The Legend Reborn

Muri's Perspective: Session 41

Another Battle with Maliss

10 Eleint 2525 (cont.)

A female is in mage robes, big human man in plate, a man in chain and breastplate with symbol of Cyric on it, traveling clothed person w/dagger are the new companions he has brought along.
The dagger-wielding man is quickly eliminated by Severin.
The sister heals Lusi after she is knocked out. Then Lusi channels creation magic directly at Maliss (go sis!).

I try multiple times to take out Maliss, but whiff away at him instead.
Maliss disappears with the sister in some glimmer.
Angrily, I take out the last remaining fanatic.

Now, in the hell did he Maliss and his lackeys get in here and how in the hell did he leave?!
We take the bodies upstairs and loot them. Then we plan on getting the guards to get rid of them.
We are escorted back to our rooms by the Purple Dragons where they stay and guard us.
King Stefan and a Priest of Tyr come in to heal us. Stefan also tries to find out what happened.
We talk with Stefan, Damon and Dalia about Maliss. Damon tells Alika about the Spellfire he has inherited.

Apparently, if he absorbs too much, he will explode.

Dalia says that Maliss used his abilities of psionics as a Githyanki to take her away.
Eric comes in flamboyantly, tries to lighten the mood, but is not very successful.
Rayna shows up after she found out Severin was injured. Rayna casts the mass identify spell to help us figure out what we have.
Lusi throws me in the bath and scrubs down my back to get me to relax and ready for bed.
We rest.

11 Eleint 2525

Eric is looking through the items we looted.
We go to get the holy symbols of Cyric destroyed at the temple of Mystra.
We also give a healthy donation.
We also give donations to the Red Knight, Tymora, and Milekki.
Aurien comes and says that he would be willing to join two young ladies shopping!
Aurien is dressed very casual. Eric reminds him of a less serious form of Derrick.

Zandra’s people are decended from people in the east. They were nomads known for great warriors Рsilent as the night and could kill with a touch. Hunted to near extinction by the Red Wizards of Thay due to one of them killing a Red Wizard.

Alika goes and trains with Zandra and Severin along with the Purple Dragons.
Lusi goes to the mages guild which gives me a chance to spend time with Aurien.
We have lunch together.


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