The Legend Reborn

Muri's Perspective: Session 45

Stealing from the Powerful Void Mage and Barely Escaping

25 Eleint 2525 (cont.)

Eric loots while Severin recovers from his injury.
Eric puts Lysandra’s body in his portable hole.
We head toward the basement. Eric goes to disarm the door trap.
It apparently is a whriling blade sort of trap. He wants to see it in action later. We open the door and he goes through. We follow down the stairs to a set of double doors. The path is trapped non-magically.

Apparently there is a ‘big bad evil magic trap’ on the double doors.
Lusi tries to do something to the evil void magic on the door.
She was not able to succeed. I have Eric search for a key on Lysandra. He finds one and we open the door, but I am shot as soon as I open the door and combat ensues…
We are able to make relatively quick work of the two guards that were there. They did not surrender due to the fear of their master doing worse.

Eric discovers some Red Knight book of Perfect Balance.
I try to go towards the pendant looking for traps, but do not see the magical soul-sucking trap that Eric sees and stops me before I cross it. He is able to start trying to suck the magic from one of the traps, but ends up tripping the other. Lucky for us it seems they are one-use and do not reset.

Lusi goes and tries to reclaim Eric’s soul back to us. SHE DOES IT!!
Eric was able to find a ‘master disable’ for most of the mechanical trap.
I take the necklace from the case after Eric opens it. I put on the necklace for safekeeping. Eric then makes an exact copy of the necklace. Then he puts a magical trap of some sort on the case (that cost 1000 gp).

Eric find a scrap of a page with the symbol of Mystra on it. There is a page number at the bottom. There is also another area on it that has the label ‘Star of Mystra.’ We grab this fragment and place it in a special case provided by Eric. Lusi take possession of that.

We proceed to the sword that is in the room. The sword is elven shiny. A very beautiful design. It seems to be formed from a single piece of Mythril. It has two stones set in the pommel. There are carvings on the blade.

Lusi says that she recognizes it from the book of Artifacts. I am able to luckily (through Tymora) open to the right page. It is one of the three missing elf blades of Cormynthr. Alcor Carym (the ruler’s or crown blade). It has been missing for well over 1000 years.
I pick up the elf blade after Eric removes the traps. It feels unweildy in my hands. I hand it to Severin to see if it is something about me. Zandra asks for it from Severin. It then turns more golden and she seems to have no problem wielding it. Severin says the sword seemed ‘confused’ by him.

We go to another pedestal. It looks like an egg cut lengthwise with a green glow inside it. Eric takes it into his possession.
We move on to the scrolls which had a more complicated trap. It had some magic around the trap. There is Nethrileze writing on them (could be the Nethril scrolls?).

Then the last pedestal has ‘shittons’ of treasure. He sweeps this into the portable hole.
He looks at the orb and Lusi can see tiny dragons flying on the inside. (There is a noise upstairs…)

Eric and other quicly grab the rest of the orbs.
I look in the room on the right and get the door open to see an evil ritual room (ick!). It has skulls, and other assorted evil ritual things.

Eric looks in the other room and finds books and other magical items for prepartion.
The footsteps are now coming downstairs ominously. We decide to GTFO. The doors get kicked open as Lusi takes down her spell…

It seems that Valus Thon has returned home!
It appears that there is some creation magic stopping him!
He blows away the creation magic. He has a massive staff that reeks of void magic. As he steps in we teleport away.

Valus trails us (he is an elf). Aurien appears just before he does. They get into a verbal scuffle. Valus threatens to the Viceri Orderi about Aurien being with a creation mage, Aurien asks what he should tell them about who he is watching….Valus says that he would regret it before disappearing.

We tell Aurien about what we found.
Aurien says there are rumors that he has master the ability to prevent the ability of one’s soul to return.

We teleport home. We go to the cellar so that we can be in private.
We go the the demi-plane where Yderia (the creation dragon) is currently at. The hatchlings are enjoying themselves. We are going to try to give her voice back. She crunches down on the amulet as she does this creation magic pours out and whirls around her.
Lusi and I do the happy dance and I even grab Alika and spin them around in a hug. Hugs all around!

Eric returns with some food. He brought us the house special from the Eventree.
Severin takes out the shard and looks at it. Yderia asks where Severin got it. She says it is a lay-crystal, the fractured remains from a ley-line. She says it was a significant one.
We go the mage’s guild protected rooms so we can mess with the items we acquired.
We start with the Star of Mystra page that we acquired.

Eliwae was given the Star of Mystra as a way to keep in touch with her ‘daughters’ as well as keep track of them when needed (something especially helpful when they were very young). The amulet itself looks like a star with 8 tines instead of 7. Eliwae died shortly after her youngest child, the 8th daughter, was born (Eliwae died during her birth). The child was hidden away somewhere. The father blamed Mystra for the death of his wife and gave the daughters up to the temple. The temple found families for each of them. The Star of Mystra was supposedly buried with Eliwae in the Tower of Mystra. The paper is a light blue colored vellum. The page seems to be a chapter summary of some sort. There is a list of the families that the seven sisters were sent to. It was thought the 8th was dead, but was given to one of the preisthood to raise her for a grand destiny.

I look for a pattern for a message hidden on the page…there appears to be a pattern that spells out Eleisium. Lusi asks for some Spellfire from Alika. A symbol for each of the sisters is on the Star of Mystra (they glow in the color of the element for the sister as well as a previously unseen symbol in the center of the Star of Mystra). There is a nine tip star with a spiral and a hexagon in the center of this new symbol.

We look at the scroll with Nethrilize on them. Each scroll is a leather scroll tube with metallic endcaps. Each one ways a few pounds. Lusi opens one and a gold scroll comes out. It is very thin [like a tube of foil]. We have a total of 8 scroll tubes. The scroll Lusi looks at is titled Ars Factum. There appears to be about ten scrolls. The symbols seem to float above the gold pages.
Severin looks over Lusi’s shoulder and translates the title to ‘The Creation of Artifacts’. He says that there are 5 chapters of ten scrolls each that describe a different part of magic. We open up the other scrolls to glance at the titles:

  • Arcanus Fundare (Foundations of Magic)
  • Magicus Creare (Spells of Creation)
  • Maior Creare (Major Creations)
  • Planus Mechanus (Studies of the Planes)
  • Ars Factum (Of the Creation of Artifacts)
  • Vires Elementum (Force of the Elements)
  • Vox Universum (Words of the Universe)
  • Ritus Magierus (Ritual Magic)

We talk about if Valus had possibly read any of these.
We call in Rayna, she then says she will suspend herself in time to study the scrolls (when she teleports away, she does not even use her usual special effect).

We look at the sword next. Zandra says that she may have some sort of fey blood in her. I look up the entry I bookmarked on the crown sword. There are three of them created using elven high magic more than 6000 years ago. Traditionally they were given to the king and his top two advisor (the mage advisor and the magic advisor). The ruler’s blade (Ar’Cor’Kerym), the art blade (Ary’Faern’Kerym), and the war blade (Ary’Velahr’Kerym). The mage that created these spoke a prophecy while sick:

If we are to survive as is the Peoples’ right, one Coronal must vow to unify the tribes of this great land. One Coronal must unify sun and moon, sky and sea, earth, tree, and root, and his promise to all is long-lasting peace and strength in unity.
bq). His final wish was for elves to prove themselves. The three candidates were given the blades to mark their rulership. The first was the ruler of Cormynthr. They have all sort of crazy capabilities. They can only be attained by the ritual of bladerite. In the past these artifacts used to strike dead the non-elves or that those who were not part of the bladerite. All three are longswords. Supposedly, they have some sort of spirits within them. The wielder is bonded to the sword during the bladerite. The bond lasts until death. There is one exception to the bond, if the blade chooses you to return the blade or if you are of elven royal blood.
bq). There was a massive war in that area about 500 years ago. The blades were lost. The wielders never returned.

Next on our list is the green egg shaped item. It has ancient runes of some sort on the back of it. It is some sort of ancient gnomish. Apparently it is one long ass word that means it is basically a magic battery that will recharge any magic item (aka glowstones).
We look at the crown that was in the ‘normal’ treasure that was dumped. It is the dragontear crown (see photo).

There is not alot known about the Dragontear Crown of Sheryvyn. Its known powers are that it will protect the wearer as a mindblank spell, it also renders the wearer immune to fear and allows them to speak, understand, and write draconic. It is made out of mythril with greenstones in it.
A sword and sheild that were in the pile are not in our artifact book.
We start looking at the rest of the orbs that we acquired from Valus’ basement.
One of the spheres is metallic golden in color. It has symbols carved in it, most we don’t recognize. Some are recognizable, some look like they are arcane. Eric brushes one of the symbols and morphs into an armiloary sphere (a universal timepiece) of this crystal sphere. Severin grabs it and as he touches it, it closes and then he touches it in another location and it shows his crystal sphere.

There is a white orb with little dragons in it. It is a Dragonorb according to Eric. They can be used to control Dragons! We are going to have it destroyed. There are also a blue, red, silver, gold, and white dragon orbs (the silver and gold ones freak out Severin and Alika).
There are three orbs that are black and colored ones. The colors are shifting in the dark orb. The colors of each are green, blue, and red (mixed with black). They could be orbs of elemental command. We are not sure. Possibly of earth, water, and fire.

We head to the temple of Mystra. Someone tried to ‘trip’ and steal from us, but a bola hits him in the ankles. I signal a thanks to them in Thieves’ cant.

We get to the Temple of Mystra. A novice priest greets us and says that he will get the priest on duty.

The novice returns, and says he will see us now. We are lead to an office with an oak door with the star of Mystra. Sitting at the desk is a middle-aged man with long greying hair. He is wearing the robes of a high priest of Mystra. He looks as his eyes shift looking at it. He says he can’t help us. They should be destroyed by the dragons. This is because they were made by acutal dragons. These orbs were created during the dragon war in order to keep the peace. They were lost after the war. He offers the vault to store magical artifacts that is safer that the money changer banks out there. He is not sure how to get a hold of a dragon since they have been reclusive lately. He instructs (Terrance) the novice to take us to the vault and not to look at the items we are to place in there. He pulls out this large key along with his holy symbol in a specific combination. It looks like an empty room with squares on the walls.
We place the dragonorbs, the other (possible elemental orbs), the Crown, the unidentified sword and shield, and the shard in the vault.

We then return home for dinner…
Our parents are home. Its our fathers fixing dinner.We show our moms the Yderia and that we got her voice back!!!
The special noble meeting was about a wedding. Stefan is going to be married to Yelana!
The wedding does not have an actual date. Stefan is actually here spending time with his new fiance. She is going to move to Cormyr. The queen has her opinions of what she wants done. Stefan is finding it a bit difficult without his mother present. Lusi suggests that Severin go and help Stefan a bit. Stefan is firm about him wanting some of the Cormyrian traditions in the wedding.
We pamper our mothers since they were on their feet all day.
We enjoy dinner.
We hang out for three days while we wait for Rayna to return with the scrolls.

28 Eleint 2525

She has an aura of power about her like her mother now. She appears to not have rested since. She suggests that Lusi should read about two of them (it will take a month each to read). The one on the foundation of magic should be for anyone who uses magic and the spells of creation. The words of the universe is also the set that Lusi should read. She suggests that she read them when she is much more experienced [i.e. 20th level]. Rayna found a notation on the scroll cases in ancient Nethrilize that has a number of the set of scrolls. She says there should be 13 of them (there are 5 more which may be in the library at Thaltanthar). It appears that Nethril has a knowledge of magic that few other worlds have been able to gain (some of which her world does not even know).

Rayna goes away and comes back with a vile and drinks it and seems perfectly fine. It is apparently is a waters of life from somewhere.
So Rayna and Lusi have some planning to do tomorrow!!!


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