The Legend Reborn

Muri's Perspective: Session 42

Home Sweet Home and Reading About the Sisters by Spellfire

11 Eleint 2525 (cont.)

We all have our great evening of alone time.

[King Stefan uses Alika as a means of escape from the rigors of being king.
Eric says that there are many holes in the security of castle in his own special way. He comes in and talks about Terina trying to get the duke to organize something to question Stefan’s identity as himself.
She says there are too many susipicious things about how he revealed himself at such a fortuitious moment. Trying to implicate that Lusi and Muri are in on some sort of plot and have linked it to the attack on the palace. The Duke apparently told her during the time she was doing something sexual.
Stefan is disappointed in the lack of the Duke’s discretion when it comes to the attack inside the palace.
Eric goes back through the same secret passageway he came in from. Damon cannot find it when he goes to look for it.]

Severin tells us of the mechinaizations of Terina [above].
We are recommended to leave Cormyr.
Eric returns to our room. He is freshly clean from removing the camoblack from his face.

12 Eleint 2525

We return to Silverymoon via Teleport. Lusi reads the scroll from Morgana. Morgana says it is the unmusic of the Spheres – the sound they make when they are out of alignment.
Time is different on the outer planes. She makes an analogy as if swimmng in Hot and Sour Soup.
We take the next two weeks to enjoy our family’s company and research spells, and improve our abilities.

Sara is happy! She is single, has a title, and is rich!
Sara starts flirting with Alika. She finds him very attractive.
Eric has disappeared to reconnect with his peeps here.

13 Eleint 2525

There is a new person at breakfast. He is about 14 years old.
He is fair skinned with blond hair and blue eyes. He has a simple tunic and a pair of breeches.
He is very precise in the way he places everything (like a palace page).
His name is Nathan. He apparently is a page from the Silvermar’s castle.
He is her new apprentice. He apparently is no longer a page at the palace. He is truly pleased to have the opportunity to do something he really enjoys. He wishes the circumstances were different though.

[His parents were killed in a carriage accident. No one was willing to sponsor him as a page – which is necessary to remain a page. My mom believes it is most likely not an accident. He does the most amazingly fine stitching my other mom has ever seen.]
He is staying in the guest room.
Eric says that the Argith family was a genuine hit (Nathan’s parents). He is to go and find out who actually did it.
Apparently Severin was able to teach Zandra that she had a weakness. Severin then departs to clean himself.

I get a grilling about Aurien and what he is all about.
A point is made that I should think about if Aurien is planning to stay here or not.
We chat during breakfast. Nathan is told to sit down and relax while Lusi and I help clean the table.
The Lord Marshall shows up. He is here to check on Nathan.
There are discussions of a betrothal.

[Alika’s father is 1751 years old. Ethan was the first born. His father says that his family have itchy feet for the soil of other worlds. He met Alika’s mother on one of the trips and they fell in love with her. He was going to tell Alika about his heritage when he turned 18 {he is currently 17}. He did not know that his parents were on Toril. Severin and Rayna are his younger siblings.]

We talk to our parents about what happened since we left here. Severin comes back with some items he apparently forgot to give us in Cormyr. They are in jewelry boxes, it is a pendant in the coat of arms with a matching set of earrings. On the back they are engraved with our names and ‘forever friends of the Cormyrian Crown’.

Eric has a bracelet made from the melted down remains from the pretender’s circlet.
Eric apparently forgot to give us something as well. He hands a medium flatbox to our mothers and Lusi’s father a rectangular box and my father a bigger box. Our mothers have a matching set of jewelry to ours with a hair clip, my mothers is in Jade and Lusi’s mother’s is in Opal. They are extremely nice. They are fancy casual in appearance. Lusi’s father recieved a voucher for alot of supplies. In the large box is a Uber deluxe theives kit. The roll is only about the size of a bedroll.

We ask Derrick where Ryselle’s tower is. He says that it would be easier to find the staff. Derrick says that there is another way to get to her towers, is by another one of her towers. He knows where one of them are on Toril. He is willing to have one of his children (e.g. Ethan or Rayna) take us there.

Derrick cannot hunt down Maliss being that it is a destiny that belongs to someone else.
Derrick suggests us finding a non-evil Githyanki to find out more about psionics. He suggests that we may be able to talk to Rayna have her find the tower that leads here and then lead us to the tower. Felix’s or Amarantha’s staff could lead us there.

The day of the next full moon is the day before Highharvestide. I may try to read the mystery book then as well as experimenting with different circumstances to read the book.
We could also research the Obsidian Brotherhood.

We also need to find the complete prophecy about our destiny. It may be helpful to find the other people that we need to find in order to find the other sisters.
Maliss’ bitch was researching the headpiece that Lusi has. Her drawings is what helped Eric recognize it.

As far as the book is concerned, we recall that there is draconic firebreathing and spellfire.
At some point and time we try Spellfire at night and words appear on the book as if they were set on fire before they settle in with words and pictures. There is an arc on it with 8 stars on it with each of the stars in a different color. It is the symbol of Mystra only with 8 stars.
It starts at the beginning with the creation of the world and Mystara. Tells of the tragedy of Karsis. It also talks about the weaving of the elemental energies of the universe to make the weave. It is more like 8 strands versus one single thread. It then talks about the Time of Troubles where the gods were taught a lesson. Mystra did her best to protect her followers and her priests. She tries to stay out of conflict as much as possible. At the end of the Time of Troubles, she gathered enough followers to elivate herself to a greater god. During the Time of Troubles she went and possessed the form of Eliwae Silverhand as a means of creating a chosen which was not something very easy. Eliwae went through 7 pregnancies while there. One of the pregnancies was twins which is not well known. Cyric and the other evil gods did not like the idea of the chosen ones. They felt they needed to do something about this. The prophecy is listed (Michelle will fill in later). They got the idea that they would not be able to take out all of the sisters. They were just trying to get rid of one and they would be fine. They made the arrangements for someone to kill one of the children. Someone found out about this scheme (one of Mask’s people). They were able to get a warning out. Mystra and Eliwae decided that they would let them think they succeeded. One of the sisters was placed into hiding and completely ignorant of her heritage. The book does not say where the sister was placed, but it was possibly on a different world. She was supposed to return and help the sisters maintain the balance. For some reason, she never did. It is written in sections and by different people over the years. It talks about the disappearance of the sisters 500 years ago and the frantic search the chruch did. There is a chapter of the specific sisters and what they did as they were raised and their biographies pretty much. The entries end in the areas they were ruling. It also has the symbol of the element and the element which they are attached to. Some of them do talk about the relations they had. There are no children listed from any of them. A single page talks about the disappearance of all of the sisters. Much speculation as to what happened. There is a complete version of our prophecy.

It talks about 100 years before Lusi and I were born a preist of Soverace spouted this prophecy.
After we have read the entire thing through to the end. The writing does not disappear after the spellfire goes out.

There is an illustration of the Star of Mystra. Eliwae was supposedly buried with it. Her tomb is in the high temple of Mystra in Highmoon. Mystra herself and the seven sisters sealed it so that only the chosen of destiny can open it.

The Obsidian Brotherhood and their weapons of choice the spirals of pain. They protected against crazy elves. They were from Imdal (pre-Nethril). They expanded rapidly. The OB was a response to some of the tactics that the elves used which were more like terrorists. The OB people were mage-assassins. Their training sounds alot like Zandra’s (succeed or die; taken as kids; etc.). Supposedly able to blend in any society. Capable of all sorts of crazy stuff. Supposedly the order was exterminated by the Nethril Empire. Imal isolated itself from the rest of the Nethril Empire at some point. According to legend, most of the people in Imal had assassin training. There were supposedly some who escaped the extermination and went underground while swearing revenge upon the unjustly exterminated. They apparently disappeared into the shadows until the time would come for them to rise. The OB is in hiding waiting for the time for it to emerge. The survivors may have influenced other places such as the far east and built their own family there. Some that may have gone to the south and trained people there as well {Egyptian assassins}. They also reference the pirate isles where they seized control of one of the islands. They are supposedly the greatest assassins in the world, supposedly surpassing the OB in their skills.


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