The Legend Reborn

Muri's Perspective: Session 36

Breaking & Entering to Reclaim Souls

2 Eleint 2525 (cont.)

We discuss what we are going to do. We don’t have a solid plan on how we are going to get to the rooms.

We take limited number of items in a small bag for us to get when we get inside.
We then go to the depot and pick up the delivery items for Duke MacAvoy.
It is near the noble section of town. We are stopped by the guards for inspection and checking of papers.

We are told to stay in the separate section of the house and not get curious.
They guy who was assisting (and being flirtatious) is with us. A servant takes all the others out and an illusion of us goes out with them. The guy brings our stuff with us.
Apparently he is Zandra in disguise.

We go around and then he finds a ladder in the secret passage.
We sneak to see if there is an eyehole for us to see in. We get in by a secret door behind the couch.

The choker does not come off easily. Eric apparently was able to remove the magic that sealed it on.

We then go to move in on Asura. She has a guy and a girl with her. They are in their birthday suits.
The guy resists the poison and we struggle with him a bit. Alika stuns him and Zandra then pours something down his throat.

Lusi apparently got hit by something when she tried to take off the ring.
Eric then puts a ring on her finger.

We then split up and allow Eric and Zandra to look for the Terina potion.
We wait a little after we make a little too much noise in the passage. The guards check the house.

Eric takes us to the cellar downstairs where there is a little door in there and we escape out of the manor.
He takes us to the garden out back.
We GTFO and then into a small room with different clothes so we don’t look like the delivery people.

We return to see the boys waiting for us. (One is asleep).
Duke MacAvoy may be a willing participant. He found no evidence of a potion. He is doing some interesting business. There is a very substantial payment transferred to a bank on Morridan.
In addition, it is confirmed that Terina is a black rose.

The transcript for tonight’s session has lots of evidence that Ellison did it. A poison that conveniently matched in his office that came from an anonymous tip for their underworld friends.
They apparently don’t know what the poison is. Apparently, the servants swear up and down that it was Ellison was the one who gave them the ‘special spices’.

Duke MacAvoy is surprised that Ellison was implicated and even more surprised that they want to implicate him for the royal deaths.

We are trying to figure out a way to get Lysandra off of the investigation.
We summon Devan. He confirms that she is a member of the Olinar Mentis.
He says that the Olinar Mentis will do whatever it takes to keep her in the position.
He suggests that we find out who the replacement advisor is supposed to be.
Who does the Olinar Mentis want in place of Ellison and why?
Proof on how the poison was administered and activated (include the origin of the poison).

What are the ultimate goals?
Devan thinks that the draining of the soul stones could be bad. He thinks that if successful she would have gained a lot of knowledge and power.
He says that she is arrogant and tends to underestimate those not more powerful than she.
He gives us some advice, he recommends that we get Aurien away from the Viceri Orderi before he gets hurt.

We discuss some more and then go rest…

3 Eleint 2525 (2 days left to get the royals here)

Vanya says that Severin and his horse were headed out to the guild to teleport. She tells me to be at peace.
I take a ride with her for a while and then return to smell Ethan’s breakfast cooking.
Eric and Zandra come in while we are getting ready for breakfast.
apparently Zandra was able to get the soul gem (bracelet) that has Thane in it from the nameless one.

Lusi goes to commune with it again.
I regail the boys with what has been going on since they left. (We have been very busy).
Zandra is Thane’s daughter.

Roshan comes downstairs followed by Thane. Cyrus, Lusi, and the others come down soon after that.
Thane says that Roshan and Cyrus were not an authorized job.
Roshan and Cyrus were quiet while they were on the island. Ardeyth and Asura were with them. They were Aramus’ guests on the island. He indicated that they had been cleared to be one of the merchants.

They suggest that we make our statements at the temple of Mystra and handing over the evidence of their capture so that they can accuse Lysandra having something to do with it.
We are taken to see a male priest named Morgan. Statements are taken. Lusi and Thane are in the longest interviewees.

A high level mage is brought in to analyze the evidence. Lysandra’s signature is one of the auras detected on the jewelry.
We arrive back at Ellison’s house and find out that the council has voted to move the coronation up to this evening! The law that requires a full 144 days is still intact, but since Ellison was not there to object, the council voted to crown him early.
We have approximately three hours….

Lusi goes to use magic to find him.
We get Eric to risk stealing the crown jewels to delay the coronation. In order to convince him to do it, I agree to allow him to see me naked should he succeed.
We teleport to the cell they are being held in.

Vanya is in her human form.(she has one!). She heals Stefan who has apparently been beaten by the orcs and bandits.
We get ready to fight our way out….



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