The Legend Reborn

Muri's Perspective - Session 53

Ding Dong the Lackey's Dead and some B**** is Messing with the Wrong Friend....

30 Marpenoth 2525

Gain 31,250xp (total of 172,550 – Go to 19th level)

We rest…..

1 Uktar 2525

We awaken to the realization that Maliss is now gone….

We ring for breakfast. We need to find where Laurel was being held. Dove decides to head to Myth Drannor.

Laurel leaves and goes into the courtyard and calls her stead with a name. We hear the sounds of chiming hoofbeats, running out of the sky is a golden pegasus. He lands and she climbs upon him in the middle of the courtyard and then flies away.

Lusi wakes Aubrey around noon. He mentions that our world is strange as magic feels like a constricting blanket.

Aubrey says that he is not up to going with us if we want to go now as he still has not recovered from being forced here.

We decide to head back to our house after we settle up with the innkeeper. We plan on checking on Laurel once we get back to our house.

Aubrey talks about how the last legendary quest he was on he had to take out a minor god (the son of someone called Harbrin).
Aubrey asks us why we adventure and we tell him that we were pretty much roped into it by the gods. He tells us about the temple of the stars that Allorra (his overpower) calls home.

We talk about the statue that Devon wanted. Aubrey theorizes that the soulgem used in it (that have to be willing) determines the possible purpose and method in which the statue may be used.

He mentions that the staff is an artifact of evil ultimate power. We decide to go through the stuff here before we go home. We start with Maliss’ stuff.

We discover The Binding of Souls: A how-to Guide. We decide to keep it for research purposes (soulgem and possibly helping Aubrey).

  • Black Silk robes with iron colored thread looks very evil, the symbols make our skin crawl, a robe of the Archmagi (evil) – will become grey in a day, so we may not know until wearing it.
  • A heavy amulet of armor of some sort was next (of around chain mail or scale mail quality).
  • There is also a headband that increases your potential intelligence as long as you are wearing it.
  • There is a glove (that was once a pair) that Aubrey has no idea what it does. (Glove of Healing that will cast a heal spell when one reaches 10% of HP)
  • There is a scabbard that is severely damaged that has an evil sword in it (we’re not touching it – we are planning to get it destroyed)
  • A set of very nice bracers are also included that Aubrey knows has some sort of protection and more on it. Black decorations with a pearl on it. (Bracers of Magery – +2 to int; +10 SP/casting level; +2 AC; SR +2)
  • A scrollcase with scrolls for Horrid Wilting and Clenched Fist.
  • A scorched pouch with a symbol on it with gems in it. Maybe with some magic gems inside. (Demon Stone – [whipers to Lusi] will summon a demon that will grant you a favor – specifically a Demon Lord; Elemental stone of Fire)

We also go through the lackies items. Aubrey wants to know who has this much money, we mention the possibility of the Olinar Mentis.

We identify Maliss’ stuff so that we don’t take any nastiness home with us. Aubrey mentions that Felix always took stuff to be disposed of the Temple of Lathander.

We go to the temple of Lathander to get the dark magic items destroyed.
When we present the Demon Stone, the person has to leave and return with a tall fairly muscular female with blonde hair and amber eyes. She has a glowing symbol of Lathander on her right arm. She carries a feeling of power. Her name is Leatrice. She has a staff that seems to have a miniature sun on it. As she places the box with the Demon Stone on it, as soon as she touches her staff, the symbol of Lathander bursts into flames, she taps her staff and banishes the demon back to whince it came. There is nothing left after she is finished. The other two items are treated in the same fashion (the staff, the sword w/scabbard, & the robe of the archmagi). With the sword, a man of very bright stature, Sir Edwin, approaches it with a great sword that ignites and he smites it. The woman asks Sir Edwin to join her after a fire cage is developed around the the staff on teh armor. They come back with an avatar of Lathander. The priests staff changes to a great sword. The three take up a position around it in an Eq. Triangle and chop the staff into three pieces that swirls into a blackness that his trying to escape from the light when the light of Lathander destroys it.

We then making our way home. Evie apparently has some new girl is giving her difficulty. Some redhead. Apparently this new girl is apparently able to bring in alot of business, especially a lot of noble business. Evie is talking about leaving.

We all decide to go and pay the brothel a visit. There is an extensive discussion about sex with Eric (this is not unusual especially since we are heading to a brothel).
Mya is the new chicks name. We head there to find out if it is Terina….
Eric takes us around back to another bouncer whom he calls Nash. He says that we are all here to see Evie.

Saying that the guys are gay gets them inside. Nash says that she is in her room (which appears to be unusual for this time of day). We go to the private room. Aubrey uses knock on the door. Evie is in her working clothes (scantilly clad). She looks very upset. Apparenly this girl gets to her, even though she should be used to it. Evie says that she is extremely mean. Evie says that she started showing up a couple of weeks ago. She doesn’t stay at the house. She made some sort of unusual deal to allow her to stay off of the grounds. She brought alot of noble clientel. Evie says that she is apparently not that good either. She is coming more often now. She used to come just during the day, but is coming at night as well. She usually comes with a noble at night. One of the same four nobles. One of them is slender messy with dirty blonde hair and really nice blue eyes, pouty mouth. He may be a Lord Francis Wyman. Another is fairly young with short black hair brown eyes with angular features (some elven blood possible) dresses in black and silver with diamonds for his finery. He seemed a bit poncy, but is very agressive. He may be that creepy bastard who wanted to marry Yelana, sleezy as hell Lord Duncan. The third was a bit tall with med. length brown hair green eyes with a flashy, but cheesy smile. He may be Lord Cardos, Lady Rowena is his daughter (who would sell her grandmother into slavery to get ahead). The last guy is not like the others. He seems really enamoured by Mya like a lovesick puppy. He brings her flowers when he comes. Seems more like he is courting her than using a courtesean. Evie was in an arguement that she should not have relationships with customers as it is a conflict of interest. Evie suggested that someone else should take care of him instead. He is really handsome with blonde hair and turquise green eyes, charismatic and guileless. He is well put together in appearence. He makes the doublet look good instead of poncy. He is Lord Telen Medir {spelled Nadir in earlier notes}. Tonight it is Lord Cardos. Apparently according to Mya Evie should not lay her unclean eyes on them. Evie says that she does not think that they are there for sex. Usually this house does not have under the table business conducted here. However, a noble just being her is under the table, so the lines are a bit blurred. The three guys do not have the look of someone who is sneaking around on their wife. Evie feels that the three guys are there to do undercover buisness.

(Last we knew of Terina she was sleeping with one of the dukes of Silvermar.)
We decide to make the appointment. We are using Aubrey as bait. We will make the appointment for a few days from now. This will allow us to look into Laurel’s condition. Severin suggests that we look for a key to Maliss’ demiplane.
Evie says that the woman has a rose tatooed to her butt. There is another tattoo on her ankle. It looks like a chain of roses on her ankle.

We then depart leaving Eric and Evie to ‘make-up’.
We then head home. [The bouncer winks at Alika as he leaves].
We arrive in the evening. The scent of dinner is drifting through. We tell them of our success in rescuing another sister.
We get ready for dinner….


Muri recieves (from recent treasure):
+5 Fairychain armor (incl. 19 SR)
Gloves of Dex +6 [added to character sheet]
Robe of blending
Dust of Tracelessness


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