The Legend Reborn

Muri's Perspective: Session 49

Happy Shopping! and Aurien Snaps

15 Marpenoth 2525

Breakfast is being made to wake up to…
Eric is in our room again. I seem to have slept late again.

There is singing coming from the kitchen. It may be Morgana. Yep, it is. She is singing some song from another world.
She apparently found something interesting (Lusi thinks it is the Star of Mystra I am wearing).

Darrick is arguing with Ryselle as he is carrying her. He smoothly traps her in a statement of (don’t you want to be in my arms?).

Morgana places some sort of bowl with all of breakfast in it.

Apparently there is some spice that is extremely hot (it is from the elemental plane of fire).
Dad tries it and it is extremely spicy. Lusi tries it and almost spontaneously combusts. Alika is able to tolerate it well.

Eric says there is apparently some big to do there were alot of people shopping.
Morgana decided to give Eric a diamond the size of his head in exchange for the money he was able to acquire. Eric gives it to Darrick to cut and make prettier.

We go out shopping!
Alika’s improvments will be done in three days.
Most of our improvements to our items will take about a week.
[I am improving my armor to +3 chainmail with thought activation and an improvement to its max dex by +1 and armor check penalty by 2; scabbards are to be attached to it as well. I am also improving the cloak of protection to +5; cost of 62k gp total]

Morgana treats us lunch. We go to the Muttonhouse which specializes in meat that is cooked in front of us. YUM!

Vegetables and other items we touch an item on the card and it appears! We go through a line for all we can eat meat.

We stuff ourselves overfull with the variety of stuff and the yummy chocolate lava cake (like a real volcano) for dessert.

Severin says that there is chocolate on other worlds that is even more delicious.
We decide to do more shopping. We are going to get some things for our parents and I am going to make an illusion gem for Aurien.

Dearest Aurien,
I wanted to give you a gift. I could only think of how you feel I brighten your day. So here I am! I wish I could afford to make this more than visual. I can’t wait until our next opportunity to be with each other to see where our relationship goes. I’m thinking of you <smile>. <kiss> See you soon!

Eric of course asks if I stripped for him (no). He then makes fun of me for being raised a prude.
We head to the magical spa to get some gifts for our mothers.

Full relaxation package is 1000gp. Makeover is 200gp extra.

As I am at the spa (Elysium Springs), Terina comes striding in. She is greeted as a long time customer. She comes up to us to greet us. She is apparently an escort of a duke.

She says something about ‘my condolences’.

We then journey to meet Lusi as she gets out of her activity.

We then return to our house.
Eric’s opinion is that Terina may have started out a prostitute at the Eventree. Zandra says that she may have been from Arabel according to her accent

There are two dukes currently here and one dutchess. Darrick talks about one of the dukes being a cad. He is married, but does not care.
They are the council of three. The royal advisor is the tiebreaker if need be amongst the council, the mage advisor, and the lord general.
Cylus Caleri is the cad duke.

We head down to Aurien’s demiplane while I try to contact him. Almost everyone comes along.
We get through to his demiplane, it seems dark and ominous. Aderia is protecting her young as it seems to have gotten darker. I am extremely worried.
We hear an explosion outside.

We go see. At the bottom of the stairs, Galus’ body is blown open. His wound is slowly closing.

There is a shimmering curtain of shadowy magic in front of the keep. We can see through it. Valas Thann and Aurien are battling.

Aurien is not looking a bit worse than Valas Thann.
Lusi tries to do some healing to Aurien. Coal is battling some sort of imp-looking familiar (presumably Valas Thann’s).

Valas Thann is able to get some sort of void ball that explodes and practically kills Aurien as I run his direction.
Lusi is able to heal him.
Coal is dead, though. :(
Aurien tells all of us to leave after he is returned to his room. Galus escorts me away as Lusi stays behind for bit [trying to convince him to not give up].

Galus says that Aurien is very concerned with what is occuring. It is personal, but also entangled in what we are doing.
The junction door closes and disappears.
After we get to the threshold to our basement, I lose it and start crying uncontrollably.

Mom tries to console me a bit that he is not good enough for me.
Lusi and I take Vanya and her horse out for a ride (I definately need it).

Morgana appears as I mention her name and time. She tells us a bit about Valas Thann. He is from a world called Acadia. His society shaves their head by about 12 years old. Nobody knows where he was born.
Morgana leaves behind come chocolate flavored ice cream.
Lusi and I make it to a grove and we enjoy a dip and the everful ice cream bucket….



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