The Legend Reborn

Muri's Perspective: Session 34

New idenities & Court Politics

1 Eleint 2525 (cont.)

[The weapons are used by the Obsidian Brotherhood. Distant past 5 kingdoms existed in an uneasy peace. Eventually there were the crown wars. There were 5 crown wars. There was only one human kingdom the rest were elven. The humans were taught magic closely after the 3rd crown war in response to the dark disaster. After the 4 wars, they were cast out of elven society by Correllan. Priests and clerics cast a ritual that would match the corruption in their souls – thus the drow were born – the descent. (some dark elves also became Drow). Then the elven court was put together by Correllan. Refugees then looked for Evermeet. One of the kingdoms were deemed that they were to be stripped of their titles and their lives forfeit. They marched against the rest of the elves (by force from the king – he killed those who did not want to). The humans had developed quite a bit after the last (5th crown war). Their expansion became the basis for the Nethril empire on the ashes of the crown war.

The Obsidian Brotherhood came into existence as a protection against the elven kingdom attacking madness. They were a lot like ninjas that used weapons designed to kill in one shot. The very end point is something that looks like obsidian but is not. It is able to penetrate any armor. The name is assigned by outsiders, but no one knows what they call themselves. It was presumed destroyed when the Nethril empire fell. However, it appears that they are after Aurian for some reason.]

We talk about possibilities of the person to get the throne. Sonya would love it if the royal family would return.

She talks about the ‘court slut’ who knows a lot about everyone (Contessa Melinda Denara). She will be introduced to us at the party. The party is for the Dukes pat themselves on the back and to feel out the other nobles’ opinions of who should take the throne.
We get there and take off our shoes for the great carpet.

There is a dinner before going into the council chambers for the main party.
We are lead to guest quarters. It is a suite for us to stay in. The boys should be home soon.
We will be going in our identities Alice and Elizabeth Vinson (Lusi and Myself) {heiresses to daddy’s fortune}; Ian McMillan {steward} (Alika); Samuel Gideon (Severin) {merchant material investor part of the consortium}; Regina Carlyle (Zandra) {investor}.
Ethan and Arian come home.

We talk about the ball tonight.
We also let Ethan and Arian know about Astara and the cousins being safe.
{during the assassination the king was poisoned, the queen was killed as he was dying, youngest prince was disintegrated while trying to save his youngest sister; they were trying to disintegrate everyone that was moving}

Ethan and Arian are able to inform us that Lyssandra is the guildmaster of the Cormyrian mages guild. It is possible that she was the way that the assassins were able to accomplish their goals. Only the guildmaster or the royal mage (Kolandinay) could give them rings to bypass the protections.

Ethan will be escorting me to the ball tonight and Arian will be taking ‘Alice’.
Their cousin, Egraine Rivalin,will be going with ‘Ian’.
We will get into our personas for Egraine’s visit and the rest of the evening.
[My disguise is a 39].

Regina has black hair; Alice has Red hair, and I (Lizzy) have blond hair and blue eyes.
Alice will be the more serious. I will tend to give people nicknames and be corrected by my sister often.

Samuel (Severin) is thinner that we are used to. He has some grey to his hair and hazel eyes.
Ian (Alika) has longer hair put on and more noble clothes.

Egraine is introduced. She has long strawberry blone hair with Turqoise eyes. She has alabaster skin, rosy cheeks and ruby lips. She is in her formal attire. It is a beautiful formal dress. She has a symbol of Sune Firehair, and a wizard mark worked into her jewelry and other adornments.

Sonya and Ellison get home along with the Countess Melinda Denara.
Alice and I go to get ready which takes us only about 5 minutes.
Ellison comes down shortly after along with Sonya shortly after.
We are loaded into a large carriage.

We get to the palace. We have to wait in the line of carriages.
It is a very nice palace Versailles-Buckingham like.
Duke MacAvoy comes over, looks like he is trying to devour Egraine.
He makes small talk with her. Terina then indicates that Duke Hammond wants to speak with.
The dinner is in honor of the Obesceres (the royal family) it will have courses representative of the family’s favorites.

While we are eating. It does seem that people are grouped together and are talking amongst themselves. The guy whose seat the Countess stole placed him with people he does not like.
She gives us a rundown on the people.

Duke Falon MacAvoy is engaged to a lady with loose morals. She feels that she is not truly interested in him. He has changed his mind on who he wants on the throne since she got here. He has the look of the power hungry wenis. He is fawning on the regent. When others are not looking he has a decided disdain for the other dukes and the regent. When they talk about the new king he puffs his chest up like he is a candidate. He eyes the attractive women with lust, but Terina fanatically so.

Duke Nathon Ilius is a warrior. He tried to become the Lord Marshall for Cormyr. Unfortunately, he got beat out by a nobody from the north. He is very serious and determined. He is very shrewd but tries to hide it. He is not married. Half the kingdom is going to sleep each night hoping to wake up a Dutchess. His scars are from battles he fought during the army. He was a Purple Dragon until the king asked him to step down so that he could become a Duke. He is disdainful of Duke MacAvoy. He looks like he could cut off Terina’s head. He is cautiously respectful of one of he other Dukes. The other Dutchess he looks at with an unrequited love sort of look.

The Dukes are selected from the rest of the nobility. The king and his advisors select them. There are five. One is regent in the event something goes wrong. The regent is the Duke of Suzail. He has the direct ear of the king. That Duke is currently Lord Wesley Riclery. He is the tall skinny one that looks like he swallowed a lemon. Behind his appearance, is an absolutely brilliant mind. Possibly the smartest person in Cormyr. He knows how to manipulate the nobles. The regent is selected by the king.

Dutchess Veronique Harriman is middle-aged, beautiful, but not jaw-dropping gorgeous. Her clothes are well-made and not gaudy. Her jewelry is lower stated more tasteful. Unusual for someone of her station. She looks at MacAvoy as if he is something that is something stuck to the bottom of her shoe and Terina as something stuck to that. She seems very reserved and looks with the same longing at Duke Nathon as he does her. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders. Melinda says that she is the most reasonable nobles she has met. Her family controls one of the largest sections of land. She is married.

Duke Hammond Isline is balding, portly, friendly man. He is stressed slightly garish. He seems on the surface very friendly and open. However, underneath that jolly exterior is one of the most ruthless man one will ever meet. He has been rumored to have spies of his own. Also, he is rumored to have connections all over Faerun. Some even say he is into slavery. He looks at MacAvoy as if he is prey and Terina with unbridled lust with a desire for possession. His wife looks brow-beaten and quiet.

The Senechel (Kotari Turtha) is the brother of the chef. Minor noble who work himself up the ladder from servant to squire then to knight. Awarded title for services rendered to the king. He took the diplomat’s route to power. He became the advisor to the king. A diplomat was poisoned while negotiating the treaty. Kotari not only found out who was responsible, but also made peace with the parties responsible as well as stepping in to finish the negotiations. He knows every servant and noble by name. He could probably tell you some things if asked. He is fanatically loyal to the Obesceres. He is in charge of the investigation as to what happened.


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