The Legend Reborn

Muri's Perspective: Session 46

A Houseful of Hadenthors and Lusi Does Major Majick

29 Eleint 2525

Severin walks out. Apparently we woke him up with our girly giggles & pillow fight after she wakes me bouncing on the bed. He was sleeping in Ryselle’s room. Our father’s are already hard at work.


Severin apparently had difficulty sleeping overnight. He did not spend the whole night down in the demiplane. Rayna apparently is still there.

Our moms come out with breakfast. Severin looks a bit out of it (he is only picking at his food).
He refuses to be mothered this morning.
Reyna comes upstairs. She expected to be up before everyone else.

I need to retrieve the shard. Ethan is meditating and is ready.

I head to the temple of Mystra with Alika (and Eric tailing). We discuss Alika loosening up as well as his order not necessarily encouraging their monks to have relations. Eric talks about opening a monestary dedicated to Sune (combo whorehouse monestary).

We stop by the shrine of the Red Knight to play some strategy games (as well as allow Alika to do some worship). I get some advice on possibly taking a bit more of the long view at times will benefit my quest.

We return to the house with the shard. Alika’s father is there as well (Therin).
The house is very full of people (Ryselle’s relatives).
Karathis is there as well. Azariah is also there.

My mother is talking to a princely looking man. He looks as if he is in his mid-30s with sandy hair and amythyst eyes (Anselon). He has a courtly carriage. Next to him is Kristianna (she is wearing a holy symbol of Allorra). Damon and Dalia are there talking to Severin. Therin is going back and forth between his son and his siblings. Ethan comes over as well. A human female wearing traveling clothing with Auburn hair and amber eyes (pretty, but not gorgeous) (Elizabeth). Eric is chatting with her. There is also a man lurking in the corner (Raynard). He has the most beautiful hawk on his shoulder (wings with living flames). He seems a bit uncomfortable. He has long black hair with really intense green eyes.

Azariah is talking to a female whose hair is black with silver streaks with opal eyes and an exotic cast to her features (Sytheria). There’s a brunette with short hair and copper-gold eyes who’s talking to Mom (Lusi’s) (Ariantha). Dark brown hair, green eyed male.

Then Morganna appears. Morgana says that Valis Thann is a nasty piece of work that annoys Morganna.

A knock at the door is a woman with blonde hair, blue eyes and simple robes with the symbol of allora. There is a guy with armor with a symbol of Allorra. Illara and Lauren.

Raynard’s bird is the last of her kind. She is a Sun Hawk. Her name is Solaris. She was born in the heart of a star. There is a country on his world called Elvaris (it was originally founded by the elves) it has cities completely in harmony with nature.

I go to answer the door after there is a knock. Raynard goes over to Alika.
I answer the door, it is Aurien!

Lusi is apparently low on confidence that she can accomplish this task ahead of her. Azariah apparently tried to motivate her by threatening to kiss her (creepy?). I try to comfort her.

Eric does a survey of creation magic users (Azariah has manipulated it, Sytheria says she has, and Rayna does not call herself experienced enough). Rayna and Sytheria come into the kitchen.

Sytheria does a comparison of Eric to Tathar.

Anselon is a Draconic Mage (last remaining child of Ryselle’s first marriage)
Elizabeth is more like Eric.
Kristianna is a dragon (but more of a fighter dragon type).
Raynard mastered the elements like Ryselle did, but it more of a nature type. He has mastered the elements in the way Reyna has mastered one.
Therin is not really the magical type, he is a smith.
Ariantha spends most of her time in Draconic form (Adamantine Dragon).
Vedrick uses magic and blade at the same time.

Reyna reminds us that they have the weakness of a vulnerability of the dark magic. Karathis and Aurien may have to work together to help remove/route any of that dark magic.
Azariah is a very talented spellweaver and his staff would be useful.

Reyna does not have much of an idea of what Lusi’s staff is to do. Lusi needs to name the staff and bind it to herself.
Illara and Lauren can also help with the protections (Illara is essentially an avatar of Allorra and Lauren is her son).

There is another knock at the door and Derrick shows up.

Lara shows up with Eradinae (Ryselle’s familiar) after our request for her to be here to help.

Lusi is going up to her room to bind herself to the staff.
The leyshard flies out of Lusi’s pocket, glows brilliantly, merges into the wood and appears as tiny blue flecks in the staff. The orb at the top is now glowing brightly and the staff now thrumbs with power.

The circle is set and shielded by Morganna, Cytheria, Yderia, and Raeyna reinforced by Elarra and Loren (via Allorra).

There seems to be gold flecks in the air. All the mages in the circle have their staves out. Morganna creates her spoon-like staff because she feels left out.

I get to see like Lusi does and help her find the thread that is part of the shroud that is the contingency around Ryselle.

She has to unravel four threads. Our support helps her succeed.
Ethan then comes in with the antidote and pours it down her throat.
Lusi goes and freezes the void/shadow magic and then smashes it away (Aurien moves it towards Karathis).
She then goes to dispell the last piece. She needs some healing and rest. Ethan pours some waters of life down her throat.

I give Lusi a big hug.

Ilara and Loren imbed holy symbols of Allorra in the floor and chant something that causes them to glow (the magic is now bonded to those symbols). It will only deactivate for one that is inside the circle.

It is a permanent sheild that can be activated and deactivated at will.

We go upstairs and there is a pile of stuff in the living room. Apparently Valiss Than sent mercenaries after us. Eric only got to backstab one of them before they were on down. There were about 30 mercenaries.

Karathis cautions us about Aurien. He says he does not know of any other void mage who has taken this harder path (not getting with demons, etc.).

Azariah and Karathis leave as Ao is not appreciative of Spellweavers.

Most of the family leaves. Ethan, Vedrick, Kristianna, and Ariantha remain.

It settles down. Vedrick says that they will protect the house since we protected Ryselle this whole time she has been vulnerable.

Morgana wants to call it her ‘Stoon’ she was sufferring from staff envy.

We rest the night…TBC….

17,500xp (for a total of 141,300xp) Go to 17th level


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