The Legend Reborn

Session 52 - Lusi

Session 52
26 Marpenoth 2525 / 4 November 2012

We wait around for the Guild to let us know that we can safely, well, more safely, go into the slums and check out the area Dove is resting in.
It’s four days.

30 Marpenoth
An eight year old boy shows up at our door on the fourth day and hands Muri a scroll tube. Inside are rings made of a black substance for everyone in the party; a note says just “wear these.”
Muri tips the kid.

High avatar of Ra – Azriel – founded the Vicari Ordiri. The Order was originally lackeys….
Kalimal Luminus was founded by an opposing sect (Roald is this world’s member). The Olenar Mentis is our world’s version of the Order.

Raeyna shows up in a bolt of lightning and tells us that Valas Thann is now a member of the Vicari Ordiri!!!

He didn’t kill off anyone we’ve known so far.

We’re going to make sure that we have all of our stuff with us just in case.
Hopefully we don’t have to leave the horses.

Lusi casts a stoneskin on Muri before we leave. It’ll be about an hour and a half according to Blade, who showed up out of nowhere a few minutes before we finished talking about all this.

We head out, and the city is still a little busy.
Everyone is out and about, so we have to be careful walking around here… There are all kinds of races evident here. The largest of the population are humans, orcs and half-orcs.

Blade is noticable by his absence when we hear the screams of a woman in the alley next to us… He shows back up a minute later.

The slave market is fucking huge… It takes a long time to get through. There is one area that has filthy slaves that are packed in the pens like sardines.

Eventually we manage to get past the market without going nuts…
The child slaves send everyone heading straight for the edge… Lusi and Muri are holding on to each other’s hands and squeezing the life out of them…

Aubrey stops and says that’s it. We stop and look; he’s stopped and staring at the slavers… Muri spins him around and smooches him to distract him. He’s pissed; he was trying to teleport the kids out. One disappeared but the other 19 are stuck and he points that out to Muri. Oh man. That was fucked up.

We get to the old palace. It’s in fairly good shape considering. The walls are gone now.

Aubrey is examining the doors then pushes them open. He goes in slowly, checking the floor as he goes, Muri then Lusi, Alika, then Severin and Blade.
There is a chandelier with some feebly glowing orbs on it. There are expended bolts and arrows on the floor. There is evidence that people were here kind of recently.
The next set of doors used to be really pretty gilded doors, but they’re horrible looking now.
Aubrey pushes these doors open as well.
The next room is huge; about 100’ square. There are pillars and multiple sets of doors leading off from the room. There are four huge marble pillars; the room is open at the center top. There is a stone table in the center of the room. There are broken chairs nearby the table. the brazier was just recently used; there is some heat coming from it so there’s been about 24 hours since it was used.
there are four spaced statues in the room of noble Zhentarim – maybe past rulers or the founders of the city. The room is ringed by some marble busts, some knocked over; one is missing it’s head…
There are large double doors across from the entrance. Those are mithril doors and the gold etching has tarnished. The etching is the symbol of the Zhentarim.
The room used to be roofed in glass. The busts are names as various rulers of Zhentil Keep.
The four statues are the first Zhentarim… The General and Mage General of the Zhents.
[around the mithril doors are etched runes, very difficult to see]
Muri points them out to Lusi; they are the same type as the other places we’ve seen the sisters. Muri blows out the symbols then touches the door. The symbols light up and the door cracks open. Muri enters the room; Lusi tried to go in too but is blown back out by wind.
[there are three thrones in there and severl chairs. the throne is grayish black marble. the tapestries are still vibrant. the room is completely preserved. it’s brooding and dark… lots of evil. at the center of the room Dove is laying on the dais. Dove was probably floating in the air but isn’t now since she’s enclosed in crystal. Muri touches the crystal; it shatters. it was solid… not just a dome. Dove is now floating; she opens her eyes pretty immediately. Muri starts talking to Dove. Dove stands with Muri’s help.]
We’re jsut waiting for something to happen… Maybe Maliss will show up.
Alika sees a red ball show up out of nowhere right next to him and Lusi. He’s got no clue what it is… Alika jumps on it and tries to absorb it with Spellfire…
Lusi manages a “wha-” before he is down on it… Damn monks!
It’s a delayed blast fireball; diving on it sets it off. Shit. Poor Alika.
Alika is vaporized; holy fuck!! Lusi tries to dodge; she still takes 120 pts of damage! OMFG!!!!
Maliss appears after the fireball… Along with some more lackeys; 8 more of them.
Aubrey casts a spell on the two in front of him; one human male with a symbol of Umberlee in chain mail and a morning star, and another guy with a symbol of Cyric, he’s got robes on. The spell arcs between them – arc of lightning. Both die. Holy shit!
Severin goes Cpt. Ginsu on one of the guys… The guys dies on the third hit; critical hit. Scissored in half on that crit!
Maliss goes after Aubrey… The priest of Cyric was quite high level, so Aubrey is obviously powerful.
Maliss is so fucking predicatable… Void magic. Geez. Aubrey is wrapped in the black energy. His eyes swirl black, he grabs a tentacle and pulls the energy into himself… Whoa. His eyes are black now and he has a black crown of energy around his head… Yeah. Lusi is sure this means he’s been influenced by Harbrin, not Carathas… Maliss looks panicked at the sucking of the energy and drops the spell.
Zandra goes after the guy about to stab Lusi; she starts stabbing the druid.
Dove comes through the door next. Maliss tries to get her to hit Aubrey by yelling that he’s trying to kill them all. Lusi says bullshit and Muri seconds her. Lusi tells her Maliss is the bad guy and Muri says he’s the one that kidnapped her sister. Dove charges at Maliss and can get one attack. She hits him once.
O2 and Tiemoa go next and attack Dove. O2 can’t hit her, Tiemoa (warlock) shoots an undulating orb of ickiness at Dove. The orb misses.
Muri enters the fray and goes straight for Maliss but is intercepted by Tiemoa; Muri attacks her once but misses.
Lusi modifies a Dimensional Lock to cover the whole room by spellweaving.
There’s a black mink with a silver band coming toward her, she’s going to boot it away to keep it away. Ah, it is Aubrey’s, she notices the symbol is the same as on Aubrey’s necklace. The familiar delivers a Heal spell.
Red guys: druid and buddy have to stop the card game so they can get killed. LOL
Druid guy points at Zandra and chants something dark and eeeviill. Zandra makes her save.
Red fighter guy goes after Lusi: he misses twice and then throws his sword across the room. Lusi looks at him and says he sucks. He mutters that he doesn’t want to be here anyway and she tells him to go home before he dies.
Aubrey asks if we have these guys; Lusi says probably and he goes to the other side of the room.
Severin comes after fighter dude. Slice and dice… Guy dies.
Maliss concentrates on something; we hear a psychotically loud shrieking sound… It hurts our brains… Lusi is the only one that resists. Everyone else takes 156 pts of damage. Owww. Their ears are bleeding and they’re deaf at this point. Lusi takes half damage.
All the lackeys fall over dead.
Zandra goes over to Maliss and attacks once.
Dove attacks him too; she hits once.
Muri attacks next; one hit.
Lusi modified a chain lightning spell with creation magic; she does 120 pts. He’s no longer smirking!!!
Aubrey is doing something else still…
Severin whirls his blades at Maliss… One of his blades get stuck and goes flying away.
Muri disarms Maliss.
Lusi drops a Time Stop. She heals the three women and then lightning tornadoes Maliss for 179 pts (he only had 5 left). He’s vaporized. Good thing his staff was across the room…
The lightning arcs over some of his magic items… Oops.
Reflex saves….
Most of his items are destroyed. Some are left though.
– need the loot list -
Alika’s alive now. He has a tabard of the Red Knight on now… Aubrey resurrected him.
Maliss is dead. At least for now… Hopefully he stays that way. Holy crap.
Alika has a new tabard; he says that while he was dead hew went to the stronghold (Warrior’s Rest) of the Red Knight; she offered him a special place there. He wouldn’t have been able to come back, Aubrey showed up there astrally (it was very difficult) and Alika was allowed to go back with him. The Red Knight gave him the tabard since he would have been naked with nothing when he reappeared.
We teleport to Sanctuary so Dove isn’t tromping through the streets of Zhentil Keep… We’ll teleport out with the horses after Aubrey gets some rest.

We appear back in the suite with Dove and get some rest.

To Be Continued…


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