The Legend Reborn

Muri's Perspective: Session 39

Studly Changes and Research

5 Eleint 2525

Awaken significantly after sunrise….
Lusi and I get in a pillow fight joined shortly by Eric.
Alika and Severin apparently have had some draconic heritage. Alika has golden skin and gold ‘nails’. He also seems a little more buff.
Severin has a few metallic streaks in his hair.
We order breakfast and Severin and Alika order more than usual, they seem really hungry. Apparently it is a side affect of their draconic heritage.

Lusi and I go to the library to research magical histories with Ryselle, Vanderghast, Derrrick and Ryselle and variants thereof.
Ryselle does produce some results. Derrick Hadenthor was the lord marshall of Cormyr and one of the four dukes. One of the generals of the army during the Dark Wars. He left 20 years after the dark wars with the Lady Ryselle.
During the time of the Dark War, after the royal family was assassinated the twins were saved by the actions fo the thieves guild. Placed with a mage friendly to the cause to a tower to the north.

Flipping through a history of Cormyr book looking for tower references. A flash of purple catches my eye. There is a picture of a woman in purple robes with violet eyes and black hair. She is in a formal pose with a lord. They are standing next to the first king of Cormyr, standing next to the front of the palace. Lady Ryselle Seralis is listed as the constructor of the first palace.
Duke Arden Seralis is next to the one that looks like Ryselle. The little girl’s name is Amarantha Seralis. Mages were not common at the time. Ryselle apparently was friends with Obsecere. She was the later to become the court mage and royal advisor.

The palace has been rebuilt 8 times (for a total of 9 different palaces). It has been rebuilt due to needs. The first one was the size of a current manorhouse for a lord.
The one built 200 years later was more like a medeval castle.
The current palace was only built about 150 years ago.
The fifth palace was the one that was around the time of Vanderghast.
The last palace from 150 years ago was destroyed. Suzale was invaded at the time.
The advisors’ quarters were around the area where the Sembian area is now. The fifth palace was more like a complex, where the current palace is more like a connected palace.
The gateway to Vanderghast’s tower was possibly deactivated when he disappeared.

Duke Arden Seralis was the first Duke of Cormyr. He was the primary advisor to the king. His family is considered a friend to Cormyr for all time due to the Duke’s daughter sacrificing her life to save Cormyr (Amarantha). Ryselle disappeared shortly after. A group of dragons apparently had a problem with the king and his people. They stomped the hell out of one of the nobleman’s houses. The nobles went after a dragon they thought was responsible and killed the dragon. This, of course, pissed off the dragons. Amarantha was an ambassador at the time. The witnesses agree that the dragons got really hostile along with the lords getting really hostile. Amarantha changed into a dragon and stepped in between the two armies just as both sides were attacking thus she died saving both of them.

There is a very unusual looking staff that is nearby in each picture of Ryselle, and with Amarantha (she was approximately 19 years old) when she was stepping in between the armies. Lusi also found it in the book that had the group that was responsible for helping during the Dark War. It was Felix Aldermann the husband of Lara, the rising goddess.
The staff is a goldish color. The headpiece is a curved gold bit and above the headpiece is a rainbow gem.

Felix came from an ordinary family. He attended the mage’s academy in Arabel. Felix found an ancient artifact placed by Ao to help them on their quest just for Felix. It had power over the elements and increase his magical capabilities. It is insanely powerful. It is apparently from the beginning of the world. There are close ups of what it looks like. There were ancient runic symbols not translated on it. There were eight gemstones on it. There is no discussion from wence it came. Some pictures show 2 gems, some all 8. There are some that do not have the prismatic gem on the top. The staff had to be assembled.

Amarantha’s staff was a gift from her mother upon her 18th birthday.
We go to lunch to see if Stefan is busy and possibly ask Damon and Dalia if they know more about the staff.
We wait for response from our page to see if they are available for lunch.
His majesty is not available he will be with his advisors. Damon and Dalia will be having lunch with us.
We go into a small room that moves upwards. It then opens to a domed room with a crystalline prismatic affect on the ceiling. The carpet is royal blue. It has a fantastic view of the city and the surrounding area. It is called ‘The Crystal Dome’.

Apparently Ryselle does not talk about the time period she was first here to the younger children according to Dalia. As far as they know, Ryselle after Max died, went a bit mad. When she came to herself, she left Alor for a while. She met a man who helped her rescue herself from the darkness of Max’s death. They got married, had a daughter, who died very young. Ryselle made the staff for Amarantha. Felix most likely got the staff when questing for it. It is made up of some of the most ancient magic from Alor. Rayna would most likely be the person that would know about the staff.

Ryselle’s tower here was called the Whitetower. Most of the information we will be able to find out will most likely not have her name attached to it.
Aurien is from Alor apparently. Dalia and Damon are amused by this. He is only a little older then they are. He challenged Ryselle for Archmage about 500 years ago. Dalia thinks it was 1000. They discuss timing. Apparently Dalia is right. Ryselle was surprised at how he reacted to his failed challenge. He said that he would return later.

Aurien comes from the elven lands on Alor. I plan on going to summon Aurien this afternoon.
We have a small discussion on how we are going to feed the bottomless pits that are the recently awakened draconic heritage Alika and Stefan.

They say that Lusi may be able to help Rayna create another preservation item (like a rod of security) so that we can feed them.
Lusi and I go back down in the transport box (weird…).
Dalia shows us to the library. It is sealed with a very large ironwood door with bands of adamantine. She uses some keys, her hands and whispers something.
She suggests that we complete our research finished before we leave.
There are two journals one by Ryselle and one by Amarantha. Amarantha’s is mostly empty. Her first entry is about her coming of age. I talks about her mother making a staff for her and giving it to her.

She talks about her mother bringing her incredible knowledge of magic from another world. She apparently did not know she was from another world until then.
Her mother created the staff out of magic from her homeworld. It was a relic from a mage (god??) from Alor. It would help her control the elements. When she doesn’t want to hold it, it merges with her magic. She talks about how cute the princess. She finds nobles annoying with their bickering. She is afraid something bad is going to happen with dragons nearby. She was shocked to discover her draconic heritage. Her mother says it would be years, but she may be wrong. Some people are scared of Ryselle with her power level being close to a god, but to her she burns dinner like anyone else. The last entry is about the tensions with the nobles and the two dragons living to the northwest. She feels that it should be best to send diplomats not warriors.
She was apparently a very good artist. She does sketch a very good representation of herself in a wedding dress with the prince.

The staff disappeared with Amarantha when she died.
When Felix passed on, the staff disappeared. There were many quests by mages to find the staff. No one has yet to find it. It is referred to as the staff of the elements.
There are a number of stories of how to get it. Fight one of every type of dragons; Assemble the four pieces and forge it; Go to the various elemental planes to assemble; Place it together piece by piece. No one seems to know what the top gem is.

Her journal is very girly. She did mension that the Whitetower blends in with the rock on which it was built.
The mythic Whitetower has a huge treasure room. It also has a scrying pool that can break through any defense. And many other Mythic Whitetower statements.
The staff of the lady of magic seems to be necessary to get into the Mythic Whitetower.
We depart the library and Rayna is waiting for us in our room.
Rayna says that it is in a mountain range somewhere in the north where it is cold.
Rayna verifies that the pieces of the staff must be found and assembled. The staff is made out of a rare wood and the magic from an insanely powerful wizard from the world before Alor, Kyrolos.
We may only need the physical staff to gain entry into the Whitetower.

Rayna says that the Star of Mystra was the holy symbol she was wearing when she ascended.
It was a gift to Eluae from Mystra. Eluae was apparently consumed by the magic after her final pregnancy was finished.

The best way to get a storage rod is to modify a current rod of security (from Alustriel).
While Rayna and Lusi modify the rod, I am going to try to get in touch with Aurien.
Lord Aurien is still resting, regretfully recovering from his injuries.
We rest the evening…


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