The Legend Reborn

Muri's Perspective: Session 38

Lords and Ladies, all hail the new King of Cormyr

4 Eleint 2525

The bells ring in celebration of the new king in the morning.
Damon and Dalia plan on joining us for dinner of some meal.
The major domo, Maurice tells us that his majesty invited us to breakfast.
Lusi and I get dressed up a bit (from Rayna’s closet) for breakfast. Zandra is waiting in the common room when we finish.

We are led by Severin through the corridors through some side hallways. The decorations are in gold and ivory. Many hangings and other items. We get to a junction in the corridor. There is a visible magical shield in the hallway. The guards have golden epaulets who then let us through as we approach.

We are in the family hallway that has different symbols with a black band on it.
The only one not banded is Astara’s room.
Maurice, complements us on our looks.

Sitting on either side of Stefan are two of the most beautiful people we have seen. They both have white hair. His is slightly spiked shoulder length. His eyes are steel. Her hair is waist length and her eyes are gold. He is wearing the tunic of the Lord Marshal of Cormyr. Her dress is in the same colors as the lord marshall.

Damon Ahnalsis Hadenthor and Dailya Selune Hadenthor are introduced to us. Damon is more muscular that Severin, but not overly so. They are tanned as well.
Apparently they have wanted to meet Therin’s son (Alika).

There will be a celebration planned for the end of the week. Stefan wants our mother to come up with something for he and Astara to wear. Ilana likes our mothers fashions.
Apparently Eric was at an all night theives’ guild party. He has lifetime membership and only has to donate 10% instead of 20%.

We are welcome to stay as long as we like.
Lyssandra resigned her leadership of the mage’s guild. They will be selecting an new guildmaster soon.

Stefan says there is a place that would help us more than the library – Vandergast’s tower. The twins mention their mom’s (Ryselle’s) old place. Both may have information on the sisters.
He apparently had a magical entryway that lead from the palace to the tower.

Severin says that Lusi has shown some tendencies toward Spellweaving. Because of that, she may be able to find the entryway and more importantly reactivate it.
It would most likely be in the ambassadorial suite for the state of Sembia.

Alloran dragons apparently work their way into their magic at about 500 years old and when they get this dragon form they are full adults.
It will not be until next week to move the Ambassador out of the suite.
Stefan recommends the high temple of Azuth as well, which is here in Suzale.

[27,500 XP (106,800 total w/correction for earlier math error)
Go to 15th level]

Eric divvies up some goods.
He then goes to sleep.
We then take our own spontaneous tour through the palace.
It takes us all day to get through our fun tour and then return to the room for dinner.
Our page is waiting for us. A formal dinner is waiting for us in the main dining hall should we wish to go.
Alika gets a tailor to help make some formalwear.

We go to the formal dinner. I go with Alika and Lusi goes with Severin. We are at the head table this time. The four dukes and different advisors. They are treating us nicely. Some of which obviously are just trying to ingratiate themselves with the peeps of the king.
The topics are being kept pretty light. Stefan plans to lift some of the excess taxes put in place by the council after the death of his father.

Asura and Ardeyth are not there. Roland is there, but not seated at the head table.
Stefan gives a toast. Talks about following in his father’s footsteps. We are recognized as ‘heroes of the realm’. He presents us with the highest award possible – the Order of Faerlthann (named after the first king of Cormyr)

We are awarded a basic noble title of Lady. We or our families may ask for a small bit of land as well. I eyeball the four dukes to gauge their reaction.

MacAvoy is not obvious, but he is not thrilled. As in the king is giving his friends awards.
Duke Isleen is a very good actor, I could barely tell (with a natural 20). He is giving exactly the amount of applause expected. He also seems to be calculating us. He also glances around for Eric, our missing companion. He is trying to assess us and how we accomplished this.

The Dutchess thinks it is great. Duke Illius, is clapping but is mostly paying attention to the Dutchess.

We are congratulated by the various nobles including all four of the dukes.
We return to our room. We then use the special balls on ourselves while we are sleeping.

[It gives us a special ability or feat (any feat – ignore prerequisites).
Took Mettle from the Vigilante Prestige Class (pg 88 Complete Adventurer)
Also took Whirlwind attack (PHB 102) for feat given by Michelle due to not having one earlier.]



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