The Legend Reborn

Muri's Perspective: Session 37

Cormyr's True King comes home

3 Eleint 2525 (cont.) (less than 3 hours to get the royals back)
Severin says that one of the orcs mentions that they have found the air chamber and there is a woman inside. We move quickly out of the cell with Zandra and I dispatching orcs on our way out. We go toward the sound.

We appear to possibly be inside a mountain (very rough inside). There is some gold and gem veins running through the walls.

We spot a mass of Topaz at the end of one of the side tunnels.
There are orders be given in orc. There is at least one human and approx. 8 orcs inside.
Maliss is inside in his flamboyant form. He is in his Githyanki style stuff.
He trys to desintigrate the gem. It hits an orc instead. He says “that bitch could have warned me.”

Zandra makes us all invisible for us to sneak up on them.
Maliss tries to use some sort of force spell and it bounces as well and hits all of us (and the orcs).
I use the moment afterward to stab the orc leader through the back and kill him.
Severin takes care of the two escaping orcs. Alika takes out another orc. Zandra takes her shot at Maliss.

I dispatch another orc.
Alika takes care of another in spectacular fashion as well.
Zandra is able to grab Maliss and her hands start to glow.
Maliss is able to grab her hand and a wave of black energy comes out and affects Zandra.
She then convulses and clutches her chest and falls to the ground.
I try futily to attack Maliss.

Alika is able to hit him. Then Maliss tries something to knock us back. He is able to knock Severin and Alika back 5 ft. I am able to somehow stand strong with my faith in my goddess and the fact that this bastard needs to die.
Elsewhere, Lusi touches her wrist symbol to the gem and is inside a geode. It is windy.
Maliss gets hit by Severin for some significant damage. Maliss then says “we will meet again.” and disappears.

Vanya is called over to tend to Zandra.
I then go looking for Lusi.
Lusi tells us to back to the big room.
We go back to where we fought Maliss. Lusi appears and she is holding a woman.
She has silvery blonde hair with lightly tanned skin. She is dressed in remenants of some nature-like armor. It is obvious that she was attacked before being put in this position.
She has a Harper symbol on her. Symbol of Mystra as well.

Lusi teleports us to the back of Sonya and Ellison’s place by reading the formulaic explanation of teleportation.
The house is apparently being monitored by the mages’ guild.
The twins leave the house as a distraction.
Lusi tries to wake the sister with smelling salts, but that does not work.
We are trying to figure out a safe place to keep her.
Lusi casts an earth-based spell on her and a puff of air comes out of her and she awakens.
She says she must return to Shadowdale. It is Storm Silverhand, Bard of Shadowdale.
We inform her that we must put the proper ruler on the throne of Cormyr.
We are going to try to get the Countess Denara (court slut’s) help by going as her entourage.
Stefan uses a hat of disguise from Zandra to look like a butler type.
Then we are off to become the Countess’ entourage.

We reach the Countess’ residence.
She verifies Stefan’s identity and then tells him to put his hat back on.
The countess then brings us inside.
I end up as one of her ladies in waiting.
Zandra looks like a male bodyguard. Stefan is going as my escort (my grandfather).
Rayna takes Storm to the Library to get updated on the history (which also keeps her safe).
And we are off to keep a puppet from getting the throne.
We are the last people there.
The major domo is up front.

At the ceremony is the Archbishop (high priest of Azune), Lyssandra, Lady Zador (Ellison’s replacement), and the major domo. Roland the puppet is awaiting his crown.
Ardeyth is in the front row next to Asura.
Lusi interrupts the ceremony when they get ready to place him in the Obescere family. They ask who objects.

The regent is not amused.
Ardeyth looks surprised.
Stefan strides up to challenge.
The major domo is happy about the turn of events.
Someone tries to take out Stefan. Severin uses a forming shield to block the attack. Roland is whining.

Lysandra offers to be of help, but Lusi puts her down to distrust her and accuses her of being a slaver.
Stefan requests the sword and then swears the he has nothing to do with his families’ death.
Roland gestures to the Archbishop and Lyssandra told them that he would be king.

Lusi points out that the Archbishop swore the Obesceres are dead.
It is not the archbishop, when the manacles are closed.

The crown jewels are now missing.
The conversation reveals that Lyssandra was supportive of Roland’s ascension in exchange for some concessions, but that is all. She swears she had nothing to do with the assassination.
The doors open and the high priestess of Mystra comes in. She is honored to be responsible for crowning Stefan.

Roland complains about his outfit purchase especially for today (made of giant spider silk).
She begins with a speech about the future not the past of Cormyr.
Eric returns the crown jewels in the wide open.

Each individual piece of the crown jewels is explained.
Stefan delays the celebration until a later date due to the recent events.
After a while, King Stefan summons us into the office.
He plans on bringing his sister home when it is safe.
Severin is considering one of his siblings to take his place while he joins us on our quest since he still bears the mark on his wrist.

He considers his brother and sister to help. Damon and Dalia are twins. They are insperable. They act almost as one. Damon is dedicated to the martial arts, Dalia has dedicated herself to her father’s more unique abilities.

Eric is allowed to keep the items he took as recompense.
Maurice, the major domo, thanks us profusely for making it so he did not have to advise the ‘peacock’.
We are put in the Ambassador’s quarters with our own maid servant and man servant and our own page as well.
Our page is Mira.
We eat and prepare to rest.



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