The Legend Reborn

The Tale of the Adventure as Told by Lusi - Part 1

15 Tarsakh /12 June 2010
Session 0

Selunara- old city of Netheril, part of SilverMar, it’s a flying city and the primary temple of Lara is here.
Thultanthaar – went to the Shadow Plane, it’s known as Shade. Home of the Dark One for a time. A PC group saved it and now a temple to Lara is here too. It’s called Layitha and is above the Anauroch as before.
Netheril – formerly the Anauroch- is a desert like Arizona rather than the Sahara. It was more like the Sahara Desert in earlier times.
There is a third city that floats above Netheril.
SilverMar is a beacon of light for the world (like Camelot); the eastern border is Netheril, the Glimmerwood is to the north, the Evermoors are to the west and the river is the actual border, with the StarMounts to the south. They didn’t participate in the land grabbing of the other countries. They are major trade partners with Waterdeep. There is an army but no navy; there is a river guard.

The High Lord and Lady of SilverMar are Lord Valian Truehand, a priest of Torm who has sandy hair and hazel eyes and Lady Miriam Elenethil. She is a half-elf from the royal family of Cormanthor with red hair and blue eyes. She is much beloved by the people and is a nice woman. The ruler ship of SilverMar is hereditary.

They are guided by the High Mage Rivalla Moonsong and her husband General Jared Valerian.
The predecessors of the High Lord and Lady died a couple of years ago under mysterious circumstances in their sleep. They were in their mid 40s. Rulers may not be resurrected and replaced on the throne. The High Mage and General were out of town at the time. They were questioned by had plenty of witnesses.

Netheril- the two cities couldn’t really reform the old empire. They terraformed the old Anauroch from Sahara-like desert to Arizona-like desert. It’s not a highly enlightened place, it’s more like the Old West. There is some trade; the mainstay is gems and gold, and there are some fairly nasty creatures there.
Cormyr is still a monarchy and Suzail is the capital. The Dalelands are now a protectorate since the orcs took over Zhentil Keep.
Cormanthor was feed from the Drow 1000 years ago and some elves have moved back in. Drow and orc allies were displaced: some to the Daggerfalls in the west, some to the Vast in the east, most went north to Zhentil Keep; the orcs also live in the Dragon Spine Mountains if they leave the dragons alone.
The orcs went around Cormanthor to get to the Dalelands. The Elven court is in/near Myth Drannor.
Elves and orcs fight over the forests near Myth Drannor and Cormanthor. The orcs tried to take Shadowdale but couldn’t quite do it. They did a lot of damage and resorted to terrorism- they burnt out the houses and killed the people fleeing. The Dalelands asked the elves for help; they would not help and stayed in Eveningstar.
After Cormanthor was cleared out there weren’t enough elves to hold it and the orcs took over a lot of it.
The Dalelands asked Cormyr for help and the price was becoming a protectorate.
Sembia no longer exists; the Prince of Sembia married a princess of Cormyr and since the government of Sembia was failing anyway Sembia was absorbed into Cormyr.
The Cormyrian army marched through the Dalelands and the orcs were driven north. Elves fortified to keep the orcs out of the central forest of Cormanthor.
Any orcs that went west were killed by the Netherilese who sent back body parts to Zhentil keep. The orcs respect that kind of “diplomacy.” They went north of the Keep to Eulosh (?), to the Dragonspines, to Voorilas, and Hillsfaar.
The Daggerfalls are a city-state allied with Netheril.
There are still pirates in the Sea of Fallen Stars but they’re not really unified. Thay remains as it was – dark and silent.
The Isle of Mists is held by the Jidaar; a warrior race of amazons. They are Almoril’s people. The island in the middle is a fortified city (a keep and lots of walls). There are folk in fortified houseboats to keep out intruders. The Red Wizards don’t mess with them.
The Jidaar are nomads and have some immunity to magic. Since the Raashemen like them, Thay leaves them alone.
Mulhorand is still allies with Cormyr.

My notes don’t give any type of preface, they just jump right in to descriptions of the old adventuring party from Muri’s mother’s past.
Julius 6’7”, red haired half-elf from Shadowdale
Roald, a Champion of Azuth, blond hair, green eyes, built like a brick shithouse, tan leather pants, cream vest, uses and wears sword and dagger. He’s gorgeous and knows it.
Karissa, blond hair, blue eyes, elf, priestess of Lara, she’s a Champion of Evenstar and a warrior.
Sonja has long black hair, amber eyes, green mage robes.
Ellison (her husband) is a Harper. He has average looks, brown hair and eyes, very, very graceful, has a beautiful voice, wears a dagger. He’s wearing black and green.
Their twin sons (21 Eleint – autumn equinox): Ethan, probably a fighter-thief, black hair, green eyes, quite graceful. Erion is a mage and model pretty with amber eyes and black hair. The family name is Zaharas. My notes indicate that the family is from Waterdeep.

Two of our friends: Sarah, she’s a chatty Kathy type, also horny, greedy and grasping. Eric is an “underworld” friend; his mother is a prostitute.

Evidently we’re just getting ready for the investiture of Muri’s mother as a lady…

We go to Chevais’ for a formal gown to wear. Lusi gets a pale gold gown there. Sarah dragged us there; it’s a highly expensive shop. Eric pinched someone’s purse for us on the way there. There is enough to buy the gowns and have some change left over.

16 Tarsakh

Elaina (Muri’s mother) gives Lusi a bracelet with topaz stones in it.

(wow the early notes suck)

We get to the palace and meet the Seneschal, Veronica. We meet the Lord and Lady of Silverymoon: Lord Valian and Lady Miriam. They’re gorgeous.

With them is a lady in mage robes, the High Mage, Lady Rivalla Moonsong. She is in indigo robes, with the same color eyes, wavy black hair, porcelain white skin. Next to her is her husband, Lord General Jared; he’s in armor. He’s got brown hair, green eyes and a casual attitude that says “I’m a badass and I know it.” He is the High Lord’s Champion.
Also there is Princess Yelena Elenethil; she’s a strawberry blond with hazel eyes, about 14 years old. She’s sitting next to the High Mage.
There’s an empty throne on the other side (of whom or what I didn’t write down).

The Lord commences his speech: he’s talking about 25 years ago there was an assassination that was foiled by a young lord and companions. The last conspirators were finally rounded up recently and they can finally recognize the heroes. They knight Ellison, Sonja, Karissa, Julius, Raould and Elaina; they also title/ennoble Elaina. All are given the Silver Star.
Dominic was the last High Mage, and Robert the last Lord General (no notes on why I wrote that down. I know there was a lot more going on than this…)
There is a private invitation issued for 20 Tarsakh at court for Green Grass.

At the Green Grass party we meet Lady Elspeth; she’s pretty cool and becomes a new friend. We meet her father briefly, Lord Jelen Madir.
There’s a lot of talk about the guests; one is Lady Rowena who is described as a shark. Lord Kardos is her father.
Lord Duncan is there – He wants to marry Yelena. Eww. He’s got the type of attitude that says “I am the shiznit and I know it so bow before me scum.” He’s about 22 years old and a Lord in his own right. No idea how he finagled that.

This Green Grass is the 500th anniversary of SilverMar’s inception.

After the party we get home. At some point in the night we hear someone on the stairs. This is unusual so we follow them… We find that there is a secret room downstairs… We had no idea. We are eavesdropping on the stairs.
In the room there is a sigil drawn on the floor that looks like a circle with a triangle in it with many runes. There are 12 chairs around it. Elaina’s group is there, including the twin boys. They are talking about the Order not going away forever. There are secret societies all over Faerun. There’s some legend that talks about saving the world and shining silver will protect them… The daughters have a destiny too. Elaina is not a happy woman about her daughters being stuck with a destiny.
Some of the prophecy says that born at the height of the full moon the daughter of chance and the shadow of the forest will be as twins despite separation of blood will defeat the hidden darkness.
The Kalimal Luminus is mentioned – they are the Champions of Light. The Olenar Mentis is the Society of the Hidden Mind and they want to manipulate the world to their own benefit. They were behind the attempted assassination of the old Lord and Lady. Their ultimate goal is indirect control of every country in the world but SilverMar must fall first.
There is a lot of other talk about protection for the girls. Ao drops in!!!!!
He says that we have some time left to learn and we have one year until the Olenar Mentis can find us.
Muri is utterly flabbergasted that the overpower would show up in our basement and is barely breathing. Lusi isn’t quite so overpowered by him and can at least say thank you.

Sometime after this Ethan says they won’t let us be alone on our quest.

To Be Continued…

21 Tarsakh / 10 July
Session 1

We went to the marketplace to get our mothers a gift; Elaina for her ennobling and Silarea just because. We were followed while we were there; someone was writing down something while watching us. Eric slipped us 14 gp in pouches.
Since we now know we’re going adventuring, we checked into getting ourselves a magical haversack but it’s much too expensive, 5000 gp.
While we’re shopping, we are approached by a seneschal; Lord Francis Wyman has invited us to lunch. We accept, but get the twins to be our escorts.
The house colors are grey, blue and gold. The butler is a serious looking man with gray hair. When Lord Wyman appears, he’s a tall, gangly, awkward man with pimples in his mid to late 30s. He has a sallow complexion, stringy hair, but impeccable clothing with gold embroidery all over it. He wears rings on all fingers and has a massive chain with the family device on it. He “sleazes in” the room. Essentially he’s looking for a wife for his son, who is too busy to be here right now. The kid must be pretty bad if Daddy’s doing the searching… Ick.
Lord Wyman disapproves of the Lord and Lady’s politics, he thinks they’re too liberal.
We put up with lunch and head back to the marketplace to finish our shopping. Muri finds a dreamcatcher shop that looks really nice. She orders one made of amber for her mom.
We see a very attractive young man there who is picking up an order; his dreamcatcher has the symbols of Azuth, Mystra and Azoon on it. Guess who he is?? Marcus Wyman, the son who needs a wife! Wow. He’s really cute. He’s kind of shy and awkward but looks like Zac Efron!
He has got to take after his mother…
We finish shopping at a seamstress’ shop; Lusi finds a case for her mom that is made of a very unusual fabric and has a lot of high quality tools in it (she’s a needleworker).
(Geez, sucky notes…)
We get home and find Eric there. He’s got a heavy bracelet and a note that says “retrieve at 2100; Chandros.” No idea what Chandros is or if the 2100 is the military time we’re thinking it may be. While we’re looking at the note that fit into a space on the bracelet and the bracelet itself, Muri tries to see if there is anything else in the bracelet… She doesn’t find it but Eric or father does (my notes don’t say). There is a space behind the cameo that holds a signet ring. The signet is the symbol of the Lord Marshal of Cormyr!!
We get Eric to take us to the old man who found the bracelet on an unconscious guy; Burns is the old thief. He has a mustache, beard and white hair and is dressed in tattered clothing. He takes us to where the body was…
It’s night by now; while we’re looking around the alley a nicely dressed boy/young man comes into the alley looking for something as well. He’s dressed in very good clothes with a good sword and a ruby necklace and belt. There are three rings on his necklace. He mutters something about “he’s going to kill me.” More like if he doesn’t find this thing someone will be very upset rather than actually kill him.
He looks kind of like Jesse McCartney but blonde.
We follow him as he leaves the alley (I seem to remember that he found what he was looking for, but I didn’t write that in my other notes). Lusi messes up a move silently check and he hears her behind him. He faces all five of us (including the twins and Eric) with his sword drawn. We manage to talk him down and show him the bracelet. We finally convince him to let us help; the unconscious man was is guardian. After some conversation, we find out that his family is dead and his guardian needs help. We get him and the Lord Marshal to our house and get mom to help work on the Lord Marshal.
Once we’ve started working to help the Lord Marshal, Stefan is more trusting and tells us that his family was recently assassinated and that he’s the new King of Cormyr. We’re just flabbergasted at this announcement.
The Lord Marshal, Severin, is gorgeous and looks like Aragorn. He’s got black hair with graying temples, green almond shaped eyes and is dressed in red and gold clothing which are the Cormyrian royal family colors.
Turns out they are here to get a hold of the ring that will give Stefan the throne, assuming he lives long enough to get back.
There are three other cousins that need warning and protection since they will likely be targets of the assassins as well so that the puppet cousin can take the throne. The puppet is Roland Kathal and he’s still in Cormyr. He’s a spineless second cousin that will be easy for whomever assassinated the royal family to control.
The three cousins are in different places: here, Waterdeep and Mulhorand. The cousin that’s here turns out to be Marcus Wyman. The other cousins are women, Gweneth Aldhelm in Waterdeep and Sophia Kadar in Mulhorand. Stefan and the Lord Martial are not overly concerned about Sophia. There’s an entire huge and very competent army between her and the assassins. They’re more worried about the other two.
Muri and Lusi offer to go talk with Marcus and see about getting him out of his home… It succeeds (nothing in my notes here again).
We decide that we need to help out Stefan and Severin and this will also give us adventuring experience with an experience person to keep us out of trouble too deep for us to get out of alone. Stefan needs seasoning as well and the need to stay a moving target makes this ideal for all of us.
Eric has evidently been a busy guy; he’s won a caravan while dicing and offers to give it to the King. It is going to Palansdale and is already paid for and ready to go.
It is delivering foodstuffs to the Home of the Hero Inn in Palansdale. Palansdale is a small town on the way to Waterdeep. This is perfect!
The caravan is made up of two drivers, Colin and Fitz, two laborers, Jonas and Leiland, a cook, Louise and her cook’s boy Travis. Colin and Louise are married and Jonas and Travis are their children. Leiland is a newbie to the life.

To Be Continued…

19 Tarsakh / 23 July
Session 2

The five of us will be heading to Waterdeep to make sure the cousin there has warning of what’s coming. It’s 20 days from here to Waterdeep by caravan, but charging off on messenger’s steeds would just bring more attention than we want.
Name changes are in order for the men; Stefan changes his last name from Obuskier to Kelleden, Severin to McAlisdair and Marcus to Tenelli.
Eric gives Lusi and Muri matching masterwork daggers.
We drive off with the caravan and the first seven days are uneventful. On day eight we come up behind a gnome woman, Denari, who is upset about her wagon. She is driving something huge and unusual but has only one horse pulling it. That thing is way too big to be pulled entirely by one horse. We help her dig out the wheel that is stuck; she gives us some fresh meat from what ends up being a refrigerator! The wagon is a gnomish contraption that isn’t really pulled by the horse, it’s more guided by the horse instead.
The next day we get to the inn; the proprietor is a dwarven woman by the name of Tova. We deliver the goods to her and receive a voucher for 500 gp and a 100 gp bonus.
Lusi gets an education in accounting for the caravan and ends up paying 15 gp for the entire caravan for accommodations and food for 4 days and paying the personnel 8 gp 1 sp.
We put money away into the Moneychanger’s Guild coffers; 100 gp to a personal account, 2000 gp to Colin for the management of the caravan.

We are in Palansdale for Green Grass. While we’re partying our way along the day, Lusi talks with Stefan more as he seems to be pretty depressed. It’s the first Green Grass since his family was murdered and this was the favorite family holiday.
He tells Lusi that King Audrick and Queen Valeria were an arranged marriage but they’d fallen in love very young – they were betrothed at 12 years old with their full and enthusiastic cooperation. Valeria was the eldest daughter of a prominent duke. The pair were married at 18, Audrick was declared heir at 21 and the pair were crowned 20 years later.
The eldest daughter, Levanna, was the heir to the throne, the assassins struck on her 21st birthday.
Ramius was the oldest boy and taught Stefan a lot about sword work.
The youngest, Astara and Aarone, are twins. They were 12 years old. Astara wanted to serve Mystra and she showed much magical potential; she retrieved a ball via magic when only 6.

We left Marcus alone during the celebration (oh shit, that could be bad).
Once Lusi realized that Marcus wasn’t in sight, she went looking for him and found him talking to a very red-haired woman named Lucianna. Turns out she’s a sage and they are talking shop (Marcus is a scholar).
When Lusi comes near, she hears them talking about the Olenar Mentis – it was founded by two heroes hundreds of years ago in Cormyr. The Kalimal Luminus was founded by adventurers 300-500 years ago in the Time of Incumbent Darkness.

1 Mirtul 2525
We meet up with a wizard that needs transport to Waterdeep (he hates teleporting). Master Milantheus is balding but has a little bit of blonde hair on the back and sides of his head. He has gold tattoos on his forehead and crown, Egyptian style makeup, tanned skin (like a ½ blood Arabian), earrings in both ears, lots of rings and necklaces, a heavy torc, sleeveless robes, tattooed and muscular arms, late 30s to early 40s in age. He’s cheerful, friendly and sounds like an old man even if he doesn’t look it. His robes are the kind of “Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” robes and even his fingers are tattooed.
His apprentice, Kirrin, looks like Shahid Kippur and is in his mid 20s with short, dark hair, very pale skin, wearing a plain black tunic and a necklace with a tooth on it. He wears on ring, black leather arm cuffs, and is very wiry.
They sign a transport contract for 1000 gp each. We are to meet them at the Golden Teardrop before we leave Palansdale.
We purchase two more horses from Omar in Palansdale. Stefan finds a beauty that seems to bond with him that he names Moonshadow. He’s described as a king among horses. Severin finds himself a new medium warhorse named Duskblaze. Severin gives Muri his horse, Sunset. She’s a chestnut riding horse that has been trained for war. Muri gives her horse to Lusi, who has simply been riding in the caravan wagons.
We leave on 3 Mirtul and the trip, through 9 Mirtul, is uneventful.

10 Mirtul
Fight!! Our first one… Eeep.
There are 6 archers in trees and a leader named Roger. Between the four of us we manage to either knock out or see surrender all of them.
12 Mirtul
We run into a female tied up in the forest; we heard her crying for help. She was accosted on the road and her companion was killed. Her name is Terina and she has a statue with six arms that she is trying to keep from being misused. We rescue her and bury her companion.
Camping that night, Muri notices that Leiland leaves a small pile of stones in a particular pattern.
Terina says that she stole the artifact to keep it from being activated… We’re not quite sure we believe this. Master Milantheus agrees to check it out. He says it’s a dark artifact that is possible of Netherilese make.
13 Mirtul
Marcus threatens Terina with death over her blatant manipulation of Stefan.
We are on the road with Stefan riding out in front and Severin next to the caravan when a group of people in black accost us. The group sends out fireballs in the front and back of the caravan. They almost get Stefan and that royally pisses off Severin.
The man in charge has a shaved head, short beard and black robes. There are six other men in black robes and one woman.
The headman is known to Kirrin as Massoud; they are both Magi of Netheril! We ended up giving the artifact to Massoud since he has more powerful and willing persons with him and he will supposedly get it destroyed so it can’t be activated.
14 Mirtul
We arrive in Waterdeep, turn over Terina to the Guard and deliver Master Milantheus and Kirrin to the master’s tower. He gives us the 2000 gp voucher and 200 gp each for a good trip.
There is an adventurer’s store we look in that recommends The Purple Sword as a place to stay.
We decide to fire Leiland since he’s been leaving messages for someone and is a slacker. Colin warns the other caravan masters that he is lazy and leaves bandit markers and is also unchivalrous to women.

To Be Continued…

15 Mirtul / 12 August
Session 3

We begin looking for Gweneth and it turns out that her mother is the Tailor’s Guild master; she’s the master seamstress and today is her birthday. If we can get an invitation to her celebration it would give us a legitimate way to contact her.
A scroll arrives for Muri as “Lady Muri Jessamina Denoran;” it is her family crest on a medallion and a signet ring. Lusi about dies laughing at the look on Muri’s face.
We go shopping for a gown for Muri, at the least, and are gently accosted by a gentleman named Albert – he has a shop that’s kind of like an outdoor department store. He is a nice gentleman; we purchase gowns and shoes from him. He gives us a discount in honor of Dominique Aldhelm’s natal day. We spend 175 gp each on gowns and another 50 gp each on comfortable (!!) shoes. He teaches Lusi a cantrip called unwrinkle, so we’ll never have to try to get our gowns out and aired hours before an event. It’s pretty cool; he takes her into the covered part of his shop and closes the curtains. It takes around an hour for her to learn, but it’s only about five minutes to the outside world.
We decide to send the Guild Mistress a letter of congratulation for her birthday and since we don’t have the foggiest clue of how to write one of these letters we go back to the inn to get some help from Stefan and Severin.
When we arrive back at the inn, Stefan and Severin are in the practice ring; Severin with two longswords and Stefan with a sword and dagger. Both are extremely attractive men; Severin is the mature and comfortable in his own skin type and Stefan is a slightly unfinished teen… HOT HOT HOT!!
There’s some talk going on amongst the spectators… After the two finish there is a challenge from the current gladiatorial champion, Rex, to Severin. After some poking and pestering Severin agrees to the challenge. Severin wins the challenge; obviously he held back some because once Rex tried to poison him he flattened Rex in a couple of moves. Evidently Severin regenerates; he didn’t need any healing for the wounds he received.
After we send off the note to Dominique Aldhelm, Severin says we shouldn’t go alone and offers to have his father escort us. He’s in Waterdeep? Severin sends the invitation to his father when we agree; Severin and Stefan certainly can’t escort us and Marcus is a scholar, not a fighter.
Severin’s father is Derrick, about 6’1” and looks like Patrick Dempsey. He agrees to escort us to the Aldhelm’s and play guard there. Talking about Gweneth’s safety, we figure she should be able to be left in Waterdeep since her mother is the Guild Mistress and should be able to afford guards to protect her daughter from assassins.
We decide to send Marcus to Thultanthaar and the Mage Academy there for safety. There should be no way regular assassins can get to him once he’s there.
Dominique Aldhelm sends us an invitation to the birthday party at her home this evening. We are quite glad to have that as a way to see her without being obvious.
Derrick escorts us to her home.
Dominique is a golden blonde woman with tanned skin and blue eyes. Her greeting was gushing. She’s in a yellow cocktail dress with several rings on plus an elaborate wedding ring and tasteful but dramatic makeup.
We go inside and begin talk with Dominique with congratulations on her birthday and thank her for the invitation. Some small talk ensues and she makes sure we have refreshments available. Derrick is outside the room since it’s just the two of us and Dominique.
The drink is sleep poisoned! We hear just enough to realize that the assassins were already here and had threatened Gweneth’s life; the price of her life was our capture!?!?
We both succumb to the sleep poison.

To Be Continued…

25 Mirtul / 19 August
Session 4

We wake up to a bald short wiry man in gray overalls that tells us he’s prisoner transporter. We’ve evidently been convicted of some crime and being sent to a slaver as our punishment. There’s no other contact for that day.

26 Mirtul
We are moved from one wagon to another; the new caretaker is a tall thin man with black hair and dark eyes. He’s also got very pale skin with an unusual slant to his features. He introduces himself as Lhiatos, our caretaker.
Muri is awake enough this time to leave a small piece of fabric behind so that trackers may have some slim possibility of following our trail.
We are given a bath and fresh clothes as well as some food. Lhiatos says that we’re going to market to sell us to our new owner.
It’s another ten days from that transfer point. We are kept that ten days in a kind of luxury and we cooperate for the most part. We get regular baths and clean clothes as well as good food. We are evidently quite valuable.

5 Kythorn
We arrive in a trade city in Netheril – Talavi – and before we are moved out of the caravan we are subjected to a rigorous beauty regime from Lhiatos. We even are put into gold plated steel manacles along with the beautiful gowns.
Talavi is on the surface of the world; we are to take a one hour ride straight up to the floating/flying city of Vashti.
We are enspelled to be giddy and happy right when we get to the new city.
We get out of the wagon very happily… There are two incredibly gorgeous men waiting for us. We are to be their wives! We are so happy about this… Yikes.
Cyrus Vashturi is to be Lusi’s husband, he’s blond and blue, about 6 feet tall, quite built/cut and in very nice clothes (Justin Hartley). Roshan has dark wavy hair with tanned skin and green eyes. He will be Muri’s husband.
They are simply and completely the loves of our lives!
The men (young men, just about 20 years old) tell us that they hired a marriage broker since Netherilese law states that they must be married by their next birthday. The women here were only after money and position since both are from rich and powerful families. They were told that we consented to come and signed a marriage contract.
Lusi is pretty content with things as they are; Muri is happy and giddy like she’s supposed to be but does say that we didn’t consent to come here… This (along with other conversation) offends Roshan and he leaves the room. Cyrus leaves too after a minute.
Roshan’s sister Jasmine produces the signed contracts after Roshan contacts her. The contracts have our signatures on them but we must have signed them in the first ten days that we were asleep since we have absolutely no memories of those ten days and certainly didn’t sign these willingly and awarely.
Derrick and Ryselle show up the next day. It took a total of 20 days for them to find us. Ryselle disjuncts the possible/probable spell on us. There is no link between Muri and Roshan, but Lusi and Cyrus have a link of some kind between them. Lusi and Cyrus decide to explore this possibility.
While we are in a kind of other dimension for the disjunction spell, the goddess Lara (waist length blonde hair, wearing a bodysuit of light blue and white) shows up to talk with us briefly. She tells us that Lissandra is skirting the edges of the allowable and asks us to get her spellbook along with the names of anyone else that may know the spell that makes people think that they’ve found their soulmates. In a very quick aside she tells us that we need to get more information on the women that Roshan and Cyrus were supposed to marry, it’s very important. She told us that while her “father isn’t looking.” (Ao is her father)
Derrick and Ryselle tell us that Severin and Stefan are in the city below and that we should ask them to come up, then Derrick and Ryselle leave us for now.
Since we got some “orders” from Lara, we are going to do as she requested and look into the women she warned us of and see if we can get that spell from Lissandra; we’ll stay at Cyrus’ home for now. Roshan also lives there.

To Be Continued…

6 Kythorn / 20 August
Session 5

We send a message to Stefan and Severin to join us above if they would like but to please send at least our gear up.
They decide to join us.
We find out the names of the women that were to marry Cyrus and Roshan: Isora Roshenn wanted Cyrus; she’s a moneylender and wanted a lot of Cyrus’ father’s connections. She’s a greedy, cold woman that changed the character of the East quarter from a haven for temporary lodging that would have let more people come and take on the challenge of making the city to a spot for more of the rich people that already live here. Ardayth Kamarri is a merchant’s daughter and a glassblower in her own right; there are probable connections to slavers… (!) Roshan’s father is a Magelord; she really really wanted the connections and there is a rumor that she wanted to be the parent of the next magelord…
Vashti is the size of SilveryMoon – we get to see the mithil in the center of the city. It’s a 12 foot tall glowing crystal. It is covered in runes and the shifting colors of magic. If anyone wanted to dispel the magic in the mithil it would have to be a Magelord of higher power than the one that created it. The mithil is what levitates the city. There are catacombs underneath the city surface. More magic takes care of environmental control. There are gardens beneath the city with artificial light that sustains trees and farms.
Some of the rumors running around town:
Ardayth has family connections with slavers, she wants to be the mother of possibly the next magelord, there are possible connections with a foreign female mage (Lissandra?).
Isora has an eye on the council high seat and the political allies of Cyrus’ parents.
Cyrus’ father is supposedly going to find him and ancient artifact that’s been in the family for generations.
Ardayth and Isora are greedy bitches, and we heard one time that they are connected to some unknown men.
There are evidently some consequences to marrying Cyrus and Roshan; don’t know what they are yet though. They are well thought of but kind of give off the aura of dorks when a person meet them.
We’re going to follow Ardayth to a regular meeting tomorrow.

To Be Continued…

15 Kythorn / 26 August
Session 6

We decide to go shopping during the morning so that we have something else to do before we follow Ardayth this afternoon.
There is a great shoe shop there; Erin is the shop helper and she’s really good (she is evidently clairvoyant and possibly not Netherilese)!
While we’re shopping, a set of SpellGuard show up but they have a different symbol on their robes. The Vashti SpellGuard have a certain symbol and this one is different. They have a young woman with them, she is blonde haired, blue eyed, about 5’6” with fair skin; she’s in a red silk dress and fancy embroidered robes. She’s wearing an amulet and circlet of gold and rubies (looks kind of like Cormyrian royalty in colors). She’s quite beautiful and very young, about 17. Her name is Lady Yokona and she is a Magelord.
She has four guards covering the doorway, two on the door itself and two with her in the store.
Erin deserts us immediately for her… Not unexpected!
Lusi talks with another patron, Mikaela, about mage lords and learns that Lady Yokona is from Jethayr about 500 km away. It’s not a trade city but a school itself for magic. Mikaela says that Roshan’s family is of the old High Lord’s lines…
There’s going to be a welcoming party for the Magelord; maybe we can go?
Roshan’s family is of the old High Lord’s lines…
Muri dances around the store in a pair of shoes but is asked to stop by one of the SpellGuard. Lady Yokona comes over to us and apologizes for the guard… That guard, Valeric, is a lot like Severin.
We all introduce ourselves, after some conversation she invites us to the party at the capitol building.
Ardayth runs Lusi over, literally, on her way into the store – she ignores me completely (as in doesn’t even notice me). She demands Erin’s help.
Isora shows up too but doesn’t run Lusi over… That’s a little better.
Ardayth asks for the most expensive shoes the store has but declares them too gaudy. She wants something more tasteful.
Isora, however, falls in love with them: they are gold, platinum and gem encrusted… Ewww!!! How completely typical that she would want those…
We decide, after Erin is demanded to help them, to go to the Phoenix and Dragon for lunch. It’s quiet, friendly and isn’t totally oppressive in formality.
We listen in on the rumors while we’re eating: the magelord may be here to either present a new magelord or it could be that someone that tried for magelord died and so this could be a wake.
Ardayth may not be going to her usual meeting, so we’ll head back to Cyrus’ house after lunch.

Turns out that this is Ardayth’s usual meeting spot… Surprise!! 
There are a man and woman at a table that are waiting for someone. The woman is irritated because that person is late. She has waist length blonde hair and is very attractive. She’s wearing grey and dark blue pants and calf length robes. (suspect that the blonde may be Lyssandra)
The man is of average height, dark curly hair with a tan and is pretty ordinary looking.
Ardayth finally arrives. The man is annoyed by this time too. They’re paying her for something and threaten to find someone else.
Lusi is listening hard:
Ardayth says they’ve finished the capital building and are in the process of decorating it. She doesn’t understand the brute fighter type since he also seems to be educated in magic too. She says he’s gorgeous and muscular.
She and Isora can’t get Roshan or Cyrus to agree to be dates for the party. She got herself an invitation to the party. They will continue the campaign to win the guys over.
The woman says something about the love potion being used on the empire of magic… (I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean – my handwritten notes don’t say a damn thing).
Ardayth says that it would probably work on Cyrus but not Roshan.
Someone says that “he” is growing inconvenient… Roshan, probably. Ardayth promises to work on him.
The Magelords will be there tonight. What about the visitors? (Muri and Lusi)
Ardayth says we’re nobodies and harmless at this point.
She is to “take care of us” if necessary.
The blonde is close to Cyrus but Roshan is the important one. They could care less about Cyrus. Isora’s guarantee of assistance is Cyrus but she’s also unimportant in the long run.
If Cyrus is associated w/Isora then Roshan will be more accessible. He has to take the magelord trials first… They really need him to take the trials but he won’t do it.
Ardayth is to make sure we aren’t troublesome. We were given to her (the blonde) for a reason. Ardayth is dismissed at this point.
Blondie and the guy continue talking: Ardayth has allies but he doesn’t care about her allies. Blondie is not worried about it. Love potions are useful and Roshan won’t pay attention to certain things if he’s distracted by Cyrus being under the influence of it.

We go back to Cyrus and Roshan’s house to discuss all of this then to the work site. It’s nearly done and is absolutely gorgeous.
There’s draconic magic in use – Severin is teaching them to duplicate the effects.
We need to talk to them; Severin will ask his mother to pay attention to the work of the spell here for a bit. He just closes his eyes to talk with her. “Somebody” will be here to watch. A woman with long black hair with loose curls to the waist, very blue eyes, and royal blue robes zorches in. Her robes are a lot like Ryselle’s robes. She’s gorgeous and her name is Raeyna. She’s also wearing a silver necklace – it’s got tiny dragon eyes that actually blink at us, he’s a silver firedrake from her home planet and her familiar. His name is Silvermere.

We go shopping for formal dresses; Raeyna invites us to go shopping “elsewhere” on day. (Raeyna looks a lot like Megan Fox)

To Be Continued…

15 Kythorn / 1 September
Session 7

Party is tonight! There will be a formal reception at the capitol building.
Sadira uses small magic for help in making us up.
Muri’s green dress that Raeyna gave her will have traditional emerald jewelry and Lusi’s will have Egyptian style topaz jewelry.
Raeyna wears a blue iridescent gown with diamonds and deep blue sapphires that have flickers of lightning in them. We are all hiding weapons under our clothes.

The table of honor has Cyrus’ parents Nadia and Vanco Vashturi at it. Vanco is a magelord; he’s wearing heavy velvet robes with a stole. He has silvering dark hair, tanned skin and strong features. Nadia is blond haired and blue eyed; she is also wearing heavy velvet robes. She has ivory skin and is extraordinarily beautiful.
Of course Ardayth is there… She is with a guy that is smitten by her; he’s in his mid-30s.
We are at a round table and at this one are: Raeyna and Roshan, Muri and Stefan, Severin, Ardayth and Kiritan (a member of the High Council – she does not return his interest), Julius (Captain of the SpellGuard), Phaedra (Dean of Mages’ Academy) and Joseph (a professor of alteration magic), Kiara (priestess of Mystra, and Rogan (a Guild artificer). (My notes indicate that Roshan’s parents were in the places noted for Kiara and Rogan; their names are Ivanos and Cytheria)
The high table has: Mage Lord Vanco, the new Mage Lord Nadia, Cyrus and Lusi, Mage Lord Yakona and Valerik (her Severin clone), Ionna (Netheril Mage Guildmaster) and Darius (High Mage), Atemu (Mulhorandi ambassador) and Tahira (younger princess), Vaden (High Chancellor) and his wife Tessa, Zandra (Yalena Mage Lord) and Larant (prince of Yalena [Shade]).
Zandra has crystal blue eyes; she’s tall, thin, angular and has pale white skin. She’s a Yalena which is a racial type. Larant has blue eyes, dark skin and hair and is also tall, thin and angular.

Roshan is absolutely smitten with Raeyna.

There is some ceremony and at the end of the presentation of the new Mage Lord, Nadia’s stole transforms to a deeper wine color and many magical symbols appear on it. Phaedra and Joseph state that the symbols are impressive.
Ardayth challenges Raeyna to prove that her mother is the Lady Ryselle after conversation leads to the question of who she might be. Raeyna declines since she’s not requesting any favors. Ardayth is quite rude to Raeyna.
Lyssandra and her arm ornament are present too. Isora and date (Jarvis) are shocked by something said at their table. Isora is doing something under her table…

There are some vague effects from the food or drink but nothing really noticeable. (successful fortitude checks)

Isora is still paying occasional attention to something in her lap. Lyssandra and her friend pay a lot more attention to Muri’s table. Her date has moonstone grey eyes and an amulet of the exact same color – Devan.

There’s a dance and reception.

16 Kythorn
Raeyna is to present her proof of lineage today.
There’s a big crowd present. Ardayth, Isora, Lyssandra and her arm ornament (Devan) are also present.
The crowd is friendly to Ardayth and Isora and quite skeptical of Raeyna’s claims (because of Roshan’s status and his infatuation with her?)
Lady Yakona and Valerik are here, the guildmaster Ionna, Zandra, all four parents, and Muri’s table companions are present. Isora has a very smug look on her face…. !!

Raeyna is attacked by moonstone boy while she is casting a spell… it appears to be some kind of energy drain. He disappears as he sees Severin on his way toward him. Lyssandra casts a wall in Severin’s way; Roshan disintegrates it as he makes his way to Raeyna. An assassin tries to shoot Stefan at the very beginning of the combat. Severin threw a dagger before starting toward Devan. The assassin tried again but Stefan hit him with a dagger and the assassin disappeared. Severing hit Lyssandra when the wall disintegrated and Devan disappeared with Raeyna’s energy bound to his amulet. Roshan binds Lyssandra with energy bands. Nadia and the other Mage Lords took care of crowd control and Nadia bound Ardayth and Isora in the same type of energy bands at Muri’s demand. Ryselle shows up in a whirlwind of fire and glares at us then asks “What the hell just happened here?”

To Be Continued…

16 Kythorn / 8 September
Session 8

We stumble through an explanation to Ryselle of what just happened.
The SpellGuard deliver Lyssandra, Ardayth and Isora to Cyrus and Roshan’s house in magical manacles. Magical questioning begins of all three. Lyssandra is removed by Ryselle for private questioning. Ardayth is a slaver – Lyssandra has been supporting her for “a while,” Devan just came on scene recently. Plans for us were changed from mistresses of a Red Wizard to partners for Roshan and Cyrus by Devan. Isora has only been laundering money; Ardayth has followed the family business in concubines and body slaves.
Lyssandra’s spell book has been taken by Devan. A copy of the love spell is on a scroll in Ardayth’s house. Other evidence may be available.
There is a message to Assamir Kirin in Ardayth’s library when we break in to search it. Why in the name of all that is holy is there a message to Master Milantheus’ apprentice???
We are supposed to get hold of whatever else might have been used on the four of us by Lyssandra to make us feel like we were in love.
Also in the library we find some other scrolls: Leomund’s Tiny Hut, a magical map of Faerun, and the one to Kirin has a sigil of the Messenger’s Guild on it.

To Be Continued…

16 Kythorn / 16 September
Session 9

We sneak up the stairs in the foyer to the second floor, still looking for the scroll with the love spell on it…
In the library upstairs are scroll of love letters to different people and in different handwriting on the first scribe’s desk. All have Lyssandra – a number – a date on them. There are sealed scrolls on the second scribe’s desk.
We find a book on Cormyrian Metalworking – A Complete History and the page with prisoner restraints is marked with a slip of paper that has a series of numbers on it. We take the slip of paper and write the title of the work and the page number on it to check out later.
The third desk had alphabetical envelopes of very high quality that are unsealed. They are invitations to a party from Ardayth – it is to her birthday a couple of weeks away.
There is a book that Muri opens that has a Cause Fear trap on it. It also is screaming loudly. We run to the next room, and Lusi triggers a lightning trap on the door knob.
We check the executive desk really fast in the next room. There is a locked metal box there that had multiple traps and locks on it. There are architectural drawings of Silverhaven in there.
We get a ledger and some papers. There’s a Netheril map with an X on it.
There’s a trapped scroll case in that box that has the spell we’re after on it, a pouch with gems, 6 trade bars of gold and a small box with a ring inside it.
We run our asses out of there, terrified of another spell that someone’s after us and is close behind us. We get back to Cyrus and Roshan’s house and (I think) Severin calms us down.

Lusi tries to get in touch with Tymora to get the spell to Lara… A dark handsome man shows up and since he has Lara’s holy symbol on his collar Lusi gives the scroll to him. Lara shows up right then and berates Cyric for trying to take it. Lusi gapes and very quickly manages to take the scroll back right out of his hand. He smiles and tells her he’ll see here again… This is bad. Very bad. Very intimidating.
Lusi learns a very valuable lesson: pray in a temple next time!!!!
Lara owes us one for getting this spell out of general circulation.

To Be Continued…

17 Kythorn / 23 September
Session 10

We take 5 days R&R…

22 Kythorn

Cyrus gives Lusi a charm bracelet of white gold. It has two charms on it, one is his mage symbol and Lusi can call him with it, the other is a symbol of Tymora.

Lusi and Muri go home to SilveryMoon to talk to our parents and ask Eric to appraise the gems we got from Lyssandra’s house. We intend to go on to Waterdeep to speak with Master Milantheus and Kirin to give him the message scroll we found. We also get the ring identified.

Cyrus takes Lusi out before we leave to propose… He takes her to a totally gorgeous place rife with magic. There are floating tables, disappearing wait staff etc. Muri and the rest of the gang watch on the gallery as the proposal is made. The ring Cyrus gives Lusi is magical and is connected to the large gem in the center ceiling of the restaurant. He designed the restaurant. The gem are the same color and probably material.
Stefan gives Lusi the gift of a necklace set: necklace, bracelet and earrings all change color to match her attire.

Nadia IDs the ring for us- it will bind someone’s will to a specific course of action. We are going to five this to the temple of Azuth in SilveryMoon (Muri does this).

Once we get home we introduce everyone (Cyrus and his parents to our parents) and a very short explanation of the last few months of activity.
Eric gives Lusi and Cyrus engagement gifts. Lusi gets an off white unset pearl and a barrette; Cyrus is given a gem and a ring.

Eric appraises the gems and we give him 500gp value from the stash.
Cyrus and his parents head home.
Lusi summons a familiar – shocker lizard.

We find out that Sarah is affianced now to Lord Perrin Telford. He has dark hair, brown eyes, a unibrow, long nose hairs, a thin mustache; he’s tall, thin and average looking. Also very arrogant. He’s in velvet and silk with gemstones for buttons and wearing baby dragon skin shoes. This totally puts Lusi and Muri on the defensive.
Lusi has to drag Muri back home because Muri’s so pissed off. Muri goes off to spar with Severin. When he finds out why she’s so pissed he nearly comes unhinged.

27 Kythorn

Kieren came to SilveryMoon for us. Massoud was attacked and the statue was taken. After all that effort, the damn statue is now out and about again. A note mentioned “the girls.” He is supposed to take us to Moradin in Netheril and be there in three days. The message scroll says the same thing – he’s to have us in Moradin by 30 Kythorn.

To Be Continued….


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