The Legend Reborn

Muri's Perspective: Session 43

New Abilities, Weapons, and a Trip to Hear the Music of the Universe

13 Eleint 2525 (cont.)

In my sleep I dream….
We can see the pool supposedly in the heavens showing Toril. In the center of the group is Ao along with his wife. Meilikki steps forward and asks me to step forward and look in the pool. I see a bunch of images and knowledge is granted as she touches my forehead and I feel the knowledge stay with me as I awaken.

Gain Aftersight; Gain fighter feats (equal to half character level);
Go to 16th level (106,800xp to 123,800xp)

The map in the book shows where the sisters used to be located – where they used to live.

14 Eleint 2525

A few days into our sparring practices, Severin borrows my Dragonforged swords for a little while.
{He is away with them for about a week}

Eric comes in with doughnuts. We apparently slept past the 10th candle.
Lusi’s mom has to outfit the royals for Harvestide so she will be gone all day.
My mom is dressed up. She is going to the keep to some ‘thing’. She was informed that they were sommoned. Dad is all dressed up as well. Lusi’s father is with his friends.
There is a carriage that takes my parents and Lusi’s mother away. Her father gathers up some stuff to go watch jousting.

Lusi and I make cookies! We send the guys (Eric and Alika) out for supplies. Zandra returns while we are cooking.

We decided to go outside of town after eating cookies. We play some tag.
When we return in the evening Severin is in the kitchen cooking. He is cooking a dish from his homeworld called Stuffed Veal with seasoned Asperagus and a mix of vegetables (some of which are from his world). In the living room there is a tray of cheese & crackers with pate.

Severin had popped over to the tower on Alor for a little while.
Severin has modified my swords. The hilts have been decorated more. One of them feels a bit more eager and the other feels more like a panther on the prowl. He feels that my swords were a bit outdated in comparison to my abilities and the things we are going up against. He made them better able to damage apponents. The excited one will improve my abilities to disarm and protect me from being disarmed [unless they are 10 levels higher]. The other blade is a hunter. It will aid me in hunting, it will allow me to strike incoporeal creatures. A really good shot has a chance to weaken an opponent. Unsheathed they are shinier than before. There are runes worked into the blades translucently.

Severin made something for Alika, a dragonwork shortbow. Ebony in color. Rapid shots. 10 magebane arrows. The material is made from a claw of a dragon (specifically Ryselle’s).

He gives Lusi a staff. It is designed to store a limited amount of energy. It has a place for her pontenia stone. It is natively moonwood. It can change as needed. It has some luckstone in it. It can surround itself in a elemental aura.

We are supposed to name our new weapons so that it bonds to us.

Eric returns shortly before dinner.
He recieves something from Severin as well.
We eat a multi-course meal served by Severin with most of the ingredients from Alor.
The carriage returns after dinner along with Darrick.
Darrick mentions that mom and dad have to be there early for more noble duties.
Lusi’s mom is going to be very busy. She is going to need some expert help.
Rayna has come to our house.
Eric once again, comments about Rayna flirtatiously.

Rayna is shocked that apparently Severin made his mother’s staff (or something like it).
We get told a bit about Tathar. Ao won’t allow him to enter the crystal sphere because he is without limits.

Dove will be very busy for a while due to catching up.
We tell Rayna about finding Laurel Silverhand (and Maliss subsequently taking her away).
We read the new prophecy.

Lusi and I pillow fight before bedtime.

25 Eleint 2525

We head to the protective room at the mage’s guild to see what Lusi does with the staff and headpeice.

[Alika spots someone with Lyandra nearby. He is an elf. Essentially non-descript. He is talking about an elven sword. There is a long chain around his neck with an iradecent gem inside it. The man’s name is Valus Thon. ]

Alika mentions something about Lady Aderia (the Opal Dragon). The pendant could be her voice.
Alika is going to try to follow them. Lusi is going to go get Eric from the Fish and Barrel. I return to the house to get Zandra and Severin.

Severin is at the blacksmith helping with many female fans around.
Zandra comes in and we talk a bit about what Alika found.
Severin seems to think that Valus Thon is familiar (he has apparently heard it before).
Aurien is at the door dressed not darkly. He was asking to join him lunch.
Aurien reacts strangely to the name Valus Thon. Aurien thinks he is the fourth Void mage and an arrogant prick.
He is one of the ones who aspires to take a position in the Viceri Orderi.

Aurien takes us to the edge of the crystal sphere to show Lusi something. We step on a floating disk.
We are taken into space past four other worlds. Aurien shows Lusi by having her touch the edge. She hears the sound and it is a bit distorted because something has happened to tip the balance. He says that Void mages learn it the same way.

The opal dragon is the voice of creation. Aurien says that the best place to hear the tune is at the Origin.
Ao warns us that if we interfere directly with the plans of the Olinar Mentis that his protections with unfortunately go away.
We return to our house….


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