The Legend Reborn

Muri's Perspective: Session 52

Rescuing Dove, The Close Call, & the Third Time's a Dead Void Mage

Spend a few days couped up. Watching the guys, dueling, and waiting…

30 Marpenoth 2525

The assassins’ guild has made araingements for that area of the slums to be ‘busy’ and off limits. We had to wait 4 days for this. Today is the day we try to retrieve Dove.

A kid knocks at the door he hands me a scroll case. Inside is a set of rings for us to wear with instructions to wear them.

Aubrey mentions something about Azeriel, the founder of the Viceri Orderi. He used to be the high avatar of Ra. His true love got into some trouble, he appealed to the priesthood. She was married off to a priest who ended up killing her. He ended up blaming the priesthood for her death. The Viceri Orderi was a vengence oriented organization. The were formed to opposed the Calminal Luminis, the organization dedicated to light – the champions of light. The Calminal Luminis was founded by an opposing sect of the followers of Azeriel. Azeriel returned with this knowledge of void magic after going to the Abyss. He was also able to teach others. He somehow figured out the key to teaching it.

Aubrey feels that Azriel would have stepped down if he succeeded in rescuing his girlfriend.

I am not sure how I will be able to counteract the earth imprisoning Dove.
Rayna shows up. She was a lot happier earlier today. She looked up the list of Viceri Orderi…
As of two days ago, Valiss Thann was a member now.

We discuss a few ways to break the earth imprisonment on Dove (sling bullets – both enchanted and not, swords since they are made of iron, etc.)

Aubrey mentions that I need to relax or he will make Severin kiss me (how would he do that & would that be so bad?)

Blade returns sometime while we have been conversing. She recommends that we leave shortly before dusk so we get there around dark.

It is a few hours before dusk. We pass through town and many temptations pass around me (Orcs, Drow, Goblins, Slavers, etc.). The largest amount of the population is Orcs, ½ Orcs, and Humans. We pass by people who have slaves with a collar and chains. There are also screams from an alleyway (Blade disappears and the returns shortly afterward).

We also pass the marketplace, a monument to slavers everywhere. It is divided into sections. One end has a tall very nice looking pavillion tent with a couple of slavers leading a scantily clad and very beautiful woman inside. There are other women inside. There is a large stage in the center that a slaver is pulling the slave with a chain and explaining his various capabilities of that particular slave. Booths with ‘specialty slaves’ (chefs, tutors, child minders, etc.). The slaves area also being whipped. The marketplace is absolutely huge. The other side has a stench of unwashed bodies with a pen of random work slaves. It is packed like sardines.

A beautiful young woman is lead to the stage who looks drugged. Her collar is gold. She is a virgin.

We finally make it through this torture. We are now walking past people gloating about their new purchases. We see the child slaves.

Lusi and I squeeze each other’s hands to try to resist doing something (successfully). However, we hear Aubrey say “Alright, that’s it” and he stops. He is looking over at the people, his eyes start blackening.

I spin Aubrey around and plant a kiss to distract him. One of the children disappears. He was supposed to get all twenty of them.

He reitirates that 19 kids are now going to be not saved. I am totally pissed now.

We make it through finally to the ruined walls of the old palace. There are holes in the walls of the old place. It is very overgrown and rundown.

Aubrey is examining the doors and pushes them open. Bats fly out. There are sounds echoing through the remnants of the place.

He proceeds slowly examining the floor. There is a chandelier dangling overhead. There are orbs feebly glowing on them. The floor is damaged marble. There are marks on the walls showing arrows and other weapons. It is obvious that there were people in here not too long ago. There is a smaller set of double doors at the end of the Atrium. They used to be very pretty gold doors. (Signs show that there were people here about a few days ago).

Aubrey opens the doors to a huge room. It has 4 large marble pillars. It is open to the elements, there is light shining down through the pillars. Stone table in the center. There are the broken remains of chairs nearby. A recently used brazier is nearby. There are statues of noble looking Zhentarim there as well. Many marble busts outline the room. There is a set of doors on either side. The back of the room has a set of Mythril double doors that are not tarnished except for the tarnished gold with the symbol of the Zhentarim. Lusi notices that the ceiling used to be made of glass. The busts are labeled with the various rulers of Zhentil Keep. The four statues are the founders of Zhentil Keep (the Zhentarim).

While looking around, I am able to notice the around the Mythril doors are runes etched that are barely noticeable.

I touch the door with my hand with the symbol. Superimposed over the Zhentarim symbol is now the Mystra symbol we are used to seeing. Then the door cracks open. I step inside while holding Lusi’s hand. Unfortuneately, a gust wind separates us as I enter.

It is the throne room. It is well preserved. There are three thrones. The floor is made out of a greyish black marble. Tapestries are still hanging vibrantly of different battles and all of the evil acts. It is very disturbing. She is lying in crystal. I tap it and it was solid, but shattered due to the stoneskin that was cast on me by Lusi. I help Dove up and get ready to escort back outside.

[Meanwhile, back in the room waiting, a red ball appears and Alika jumps on it and it explodes. I am able to hear the explosion. Alika is vaporized, Lusi tries to dodge and barely does so along with Zandra. Maliss and his new and improved amazing friends {3.0} show up.
Aubrey has a human male with a symbol of Umberlee in chain mail wielding a morning star. Right next to him is another cleric looking person with a symbol of Cyric. Aubrey flashes his handout and spell energy leaves and arcs between them with electricity. The Cleric of Umberlee gets completely electrocuted (he is dead). The Cleric of Cyric dies as well.
Severin is able to slice one of the other lackeys up very quickly. Maliss tries to use void magic on Aubrey. It wraps around Aubrey, his eyes swirl black, he grabs one of the tentacles and then starts absorbing it. Maliss looks a bit paniced now. Maliss drops it. Aubrey smirks while his eyes are completely black – he also has a black crown around his head.
Zandra confronts one of lackeys waiting behind Lusi, she does well against this druid, but he is still standing.]
[Dove comes bursting through the archway into the room. Maliss tries to convince her that Aubrey is the bad guy, but we quickly let her know that he is the one who kidnapped her sister.
One of the lackeys tries to attack Zandra and it bounces off her armor.
Maliss’ major lackey shoots something very icky at Dove which Dove is able dodge without much effort.]
I come through and say ‘this ends here’. Maliss mentions something about my sister being her plaything. I also notice Alika is now missing and his possible bits. His major lackey mocks me while dodging my attacks.
Lusi is spellweaving over at her area. [There is a black mink with a silver band around its tail going toward her, she kicks it as it tries to touch her boot until she notices Aubrey’s symbol on his collar.]
The druid points at Zandra and says something dark and evil. Nothing happens except for a raised eyebrow from Zandra.
Another person goes after Lusi swinging a bastard sword gets a few swings and then throws his sword accross the room.
Aubrey goes asks if we have got this and then goes to the side of the room to look for something.
Severin goes and verbally cuts down the person attacking Lusi shortly before he dispatches him with extreme prejudice.
Maliss narrows his eyes in concentration and we hear this psychotically painful shrieking sound. It damages most of us fully except for Lusi. It affects his lackeys as well including his major lackey. His lackeys are all dead. Most of us are bleeding from our ears. Dove barely survived.
Zandra comes over and she misses.
Dove attacks Maliss and is able hit him once. He takes some damage, but still looks very healthy.
I am able to hit Maliss with Kovris once and damage him a bit.
Lusi casts lightning of some sort at Maliss. He definately felt that one….
Maliss is no longer smirking….
Severin in a whirl of blades hacks at Maliss until it gets caught on a piece of Maliss and goes flying instead. Maliss is looking not so good, but is still standing.
Zandra stabs a needle in my back “this will hurt, but it will help”. I get 3 doses of a cure moderate wounds potion is injected into me.
Dove tries to get Maliss, but bounces off his armor.
I am able to disarm Maliss of his staff. There is a gasp from where Aubrey is…..
Lusi [drops a Timestop; she heals Zandra, Muri, and Dove; then the lightning whirlwind twice!] I feel better healed and see Maliss get hit with a flurry of lightning bolts he is vaporized!
There is some of his magical items start to glow! They explode! I am able to dodge out of the way. His boots, robes, and a few other items do remain.

Aubrey brought Alika back (sort of). Aubrey figures that he would be able to talk to Alika since he was not fully ‘alive’. It took alot of spell energy for him to fight against the bindings.

Alika mentions that as soon as Dove was freed, the red ball appeared.

Alika has a tabard of the Red Knight. While he was dead, he apparently went to the Warrior’s Rest of the Red Knight. He says it was very large. The Red Knight offered a special place there, but he would not be able to come back. Aubrey showed up there after Alika politely refused that position. Aubrey apparently projected himself. Alika was allowed to go back with him and was given the clothing so he would not reappear naked.

Lusi plans on teleporting us into the courtyard of Sanctuary. We appear in a whirl of white energy in the courtyard. We make it back to our suite.



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