The Legend Reborn

Muri's Perspective: Session 48

Ryselle Returns, Lusi is Gifted, and a Star is Found

2 Marpenoth 2525 (cont.)

Spend the next week out communing with Meilikki and learning some new ways of doing things.

13 Marpenoth 2525

Return home and tell Lusi about my new gifts (running with a deer). We are treated to Ryselle’s family cooking. It smells really good. Lusi apparently grew a tattoo while I was gone (she blamed it on me).

We chat with Alika who now has a bit of a smart ass on him…

Anscelon created a floor safe to place our (possible) Star of Mystra in.

The Hadenthors have been coming in and out all week.
Morgana is there talking with some of the kids. Elara and Loren are there as well. Apparently they are managing Karathis’ ‘leash’ (Lara was responsible for it earlier so that he could help teach Lusi spellweaving).

At some point it goes silent as Darrick carries down a concious Ryselle!
She thanks us for our idea and action to revive her.

The Hadenthors are fixing ‘The Feast of Life’.

It seems to be food from many places, most of which we are not familiar with.

The different familiars chat and eat.
I drag Aurien dancing to some gypsy music provided by Rayna (in place of Ryselle who wanted to do it herself).

There is something from the backyard that is brought in from outside.

Dinner is served…

There is a large pot of something as well as some cornbread. There is an entire roast pig at the end of the table. Some roasted hens there as well, along with some smoked ham. There are various vegetables. Inside the pot is something called Goulash. The cornbread is called Mamalega.

There are many desserts available including something called ‘ice cream’.

After everything is done, Anscelon comes out with a small box. It has a handle on it. It is apparently the leftovers. They will keep for approximately several weeks.

Once the box is empty is will lose its magic. Keep it occupied in order to keep the magic going. They make fun of Anscelon’s age (and the fact that he should be able to make a better magic item).

Ryselle spends a considerable time napping. Most of the Hadenthors are returning, but some are remaining to protect our house (as well as Ryselle as she recovers).
Anscelon, Kristianna, Ethan, and Vedrick are the ones staying behind. Theron (Alika’s dad) tells them to call if he is needed (as he is nearby). Rayna also remains.

Evie is a very ‘cute’ beautiful. She is not much older than Eric. He seems to be a little more ‘grown up’ around her.

Apparently she has only been doing this for a year and a half. Ryselle gives her advice on possibly setting her own hours once she has a solid reputation.

Evie thinks Eric is ‘cute’. He is attentive. He is really good to her.

We head downstairs to see if we our item really is the Star of Mystra.

As Alika takes it out of the case, Rayna comments that she never though she would see it in person.
Lusi tells me that the Star of Mystra is mine to wear. I ask her what I am supposed to do with it, she says to put it on…so I do

When I put it on, the symbol of Mystra that was in the center of the mist of the gem is now brighter. I try to concentrate on Storm, and I see her reading a large tome in the great library.

[Alika puts the ring of the Red Knight on – nothing visable happens]
We go to sleep….

14 Marpenoth 2525

MMMMMM….breakfast is cooking.
Lusi apparently ate too much and goes for a walk to make her stomach ache go away.
Ethan hands her some type of chalk that tastes a bit fruity. I calms her stomach.
We have some potatoes and eggs with some stuff inside.

A point was made that there are a lot of void mages here. Something may have sent them here or for some purpose.

There is some discussion about Lusi’s tattoo. Karathis says that Lusi has this celestial aura about her. He says that there are some celestials that store their wings that way.

Our mother tells us not to try the wings at the table which sparks a conversation about historical things that the Hadenthor siblings have done.

Ryselle says that Lusi may have been gifted by Mystra as well as Tymora.

Anscelon is getting ready to go and practice along with Severin. This will be a sight to see after we work out Lusi’s wings.

They are amazingly beautiful! The magic is now glowing in her tattoo now that she has activated her wings.

I accompany Lusi to the temple of Tymora first. Tymora’s priests were expecting us. We play some games of chance to pay homage to Tymora.
The lady running the roulette wheel, has a gold dress as well as a necklace of coins.
Tymora tells us about not depending on luck (she gave us a coin from the roulette ball). We donate all our winnings back to the temple.

We then go to the temple of Mystra. She asks what can she possibly do that her sister (Tymora) has not already done. She says that Lusi’s wings are an extension of who she is. Lusi asks Mystra about Alika’s spellfire. She says that it is magic in its rawest form. She says it is the imperfections of the weave (the holes and frays so to speak).
Mystra mentions that ‘this conflict’ is about magic.
Upon mention of Devan, she references the power of both love and loss of love.
Mystra disappears in a wisp of sparkling flame.

Lusi and I depart back to the house so that Severin can deflate my ego a bit.

Alika and I spar a bit. I use some different moves than he is used to.

Zandra is out there in a bikini sparring with Ascelon in her natural form. She distracts Alika only slightly. Zandra’s hair is gold with silver eyes.
Alika and I end our combat in time to see them end theirs, they reach an empasse.

He looks a little more beat up after this particular sparring match.
We wash up.
Ryselle is feeling better, but still under the ‘no casting magic’ rule.

Ryselle looks at Zandra using her natural truesight ability.
Valas Thann is a name that concerns Ryselle even. Ryselle thinks of Karsis’ spell as what the different void mages may be after and the statues.
Ryselle says that the dark one’s armor and sword are not good to be taken. If Valas Thann can figure out how to use them, he could become the next dark one. Even if he cannot unlock their full potential, they are still formidable artifacts.
Felix and she observed that the items were tainted with dark one’s power and if he can tap into that source….

Ryselle said that Valas Thann was one of few elemental masters. She met him about 1000 years ago. He was not happy-go-lucky, but also not truly evil at that time. That was before he got into some truly horrible things (blood magic, abyssal magic, demonic magic, negative energy plane, and void magic).
He did study with the Nethril. He qualified power wise to become a mage lord. In addition, he has some patron deity that Ryselle does not know whom has gifted him. He also has mastered an interesting form of magic that connects to the abyss (Warlock).

Ryselle mentions that the reason that Aurien lost to her was that he had too much theory and not enough experience. Ryselle goes to take another nap….


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