The Legend Reborn

Muri's Perspective: Session 47

Highharvestide and the Search for the Star

30 Eleint 2525

It’s pre-Highhavestide! Time to goto the temple of Mielikki. I go to help set up the festivities. I invite Aurien along.

Beer, wine, and sausage are abundant. Some kids are in costume. There are some people who venture into the Evermoor as well as some hidden ‘treasures’ to be found by people in various places.

Higharvestide is considered the optimal time to leave on journeys.
Aurien is looking more casual. Aurien says that our world really jam packs their activities of our holidays.
The end of the year is a huge celebration celebrating the end of The Dark One and when the New Nethril Empire began.

Zandra decides to go hunting. Eric is out doing his own type of ‘hunting’. I go with Aurien. He eventually assists during the grape stomping. Eric and Evie join us as well.

I enjoy Aurien chasing me through the fields. Aurien lies with me in the evening looking at the stars and pointing out and telling me about different worlds.

Lusi, Aurien, and Cyrus stay up talking about magic. Aurien apperently did study Spellweaving for a time, but his mind was too structured. He talks about some of the greatest Spellweavers dying during his world cataclysms. He talks about Tathar sacrificing himself to save Elvistani.

He also tells Lusi the story of Alor and how Zador Val saved it (and doomed it at the same time).

Highharvestide 2525

I take Vanya out for a ride into the sunrise.

I return and we help the mom prepare as well as a bird Zandra brought back.
Apparently there is a Celestine dish that Severin is preparing (identified by Aurien).

Aurien’s contribution is some sort of offworld wine.

We explore the celebration. Sara comes around as well. She is being escorted by a very cute guy, Phillip. They have been together for a couple of weeks.

Phillip is a scribe at the palace. He has lived here all his life. His father is one of the minor lords.

We have a grand time.

The Lord and Lady open up the feast with a great speech.
Aurien takes me into the woods later on with a bottle of wine from another world for a simple picnic.

1 Marpenoth 2525

Cleanup day! We make breakfast in the morning. Aurien is going to provide some fillings for the crepes from his homeworld in Elvaris. Aurien is very skilled in the kitchen.

Aurien has a magical crepe pan that on its original world has to be ‘plugged in’.

Vedrick helps in the kitchen by making some fruit fillings. The others come downstairs and marvel at the spread. He says that Ryselle seems to be doing well. If we had been on Alor they would have reverted her to her natural draconic form.

Shortly after breakfast. Cyrus stops and says he has to go….he says that Aurien should come with him. Cyrus will let Lusi know what is going on when he can.

Mom gives us advice that we need to be able to set aside our worry and separate our adventuring from the rest of our lives.

Zandra comes out and will join us shopping (along with Alika).

There is an alley with a small shop. We go to check it out. The wall is covered with different scenes in history. There are various items in the window display. We open the door and go inside.

There are all sorts of tomes, items, trinkets, and display cases. There are also weapons and armor everywhere. Some potions and other liquids are also available. One of the walls has two rows of what appears to be clothes.

Seated on a perch is a very beautiful owl on a perch. It then jumps off the perch and flys and transforms into a woman. She has long wavery silvery white hair. Unusually long fingers and unusually tall figure. She greets us and asks what we are looking for. For the quick donning of armor, she advises me to get a peice of jewelry with the arming enchantment. She says that whatever we are drawn to in the store is what we are meant to have.

Alika finds a chess set that was apparently the Red Knights before she became a god. The storekeep does not know about the ring that he found inside. It is 500gp for the chess set. According to her, there are not many of the Red Knight that come to this store. Very few people come here in general. She says she just goes where the store does. It apparently goes places and does not stay in one place.

I don’t find anything initially, but then look amongst the book area I find somthing. Another copy of Mages from Other Worlds. It is a rare book in general. She says that there is a book on each mages in that starter book.

Lusi finds a box. It has a symbol on it, it is a symbol of Mystra with eight stars on it. She says that she wants 500gp for it.

I look for information on Valis Thann. I am sure there is not any book on Valis Thann.
Alika looks for a book on Maliss Blackthorn. He does not find anything. Lusi looks for information on Devan Rehaltis. Lusi finds a book on Devan called The Price of Darkness: The Lifestory of Devan Rehaltis.

The shopkeep says that Valis Thann is private and tends to destroy anything written about him.
This is Kilassandra’s shop. She tells us that we just ask for Kilassandra’s shop.

We head out of the store…
Sitting by the door there is a fountain with rainbow colored water. She says we can have a cup of the water for 150gp, but the magic does not stay with it for long. We decide to take a chance. She says that the water is from Yalanda which causes Severin to say, “ah”.

We toast and chug it down (at least Lusi and I do). It is the most delicious water we have ever tasted, we feel all warm and fuzzy and happy. We remain in this happy state for about an hour and then we come down slowly off of this magical high.

Lusi and I head out to the baths. Mom tells us to take the afternoon off.
We return to the house and agree to braid each other’s hair. Zandra teaches us a way to prepare for combat as well as another way that is a really cool ceremonial style.

We then go dancing at the Prancing Unicorn. Severin comes down with a pair of tight leather pants and a shirt.

We dance the night away. The evening passes uneventfully.

2 Marpenoth 2525

Evie’s donuts are waiting for us in the kitchen.
Shirtless Severin, Alika, and I spar on the fence to practice.

Cyrus appears in the morning. A meeting of the council has been called. He says we cannot help unless we wanted to face Valis Thann. Apparently he used Highharvestide as a distraction to rob the Dark War museum of the Dark One’s armor and sword. Some other items may be missing as well. One of which may be a Torc.

Cyrus has to return since Nethril is going crazy.
Ethan feels that Ryselle may wake by the end of this week.

Lusi wants to try and open the box we got. We look at it and she sees a bit of magic on it. Lusi finds some sort of magical writing on the bottom of the box. It says:

Mystra’s home
Midnight’s throne
Sisters roam
Mother’s Stone
They stand alone

We discuss that we should go to Highmoon to start with to see what we can find there.
Eric reluctantly agrees to come with us as I suck as a thief (I am a dabbler). He goes to say his good-byes to Evie.

I say good-bye to Kristianna and Ryselle. We say then return and get ready to go.
We appear on the teleport pad in Highmoon (10gp per person to use the pad).

We head to the high temple. There is a silvery thrown of the high priest under the holy symbol there.
Chad is the priest here.

We go to see the high priestess that we met earlier in order to get permission to get close to the throne.
She says that the throne that was in use during Midnight’s time is in a storage chamber and was damaged at some time. The High Priestess says that the box we have is one of the Mystery Boxes. It usually contains something directly from Mystra.

The Highpriestess suggestst that we may be looking to literally. Her ‘home’ may ber her portfolio (magic, spells, and the weave). The high priestess says that it is not likely that it we do not have the current means to open the box.

If we need to use the throne, she suggest we wait until the night when the temple is mostly empty.

We get taken to the old throne in the catacombs. Behind a mythril door is a tarp-covered throne. When uncovered this throne is different than the one upstairs. It is very shiny with blue gems deocorating it as well as some intracate carvings. It was damaged with an axe.

We then go look at the other throne of Mystra in the main temple area as well. We decide to wait until the night before we do anything else. Chad says that it is lowest in attendance around the 10th hour.

Spellfire was the gift Mystra gave that may have pissed Ao off.
Alika touches some Spellfire to the box and lights up the tracery on the box of the symbol.

We wait (get some food from Chad). We then get ready to try to use some spellfire along with the throne. The box opens with some bit of ceremony. Alika opens the box and there is something inside. It seems to be a necklace with a pretty blue stone in a teardrop shape. Alika takes it out of the box. The large gem lights up the symbol inside….

(from the Rainbow water recieve +1 to reflex save (placed in ‘temp mod’ in char sheet), +2 to Wisdom (for a new total of 18, placed in ‘magical mod.’ of stats tab), and 1 special ability [Bardic Knowledge as a supernatural ability ] )


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