The Legend Reborn

Session 61

Session 61

10 Uktar 2525 / 15 December 2013

Netharis statues that exercise tremendous control over magic – bad guys will use them to try to take over control of magic everywhere.
One of them is under the ocean somewhere; the Magi have one; one is in Thay somewhere.
Devin has taken over guardianship of Alustriel; the other Void mages will have to take her over his dead body.

Olenar Mentis are another set of bad guys and have some control on the events across the world.

Vicari Ordiri are Void mages; there are four Void mages on the planet at this point (there aren’t usually more than one on any given planet).
Maliss was a Void mage and not a member but now dead by our hands.
Valas Thann is a member and wants us dead (all out war).
Aurien is a member and isn’t trying to kill us (peace treaty).
Devin is a member as well but isn’t trying to kill us (cease fire).

The Sisters… Four have been rescued. Air (Dove Falconhand), Earth (Storm Silverhand), Water (Laurel Silverhand) and Lightning (Alustriel) are free. We are missing Fire (The Symbul/Allesarra), Acid (Sylune- in an amethyst crystal in the green dragon’s lair), Cold (Qilue Veladorn) and Force (Eleanora Moonshadow).
We have the Star Of Mystra to help us find them.

We have an extradimensional chest of glowing gems (soulstones) that we need to free the dragons that they are from. (the god that gave her the stones had dark hair, no gender implicated) We have three months to restore them and the green dragon will supposedly give us any one of her pieces of art; we do, of course, want the piece with Sylune in it. (only quest that is time-sensitive at this point)

We have successfully restored Stefan to the throne of Cormyr.

Terina is a member of the Black Rose Guild – she was last seen in Cormyr fucking one of the dukes.

We have not found the identity of the last member of our merry little band… We’re thinking it may be Devin, but he’s really uninterested in helping us at all.

Our understanding of the end of the quest is that that the bad guys want to be at the Origin to turn the universe to darkness. We will get to the Origin when we are supposed to.

We need to find the door to the Libris Ominus.

We are at home… :)
Lusi starts trying to figure out, at the dinner table after dessert, how to find a door to the Libris. Aubrey says that the doors aren’t that difficult to find – he and his sister decided that they realy needed to find it and it appeared in the back of a bookseller’s shop.
He also sketched the symbol on the door for us to recognize.

Lusi also wants to know if anyone had any clues whatsoever about the god/being that dropped off the chest to the green dragon – Alika has been studying his draconic history and did a lot of reading in the monastery too. He remembers that Bahamut never appears as anything but his platinum dragon self. Tiamat very rarely appears as anything other than her dragon self either. The few times she’s appeared she’s a human with multicolored hair. Well, maybe it’s not a god at all – the green dragon isn’t really perceptive about anything except her art.
What about the Olenar Mentis then?
We need info – largest library in Faerun would probably be either Netheril or Mulhorand.
We at least need to check our information before we actually exit the sphere.
Aubrey suggests a sage too.
Lusi remembers, after Muri mentions it, that Marcus was talking to a sage at Greengrass: Lucianna.
They were talking about the Olenar Mentis and the Kalimal Luminus…
– The dragon’s name is Anskarard or Anskarad.
Muri makes a list of the questions we want to ask.

Lusi finds that there is interest in having some contingencies set. Aubrey will help her and suggests that we might want to put them into items.

The night passes uneventfully. Lusi plays with the baby dragons for a while before going to sleep (falling asleep with the babies this time).

11 Uktar 2525
Severin practices in full formal plate with a bastard sword this morning.
Derrick is also in full dress armor, commenting on his son’s performance.
Ryselle joins in the practice with Severin. No magic, of course.
Alika gets pulled in to join the family fun.

Muri also gets invited into the fray… :)
Zandra tries to join in without anyone seeing, but Ryselle knocks Alika down and stops her staff just shy of Zandra. Ryselle says that dragons have extremely good vision.

Lusi wakes up eventually with a pillow under her head and Bercy curled up next to her.

The girls make breakfast today.

Dad 2 is dressed up all nice and formal as well as Mom 2 in a gorgeous gown made by Mom 1. Mom’s gotten a lot more local business since Mom 2 started going to court. She’s also been very busy with Lusi’s wedding gown (messages have been flying back and forth between Lusi’s mom and Cyrus’ mom about details.

The court thing is some sort of big announcement.

Lusi gets a package via the Messenger’s Guild. There’s a message in very elegant handwriting: for my future daughter in law, wear it well. From Cyrus mother. They are beautiful and very old, worth a lot of money…
Lusi sends a message back to her telling her thank you and she will endeavor to wear them as well as she would.

Then we are off to the Mage Guild to teleport to Palansdale…
The guy at the teleportation pad is an asshole and doesn’t think women should be mages…
The lady at the other end is a nice perky woman.
She gives us directions to Lucianna’s place. Evidently her house is a very colorful place.

Yep. Very colorful house. It’s a damn rainbow of color. It’s very…. bold.

Lusi knocks and a 12 or 13 yr old boy answers the door. His clothes match the house.
Lucianna will see us. Oh good.

The sitting room is a veritable cornucopia of color.
She still has very red hair and is in orange today. She hasn’t heard from Marcus lately.

Lusi yields the floor to Muri.
Who dropped off the soul gems to the dragon Anskarard? About 500 years ago?
Dragons are considered almost mythical creatures at this point because people hardly see them. The population took a huge dive about 500 years ago. (she has no information)

What do you know about the Olenar Mentis, the Kalimal Luminus and the Vicari Ordiri?
The Kalimal Luminus: The Champions of Light (2068) by Althea and Gabriel Cyranos who were descendants of the legendary Tasha and Elredir in response to an Olenar Mentis plot to overthrow the Mulhorandi throne. In interfering with the Olenar Mentis’ plans they discovered the amount of influence of the Olenar Mentis. They had agents in every country in the world, fairly close to those in power.
Olenar Mentis is an organization that theoretically began with a much more benevolent purpose. A group of shady sorts decided to change things in the background. Protect people from assassination, help a good king retake his throne, or help overthrow a bad monarch. They did things that were illegal to accomplish these ends, including assassination. The info available is very sketchy. They are scattered around the world in cells. None of them know what’s happenening with the others. The people with the big picture are absolutely unknown. At some point in their evolution they became convinced that they knew best. The ordinary people were not mentally equipped to know the path that a city or country should take. They were the only ones that could see clearly and their influence began to spread farther and interfere with more unacceptable things. They would place someone with a person that would accept their control or fell in with their line of thinking. That evolved into today where they manipulate things to their benenfit and not to anyone else’s.
The Vicari Ordiri: up until recently was a legendary organization existing beyond this world. Only recently have members come here and shown themselves for what ever mysterious purpose they have. The were supposedly created by an avatar of a god on another world who lost everything. As a result his soul was empty and void – those he accepted into his order were also empty and were masters of the magic of the void. It was considered impossible here on Toril until recently. Void mages have power over destruction. It’s very difficult to harness the power of Void magic. Few are capable of the feats of magic of the members of the order. Practitioners usually die in the pursuit of the power. There are 12 members of the order all serving under the avatar. Legends say that the avatar departed a long time ago and it’s only those 12. Gaining memberhsip is very difficult. They have to take by force the position – kill the member and take their place. She has no idea why they are here. She doesn’t know for sure if they are here.
We can confirm their presence.

What do you know about Aurien Kadena and Devan Rehaltis?
Aurien Kadena – she would have to research, she doesn’t recognize the name.
Devan Rehaltis – no new information there

Is saying someone’s name the same as writing it down as far as magical spying and whatnot?
Gods are capable of knowing when their name is used regardless of the form but it would take a truly powerful mortal to do the same and it wouldn’t apply to writing.

Prophecies are usually given to the people they apply to or they are completely uninterpretable.

Does she happen to have a doorway to the Libris Ominus in her place? Or happen to know where one is?
No and no.

Alika suggests that we show Lucianna the chest of gems to see if she knows anything about it. He asks her if she knows who made it or if there are any markings she recognizes.
It looks like it is probably Damarese. It’s that type of exquisite woodwork. Looks like it’s a trophy chest. The trophy chest holds prized parts from a hunted beast; even items made from the beast’s parts may be held here. Northern Damarese tend to do this a bit more.

What do you know about the gems designed to hold the souls of creatures?
There are different kinds. It’s the darkest magic; necromancy. One type will imprison a living being inside the gem; if it’s smashed it may release them to their normal form or to go on to the afterlife. Another form is essentially the housing for the soul; as if the creature is transformed into the gem and typically cannot be broken. If it is their soul goes on to the afterlife. To restore the creature you have to have whatever item was used to imprison them. Others are just the soul and leave an empty shell. The soul is released to the afterlife if the body dies and the gem is broken.
There should be runic writing on the gems to distinguish them from one another.
Those types of gems were originally made by dwarven runesmiths. They were used to house the spirits of their wisemen so someone could commune with them after their death. The usual person to commune would be the shaman that came after them, in the tribal north this would be more common.

Lucianna hasn’t talked to Marcus in a few months. We’ll have to look him up. She asks us to convey her greetings when we do see him.

We’re going to have lunch here then head home. Damara maybe tomorrow after we check out the gems.

We go to a midlevel inn for lunch. We went to the Golden Unicorn the first time we were here, but it was a high end inn. We want to check out a different place.
The inn is The Emerald Owl. The building is a nice whitewashed place. It’s got green accents. There are all different shades of green and lots of live owls all over the place.
All kinds of owls live here, not just one type.
It’s a warm and friendly atmosphere. The hardwood floors, the hand carved tables that look like trees holding the tops, the chairs like curled vines. There are more owls inside and it’s nice and clean. The servers are dressed in short skirts and tops of owl feathers. They are all attractive too.
(the REAL hooters)
Their skin is oddly patterned, almost like a bark, the hair looks very leafy. They all have auburn, gold, red leafy hair.
One of them slinks up to Alika, also eyeing Aubrey and Severin.
She is very happy to see Alika – Lusi, Muri and Aubrey have already taken a table. They’re dryads, according to Muri. Lusi was thinking nymphs.
The dryad sits on Alika’s lap. She wants to know what he’d like for lunch.
Everyone orders… She isn’t too interested in us but eyes Alika and Aubrey after Severin’s eyes gleam and she looks away really quick. Apparently there are no male dryads so they have to find hapless human males to mate with.
An older dryad in a long leafy skirt with a nice intricate blouse comes and welcomes us to her humble establishment.
The girls seem quite taken with Alika. Her name is Iona.
The food is of generous proportions (a huge steak for Severin).
The waitress comes back to ask us what we want to drink. The drinks come back in handcarved flowers. All of the dishes are beautiful and even the flatware is fine grained hard wood.
She tells Alika and Aubrey to let her know if they need anything at all. All of the servers do the same over the course of the meal.
They avoid Severin like the plague (dragon) and they flirt with Aubrey and Alika the entire time.
The food is very good.

On our way out to the Mage Guild, Lusi notices that a place had an alley last time we were here. A second look shows if the place is a shop or store or some such, it doesn’t have a sign and it’s only about ten feet wide with a door in the middle of it.
The door is closed. No one answers the door to a knock.
Lusi opens the door and it doesn’t kill her.
The place seems to be a shop with all kinds of stuff in it.
It has an old book smell with slight incense and quiet music in the background.
Lusi, Muri and Alika are sticking together kind of single file since it’s not that big in here.
We do find a counter about 40 feet back. There’s an old elf looking guy there. He’s snoring lightly. He says hey hot stuff before his eyes are even open.

Aubrey mutters about 500,000 years and he’s still doing this.
He goes over into a corner and stays away….

Tathar kisses Muri’s hand and she has the most intense pleasure she’s ever had.
She has all the screaming and shaking over with in a few minutes.

Lusi can’t find the door she’s looking for. Darnit.
Muri goes looking around and finds a door… Muri moves the paintings and staves in front of it and sees the marking of the Libris Ominus glowing at eye level.
Muri asks Tathar how much to use the door… He’s all about the bed in the back.

Tathar tells Lusi to make sure and tell Cyrus to kiss on her birthmark – it’s very sensitive.
Lusi blushes and says ok.

We go through the door…

To Be Continued


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