The Legend Reborn

Muri's Perspective: Session 40

More Research and Another Sister Found

6 Eleint 2525

I am up and greet the sunrise in the garden.
I converse with Dalia about her family. Severin talks more than Alika. Severin and Rayna were insperable for a long time.
Dalia and her brother have some theories about what is happening, but don’t want to tell us due to the clouding of their judgment by their experience.

She cautions me on my association with Aurien. Besides the danger of being with a void mage, I may be used as his weakness.
She says I should guard myself from Aurien as well. The fact that he is not good, may be dangerous. If it becomes a choice between me and power, who knows what he will choose.
Our page gets Eric, Lusi and I breakfast and prepares another batch for the incredible eating machines.
Lusi and I go to the library. It is Alika’s turn to fill the rod of security.
Lusi and I are joined by Zandra. She was observing their fighting style and how they are incredibly dependent on their equipment. The captain asked if she could adapt her fighting style to work in armor.

Lusi finds information on crystals called the Talkira devloped by the elves that grants them knowledge and some can even function as spellbooks. You must be an elf to use them. There are stories that the ancient empires of Nethril tried to develop something like that, but could not be confirmed due to the destruction of Nethril around that time.

I do research on void magic, but am only able to find the ‘don’t do that’ warnings.
Besides that I assist Lusi on her reasearch of the magic cube (even though I have no idea what I’m looking for exactly).
While researching, I do find and interesting illustration (see LR Elements.jpg).
Zandra has the acid symbol. We discuss a bit about the different symbols. We are missing people with the symbols for Force, Water, and Cold.

Over the next few days…

Lusi researches information about the spell cubes at the mage’s academy. Some of the cubes were literally able to hold 100’s of spells in them. Towards the end of the Nethril empire, a case of them was supposedly stolen. They were presumed destroyed, but may have been outside of Nethril at the time of its destruction. If the cubes are out there the are considered priceless.
We also identify the items that we have yet to identify.

I go with Lusi and research more on Void magic. I try to see if there are any books out there that can show Void magic isn’t all bad. All I find are books that show it is the power of destruction and death therefore, only evil can use it.

The only magic that seems to be harder to master is creation magic, because most people do not have a pure enough souls. These are the only ones that can stand against the EVIL that is VOID.
The name of the author of the book that seemed to have this mad on for Void mages is Lademer Castimir. He was a master of many types of magic and former Cormyrian Guildmaster.

I use the author to cross reference information on Vandergast. I come up with an interesting result. It is a historical archive that was happening in that particular century of magic. The Guildmaster Castimir and the Faerunian mage’s council (which includes reps. from Thay) [they only meet when there are issues of major magical import] had a disagreement on what was going to be done with the palace. The location of the palace was the location of some very important magical stuff. Rumor was that Vandergast’s tower was on the same ground.

The orc army tried to destroy Suzale as much as possible (including the palace). The palace officials went to the mage’s guild to rebuild. Castimir’s idea of rebuilding the palace was to completely destroy the palace and rebuild it. The rep. from Thay said that he was to be removed from guildmaster or they WOULD.

According to the story, the rumor’s are that the gateway to Vandergast’s tower may have survived the orc onslaught, but may have not survived Castimir. Castimir was very evasive when asked about this entrance. Castimir also was responsible for frying many magical items due to his extremely liberal usage of Mordenkinen’s disjunction (the royal crown had to be re-enchanted).
Castimir was convinced that a void mage was behind the orc army.

A brief biography on Castimir. He was a poor soon of a sheep farmer in a po dunk town in Cormyr. He was minorly talented in magic. His ego more than made up for that. He seemed to be able to bluff his way around. He eventually apprenticed to a wizard that he spent 10 years with. He came out of it as a badass. He then duel with the mage that had motivated him to learn.

He worked his way up the food chain in the guild where he moved upward. He was still a wenis when he became a guildmaster. He had a serious mad on for any dark magic (shadow, void, or necromancy). They had to stop him from destroying all of the necromancy books in the guild by hiding them. No necromancers were allowed in the guild, nor taught at the academy.

Castmir wrote a series of books about Nethril, the elves, Cormyr, the time of troubles [blamed completely on evil magic]. Later in life he was a bit paranoid. He built his tower out of white ivory outside of town in the middle of nowhere. It had light spells in every corner. He was ultimately killed by a thief. The royal family was angry at him, so much so the guild was forced to pay for the rebuilding. The tithes and fees were the highest every in the guild’s history (25% and 500 gp).

We are invited to dinner with Stefan. He is still trying to figure out what happened to all of the money.
They have been going through and striking some particularly unfair laws. Taxes will become lower.
Lusi and Muri go to the steam baths.

10 Eleint 2525

The Sembians have now left their rooms at the palace. Now it is time to go and see if we can find that entrance. We go shortly after breakfast to look for that entrance to Vandergast’s tower.
Eric has an idea of where the money might be he just has to figure out if the security there is greater that the secruity in the royal vault.

Our page shows us the way and stays outside if we need anything.
These quarters are extremely ornate. There are mural paintings. It is essentially a house built into the palace.
Lusi begins looking around ‘magically’. Lusi goes to check something out. She says she found a spot. Alika thinks he sees the water symbol there. He places water in his hands that then into the symbol. He gains the mark on his wrist and the archway appears.

We try to follow Alika through the archway. The stairs curve gently downwards for four floors. It ends on a flat surface. The large universal symbol that is a large seal with the eight elemental symbols with the yin-yang in the center. It is the same symbol as the one we saw in the chambers for the seven sisters.

The ceiling has fallen a bit. There is another archway, but this one is completely dark.
Morgana appears and gives some information to Eric who is thankful that he is right, but is a little shocked. She has been avoiding the Viceri Orderi. Chronomancers don’t get along with certain types of mages.

The Viceri Orderi may be annoyed by Aurien because he is so powerful AND a nice guy.
Alika touches the sapphire on the archway and it flashes slightly, but nothing else happens.
Morgana says that she has to leave before Ao kills her for saying anything.

We continue to try different methods to open the archway. It is possible that Rayna may need to be here (all of the people with the symbols may need to be present for the archway to open).
Severin contacts Rayna and says it will be a few minutes (about 10 minutes).

She is wearing a fancy dress and her hair more loose than usual. The archway activates after she touches lights her symbol and Alika wets his hand and touches the sapphire.
Rayna says that Vandergast’s entrance to his tower in the palace was destroyed. The Cormyrian mages could not find it for hundreds of years.

Apperently Rayna was on a date with someone who understands that destiny calls.
She leaves to continue her date (someone who Severin asks ‘why do you do this to yourself?’).
Alika goes through the archway.

[He sees a woman with very long hair surrounded by fire. He strikes the fire cage and the sister begins to fall, he tries to catch her and sheild her from the fire.]
Alika has a woman in blue, with very long white hair.
There is someone coming down the stairs, ‘personally, I would just cut it off’. It is Maliss….


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