The Legend Reborn

Session 51 - Lusi

Session 51

26 Marpenoth 2525 / 30 September 2012

(Lusi gets twitted by Muri that she should have some sort of teleportation effect… She eventually decides that she’s going to copy Lady Y’deria’s coloration and make a pretty opalescent swirl of color that crackles upwards at the crown of her head)

More dreams… we are in a familiar rooms with a very angry Valas Thann standing there looking at Felisaria with disappointment, he lifts her by her neck after taking the ropes off by a wave… What happened? They just came in and I don’t know how they got here. Felisaria is choking during the whole conversation. Lusi destroyed a shield he taught her. Lusi managed to knock out the corruption that Felisaria placed on Aubrey…
He takes a struggling spark from her chest surrounded by dark energy that he absorbs into himself and crushes it in his hand. She is dead hanging in the air; he disintegrates her by gesture.
Aubrey has a rune on his chest that is kind of creepy; the orb sat there and the rune on the orb is this one; it’s also where the life spark is for soul type spells.
Everyone shows up after the dream… There’s a knock on the front door.
It’s Devan and he’s had the dream… SERIOUSLY????

Aubrey and Devan needle each other.

Turns out the rune is a binding rune; keeps him on the Prime Material Plane.
Devan indicates that the binding would have been sometime in his own history so Void and Chronomancy were used on him… He was bound to a particular point in his own timeline.
There are rules against doing that. Ao must have some kinds of restraints on him.

Devan wants to leave, so we start the summation early.
Valas Thann has changed things in time by binding Aubrey. Could be good or bad.

Morganna shows up…

It’s after dawn so we make some breakfast with Morganna.

Devan leaves and tells us that he wants no part of our quest… Dammit.
Muri repeats the prophecy for Aubrey’s edification.

Talking about the prophecy: Forsaken Son is Aubrey, probably, and he mentions that he and his sister were sacrificed to Carathas (we heard Harbrin the first time…)
Morganna says that the parents were part of the cult to wake Carathas and the children were to be sacrificed to him… Hmmm.

Derrick and Ryselle come down and greet us; Aubrey and Ryselle talk a bit.

Lusi is not convinced that the mention of the cult of Carathas was actually correct; she’s suspicious of this as a symptom of the temporal changes.

We’re going to leave Devan for the moment…

Back to trying to use the Star of Mystra to contact the Sisters.

Raeyna is heading back to the Library, Lusi asks her to check the change in who the twins were sacrificed to so that Lusi’s mind will be set at ease since the Library is “outside of time.” She says no problem.

We all ready ourselves for the day…
Aubrey created clothing for himself for today, but we need to shop for adventuring… Raeyna will take care of weapons.

We shop. When we get home there’s a long box with Aubrey’s mark on it. Raeyna has gotten his stuff for him.

We go downstairs to the circle of Alorra to see if we can get Muri in touch with Laurel Silverhand… Muri is trying for her location. Laurel’s not on Toril. Muri’s going to try to communicate with her: she is unconscious (nat 20 Will save for Chris); she’s on a demiplane… Crap.

We’ll need something of each element to free the Sisters we find. Muri’s looking to find Dove Falconhand and Eleanora… Wondering if Eleanora is maybe wandering around out there… You know, hiding in plain sight.
Ok, Eleanora: she’s in a cave of ice and encased in ice. Somewhere in Netheril or near Netheril.
Dove: [broken down city, aged, well fortified with a large thick wall around it, the buildings look ancient; the whole place is occupied by evil humanoids and some humans; they’re all in uniforms that are black: jagged edges, spikes etc. symbol of the Zhentarim is everywhere.]
largest slave market in Faerun: it’s legal and have a marketplace for slaves
We’re going to be all dolled down: Muri gets scars and more rugged looking. Zandra scars up Lusi too. The idea is that scars on the face will deter them from acquiring us for pleasure slaves.
Muri will be a mute for this trip; she doesn’t want to blow up on someone if she’s supposed to talk.
Zandra is a graceful, compact guy with short black hair and green eyes, tanned and in black and grey clothes. He has no name… This guy has a reputation in Zhentil Keep. Perhaps his rep might help protect us better.
We’re using the greater teleport; Lusi and Aubrey will work together for this to take the people and horses along (not Vanya!!!). No name guy gives us a location by illusion. Lusi uses the staff Shol’ka.
At the moment of teleportation she felt a surge of energy and takes all of us with it.
The glade is empty; thank goodness.
We’ll need to bribe the gate guards; Blade (Zandra) says about 100 gp for a group this size.
The city is large; and has a black miasma hanging over it. The walls are 50’ tall and very thick. There are guards pacing the top and there are alternating ballistae, catapults and pots of oil every 50’. It’s maybe a mile or so to the city.
Blade leads us behind a group of merchants going into the city. The merchants don’t have the typical wagons… These are rolling battletanks… Wow. This is being drawn by four heavy drafthorses. It’s a clothing merchant by the looks of the heraldry… Wow.
We join the line. The guards are extorting a fee from the merchant and the merchant is asking for a safe place to stay…
The guard asks us our purpose: Lusi says business, personal. The guard asks for a fee and she gives him a 100 gp gem.
The city is huge and set up for battle: the houses have ballistae on the flat roofs. Wow. There are bars on the windows and defense systems.
Lots of orcs, humans, some trolls, lots of collared slaves.
Blade reaches out and grabs someone next to Lusi; the girl was going after her beltpouch. The kid got Lusi’s engagement ring right off her hand. Fuck.
Blade gets it back and warns off the Thieves Guild from the group. We’ll be seeing a representative sometime soon.
We’re headed to the adventurer’s section of town for an inn. There’s a portal to the section; non magical wrought iron.
The inns:
Hairy Giant (3 stories, good carvings on the corners and the sides of the doors, stables in back) the giant statues open the doors; warm friendly place, shining oak floors, the atrium has the innkeep’s counter, male halfling there, floral arrangements with giants holding the pots, the hallway opens to a place with couches and fireplace. Halfling chef (innkeep’s wife), 5 sp room and bed w/ covered chamberpot, plate 1 sp, feast 5 sp, stabling included w/room.
White Horse Inn (has a unicorn on the sign, looks like a greek house, marble columns and floors, tall white building, peaked roof instead of flat, carvings on the building, mosaic drive)
Riverside Inn (on the river, waterwheel)
Ye Merry Ball and Chain (dingy and cheap)
The Wailing Peacock (colorful, tall, towering building, peacock feathers on the top – penthouse suite, 10 levels tall, looks like a staff decoration all the way up and lots of colors, gated, 12’ high fence of adamantine, the patrons are rich, greeted at the door by a beautiful elven woman)
Red Oak Inn (looks exactly like other Red Oak Inns… chain hotel; the walls are paneled in red oak)
Dragon’s Fire (nicely appointed building, fences and gates, room for wagons, wealthy but not gaudy)
Wandering Warrior (common, drunk fighter illusion on sign)
Ale and Port (the inn is shaped like a bottle, patrons are average levels)
Broken Staff (cheap, loud)
Rydor’s Honor (good quality inn, looks like it would withstand a siege, stables, gates and fences, moulding and other decorations, someone greeting the patrons – half-ogre, carvings of valiant acts by a half-ogre)

Lusi’s up for Rydor’s Honor, Dragon’s Fire or the Hairy Giant.

Sanctuary (looks like a temple, whitewashed stone and mouldings, symbols of different gods on the roof edges, fountain in the center, trees, flowers, grass, stables out back) the front door is an archway and the front room is a shrine to the gods. two archways on the sides and the front arch leads to the inn, small desk with young human woman behind it in her late teens; the atrium opens into the area with couches and plants, a door leads to the restaurant area and a staircase in the back. The place is lit brightly with a transparent dome above. 5 gp large room, bed, temperature controlled and comfort magic, suites have water closets, all rooms access a bathing room, stabling included. Suites have 4 rooms and the common room, top floor has 8 rooms. Interconnecting doors can be created. Breakfast, snacks, wine and ale included. We all notice that the girl is wearing a pin on her collar (the symbol of Lara), and unusually intense green eyes. Lusi notes that there’s a man in the shadows watching us curiously with the same green eyes with a necklace with Lara’s symbol. Vance comes over and greets us when Lusi notices him. The girl is his daughter. He says the Hairy Giant is tiny but good food. The Dragon’s Fire is expensive (10 gp) but a private bath with unlimited hot water and water closets attached to the rooms. Stabling is separate but has different levels of pampering. Expensive but very nice. Rydor’s Honor a party place. Small private rooms, medium beds, communal water closet and bathing area, extra charge for a magical chamberpot, 5 gp per day for the rooms. Intimate company is very good there. Rydor knows some very bawdy drinking songs. Rydor’s Honor is not under Guild protection but he maims those who thieve there.

The girl gives us the Tymora suite. The place is magically protected from scrying and watching, the windows are unbreakable with clearsteel bars on them too. The rooms are warded and the locks are of extraordinary quality, the doors are reinforced with steel.
The inn has named the suites for the gods that sheperded Lara to godhood: Sune, Tymora and Lliira. The stables are excellent and the grooms ask about the preferences of the horses for treats.

We go to the suite, we can use the stairs or the magical lift. It’s 5 stories. There is a ton of marble here, we can hear Eric yelling about taking the marble balustrade down. :)
The temp is comfy, the marble floor is actually comfortable too, not too hard. There are small common areas at each end of the floors to converse and whatnot. There are different colors for each floor. The fourth floor is black and silver in color. The key starts tugging once we get to the fourth floor. The key is yanked out of Lusi’s hand once she turns it in the keyhole and the locks disengage and lets the door drift open. The rooms are in red and silver for Tymora’s colors.
There is a knock at the door; Lusi goes over and a girl, Alina, is to help us out. She has a fruit and cheese tray with bread and nuts. The platter will self-replenish until we put the lid back on. The pitchers on the bar will do the same for drinks.
The red bellpull will summon assistance; guards and a cleric and will lock down the entire inn. The silver bellpull will summon Alina. If something does happen then we will be locked in but when the situation is resolved we’ll be updated and the rooms will go back to normal.

We check out the rooms and Lusi starts a pillow fight with Muri.

The guys and Blade just chill and munch.
Aubrey and Alika chat…
The girls run around shrieking and laughing while they chat.

Muri tries again to see where Dove is so we can try to rescue her.
She sees a room, well appointed, with a beautiful mosaic on the floor of the elements and a bier with a slab of stone where a beautiful woman rests. She looks like the other sisters and she’s dressed in armor with the symbol of Myth Drannor on it. She’s not dead but there’s a crystal dome or she’s embedded in crystal, she can’t tell. There are symbols of air all around, and the bier itself has symbols of earth. Her eyes are closed. Very fancy, throne room like room but very ancient.
A map of the city appears in front of her and the Star of Mystra appears on a location on the map. The mark is where the old palace was.
Muri tells the magical map we have to show where she sees the map in her mind. The area is in the current slums.
Blade will make arrangements for the Guild to ignore us one night; the Zhentarim will kill us if we are caught.

To Be Continued….


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