checking the walls. The rock is in the floor; it had a magical trap on it. There are marks that seem to indicate that the stone is lifted by a bar; we look for the bar and Severin lifts it out on his own.
Severin stays behind while we go inside; Lusi leaves the shocker lizard with him since she can communicate telepathically with Sparky now.
There’s a gigantic safe in the center of the room, made of mithril with a door and lots of markings on it. It’s about 15 by 15 feet.
There are armor racks with ceremonial armor (shitty though).
Two items are magical one is a bow, there are also magical arrowheads; also a magical longsword.
There’s a wardrobe and several racks of clothing – ceremonial clothing for men and women. The wardrobe is locked.
There is breathing on the other side of the safe…
Muri and Eric are going to check out the safe door, Lusi to the breathing sounds.
Eric has a hell of a set of picks.
Lusi sees a cage flush against the cage. It’s 15 feet long and about 10 feet deep. There’s a small dragon and it has rainbow scales simply sleeping there.
Lusi asks Muri if there are rainbow dragons; she says yes but doesn’t remember what they’re called. Lusi calls Severin in to look.
A legend says that in the beginning all dragons were one and were a rainbow coloration. They are supposed to be immortal but they were all killed off but the few that fled to other worlds. There’s one on Alor under the protection of the Draconic Council.
The void mage has to be the one doing this so there will be serious magics here. Severin says his mother and sister would go absolutely nuts about this.
Eric points out that we all know there should be a key and we know who would have one…
Muri and Lusi are going upstairs to get the key off of Telford…
The guards come into the atrium behind us but don’t see us; they don’t get paid enough to care.
The upstairs is more ostentatious than the first floor… Ick.
Perrin and Sarah are asleep, and Perrin is snoring loudly.. Lusi casts a silence spell at the door so they don’t hear us and the spell is in between us and the guards.
There’s a trap on the damn door for Tymora’s sake… Muri disarms it and opens the door. The room is horribly tacky… The bed curtains are closed. They are asleep, but it’s Terina in there instead of Sarah. We’re kind of shocked but not really.
Sarah sticks her head out of her room after we find a key in the room. We talk to her and she leads us to a secret cabinet in the office. Perrin’s been hanging around with a creepy guy; dead eyes, black hair, angular and more so than an elf, pasty white skin. Looks cold and lustful. Possibly named Malice.
Sarah is glad to hear that Eric is here.
There is a poison needle trap on the safe behind the wedding picture. Muri keeps the needle for use later (possibly on Perrin or Terina).
Stacks of monetary notes, platinum, gold, 4 boxes of stuff, 10 vouchers, 3 potions, 6 scrolls and a ledger were in there.
The potions are labeled, how nice for us!! Tymora’s smiling on us tonight.
One is Pass Without Trace, one Foxes Cunning, one Endure Elements.
We stab the two of them with the needles coated with sleep poison, Terina wakes up and Lusi whacks her on the back of the head to knock her out then grab the key from Perrin’s neck. We close up the rooms and head down with Sarah.
The guards are fantasizing about high money hookers. We have Sarah just walk by them and they agree that no one saw anything.
We get downstairs and hand the key off to Eric, then give the other key to Severin for the cage.
Eric gets the safe door open without the key. He’s quite proud and should be!
The door to the cage is a combination and Severin has no training in it. We call Eric back there to see if we can get it open. Sarah is enthralled by her.
He gives a little prayer to Tymora and Mask and he gets the combination right. We owe them part of the treasure…
She looks drugged and Severin lets her know that we would like to give her a neutralize poison potion. The Dragon talks to Severin and his eyes go to normal size. She’s still locked into the cage by a manacle. It’s designed to suppress magical energy.
Eric and Muri get her out of the manacles.
Severin is quite upset and wondering why he shouldn’t go kill Perrin.
We have a hard time figuring out how we’re going to get her out of here; Lusi eventually casts a Restoration spell on her. She turns from dull scaled to very brilliant and looks like a pile of gems. She changes into a human elven form; she is tall and thin with white hair and rainbow eyes. She’s very pregnant.
Eric and Muri shove treasure into a portable hole; he says there is a false bottom on the safe. Severin walks in and gathers up the gems and treasure into the hole by magic. There are traps in the floor. The Dragon turns the floor to paper. We go through the paper with our Rod of Security and gather up the 13 eggs that were under them.
Sarah is staying here in the house so she can’t be associated with the theft.
We get the hell out of there as fast as possible.

Eric gets us a carriage a few streets away so the Lady doesn’t have to walk.
We get home safely.
We escort the Lady downstairs.
Mom goes to get the other parents for this conversation.
Lady Dragon shows us an illusion that shows Malice (most likely) stealing her voice into a cage necklace.
We’re starting to discuss that we know where he will be and when but Mom comes in and tells us no, we can’t do that. He is Githyanki. Mom thinks he may not be a full blooded Gith. She’s only seen pictures.
Aurien shows up at the door. Lusi shows him to the secret room; he recognizes her race immediately.
We go into the power part of the room and lock it as the magic protection springs up. Aurien adds a void magic protective spell to it.
The Lady is kind of referred to as an Opal dragon.
They are more than simply dragons, they are a progenitor race, one of the first races. They ultimately sacrificed themselves in some way or another.
The opal dragons are much smaller than “traditional” dragons.
Aurien is here to check out why the major use of the void magic lately and it was centered here. Now we seem to have another idea of why it was here. The Vicari Ordiri does not intervene until there is the threat of destruction.
Discussion advances with the ideas of how best to protect the Lady Dragon and her children.
Find Alustriel’s sisters
Find the opal dragons
Find out why the void mages are so active here on Toril

Severin is going to tell his father so that his mother can help Aurien create a demi-plane for the Lady Dragon and her children to live in for awhile.

While we’re talking about what to do Aurien tells us that the markings on our wrists are actually guides in our journey to find the Seven Sisters. There must be a map of some kind… Perhaps the one on the floor in the cave where we found Alustriel?

Ryselle and Derrick come in with Severin and Ryselle talks to her in the language of creation.
Ryselle and Aurien will be essentially expanding the interior of the room but we have to be out of it.

We all go eat and get a little rest while the casting is going on.

Once it’s done we see a small archway that has the area that is a compressed demiplane. She’s created the appropriate draconic area for an opal dragon and is large enough for a very large family. There is a large pile of treasure there. There is another doorway for food animals to come into the demiplane. The environment is entire and complete for them.
We empty the eggs out of the Rod of Security for her. She arranges them to her liking in the pit.

We go into the kitchen and have food. While we’re there we start talking about the rest of the children and how we could get them back to their mother. Eric mentions raiding his desk, maybe a ledger or something… Lusi says to hold that thought and grabs the one from the office that we took from Perrin. It’s in some sort of code, so she hands it off to Derrick to see if he can read it. He says he’ll get back to us on it.

19 Eleasis
Mom shooes us off to bed.

To Be Continued…
19 Eleasis / 2 April 2011
Session 26

Ryselle and Aurien both collapse after the spell to make the new demi-plane is cast. Aurien stays on the guest bed… We give Muri a hard time; she blushes like mad when Mom mentions that she’s seen how Muri looks at him.
We all go to sleep.

Eric is waiting for Muri when she wakes; Lord Perrin has evidently been busy this morning. The creepy friend has been there and may have seen Eric there. Perrin apparently called him because of the missing treasure. Eric hasn’t seen Sarah…
And Terina saw shapes in the night; did she see us?
Eric is minorly upset by the fact that we are having to rescue Sarah again…
Lusi is curious about where Eric got his lockpicks; he says he can’t tell us or he’ll get himself killed.
Eric runs down to the kitchen when we start getting ready for the day…
We go and eat; Aurien and the family are down there eating. Aurien is chatting with Lusi’s mom about mercantile stuff, apparently he was a tailor for awhile.
He needed to make his own mage robes; he needed them to be of high enough quality to cast artifact level magic in them.
Aurien gives Lusi an enchanted hankie to call him with if we see Devan again.
After breakfast Aurien volunteers to help with the dishes.
Eric makes a comment that Aurien’s scoring points with the family… 
Aurien pulls out a square pendant; it’s the artifact to dispel the void magic. We’ll need to find someone to dispel the rest of the magic. The pendant will have a little black section once the magic is dispelled. We need to call him once it’s entirely black to dispose of it. It won’t register as magical so we can keep it with us. He gives us a bag of holding (about ten pounds) that still has some money in it so we can keep the pendant close to us.
He disappears as he closes his robe back on from doing the dishes.

We take a city carriage to go see Sarah. We’re simply checking on her for now; the ruse is dresses for Muri to impress Aurien with.
We are let in on the estate but are escorted by four guards… Some are new; they’re quite stiff and correct, the ceremonial guards that are there have to stop slouching and not talk to us. Perrin greets us and says that Sarah is not well since the situation last night. She has been seen by a Healing Priestess of Eldath. Malice is there and convinces Lord Perrin to let us see her.
She is pale and looks awful; there are many potion bottles around… She has been poisoned; the priests won’t be able to heal her unless the poison is found. The bottles there appear to be actual healing potions and antidotes.
The thought is that his mistress poisoned her. There is something he’s not telling us; that Terina was there and that she poisoned Sarah is true, but there’s something else.
Lusi tries to dispel magic; nothing seems to have changed. Lusi mentions that it may be a magical poison… Muri is checking to see what Malice might be thinking about… He’s large and in charge here; and introduces himself as Melinus.
He actually suggests that we might contact the court mage to shorten the casting time of an Identify spell… Lusi is going to try to cast it while Muri talks to Ryselle, hopefully… Lord Telford says he’ll leave a servant outside in case she needs anything. Muri’s thinking this could be a trap for the High Mage since he’s smirking.
Muri gets Eric to keep an eye on Lusi while she’s there.
Eric has changed into servants’ garb and can work in the house to keep an ear/eye out for Lusi.
Muri heads to the house to talk to Severin. She tells him that the “creepy thin man” is there and is the one who was supposed pick up the package today.
Both are quite put out with Lusi for staying in the house alone.

Muri goes up to the castle to speak with Rivalla Moonstone; she is Ryselle in disguise. Severin did suggest that she would prefer to be summoned in her persona rather than as Ryselle…
They have to wait about an hour. Severin is irritated, so is Muri.
Lady Rivalla has dark hair, but more color to the skin and no gypsy cast to her features.
Muri is direct, saying that a friend has possibly been poisoned and regular healing has had no effect but that another friend is trying to identify the poison since they think that it’s magical in origin.
They pile into Rivalla’s carriage; there is a SpellGuard inside the carriage so Muri can’t talk openly to Ryselle in there…
They arrive at the estate. It’s been a couple of hours.
Lord Telford rushes down there; he’s both surprised and relieved by Rivalla’s presence and also slightly concerned by the fact that she came.
Melinus smirks a bit, just for an instant, that Rivalla has come…
They go upstairs and tap on the door. Lusi answers as she is in the middle of cleansing. She bobs a curtsey and greets Lady Rivalla.
Rivalla checks each potion and touches Sarah’s head. She looks slightly puzzled and says that casting the spell will be necessary. The work Lusi did will cut down on the time significantly. She casts a few runes in preparation. Creepy thin man is looking in the door when she closes them. Lusi is so enthralled with the magic that she doesn’t notice that he’s smirking but Muri does.
Lusi then casts the actual spell with the reinforcement. The spell is a bit different and shows an overlay and a list of what each does. Six arrows are +1 arrows of sleep; one arrow has a pouch with it (a necklace), it is an arrow of seeing +2; one is an arrow of retrieving; the other four are +2. The bow itself is one of arcane might; +1 bow and you can sacrifice a spell to add damage equal to the level to the next attack. The longsword is a luckblade of subtlety.
Looking at Sarah: will save 28! Yay!! First is silver lotus venom, power word sleep, some sort of shadowy magic is binding her; there are multiple other spells in that binding, they are shadow magic, not void magic.
Rivalla abruptly shoves Lusi aside; Severin leaps into the circle and shoves Muri aside. The circle shatters. There is a flicker from the corner of Muri’s eye from a panel, it flicks shut. Both the High Mage and Severin are on the ground. Severin picks something out of his skin and passes out. Rivalla reverts to Ryselle and gasps out “Life leech and counterspell get to (two?).”
There is a new, narrow passageway that had flicked shut. Muri pried it open.
She’s looking for evidence in there just in case it got dropped; there was a stopper.
There are tiny throwing knives that we retrieve from the two unconscious people.
Lord Jared shows up.
We keep the knives, just in case we can get more information from them.
Muri starts tearing down the door around the passageway; the SpellGuard tells her to step aside and disintegrates the area for her. It’s a short, narrow passage.
We open the door to see who’s still around, specifically looking for Melinus (since he’s a mage he could just teleport, but…) Lord Perrin is still out there. He comes striding into the room; Lusi grabs his shirt and starts yelling at him while Muri is right there in his face too. Lusi wants to know what he just did and Muri draws one of her swords. We’re threatening him and trying to get information at the same time, so it’s a bit confusing. He’s all upset and telling us that we can’t talk to him that way and can’t threaten him, he’s a lord… Lusi and Muri pretty much ignore that and tell him to look who’s in the room and not doing anything to stop us. Derrick/ Lord Jared and the Spell Guard are pretty much doing a no-looky kind of gesture… No help coming from them. During the talking/threatening, we find out that Melinus might have cast some magic on Perrin; he trusts Melinus like a brother but can’t quite remember when he met him. It seems like he’s known him forever.
Muri checks the hallway again for Eric; he’s right out there and we get him in here with us.
We essentially kidnap Perrin; the Spell Guard can teleport us out to our house since no one else can do it and we certainly don’t want to leave anyone here.
We get to the house and get the people into beds.
We need more information about what’s happened to Ryselle and Severin; Lusi asks Derrick if he can call Raeyna, since she’s got way more magic knowledge than we do. Looks like the same poison has been used on them as was used on Sarah. Raeyna and Morganna show up.
To get the antidote for this poison we need a sample of the poison. Lusi and Muri decide that we need to follow the passageway from Sarah’s room; maybe we can find the assassin or some evidence that will lead us there.
The passageway is built into the walls, and is on the second floor so we follow it to the end and go on down. Muri doesn’t bother with checking the passage on the second floor for traps, assuming that whomever would be using it would not want to be disarming their own traps while running away. There is a trapdoor leading down into the cellar area so Muri checks it for traps. The trap was very nice. It would have dropped Greek fire on us. Lusi puts it in the bag of holding. A second check for traps reveals another one. A gas trap. Muri retrieves the gas egg and Zandra shows up out of nowhere (she steps out of the shadows) and says we should keep it in a more durable container. She provides one. She says she’s done with her entertainment for now and wouldn’t leave us alone while we go after whomever.
We’re thinking that it is either Melinus or Terina. Melinus is too tall for the passageway… It also appears that the lock was created by Netherilese magic… Ooh yay. More of the Netherilese.
The door lock finally gives to Muri and opens on another passageway. We can smell the sewers down here though it’s not actually in the sewers.
Zandra tells us to stop after a short distance; there’s a very fine tripwire there. Muri tries to disarm it. It was a fire trap; 2 more vials of Greek fire. It would have filled the passageway for five feet with the fire. We’re trying to hurry a bit, so we’re not keeping quite as good a watch on the possible traps. The passageway ends at a junction in the sewers.
There is an earring in the water. Terina’s earring. Lusi casts a locate object on the other earring… Too bad she’s not in range of the spell. (I got the action die I spent earlier back for a good idea.)
We exit not far from the poor quarter. There are plenty of hiding places here… We’ll have to get rid of our boots since they stink to high heaven.
We are accosted by a drunk… We follow him to a seedy bar, The Squinting Keg; Lusi is thinking that there might be information to be had and it would take one more drink to knock him out.
There is a lot of attention on all of us; the serving wenches are buxom but not really clean and attractive.
Lusi attracts the most attention…
The drunkard drops over to a table and we sit down. Lusi sits in a guy’s lap; he’s fairly nice. He gropes her leg and tries for the buttock… Lusi elbows him then and he apologizes and goes back to her thigh. Muri is being hit on by a blacksmith named Jack.
Lusi’s friend is a tanner by looks. His name is Dunley. Looks like he’s seen Terina, or at least a tall red head. He says she’s usually in the Fish and Barrel. She’s in good with whores over there.
Jack is still hitting on Muri… Very unsubtle. The drunk takes what he’s saying and we dub him Jack the Cuddly…
Jack and Dunley have a last round on Lusi and start a bar fight. We leave right before that starts.
Zandra is waiting for us outside. Since we’re going to a whore’s place, she changes her form to a voluptuous gorgeous woman with ice blue eyes and platinum blonde hair.
The Fish and Barrel is actually not that horrible a place… The whorehouse attached to it has pretty and healthy looking whores.
Eric’s mother is hanging off a balcony.
Zandra is propositioned by a guy outside the whorehouse; she says she’s not for sale… We’re being the guards for her. She says she’s not for sale yet and that he should just watch.
The manager is a big fat guy in good clothes. The office is quite nice; he’s really splurged here. The house is much nicer on the inside than the outside.
We go in the office and Winter gestures to Lusi. Lusi isn’t quite sure what she wants, so she goes over and whacks the guy on the head. He’s out cold. Turns out Lusi was simply supposed to intimidate the guy… Ooops. Lusi looks through the desk and Muri through the bookshelf.
Muri finds a book that has been pulled off the very dusty shelves recently. The book is trapped, but it’s an easy trap. She unlocks the book. There are lists of names and costs, “all sorts of crazy shit.” It is his ledger. The last entry mentions a tall redhead with short bobbed hair, tanned, green eyes. There’s an entry for a final payout today, a couple of hours ago. Looks like Terina was here and knew she’d be leaving in a big hurry. Dammit.
We make ourselves up to look like whores; Zandra has a full disguise kit in her bags. She helps us look a little differently as well.
We go out of the office, the bouncer stops us and tells us to go upstairs and pick a room then go meet the housemother. We run into a girl and she shows us to a room that’s been recently cleaned. She says the housemother will introduce us and that it won’t be that bad; the worst of the girls just left like a bat out of hell. The girl we’re talking to is Evie. (Lusi introduces herself as Allison, Muri as Teresa)
The housemother gives us the rules; including that pregnancy is grounds for firing.
Eric wanders in and after awhile gives us our lead in about the red head. She evidently flounced in and acted like she owned the joint. She did not make any friends and was poaching on the others’ territory. They couldn’t accuse her of anything… It was obvious to Evie that she was Cormyrian, probably northern Cormyr, maybe Arabelle; she had to have come from a very ritualistic society.
Evie evidently traveled a lot and she was an acrobat in a circus.
The ladies have varied stories; most of them are trying to make enough money to get out of this life. Eric’s mom is evidently kind of twisted in their eyes since she likes the life.
The red head was named Tessa. She was really mean. She was seen a lot with a creepy looking guy, kind of like a mutant elf… Maybe spell-touched. Ugh. Sounds like she was meeting a lot with Melinus before she met up with Telford. Great.
We go upstairs and relax and try to figure out how to get the hell out of here.
Eric comes by and tells us to stay overnight then go tell the housemother that we made a mistake and will be leaving.

20 Eleasis

When we go see the Madame, she says that we are welcome to come back after we are more worldly.
The bouncer helps us with our box that arrived in the night.
A carriage shows up just as we need it and Eric drives us.
He drops us off at a bathhouse before we go home.
Eric is threatening Lord Perrin when we get home. Perrin had met Terina before the wedding; she didn’t say anything about being a reward till after the wedding… Weak minded fool.
Everyone is in the same condition as when we left.
Mom suggests that we talk to the Thieves’ Guild, we’ve been using Eric a little too much. Muri will have to go talk to them. Lusi will talk to the Mages’ Guild.
The silver lotus poison is being kept at bay by the shadow magic so we’ll need the antidote on hand when we break the magic. Ryselle will need a lot of help; the Seven Sisters could do this. We won’t need them for Sarah or Severin.
There is a contingency spell on there too.
Remove the contingency, cure the poison, dispel the Shadow magic, and then remove the life leech which leaves only the sleep spell to take care of.
Conversation with Derrick leads us to believe that the Olenar Mentis is linked with the Slavers’ Guild to take us out of the picture. The darts Terina used are associated with the Cormyrian Assassin’s Guild…
Aurien is supposedly a wordsmith, and has very exacting control over his Void magic. He could very well be one of the most powerful Void mages in existence.
He has the reputation for seeking power rather than simply knowledge, not that we didn’t already know that.
Aurien used to be a student of Carathas’. Aurien mastered spell weaving very quickly… Almost more quickly than Carathas himself. The only person to do it faster was a human who did it in a few years rather than centuries.
Aurien has studied many types of magic; the only one he hasn’t studied was elemental magic.
Evidently he challenged Ryselle for her position. She defeated him but told him he needed to learn more and he could come back and challenge again.
To find the antidote to the silver lotus, we need the flower itself. The mention of someone that cultivates plants from different worlds sparks Lusi’s brain: Aurien collects plants from different worlds!
Derrick could call his son Ethan; an herbalist and healer.
Morganna pops in when we mention her name a couple of times. We essentially ask her to get a message to Aurien; she sends one to him after being quite silly and yelling out loud for him for a while… Derrick tells her to stop. Aurien knocks on the door right after that. It’s nice to have a temporal mage around; even if she is really kind of crazy and tough to follow in conversation sometimes. We ask him if he has a flower in the garden; he says that he’ll have to check with Galus about the plants, then asks why we need an antidote… He bolts upstairs when we tell him what’s happened…
He examines her and has his familiar, a miniature shadow dragon, check her over as well. He looks and hisses a few times and gives some information to Aurien in a language we’ve never heard before. The dragon’s name is Kol (coal). He can smell the magic being drawn from her. He can sense the shadow magic and seems angry about that. There is also the smell of poison and a contingency set. The tiny knives are an illusion; they are DarkShards, pieces of the Darkness at the center of the universe. He makes a small sphere of darkness and places it in the sphere; it is discharged already and the knife is in the same shape but made of darkness and covered in very complicated runes. These are available to worldhoppers. There aren’t that many people that would have these for sale so we should be able to find them. They’re a one use item; they can’t be re-enchanted.
Raeyna says that she hasn’t seen a picture of the silver lotus; we’re hoping that Galus will know what it looks like. It should be harvested at night under the full moon if possible. Aurien says that he will set or make the moon so it’s the best it can be. He makes a doorway for us and says to wait a couple of minutes.
We go on through. Lusi mentions that we might want a silver knife for this. Zandra hands one to Muri and we begin searching for one. Multiple die failures later…
The black unicorn steps out and looks at Muri… She asks it if it knows what the silver lotus looks like. He gestures his head and leads us out to a clearing with a crystal clear pond. The flower in the center is closed; he touches the bud with his horn and it opens. It’s a glittering silver and absolutely gorgeous. We have a hard time deciding how to harvest the plant; we finally realize it’s called the Star of Selune on Toril. It’s amazingly rare; one blooms only every century. The flower has to be harvested under the full moon, by a virgin, and with a silver knife. The head of the flower must be harvested alone and the harvester must give a drop of blood on the severed stem. The stem glows when the blood hits it and a tiny bud forms.
We place the flower into a silk bag; it closes up and is still glowing in there. Muri asks the unicorn if there is any way to repay him. He lowers his horn and she pricks her finger on it. He touches the tiny bud and it grows to full size. Muri loses three hit points permanently to re-grow the flower.
We get back to the house through the doorway.
Derrick is sitting in the room with a dirty blonde young man; Ethan is a bit bouncy and very happy to get his hands on the flower. This (alchemy) is his specialty. He seems like a nice kid to Lusi; which is a little weird since we’re really young compared to him. He likes to cook as well; he offers to make us dinner sometime. He also invites us to spend some time with them for a special event, the Return of the Light, I think and meet the whole family on Alor/Arda.
They make a doorway to Ryselle’s tower so that he can make the antidotes here on Toril, otherwise the magic in the blossom will be altered. He can make six doses of the antidote.
More talk with Derrick leads to the speculation that there is either someone offworld involved or possibly a high priest from this world with access to the Hall of Prophecy (attached to the Libris Ominus).

To Be Continued…

20 Eleasis / 16 April
Session 27

Lord Jared thanks Mom for letting them leave Ryselle and Severin there and having the family look in on them.
We chat with Lard Jared for a bit, then he hauls Perrin off by the collar… Eep.
We meet up with Eric and go to the temple of Tymora. Eric has separated out what he thinks she’ll like and we say a short prayer. Eric makes a comment about how hot Tymora is, she laughs in the back of Lusi’s head. Lusi basically says thanks in prayer form; Tymora tells her she’s welcome.
Eric heads out to give his thanks and donation to mask; we don’t go with him since he’s not going to a temple per se. He gives Lusi the portable hole folded up so that Mask doesn’t fleece him entirely.
We are chatting about Eric as we leave and a woman says that he amuses her. We talk with her some, she’s an avatar of Tymora.
She asks us what our next move will be; while we’re going over possibilities she disappears. We don’t notice till we’re done and Lusi asks if she has any input. She’s gone, but there is a silver coin there like the ones the temple hands out for luck. Lusi puts it in her bodice.
Muri noted that we haven’t heard from Ethan and Erion since they left a few months ago with their parents… Terina is also from Cormyr. We’re going to head there. It shouldn’t be too difficult to return here when the antidotes are ready.
Lusi mentions that we might want to get some scrolls to get back here quickly.
We get home and take the portable hole out; Mom suggests that we take it downstairs since we’ll probably need the room.
We go through the items; send Muri upstairs to get away from one that I want to check out since I’m sure it’ll piss her off.
Someone comes to the door right then… Muri gets the door.
Tall woman…
Christianna is one of Ryselle and Derrick’s children and is here to watch over the two family members.
Meanwhile we open the box: it is the head of an opal dragon all stuffed and mounted!!! Oh shit. The head is magical and there is a magical gem embedded in its forehead…
Eric suggests that we see if Aurien will take it…
Lusi calls him; he knocks on the front door. Lusi tells Muri to stay upstairs so she can try to have him help us. We go downstairs and Lusi gives the box to Aurien. He asks what it is; she tells him and he lights up with rage… He says that he would like to talk to Perrin… Lusi is appalled at this problem she’s inadvertently created. He poofs out and she just sits there for a minute, speechless. Eric is dancing around singing that Lusi fucked up… She eventually silences him with a spell. She shrieks in anger; Raeyna hears and comes down. She’s really tired and the talk is more blunt and straightforward that it would have been; no tact about what he’s likely to do….
Lusi eventually calls Muri down and we end up going out to the grove outside of town to take care of the unicorn horn…
Lusi waits outside the grove for her sister to do whatever needs doing.
Lusi sees that Muri goes to the druid and bawls her eyes out on her shoulder. Muri takes the horn to the silver pool. More people come singing out to the pool. The horn reappears at the center of the glowing silver pool. The unicorn emerges, the horn silver with gold grooves, gold hooves… She emerges from the pool with Muri on her back. A woman comes out of the forest, she has russet curly hair, brown eyes, shapely and lithe with muted green and brown armor. A white unicorn with blue eyes and a gold horn is at her side.
Mielikki tells Muri that the mare chose to join with her for the duration of our/her quest; she’ll need to return to the grove when it’s done. Her name is Vanya.
Mielikki rides her unicorn out and fades away.
Muri wanders around on Vanya for a little while in the nude. There is a kind of saddle blanket instead of a regular saddle. Vanya appears as a horse when they emerge from the grove: palomino with hazel eyes and regular hooves with no horn.
Sunset looks enamored of Vanya… Kind of a lustful look. Sunset looks like he’s been thrown over… Poor horse.
We go back town… Vanya suggests that perhaps Aurien could keep Sunset company.
Sunset seems mollified by the suggestion that a stallion of such stature could accompany a powerful man.
Eric sold the manuscript, he’s giving part of the money to Sarah since she figures prominently in the manuscript in a lascivious way.… Perrin has disappeared; the manuscript sold well.
We get dinner of meat pies and some gravy… YUM!
Raeyna is at the door; she has her nephew Alika with her, he’s in monk robes. He would like to actively help us with getting help for his grandmother. She will do the identify spell.
Alika is kind of tanned, blue eyes, short dark brown hair, red monk’s robes, wiry, 5’9”. No arms on the robes and has a Red Knight on his left arm.
He’s from a monastery a couple days away by horse. His father is Theron, Ryselle is his grandmother.
We regale him with a few of the stories and give him some stuff to think about.
There’s a ton of banter with Eric back and forth with Lusi and Muri.
Eric is continually trying to steal our meat pies and then Muri has to threaten him to get our dessert: chocolate éclairs. Yummm…
Eric asked if we were done with the book he lent us yet… We haven’t but Lusi says it’s on the list for tonight.
We adjourn to the living room to read the book on Netherilese artifacts.
The book states that there are 50 Nether Scrolls and it takes an entire month to read ONE of them. These are the combined knowledge of the Netherilese scholars; they are essentially the secret to ancient Netheril magic. There is one complete set known to exist and it’s in the main library of Thultanthaar. Reading the scrolls is a requirement for becoming a Magelord.
Next is a Blast Scepter; it’s a bad ass weapon that makes the user immune to fire and electricity and any blast. It’s an artifact of Force.
Glow stones can recharge any magical item that requires charges; it has one thousand charges at creation. It’s a one for one exchange for any charges. The secret to making them has been lost. Destruction of one of these is really bad… About 1d6 damage per charge remaining or 10d10 whichever is greater.
Great Druid’s staff is made of heartwood of an oak that is centuries old or the willing donation from a treant. Allows a great many spells to be cast; may resist some magic or choose to absorb it.
Elfblades originated in Cormanthor and were made as artifacts for specific families. Arhor Caram is the Ruler’s Blade, is the blade of the elves leader. They require bonding and they must accept you.
The Shimmarin, sparkling jewels held in cages, they are tiny areas of dead magic held in a lattice of magic. If they touch flesh they make the effects of a Greater Restoration or can be immune to spells and effects for 3 rounds.
The Crown of Horns contains the essence and intelligence of Mirkul the former god of death… Creepy.
It likes to mess with Cyric and avoids Blackstaff’s allies and those of Mystra. It gives all kinds of undead control. Mirkul makes you his bitch if you put it on, though, and you slowly turn undead if you’re dumb enough to put it on.
A Mage’s Crown is one of multiple, supposedly. Those who wear it can see invisibility, reflect spells, the spell levels are doubled per level and it operates as a spellbook.
The Immosque Arcana are a series of 7 artifacts: crown, scepter, and five other pieces. Only the crown and scepter are known.
*Star of Mystra is an amulet that supposedly tied to the hearts of her children that will let one communicate with them and find them over any distance….*
The Mithilar are the magical power that lets the floating cities float and powers the rest of the magic in the city. It takes a master high mage to make one.
There were seven Nitharis artifacts, but only three supposedly exist now. They are six-armed statues with sockets for 9 gems – one gem for each hand, one for each eye and the soul gem in the center of the chest. Each gem must be created then inserted into the statue in order and the soul gem must be created and requires the life of a willing soul. The gems are essentially small mithils… Once empowered the statue can take control of the Weave and bypass any influence. There is a diagram showing how the statue works: the six hands are fed the power in lines; these are a kind of point in space (like the position in space that is determined by six points – Stargate like). This bypasses the need for mastery of any discipline of magic, including void magic.

We go downstairs to distribute out the loot…
Turns out that Eric can cast some magic. He’s not terribly interested in it but he’s a spellthief (Raeyna says they’re very rare).
Raeyna’s eldest sister, Elizabeth, is a spellthief.
Eric gives each of us a box with a mug, two pouches and a spool of rope – mug fills with water or cheap ale/wine, small pouch stays full of trail rations, the spool of rope will never run out, large pouch (survival pouch) trail rations for a day, waterskin of water, tent with two bedrolls, coil of rope, shovel, campfire, composite shortbow w/quiver of arrows, mule (one of these at a time, up to five times per day).
He gives us a field provisions box – food and water for up to 15 people each day or five horses per day. We get a feedbag for the horses that fills once per day.
Raeyna gave us a magical haversack too a little earlier.
Yee Haw!!!
Looks like Muri and Lusi will be heading to Netheril to find out more of the Star of Mystra.
Raeyna speculates that using the Sisters in conjunction with the statue it would probably have farther reaching effects.
Remember that Alustriel was bound in acid roping and freed by Raeyna, a lightning mage.
The Olenar Mentis is still likely to be the ones to have bound the Sisters.
Eric suggests that we find a really old mage that remembers that time. Interesting idea.
Lusi wonders how old Lady Dragon might be… Raeyna reminds us that she has no voice… Perhaps we can return her voice by some means, either by getting the person that stole to give it back or some other way.
Aurien comes walking out of the demiplane into the basement.
Muri and Aurien begin talking; some of the conversation is about Vanya. Kir is the name of the black unicorn in Aurien’s grove.
Aurien tells Lusi that she probably has the best chance of defeating Melinus/Malice lies with her as she is a priest and partakes of the creation magic from the beginning of the universe. The void mages are as uniquely vulnerable to creation magic as the users of creation are to void magic.
Alika asks if the number of void mages would destabilize the Weave; the answer is yes.
Muri freaks a little bit about the “big picture” and Aurien talks her down a bit.
There is a newly placed forbiddance zone here and no new ones can come here. If the ones that are here leave, they cannot come back. So there are probably four void mages here as Aurien has “tasted” one more signature but doesn’t recognize it the other two void mages (Melinus/Malice and Devan).
Aurien recognizes the Star of Mystra, but the last place he saw it was around Elue’s neck (the incarnation of Mystra during the time of troubles).
Perhaps, if the amulet was returned to the temples, it is in the main temple… Or at least they may have some idea of where it was/is. The main temple is in Highmoon, in the Dalelands which are a protectorate of Cormyr.
We are going to go to Highmoon then and see if there is information on the Star of Mystra…
We put up Alika in Muri’s room and everyone goes to sleep.

To Be Continued…

20 Eleasis / 21 May
Session 28
Alika has a dream: oooh!
He’s walking in a long hallway with a golden glow at the end. The walk is slow and takes a long time. He’s passing murals from history: Time of Troubles, the Dark Wars… He steps into a huge room with a golden orb in the center that glows silvery light. Being in the presence of it fills him with energy and peace, like meditation. He can’t move any farther into the room. He suddenly hears the clanging of weaponry, there are two metallic looking creatures fighting with other creatures with long angular features, pointy teeth in black armor. The black armored men defeat the creatures and another man sweeps in: flaming red hair, dark swarthy skin, in red robes and his eyes are ringed with red like his hair and robes. Following him are more of the angular guards that are frog-marching women with them (8) they are all beautiful and they are in robes the colors of the rainbow. They are moved into position and the bonds are cut. The man in red steps beneath the sphere and says something and black bonds grab the women and hold them in place. He’s holding a necklace that is an eight pointed star inset into a mithril amulet. The chant is horrible and the language makes him think of the end of the universe. The star in the amulet begins to darken. It levitates out of his hand and 8 beams hit each of the women from the points of the amulet. A golden beam shoots out of the sphere and the beam begins to tarnish upwards… The sphere darkens and the women begin to age quickly into dust. It feels like he’s dying. The women fall away and the sphere turns black. Then the guy in red looks at Alika and he slams back into his body. He wakes, knowing the dream started at midnight…. (of course it did and of course he knows)

Ethan is cooking breakfast for us; he makes crepes!! This is our first experience of crepes… Lusi and Muri are in heaven.
Lady Morganna shows up; she confuses the hell out of us with remarks about time travel. Lusi asks how old she is; the end answer is around a million. Yikes. Lusi goes back to eating…
Morganna asks for a chocolate waffle. It’s called cacao here; Lusi drools and asks for one too.

Morganna looks at Alika and mentions that maybe one of us will dream about the Star and get some ideas. He says that he did have a dream…
He was walking down a hallway with murals on the walls. At the end of the hallway there was a room that had a globe that glowed silvery. There were some armored things and people in there that resemble elves; at least in the ears. They defeated the creatures. There were eight women led into the room and there was a man with red robes, hair and a red ring around his eyes (Morganna mentions that he is color coordinated). He moves the women into some positions around the orb that was floating. The man pulls out a necklace that could be the Star of Mystra; a gem in mithril. He started an ominous chanting and some black chains came out of the ground and bound the women. The necklace let out rays of dark light to the women and then the orb let out a gold ray that started to tarnish. The women started aging and he felt like he was dying inside. The women died and turned to dust. The red guy looked at him and waved at him. He was slammed back to himself and woke up.

Muri asks what the Wizards of Thay look like… Morganna says that they look like whatever they want to, but typically do dress in red.

Morganna makes a paper footfall and shoots it at Lusi… Lusi and Muri play with it for a minute before our mom reminds us that we’re at the table and not to play. Morganna takes it back and makes a paper dragon out of it and gives it to Lusi after playing with it.

Muri and Lusi discuss the trip to Highmoon; eventually we end up asking for some help with teleportation spells/scrolls. Lady Morganna provides us with four teleport scrolls that are tiny. We should be able to take the horses with us.
We get our equipment together, including horses…

Eric is downstairs discussing running away from a mark that caught him trying to steal.
He gives us a slip of paper with a dirty limerick on it that will tell the Thieves Guild to trust us at least enough to sell us information…

We run into Zandra outside, and try to get her to eat first. Ethan brings a box of food out for her since someone told him that there was one more person needing to eat…

We get together in the practice ring and teleport out… The scroll says simply “ouch” on it. When Lusi reads that word, the scroll tells her verbally that she has terrible pronunciation. Lusi bangs her head on her hand and they teleport outside of Highmoon.

We are in front of a very large city. Lots of spires shining in the sunlight; fortified walls and near a forest and a river. There are mountains in the distance. We are just off of the main trade road. Lots of traffic heading in! The city isn’t quite as large as SilveryMoon.
The flag of Highmoon has the symbol of Mystra on it.

The first part of the city on the way in is very well maintained. This is more mercantile than residential here. It transitions into smaller shops and inns. Housing, then the second set of gates. There are fewer people going through and the guard is occasionally pulling people out of traffic. We get through without event. The middle part of the city is of older architecture and mostly wealthy residential. We get to the third gate; they’re checking out everyone who goes in. We pay a toll of a gp each.
This area of the city is where the mages, priests and nobles live. Magic shops, very high end shops, towers and temple row. There is a series of temples there for all the main gods.

The temple of Mystra is huge. Mithril bells, stained glass windows, marble sheathing the building… It’s frickin’ gorgeous. Huge double doors. In we go…
Inside the atrium: high ceiling that’s painted beautifully (Sistine Chapel), gilded galleries and all that. In the center is a floating shining star. A young woman in blue approaches and asks us our business. Muri stammers her way into asking to see the high priestess… She gestures toward the votives and leaves us there while she lets the HP know. Lusi goes to light a candle even though not praying. Lusi thinks about the job ahead, like the Sisters and the Weave… Muri evidently sends a little prayer up asking for her help in this.
The HP agrees to see us…
She is dark haired and green eyed. She is wearing the robes of a scholar with a holy symbol on that is quite fancy. Her robes of office are thrown over another chair. We are asked to have a seat.
She wants to know why we seek the Sisters. Lusi says that we’re after all 8 of them. She says it’s not often that anyone know of the eighth sister… And the people searching for them are usually wanting to use them for their own ends. Lusi says there is one selfish end here: healing Ryselle. But we also want to save the Weave, the world and the universe…
She says it’s not here, but she can say this: It is only to be found by someone who is meant to find it. “The youngest daughter lies beyond the mists in the realm of void and shadow. Follow the way of gold to the daughter of Midnight. Only in the dark of the moon shall the stars be revealed to the light.”
Mystra sent another message to Muri… Betrayal is the way of darkness and has cast the soul of the Shadowed One in jeopardy. Know that the truth may save him from the way of darkness and only then will he be worthy of the task set upon him. Aurien?
The HP opens a drawer and pulls out a necklace: the holy symbol of Mystra. It should help us in our quest. Lusi asks for permission to peruse the temple library.
The young woman escorts us to the library in the basement. It’s huge too.
We split up to look up the Gith, the Star, the Origin and Aurien.

Chris rolls a natural 20 on a luck check: there is a small book that Muri finds; it talks about mages of other worlds. The World Travelers: Mages from Other Worlds by Elden Faerlind
The table of contents has several names that she recognizes: Laerayamarasulari, Carathas, Devan Rehaltis, Aurien Cadaena, Malice Blackthorn, Raeyna Dejourdain, Ovis Maesteri, Melinda Hamilton, Merlin, Erichtho, Rune Brightstar.

There are pictures of the Star around Elue’s neck. It’s a gift to Elue to keep in contact with her daughters. It would contact them pretty much anywhere as long as there was magic there (even beyond Toril). When she died it was given to the temple of Mystra where it was displayed for some time and then it disappeared around the same time that the daughters of Mystra did. Mystra told her people that the Star would return to light when the time came. It is considered a holy relic of Mystra but a gift to only one person and she’s the only one who ever wore it. There was discussion of whether to give it to the HP and pass it on that way, but decided not to since it was a gift to Elue.

The Origin: in a book on the creation of everything even before Ao is pretty much a “seed of golden light” at the center of the universe. That’s all he can find.

Zandra is looking up the Gith: The Gith originated on this world. They were once human slaves to the Illithid. They were the product of a selective breeding program and have some resistance to psionics and some psionics themselves. They used these to free themselves from the Illithid and spent some time killing off the Illithid. The Illithid had an empire that stretched across the universe and the Gith broke it up. There was a huge disagreement about whether to keep killing off the Illithid and the race split in half with the Pronouncement of Two Skies. The Githyanki and the Githzerai were born. The Githyanki live on the Astral plane and the Githzerai live in Limbo. They are both very martial societies and have cities all over the place but none known on Toril.

Lusi looks up the elemental and color correspondences with the Sisters: (spent three action dice) information in the Prophecies and Information page

We decide to stay in town this evening; asking an acolyte we are directed to The Spinning Coin. It was started by a priest of Tymora… The acolytes are partial to it. Lusi gives a 100gp gem in donation to the temple as they leave.

The inn is in the second level of the city. The proprietor, Thaddeus, is a priest of Tymora, he won the place gambling. We get rooms and stabling for the evening. Food can be brought up for an additional charge from the tavern below. Baths are a silver piece each.
Lusi spends part of the night in the tavern. She dances some, drinks some, gambles a little bit and just enjoys herself.
Aurien’s grandfather betrayed him – what truth does Aurien need to know to save his soul???

The evening passes uneventfully.

We leave Highmoon and teleport to Vashti… We walk down to Cyrus’ and Roshan’s house.
Cyrus’ house has been destroyed!! He doesn’t respond to Lusi’s call with the charm bracelet.
My message spell also elicits no response.
We decide to go to Roshan’s parents’ house.
Roshan’s mother lets us in and says they tried to get message to me; the house was destroyed three days ago.
Lusi thinks maybe we should go to the last building that Cyrus was working/sulking in…
Also, maybe he tried to come see Lusi? If so, maybe he was diverted like the messages.
Looking around the building, Alika notices that one of the murals is not as it should be. He calls Levanna (Roshan’s mother) over – the scrawl is a note – Help us RC
Zandra tells us that this island in the Pirate Isles – Aetris – is where she was sent to learn to kill or die. Anyone sent there is taught the same.

To Be Continued…

22 Eleasis / 30 May
Session 29

21,000 xp getting us to 11th level

Levanna offers to teleport us to wherever we need to go: we need to go to Sanctuary rather than Aetris. We appear in the courtyard of what looks like a Mage Guild. The guards have on a uniform with a spell pouch. It’s very close to the equator so it’s a lot hotter here.
It smells a lot better than Waterdeep; the breeze is constant. The houses are made of pale gray sandstone.
There’s a 5 gp toll for each of us and the horses as well. The guards are quite sleepy and lazy until Zandra says we are in need of nothing… They freak with a deer in the headlights type reaction.
In the city it’s chaos. Think Tortuga from PotC… The guards don’t seem to care about the chaos. Everyone is doing their own thing.
This is the attraction of the city… No questions asked.
A guy tries to proposition us; he pretty much leaves immediately when Zandra tells him we’re not interested… Lusi and Muri are amused by this. Zandra wears a thick choker on her neck with designs on it along with her tight clothes; she has an elaborate tattoo under it and it’s showing now…
She’s having an effect on the people that keeps them from bugging her.
We’re headed to the One-Eyed Dog to hire a boat. Normal fare to Aetris would be around a 100 gp per body for a quiet trip, 20 for a more normal trip. Short black hair, green eyes, dark skin, pretty (16 Cha) at this point for Zandra. Black and gray leather breeches and vest with wide arm guards, two curved swords strapped to her back (draws from the bottom) and the choker.
The smog of unwashed bodies, fish, alcohol and sex takes some getting used to… It’s dimly lit as well. The tavern is fairly large, 50 × 50, with the round bar in the center. The bartender is huge and hairy except for his head, and has only one eye. He’s very quick behind the bar. He moves like a warrior and he’s got something (an axe) on his hip; light but with a long enough handle to tap someone over the bar.
He knows his clientele quite well. Most of them are locals, but there are travelers and some mages around.
There are no free tables, but a man waves us to his table. There are four there, and Zandra says that they look like they’re merchant marine and probably on liberty. Lusi is hesitant but we go over anyway.
They are all wearing blue cotton shirts with names on them and have markings on the shirts. The one that waved us over is less drunk than the others. The barmaid comes over and addresses him is Jarrett from the Tanzer. He tells her to get us whatever we like. She is a bit snotty to Lusi and as she’s feeling a bit irritated and belligerent she orders rum. Aetris is evidently on the island of Moradin… The reefs are too shallow for the ship he’s on to go there. The Bay of Moradin is referred to as Kelemvor’s Shipyard. Lusi asks for a recommendation for ship and captain… Jarrett’s not sure if he’s in port but Captain Quinlan and the Star Raven would be his best bet. The captain is a woman and she should be in the tavern this evening… The rum is very strong and Lusi has to nurse it since it burns off her taste buds. The house ale is pretty good. The alcohol is good here.
Some fights break out in here, but Lt. Jarrett just pushes them away from the table. Lusi stands the guys a round of drinks.
The drunk guy (Gervin) drinks himself under the table eventually. Remus tells a lot of tall tales about the ship and is also drunk but still coherent. Waylan is a quiet guy, and is the ship’s chronicler. He also assists with navigation and math. Remus has no sense of discretion and tells us that Waylan’s fiancée left him for another man.
Poor Waylan…
Jarrett’s curious about why we’re going to Moradin… We leave him in the dark.
A woman with long streaming red hair enters the door. Everyone is glad to see her and she waves and gets her ale at the bar.
Evidently she is “Queen of the Raging Seas.” The stories go that she was out pirating and there was a huge storm and she supposedly screamed a challenge to the storm god. She supposedly won an arm wrestling challenge… Jarrett says the same story is used for her bedding the merman king or get across the Sea of Fallen Stars in two days.
After she has held “court” for a couple of hours Jarrett brings her over.
50 gp per person and 20 gp per horse. We’ll sail tomorrow with the Star Raven and the captain.

We get jumped by four men; two in front and two in back. After a little bit of threatening, they come at us.
Alika pulls a bow and shoots two in the legs; Zandra uses a different weapon than we’ve seen before, a clawed whip, to pull the clubs from two of them. Muri is using the flat of her blade and Lusi uses magic missile, pulled back to three instead of five missiles.
They go down in a few rounds; Muri takes their pouches and tries to give them to a Thieves’ Guild member. It doesn’t work… Zandra tells her to get in touch with a beggar and bribe them to get her in touch with a facilitator. We leave the “scene of the crime” and go farther into town. Muri finds a beggar and bribes her to get Muri in touch with the Weavers’ Guild. We head over to a café and a gentleman approaches and talks with her.
They have the conversation and she gives him the money; he leaves a voucher for it on the table.
There is an inn close by called the Randy Candle. The sign is animated and is just as raunchy as it sounds. It is apparently protected by the Guild and the proprietor pays protection for the guests. It’s actually quite homey and nice; not too crowded with decent food. We pay for deluxe pampering for Vanya and for Zandra’s horse.
The proprietor is a very pretty, voluptuous, and nice woman. She is quite nervous after she sees Zandra but not rude by any means.
We have food then rest and a big breakfast. Here’s hoping no one gets seasick.

23 Eleasis
We meet the Star Raven; she’s a three-master and has a lot of guns on her.
We get our first look at cannons…
The ship is bristling with weaponry and has a war deck on her too.
We are hailed and get the horses on board.

To Be Continued…

23 Eleasis / 11 June
Session 30

We head north at dawn…
Lusi yacks over the side railing… The first mate has her drink a huge swig of some majorly alcoholic brew. There are healing herbs in it.
Muri and Alika enjoy the ride. Sparky is on the railing watching happily.
Lunch is a cafeteria line style affair; they make sure we all have some citrus. Lusi gets broth with a citrus tang to it; Muri and Alika an orange with their meal.
It should be three days to Moradin.
There are many naval vessels here; it is still erroneously called the Pirate Isles. The pirates made their own gov’t and declared a truce. One island has its own gov’t and the Council resides in Sanctuary; there is a treaty with Cormyr. They police their own waters. There’s a one hundred mile safe zone around each of the islands that no pirating is allowed to take place in.
Moradin is not an island that is typically one you want to go to.
Having Zandra with us might help us there.

Zandra tells us that if the guys have been taken by her people there is little chance of rescue. If, however, they have simply been taken there by someone else there is a chance of negotiation. We have one day of freedom with Zandra along from sunrise to sunset. Since the Captain will only wait two days for us anyway, hopefully it won’t take any more than that.

Day one and night one pass uneventfully…

24 Eleasis
Lusi flings the blankets back over her head while the others go watch the sunrise… Yuck. Muri is such a damn morning lark.
Lusi gets up about midmorning. The cook has some breakfast still available. The sailors bring in some huge fish. The cook tells her to get her breakfast and go before he butchers the fish. Muri is watching dolphins; Alika and Zandra are done practicing. The first mate has Lusi chug some more potion… it’s not as bad this time; she must be getting used to it or it’s burned off all the sensors in her throat and nose!

The privateers have blue and white sails with a Sanctuary flag. The Star Raven flies her own flag.

A whale surfaces off the side of the ship. Lusi and Muri are impressed. Zandra says it’s probably about twice the size of the ship. Zandra mentions sharks; Lusi asks what those are. Zandra says the island is surrounded by sharks, some of which are specially bred and much larger than usual. The trade city is the only part of the island that is accessible by visitors. The cliffs are where her people live.

The captain will be sending us in to the city by longboat since the path is treacherous. We will need to get information there first. It is less harsh than the rest of the island.

Lusi won’t be ready to eat solid food unless she drinks some of the evil potion every hour or so. She’d be drunker than a lord!! No way. She decides to stay with the gruel and bread instead.

One of the female crew members joins us at lunch and explains to Muri why the oranges are on the menu. They pick up the oranges in Jacinta and pay a lot of money for them. The captain has a magical container to keep them in.
She’s curious about why we’re here…
Muri gives a short oblique explanation.
The controlling people, unofficially, are the Ashoon. The official control is in Idis and the council there.
Zandra was known as the crown princess of the assassins before she disappeared. There is a reward out there, though it’s mostly forgotten now. The Ashoon will probably try to kill her, then possibly throw a party.
Lusi takes time to go talk with the Doc; he teaches her a few things.
Muri takes time to try learning a little bit of stuff about the ship and rigging. After the schmucks teach her about the stuff that makes her bend over a lot, the first mate takes over and teaches her some actually useful stuff.

The day goes uneventfully.
We get to sleep…

25 Eleasis
We get woken up by a lot of thunder… Great, a friggin’ storm.
We go up on deck; the rain is more like a summer shower than a huge storm. The sea flattens back out about a hundred feet away from the ship. We’re surrounded by a bubble of calm – the lightning doesn’t strike and the seas are calm.
Alika notices that the captain is at the wheel and she’s holding a trident.
The storm takes quite a while for us to get out of/dissipate.

We get to watch a gorgeous sunrise the next morning!!

We have some breakfast. Muri gives Sparky her bacon… He’s ecstatic and snarfs it down.

Lusi , Muri, and Alika curl up for a nap since we land this afternoon.
We get woken up by the sound of canon fire.
There is another ship firing at us as well as our ship firing…

We arm ourselves, get out of the room and head for the deck.
Lusi gets up to the captain and asks if they can help. Cpt. Quinlan says if she can get the sails that will help. The sails are protected from the volley of lightning so she tries a dispel magic.
The ship is the Vanguard.
The dispel succeeds; she tries another lightning bolt.
Alika shoots the helmsman and he ducks.
Zandra leaps the 30’ across to the Vanguard and draws her weapons.
The Vanguard’s captain, Bloodstone, casts fear… Muri fails along with about 15 others in the crew run screaming like little bitches.
Lusi takes out the first mast with the lightning bolt.
Elaine magic missiles Lusi, Justin flesh rips Lusi. Total damage for first round to Lusi is 33 pts.
Bloodstone casts in ancient draconic…
Lusi casts searing light and kills Justin.
Elaine is broken hearted and casts a fireball at us. Alika and the captain dodge like it’s nothing to do, but Lusi just barely makes it. Elaine’s spell words sounded like “die, bitch.”
Lusi taunts her back – “your boyfriend’s waiting for you.” Elaine dies a crispy lightning death, with the words “fuck you” on her lips.
Lusi missed Cpt. Bloodstone with searing light…
The two captains are involved in a battle of wills: Quinlan with her trident and a wave to swamp the Vanguard and Bloodstone with his water elemental holding it back.
Quinlan has a symbol of Talos on her neck; it is a very nice one too, made of a disk of adamantine and carven then filled in with another metal, perhaps silver or mithril. It’s not necessarily a holy symbol. It glows and flickers when her first mate mutters “Talos guide my hand.”
Bloodstone doesn’t make his will save, then the elemental glares at Bloodstone and dives in the water and the wave grows larger. Lusi sees that the bowl was one of Commanding Water Elementals… Whoops. Elementals hate those things.
Quinlan fails her will save after a cannonball hits near us; the wave begins to fail. A man forms from droplets behind her and he puts his hand over hers and wraps his arm around her; the wave form straightens and steadies.
Lusi casts searing light again; it should have missed by the dice but didn’t and did twice max damage. Holy cow… He’s pissed at Bloodstone!!
This has to be Talos, since he feels like pissed off divinity. This is odd and disconcerting.
Muri has been taking out Bloodstone’s crew members fairly steadily… So has Zandra over on the Vanguard.
A hand of water bats the next volley of cannonballs away in midair; a soft masculine voice says surrender. The Vanguard crew runs back to their ship. Bloodstone glares at all of us; the wave takes out the ship and it cracks like an egg. Quinlan orders her crew to rescue the survivors if they surrender.
A tarnished bronze dragon takes off out of the water. Talos tells Quinlan that he shouldn’t bother them again. He gives her a very passionate kiss, calls her beloved and dives off the ship.

It will take about five days to repair the ship, so we have some extra time. We are going to take the longboat out since we’re only a few hours away from Idis.
Zandra is busy questioning the Vanguard first mate. He spills the information the captain wanted.

We take off with (Ashoora) Zandra and a couple of sailors to make the run into Idis.
The captain dives into the water with her trident and changes form into a mermaid.

It takes a couple of hours to get to Idis, and the way in for trade vessels is very clearly marked.
The island has a huge, closed in bay with a good dockyard and a large trade city.
The city has a Guild teleportation pad but isn’t used much.
The captors would have had to use a ship to bring the guys in.
Faaren greets us and asks us if we’d like to arrange for the horses to be brought to us when the ship docks. It’s one gold sovereign per horse. Basically 10 gp.
He gives us papers and a map with inns marked on it, both good quality and long stay kinds.
We are going to stay in a pretty decent inn; Lusi is hoping that it will provide some safety. All of the inns are expensive though.
Muri tries to do a bit of unobtrusive tracking from the pier to see if there are any clues. Nothing is to be found.
We decide to stay at the Regency Inn. It’s Grecian in architecture. There’s a lot of greenery here. The entire city is extremely clean, cleaner than any other we’ve seen.
The sidewalks are nicely shaded by trees and greenery and nicely cooled by the shade. There are huge beautiful flowers here. The clothing styles are very skimpy since it’s so hot here on the equator.
The amount of embroidery on the edges or belts seem to indicate station. Some have circlets of laurel or gold. Every single person is wearing a choker or amulet or ring that have a particular stone in them in the same colors and patterns.
At the inn we are greeted by a woman in a toga with a gold chain. She has a flat blue stone ring about the size of a dime.
We get a suite at 10 sovereigns a night. It includes three meals and standard stabling.
As soon as Zandra comes in and indicates that she is with us, the keys are swapped out and we go up to the top floor. The double doors open when we get within ten feet of us and a man steps out and introduces himself as Zalon.
The white bell pull is for a healer, blue for the front desk and red for the guard.
Lusi asks about the stones all are wearing: they indicate the individual’s occupation and capability. The blue are for the mercantile personnel. Black are for the convicted criminals. There are also stones for visitors and all stones are worn on the right middle finger.
Muri asks if they might be able to track stones; essentially yes. The guys would have purple stones for mages and clear are for visitors.
Ours are clear but with a tinted ring around the edge, Muri’s and Alika’s red, Lusi’s green. Red is for protector and green is for priest.
We head out to the Mage’s Guild… Think Ivory Tower from The NeverEnding Story.
We are greeted by a girl that says she’ll send us to the correct higher level mages to track someone.
The halls are in blue and purple.
The man at the desk is goddamn gorgeous, blonde, blue, muscular, tanned in just a short toga skirt and bracers. There is a mages’ symbol on his deltoid. He has a smooth voice too. Man…. Drool!!
Tariel says it will take about 12 hours to try to track this; Lusi gave him the bracelet Cyrus made for her.

We go back to the inn and rest and relax. Alika resupplies himself.
The gorgeous mage comes in… Tariel has a full back tattoo of wings! Then Lusi has to pull Muri up in the water.
The rest of the night passes uneventfully.

To Be Continued…


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