The Legend Reborn

Muri's Perspective: Session 50

Muri's Recovery, Eric Decides to Stay, and Slamming the Door on a Powerful Void Mage

15 Marpenoth 2525 (cont.)

We wait the rest of the week for our items to get finished.
I work on reviewing where we are in our mission to save the world and sparing. (Distracting myself from recent events.)

25 Marpenoth 2525

Darrick comes out to spar with me this morning. He pushes my every button to get me to snap (and succeeds).
It is brought to my attention that I am suppressing my emotions instead of controlling them.

Lusi takes me to the river to talk. We end up chatting about me a bit and guys.
Eric finds us. He says that he really like Evie and says he is going to stay here after we leave. He does not get to see her. He feels he is not the adventuring type.

We, at first are going to go shopping together, but then Lusi mentions that we still have Rayna’s closet. Some (or all of her outfits) may be magical and automatically fit. So we return home to enjoy some trying on of many different outfits.

Rayna shows up and says that I should just make an occasion to wear the dress Lusi suggests I keep. Things seems to be going well in the Libris Ominis.

Later this evening Lusi and I are going to go shopping for wedding gowns (hers and her brides maids). Rayna goes away briefly to buy a book on Nethril wedding traditions.

We make a plans to drag everyone else with us. I go to tell the guys that they are coming with us.

I am able convince Alika to come along with us. Eric also volunteers to come along.
We shop around and pick up our items that were improved.

We discuss our next ideas. It is suggested that we use the Star of Mystra to find and/or communicate with the other Sisters.

We are going to try to look for the next sister. First, we are going to communicate with the 3 we currently know should be out of stasis (Alustriel, Laurel {captured}, and Storm).

Morgana wants to say something (after a while she is able to say “he can help” when Darrick tries to carry her out – she bit his hand). Ryselle then teleports her away and passes out.
Apparently ‘he’ is the Forsaken One (was mistaken for the Son of All – possibly misinterpreted).

We try to decide what to ask and which god to ask. We decide to flip a coin. Lusi uses one of her Tymora coins, it says that it may be better to ask Mystra.

We go to the temple of Mystra and then are taken to a divination room.

We have a total of 8 people (marked) to find (2 more). The Forsaken One is where he sleeps. He sleeps in the frozen heart of elemental fire. The pool then shows an Opal with a dragon wire wrapped around it. (It is one we apparently sold from the treasure at Lord Perrin Telford’s house). This Fire Opal is now shown attached to a dagger on an altar with red an black robed people performing some ritual. There are a few people roaming in the shadows that include Eric (his crew is breaking in). [Alika notices the symbol on the robes that Maliss also wore].

It is the Halavi (a wealthy person of the town). Ryselle knows where that is. We leave immeditely and Lusi teleports us there. The person conducting the ceremony is Falasaria.

She is able to shatter the fire gem and the flame turns black and there is a guy on the alter (very handsome – not much older than us). She slams the globe on his chest as the orb’s runes light up and he is in pain in the process.

The wave of creation magic Lusi puts out knocks down the shield. Eric and friends come in and take care of the lackeys. The guy says “Orelia!”.
Eric is complaining about the lack of treasure room while stripping Falasaria of her items.

His name is Aubrey. He mentions something about Felix Aldermann. Last he remembers he was dying. He was apparently older. He says that he was about 168 years old. He is from Alor.
He is naked. We give him something to cover himself with. He feels he is supposed to be on the outer planes.

Valiss Thann is apparently at the door to apparently retrieve him. Lusi slams the door on his face and we leave as he comes into the room.
He seems to know Ryselle. His parents are supposedly the reason. His parents apparently sacrificed him and his sister to their dark god (Harbrin). They were to be made conduits for the god’s power. (Void conduit now?)

Alika retrieves Darrick. Darrick and Aubrey seem to know each other. Severin heard stories about Aubrey. He is apparently absolutely amazing. He was sort of adopted into Ryselle’s family since he and his sister’s parents are gone.

Severin says that if the stories are true he understands why they would want him to be a conduit. Aubrey apparently has some sort of dark spellfire ability (kind of the counterpart to spellfire). Orelia would most likely be protected by Acheros (the other overpower of Alor-Arda) as he was also Seth.

Darrick has Aubrey crash for the night. He informed Kristianna that she should keep an eye out for Valiss Thann.

We rest….


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