The Legend Reborn

Muri's Perspective: Session 51

A Vision, A New Companion, Devon Visits, and Locating Dove

25 Marpenoth 2525 (cont.)

We dream seeing an angry Valiss Thann with Fellasaria. With a gesture, he makes the ropes disappear. He lifts her up with magic and questions her while choking her. Apparently Lusi managed to destroy the void shield he taught her. He apparently brought her back from death. He pulls her soul from her and crushes it making her body limp and then disentigrates her. He looks directly at us and says ‘interesting’.

Everyone else comes in (including Aubrey) they also had the dream.
Aubrey asks about Lusi being a creation mage. We notice that there is something on Aubrey’s chest that seems to be disgustingly creepy.

It is where the orb sat last night. There is also a rune on it. It is the same point where the spark was yanked out of Fellasaria’s chest.
Rayna appears in lightning. She had the dream as well.

Apparently Aubrey was able to see Zandra before she appeared. There is a knock at the door, it is Devon.

He asks us what did we do? He asks what we did to piss Valiss Thann off (he apparently had the dream last night as well).

Aubrey goes on a rant against Ao and his almost giving the Dark One unlimited power.

Devon says that the rune on Aubrey’s chest is a binding rune which binds him to the prime material plane. Aubrey does not remember what he was doing before he came back. He does not remember anything specifically during his ‘last life’. He is bound from some point in his life. A cross between Chronomancy and Void magic.

Aubrey is marked. Morgana appears and says that he can’t go back anyway.
He cannot go until the conditions are complete. Morgana says that the binding was done in a clumsy sort of way (kind of cute). Morgana says that Valiss Thann doing this has changed things in time.

Aubrey admits to being the one who stabbed Morgana because of the Origin.
He is not able to remember. So effectively, he is our age.

Devon reiterates that the statues are his and that he is not going to help us before he leaves.
Aubrey corrects that he was to be sacrificed to Karathis instead of Harbrin…(time changes?).

Morgana says that he just remembered wrong. Aubrey and his sister were to be sacrificed to bring back Karathis.

Darrick comes down with Ryselle in his arms.

We are advised by Aubrey to not worry about Devon for now, he will most likely help when needed especially if Valiss Thann turns out to use him for the gathering of the statues.

Rayna will return to the Great Library (and also research who Aubrey was supposed to be sacrificed to – to lay Lusi’s mind to rest).

Aubrey does magic as well as having loose morals when it comes to acquiring other people’s items. He shows us some dark flames coming out of his hand. An ability he got from the sacrifice to Karathis (did not come from Karathis though).

We finally actually prepare for the day and return downstairs to a dressed Aubrey.
He has red streaks in his hair to honor his sister.

Darrick gives Aubrey some money (alot apparently) and Aubrey discovers that Darrick is a dragon.

We take Aubrey out shopping around town to equip himself for adventuring with us. Rayna will be taking care of getting weapons for Aubrey. She is retrieving Aubrey’s actual weapons.

We return to the house with a longbox and a symbol on it (Aubrey’s mark). Aubrey goes through his stuff.

We to downstairs to try and contact one of the sister’s whereabouts. I concentrate on Laurel (captured by Maliss). I cannot locate her, but she is not on this world.

I then try to communicate with her…I am able to sense that she is unconcious. I sense that she is on another plane, but it feels like she is on a demiplane (similar to one like Aurien’s).

We decide to look for a different sister. We are thinking of Dove (element – air). I may need something of earth before entering in order to free her.

Lusi gives me a potion of magic stone to pour on one of my sling bullets to use.
I try to look for Eleanora first. I see an image of a cave that looks like a cave of snow and ice in the center is a woman encased in ice. She may be somewhere in Nethril or near Nethril.

I try to locate Dove next (before trying to see her). I seem to know where she is. I see a broken down city, aged, still very fortified. It has a large thick wall around it. The buildings look ancient. It is entirely occupied by goblins, orcs, trolls, ogres, and some humans. The humans look very threatening. The symbol of the Zhentarum is everywhere! The keep is a stronghold for the priesthood of Bane. The dragons tried to raise the keep 2500 years ago. The entire city was burned to the ground. The orcs have a very heavy presence in the area already and eventually the orcs took over the city for the past few hundred years. It is a very not nice place to go.

I try to visualize, but cannot see anything. Zhentil Keep is the largest market for slaves in Faerun, it is legal there – there is a market there for them.

I am going to have to keep my anger at slavers in check.

We are made to look tougher by Zandra (I am given a scar and made to look tougher).

We return to the marketplace to get some horses for myself and Aubrey since I should not have Vanya in the keep with me at all due to the great sale price for Unicorn parts as components for evil mage spells.

Zandra returns as a short man with green eyes, a natrual tan, with grey breeches and a black leather vest. Aubrey is very impressed (mentions that it does not look magical).

She chose this identity because it already has a reputation there in the keep.

‘Zandra’ says that it would be best for us to teleport outside the city.
Then we teleport away with the horses…

Aubrey comments on Lusi’s staff.
‘Zandra’ suggests that it may require bribes to get in and be able to have no one dig into our business.
We are to call her ‘Blade’. We head toward the city. It seems to have this black miasma hovering over it. The walls are very tall. The guards are pacing at the top. There are ballista, large pots of oil, and catapaults plainly visible. It looks designed to repel a massive army.

It is a mile or two to the city. We are led behind a group of merchants into the city. One of the things we notice that is different from our merchants, is that these merchants seem to be using a rolling armored wagon. The hearaldry on the side indicates that it is for clothing.

Lusi responds at the gate with personal business and pays the guard 100 gp gem to get by.

All the buildings have flat roofs. There are bars on the windows. There are lots of orcs, goblins, and collared slaves roaming the streets. After we get in, 30 seconds ‘Blade’ pulls someone out of the side and grabs her. Blade says to give it back (the person feigns ignorance until a dagger comes out under her chin). Apparently Lusi’s engagement ring was stolen (the kid returns it). Blade warns that we are under his protection and we are to be left alone.

We head to the adventurer’s quarter of the city. This section is lined with shops and inns. We seek out an inn. We explore a set of different inns.

The first being the Hairy Giant (two giants are on either side and the statues open the door as we approach). The floors are shining. The floors and the counter are made of oak. A male halfling is there behind the counter. The proprietor guarantees the best food. His wife is the chef. It will cost 5 sp per day for a small room with a bed and a covered chamber pot. The linens are homemade by his daughters. They don’t do suites here. Meals are 1sp for a plate 5sp for feast. Stabling is included (1 stall for each room). Each room only has one bed. Doors have locks.

Next, we go to a place called Sanctuary. It looks like a temple [Greco-Roman archetecture]. As we go through the front archway, the first section is dedicated to the various deities. There are two doors on either end have the symbol for temple. The next archway leads to the inn proper. The floor is a tile floor. There is a small desk with a young woman behind it. She is a human in her late teens. The central atrium has a transparent dome so it is lit very brightly. It will cost 5 gp per day. We get a large room with a large bed magically warmed or cooled. They are made with magic to be as comfortable as possible. The suites have a water closet attached to the room. Stabling is included in the price of the room, one stall for each room. The suites are four rooms with the common suite. They can create connecting doors between any of the rooms we wish. The suites are 50 gp per day and the penthouse is 100 gp per day. She recommends the individual rooms. The price includes a standard breakfast. We have access to assorted snacks and ale. She claims to have fantastic cooks working for them. She claims that it is better than halfling food. She is wearing a pin that is the symbol of Lara. She has unusally intense green eyes. [Lusi notices that there is a man in the shadows watching curiously with the same intense green eyes – he has a symbol of Lara with him as well. He looks bemused]. The man comes out and introduces himself as Vance and welcomes us to Sanctuary.
Vance mentions that the rooms at the Hairy Giant are like being in a closet.

The Dragon’s Fire is 10gp a day, but possibly worth it. They have unlimited hot water. Stabling is separate (1gp per night for standard, 10gp per day for spoiled rich ones). They charge for everything. They put all the things they wanted when they adventured into it.

Rydor’s Honor is a great place to go to a party. It has okay accomodations. It has a medium size bed. There is a communal bathroom and bathing area. We can pay extra for a magical chamber pot (1gp/day). Prices are 5gp per day. Breakfast buffet is free. They have some of the best female company (or male) that one could ask for. Rydor himself knows some seriously baudy drinking songs. Not the place Vance would send his daughter. That is the person who was behind the counter. She was supposed to be watching the door (but she did not notice us when we crossed the threshold. He is very confident that they are the best of the lot. Vance says that they are under guild protection. The very high class places pay for advanced protection which means you will not be robbed while on the property nor will you be killed if you have a contract on you.

We decide to stay at the Sanctuary. We get a suite (Lusi and I can pair up). The girl behind the counter suggests the Tymora suite. Tymora, Llira, and Sune helped Lara to godhood and there are suites dedicated to each here. There are magical protections here. There are clearsteel bars on the windows (just in case the magic is disjuncted). There are no secret passages. Each and every room is warded and the locks are of extraordinary quality. The doors are steel reenforced. Each room has a lockable trunk that can be turned invisible. It is attached to the floor.
We stable the horses and then head up to our suite. There are no slaves here at all.

We head up to the top floor. Vera (the girl behind the desk) says that we can use the stairs or the magical lifts. We take the stairs. It is a very comfortable temperature and it is a comfortable walk on the marble. There is a small common area at the end of each hallway.

Each floor has a different color motif. The key starts pulling toward the room when we get near. The key gets sucked into the door after we turn it in order to open the many locks that we hear clicking inside.

The room is outfitted in the colors of Tymora (red and silver). There is a key in a clear box on this side of the door. I relax a bit.
There is a knock at the door after we arrive. Her name is Aleena. She is to assist us during our stay here. She will make arraingements for us as needed. She will bring a snack up to us (there is a young man with a covered tray). It will replentish itself until we place the lid back on the tray. There are two pitchers one to provide us with either alcholic and non-alchololic drinks. All we have to do is think of what we want and it will pour. The decanter will only work for common ales, wines, and other drinks. The red one will summon guards, lock down the entire inn, and clerics. The windows and doors will lock themselves when an emergency arises.

Lusi and I check out the rooms. The ceilings are nicely decorated. The light is half looking like yellow sunlight and half silvery moonlight.

Lusi and I get into pillow fights in every room.
Alika and Aubrey have a nice conversation.

Aubrey wonders why he is here after reviewing our situation. Maybe because of his Darkfire ability.

I try to see Dove again while I am here using the Star of Mystra. I am not able to do so on my first attempt. Lusi advises me to relax and I try again. I struggle alot and then I seem to bust through and I see a room that is well appointed room with a very beautiful mosaic with a dias where a slab of stone where a woman bearing the resemblance of her sisters with the armor of a knight of Myth Draenor. She is gripping her sword. She is inside a crystal dome or inside a crystal. There are symbols of air around the room and symbols of earth around her. It is a very fancy room. It is very ancient throne room like. I try to sense where exactly she is located. I am able to see a map of the city in my mind there is a Star of Mystra on the map. It is a mark where the old palace was before the city was raised to the ground.

I use our special map to locate the current location of the ancient palace. It is in the slum area of the current Zhentil Keep. The area around the old palace was cratered.

Zandra says that if we look dangerous enough, we will be avoided and most likely not talked about or investigated by the locals. She says that we could possibly purchase a night to do whatever we need to do. About 1000 gp to make sure the area is clear for the night. We may have to stay here a few days (She is going to make the arrangements).



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