The Legend Reborn

Muri's Perspective: Session 44

Let's All Break Into the Powerful Void Mage's House...

25 Eleint 2525 (cont.)

Eric says that Valus Thon is staying in a house outside of town. He has some guards. There are about 6 shmuck guards. There are some magical protections inside. Three to six people inside. He saw Lysandra as well (she is apparently VERY flexible).
Eric gives Valus points for style (sexual style) for using magic.

Aurien and I go to lunch. We chat and enjoy each other’s company and he has to depart to report to the Vicari Orderi.
He kisses my hand as he departs and drops me off at my house.
Eric found out that one of the guys that works for Valus is a regular at Evie’s.

He was telling her about this pendant in a display case in the basement downstairs. He thinks it is some sort of prize. He was trying to impress the prostitute with his closeness to power. The house seems to belong to an elf with black hair and this hot blonde chick. The man is a guard there. His name is Alexi. Eric feels that he is ‘not the freshest pea in the pod.’
His basement is appearently like a museum. Lots of antiquities. Severin talks about his ‘Great Uncle’ Tathar. We will not see him on this world.

Eric indicates that Lysandra left the house.
Eric theorizes that there may be an entrance from the Atrium. We may also be able to use some sort of method to get through the possible wall between the servants area and the museum.
We send Eric out with 1000 gp to go get the plans to this manor house so we can do some B&E.
He returns about an hour later.

The great room has the access to the basement. There is another access from the kitchen which is beyond the dining room.
There is a waif-like girl is at the door.
It is apparently one of the spies from the guild.

Valus apparently left. He was not wearing the pendant at the time. One of the guards has called for a whore (which they would not do if he planned to return any time soon).

Go out and perform a small naming ceremony for my swords, a script glows into the swords.
We head out to the house to look at what we have before us and decide whether I am dancing to distract, or if we are going for a full assault.

There are guards at the front. [Lusi is able to see/hear some hints of their alignment].
We try to negotiate, but the slimy one insists on me giving him ‘incentive’.
I dispatch such incentive with extreme prejudice.

A mage person comes running we see if he is willing to agree to our agreement with the person who is now in the Dalelands with 500gp.

The woman who comes up after ‘Milton’ (the mage) takes a lunch. She states that she is willing to re-negotiate the contract. We give her the same deal and she goes to Suzale.

Eric opens the gate with a rush of some sort of magic into him.
We get up to the door. Eric takes care of the spike trap. Open the door to two crossbow bolts coming out. We try to renegotiate.

The girl inside is willing to renegotiate especially if Alika is cute. The guy is not willing and slaps the girl audibly.
There are two others inside an elven male and a human female.

Lysandra comes down the stairs.
One of the mercs desides to take the offer during the combat, informs me that there are two more downstairs.

I end up unconscious at one point, until revived by Lusi. Then I dispatch him and am able to convince the other person to surrender after Lysandra is taken out and then pay her to get the last guard outside.

I was informed by one of the lesser mercs that there are two more downstairs (hired by Valus Thon).


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