The Legend Reborn

Muri's Perspective: Session 35

Noble Juicy Tidbits & Abducation clause?

1 Eleint 2525 (cont.)

At the ‘royal’ table:
Ardeyth is sitting next to Roland Cathal (wenis puppet they want to put on the throne). Lord Nicholas is next at the table who is a minor noble who has ingratiated himself to the throne and was the crown princess’ Lavana’s best friend. He was a potential match for her. The Obesceres were not into the arranged political marriage. The regent has not had the heart to shoo him away from his traditional seat. He is the youngest person at the table at 21. Next to him is Sonya who seem to get along fine. Of course Ellison is next to her. He is seated next to the regent Lord Riclery. Next to him is Lady Elizabeth. She is very beautiful and elegant like a queen mother. She is his mother. She is the one who brought him up that way. His father died sacrificing himself in a battle with orcs. He was 12. She has a will of steel. You can tell her opinion of someone in her eyes, one of the most perceptive people the Countess has met. Next to her is Kolandinay the royal mage. She is seated next to her current lover Yeric, a merchant who deals in magical goods. They met when she was negotiating for a series of goods for the palace. Next to him is the Senechel with his wife Irene. He is not there a lot. He seems to be very good at moving in the background. Next to Irene is Captain Imir, captain of the Purple Dragons. At the end is the Baroness Louisa, she is middle-aged with silvery hair. Very tastefully understated jewelry. She is almost the epitome of elegance similar to Lady Elizabeth. She is the royal nanny so to speak. She has been there for the past three generations. She apparently has elf blood. She seems to have a sixth sense of when children are in trouble. Rumors have it that she has some other interesting skills. The fact that the assassins were able to get past her was impressive.

On the left is Duke Hammond with Lady Valeska. The the Dutchess Harriman with her husband Meric who is extremely bored out of his mind. He looks at other women. It was an arranged marriage. The Countess has not slept with him out of respect for her.

On the right side of the table is Duke MacAvoy. He is chatting up with Baroness Louisa. Next to him is Terina. Next to her is the Duke Ilius who is looking across the table at his love. Next to him is Lady Celeste the elven envoy. She is more elven than anyone.

At our table is Adric current companion to the Countess – he is extremely distracted by her. the Countess is next to her. She is next to Egraine followed by Alika, Zandra, and Severin. Then Tabitha and Vanko. Across from Adric is Ethan, then Muri, Arian, Lusi, Anton (who is gazing at Zandra (Regina) with admiration. Timira is not amuzed with that (next to him), however, Severin is definitely distracting her from that. Next to Severin is Bernard and Iris.

Far across from us is Asura, next to Lord William Thurston who aspires to be one of the Dukes, preferably the Duke of Suzail. He is friends with Roland. He introduced him to Ardeith. Asura and Ardeyth are acting as sister. Asura is spending a lot of time looking over at where Ardeyth is sitting. Asura is resenting Ardeyth for the position she is in. Jealous of Ardeith being with the future king. Lysandra is across from Asura next to a random lord.

The round tables are for the commoners that are chosen by lottery to be wined and dined for the evening with one guest. They are given a carriage and appropriate clothing. They get to stay in the guest house for a night.

Timira looks a little disapproving at our new moneyness. Tabitha however is nicer and slows down so we can see what she is doing.

When the pot pie is served, Roland has no idea what to do with it and tries to eat it like a tart.
A higher level servant comes up and starts talking the Senechel after the 8th course (stirge wing). Ellison gets the dancers to come out. Lysandra is not surprised by this interruption, but seems not involved.

Ellison stands up and talks about an interruption with an important matter to introduce the next course.
Ellison, the regent, his mother, and the court mage are discussing something. The regents mother comes around and talks about business was intruding. But that the business of Cormyr sometimes cannot wait.

As we go into the final course, the conference is still continuing at the main table. The regent breaks away to introduce this final course.

The regent has to leave immediately after the final course. He says that others up there have to depart. The Dukes have to depart. Terina looks put out since she is left there. Roland did not go with them (making Asura happy). Lyssandra has a curious look on her face.

There may be a possibility that the withdrawal may have to do with the succession. The council has been pushing another vote.

Sonia apparently says that the council has called for a midnight vote. Someone found an obscure law that the regent can only stay in power for a certain amount of time, then the council gets to choose the next king.

It is now up to Stefan. He has sources that will keep him informed. The royal rings will notify when a vote is called.

Alarms stared going off on the outside. More Purple Dragons come in for protection. The Captain asks us to sit down. We are asked to sit down to see if we saw anything. Lady Elizabeth asks directly what has happened. Lysandra is curious but does not seem to care. I also eyeball Ardeyth, Asura, and Terina.

I don’t get anything off of Terina. We see that a couple of Purple Dragons lead Sonia out of the room (crap Ellison may be framed). Ardeyth has attached herself to Lord Nicholas and is outlandishly flirting with him.

Asura has a smirk on her face on this situation.
With the regent dead, the senior council member would take over that position (Lady Rimilda Zedor). She is for Roland (the patsy) to take the throne.

Asura is wearing Tomas’ clothing. I head over to try to get her to go with our consortium instead of his throwing together rich fabrics.
Terina is going as Lady Evelyn Demarco who is from the Sword Coast. Very wealthy and apparently mind-blowing in bed.

I am able to get Asura to arrange some ware from our consortium.
She definitely seems to know what is going on (a surprising amount of information), she smirks a bit that implies the man who is going down she knows exactly who it is. She sounds more like she is bragging. She would be sure they would find enough evidence of his commission of the murder of the regent.

Midnight has passed….

2 Eleint 2525

The double doors fly open and the herald steps in and announces the regency council followed by the four dukes and another random person we don’t recognize in addition to the rest of the noble table.

They go up the dais and array themselves out. The Major Domo comes out and says, “The council has spoken. In these times of great difficulty and great tragedy. The nobles have had six months to return. As of this day all of them abdicated. Roland is picked as the new king.
In three days they will hold the coronation.

The Captain of the Purple Dragon rolls his eyes and the major domo has the look of long suffering.
We go and return to the house.

Lysandra will be responsible for the investigation. There will be a council decision to form a committee to investigate. Aldus is the name of the nameless one. Zandra appears and says that Aldus means nameless one in their language. So he has embraced this.

Eric says that we need to plan. He then draws out the plan for Duke MacAvoy’s house.
We could probably get in with the delivery people. He has been planning a big proposal to Terina that will allow some expensive wears to be brought in by us. Ardeyth and Asura are staying in joined rooms. It will be difficult to get the ring and the choker being that they hardly take them off. Once we are inside, we should be able to get into the passages carefully. The guild thinks that MacAvoy is dating a Black Rose (courtesan assassin) possibly Terina (makes sense).

MacAvoy does a lot of things under the table. (At least Hammond does his business outside of Suzail). We need to look for some sort of potion that makes MacAvoy’s behavior different.
The engagement with Ardeyth and Roland will most likely occur before the coronation.
The plan will be to use Shruiken/Darts to poison them with sleep poison after using the silence balls to make it quiet. Then get the gems. We will use salve to leave less evidence.

The boys have good news. If any of the other potential rulers get here within the next four days then the council cannot force abdication. It must be at least 144 days. On the 144th day they can declare his claim forfeit.

Apparently Alika saw Lysandra possibly cast something subtly toward the regent.
First we need to take care of getting those soul gems….


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