The Legend Reborn

Session 63 - Lusi

Session 63

(In the Universal Library)
11 Uktar 2525 / 25 January 2014

We’re on the level with Arcadia on it; this one is divided up in groups to make things a little easier. Thankfully Valas Thann is not physically present. He is one of the high mages for Arcadia… It’s pretty easy to find that information.
Arcadia is ruled by the Circle of Sorcery; made up of seven very powerful sorcerers and mages. The head is the Sorcerer Supreme, there are three sorcerers and three wizards who make up the rest of the Circle. The are titled the High Mage of XXX (depending on the realm they head up). The Sorcerer Supreme can be anyone on the planet, not just one of the High Mages. This person has to meet a challenge in a Tower. If they make it from beginning to end they can challenge the current Sorcerer Supreme – if they win they get a new job, if they lose they die.
Slavery is legal on Arcadia. (shit)
It has a caste system with three levels – poor, not so poor and crazy rich. Slaves don’t qualify as part of the caste system – they are property, not people. There are many things that make one a slave on Arcadia.
The poor have no family names and are the regular general labor.
There are huge tithes to the local lord that tend to keep people poor no matter how hard they work. These people “lease” the property from which to make money for the lords.
The not so poor are basically slaving for the lord.
The slaves come from a lot of things… Pissing off the lord so that he kicks you out of his domain – you have a week to find a new lord or become a slave.
Arena games can elevate one from slavery – doesn’t happen much. The lord can free a slave. One can become an assassin or become slavers to escape slavery.
Valas Thann’s parents became slavers and worked their way up to uber-rich status.

The Circle can free anyone with just a statement. They usually only free those that will do anything for them. Permanent freedom by the Circle comes with other benefits too.
Servants to the High Lord are typically the children of the lords – body servants, concubines, butlers etc. There are harems on Arcadia. The Sorcerer Supreme is a spouse substitute for anyone on the planet or owner of any property on the planet. A visit from the Sorcerer Supreme is call for extreme ass-kissing. Their word is law.
Men and women are equal in power. The Sorcerer Supreme may be male or female.

Valas Thann used to be the Sorcerer Supreme of Arcadia but stepped down from that to become a Void Mage. (double shit)
Arcadians will not allow the Sorcerer Supreme to be a Void mage (or Creation mage).
He stomped his way up the food chain from the lowest class – his parents were slaves. One of the High Mages took him in because of the amount of power Valas Thann possessed. The Master is considered their guardian so killing off his mentor is outlawed. Any familial homicide is against the law and not even the Sorcerer Supreme can break that law.

Family is sacred, although that can be bad… If one person commits a crime the whole family suffers for it.
The laws vary from Sorcerer Supreme to SS and from one domain to another.

There is a resistance on Arcadia (Muri is happy to read this). It is being led by a former High Mage (Thaerass Alantra).
The focus of the resistance is on freeing children (Thaerass is a woman) – she has a huge problem with the idea of children being enslaved.

Valas Thann was the child of slaves then apprenticed with the High Mage.
Two high mages objected to his ascension to High Mage; he killed them both, was allowed to choose their successors and chose a couple of his friends.
As High Mage he made sure the people were given enough to keep them satisfied with their lives but not enough to give them reason or oppotunity to rebel. He wasn’t hated.
He kept a harem and has a dozen children by them, all highly magically gifted. One is the High Lord in his place and one is probably going to be the next Sorcerer Supreme (female).
Arcadians have life spans of about 5000 years. All of them. Wow.

Valas Thann left Arcadia to travel and study magic – he came back stronger every time. It is not known precisely when he became a Void Mage.

The Assassin’s Guild is the second most powerful on the planet after the Circle and the Slaver’s Guild.
The world is technomagical. They have ships that can travel from one Crystal Sphere to another. They have populated two other planets in their sphere; one is a prison planet.

This just gets better and better….

The other planet is a resort planet. Of course.
The fourth planet is inhabited by very hostile humanoids and have been at war for millenia. The people were travelers from Union City (planar location- Githyanki).

The Arcadians don’t have scalp or facial hair, only eyebrows. There is some similarity to elves – tough to have kids and a long reproductive cycle. Most men have at least ten wives. Adultery is punishable by slow torture for both participants while the families watch then the family is imprisoned excluding the wronged party and any of their children.

Divorce happens only rarely. It must be agreed upon by both parties and is a huge power struggle.

The power gem is created as the test at the end of their apprenticeship. The gem sucks all of the magic and kills them if they fuck up.
There are a couple ways to create them: the accepted method is to quest to find the perfect gem, cut it yourself, take it to a node point on Arcadia, then use your internal magic to anchor a piece of the node inside the gem. It usually takes a year. They are referred to as node stones. They are a reserve for spell energy. It regenerates itself constantly. Each stone has different abilities depending on the magic user.
The more intricate the stone the higher the level of the mage.

The Sorcerer Supreme’s stone is supposedly a node in itself – this is speculation in the book.

Valas Thann is 457 years old. He was SS for about 250 of that.
The next SS is “daddy’s little girl” but she’s just as evil and powerful as Valas Thann.

Valas Thann sent a suicide force to do as much damage as possible while he was SS – there was peace between the Arcadians and the Githyanki for more than 200 years.

We go back to the little room to continue looking into the type of gems to try to figure out what we need to free these dragons.

Muri is going to research, Lusi thinks that Alika and Severin should help with the runes and sorting. Aubrey is all about the research. Zandra will help with the sorting.

In sorting we find that there are 30 different types in the mass of gems we have.
Some particular shapes seem to have more of one type of metal than the others.

Alika is fighting with the urge to keep the metals that suddenly smell really good, like they might taste good. He’s thinking this is wierd… He doesn’t lick it, but it’s a battle.

These are the metals that are the settings for the gems: mithril, platinum, gold, silver, a strong grey metal, copper, dark brownish metal, blackish-green metal, dark matte (black) metal.
Mithril and the black matte metal have only a couple of those each. The setting styles for these two metals are not duplicated in any other metals.
Some of the shapes and types of settings have more of one type of metal than others.

Muri tells Lusi that on the back there is in the gem the true name of the creature in it; on the outside there are runes and indicate some kind of permanency and may or may not require the body of the dragon to bring it back. These aren’t the type we can just crush them.

Lusi tries something off the wall – she just says Raeyna’s name and a disk in the air shows up. Raeyna’s on the other end of it and we talk through it. She is transported through it to Lusi and Muri.

We drag her to the room with the gems since she’s an artificer and a friend.
Black matte: dark steel
Greenish black: adamantium
Dark brown: bronze

Raeyna pulls out a pair of glasses to examine the runes on a gem. She says that the souls won’t be destroyed if we break the gem, just breaking the gem will send the soul on to it’s afterlife. The restoration would be accomplished, she suspects, by setting the gem on the forehead of the body. The gems can be used as a means to find the bodies; they are keeping the bodies alive in suspended animation.
She also suspects that the gems will be attracted in some fashion to the body it belongs to.
She points out that the metal is related to the alignment of the dragon, the gem is the color of the soul of the dragon itself but that won’t really help. The darker the gem the darker the soul. Using the name of the dragon along with the shape of the setting should give us the type of the dragons.
She takes out one of the endless journals and starts working on the types…

Lusi spends the time starting on one of the Scrolls of Netheril. She works on the Arcanus Fundare (Foundations of Magic); taking notes in her endless journal.
Muri looks up recipes and then her mother’s adventuring career.
Alika looks up the family tree and family history.

Raeyna comes up for air and has the gems sorted to names of the type of dragon.
Some of the types only have two or three gems. There are the usual types as well as a radiant dragon and a shadow dragon and a prismatic dragon. A radiant dragon is one born on the positive energy plane; the opposite of a shadow dragon. Muri guesses that the prismatic dragon is made of rainbows… There are also mithril dragons and adamantium dragons.

We need to go home and scry; Raeyna suggests her mother’s tower for that as it has a scrying pool. Lusi is surprised that she knows the location. Raeyna is matter of fact about it though.

The Crystal Cave of the Dragons – a mention in a book that Aubrey’s leafing through; it’s a story by Bard Vorin Tilsdane. It talks about stumbling across a cave gilled to the brim with dragons. There are rows and rows of dragons of all colors in the cave illustration. No location – but underground behind a giant mithril door. The book was written in the last 20 years. Lusi makes a copy of the door! Muri goes to find the bard’s address. Muri is busy blathering at the very hot guy there who is black as night with vibrant blue eyes and hair. He’s in a short kilt and a couple of leather straps – she’s tongue tied.

We go back to the store and get a watch for the Library and Toril as well as the Shifting Stone for 8 people. It’s 17,000 gp for the two of them (discount for Lusi’s beauty).
Alika will wear the watch as Muri is stuck with the Star of Mystra.

Raeyna is going to stay with us for a while.

Alika sees Valas Thann in the Atrium while he’s glancing around. Alika gently lets us know. Muri wanted to know if he saw us; he doesn’t think so. Raeyna returns and we go out the door on this floor rather than out the Atrium. The door leads to a room that is round and about 15’ in diameter.
As soon as the door is closed a circle of runes powers up; Lusi does the plane shift to the back yard. Raeyna teleports us all to a tall room carved out of stone. There’s a chandelier about 50’ up and the floors are marble. It’s effing cold in here.

Raeyna states ‘please turn on the heat.’ A slightly see through image of Ryselle appears to help us. We go get tea and warm up. There’s a huge fireplace and vents blowing hot air in there. The walls are lined with books. Lusi really wants to see this place. It’s Ryselle’s Tower!!!
There is an arched ceiling and flying buttresses with paintings in between them of the night sky. There are gas lamps and lamps that give very clear light when touched. There are comfy chairs and sofas and bean bag chairs too.
A tea service appears on the table.

Lusi asks Raeyna for a tour. It’s built like a castle into the side of the mountain. One of the towers is offlimits as Ryselle’s personal space. The other tower is a copy of that one for public consumption.
The scrying pool is set into the stone of a main floor with a circle of protective runes around it. There are candle holders in the stone for use with some burned out candles in some of the holders. The water of the pool is a silvery color, Raeyna says it’s water from Silver Lake on Alor – the Tears of the Goddess.

To Be Continued


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